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Date: 8 May 1997 11:00:11 -0400

Chinatown is on the opposite side (south) of Shaftesbury from to the
seamy side of Soho with its myriad attractions.  Turn south on Wardour
from Shaftesbury and the left on Lisle (second street on the left) -
the back street of Chinatown (where incidently the best chinese
restaurants are).  You will find several open doors on your left
as you walk down the street.

At 4 Lisle on the second floor (Pearl Recruiting is on the first
floor) are two of the nicest young ladies you will find the area (Soho
included).  The hours are 11am to about 10pm and the rates are the
best bargain in London: 15 pounds for either hand job, sex or oral, 20
pounds for both, and up from there for more time and services.  Also
figure on a pound for the maid.  These rates are pretty much the same
for all along Lisle Street. Everyone uses condoms for everything
except the hand jobs. While these prices do not get you oodles of
time, they do provide enough time for a very enjoyable encounter.

Betina (available Monday through Thursday) is a voluptuous young lady
(not chubby, but not slender either) with beautiful large, natural
breasts.  Her oral technique is very good and missionary style as
quite satisfactory.

Chanel (available Friday through Sunday) as a really cute young black
lady with a sparkling personality with the most exquisitely shaped
breasts and nipples, quite ample but not as large as Betina's. She is
quite attractive and gives very good orals.

Both Betina and Chanel are higly recommended.

By the way, none of the ladies available in this area are asian, all
are western in one form or another.

The Stevedore -

Subject: [ASP] London Report Date: 29 Sep 1997 00:00:00 GMT JAYHAWK'S REPORT ON LONDON I was in London for a brief visit and decided to check out some of the a.s.p. and WSG recommendations. In particular, my thanks to Random One and Stevedore for their excellent past reports and recommendations which were very helpful in formulating my plan of attack. (Note: at time of visit, 1 UKP = $1.65; this is one of the worst exchange rates I have ever seen.) The two main areas I checked out were Chinatown and Shepherd's Market. These two locations are slightly too far apart to walk, but they are a 5 min ride from each other on the Underground so it is easy to check out the women in both areas before choosing. I started in Chinatown which can be reached by either the Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square Underground stations. Leicester Square is actually closer, but more complicated to explain, so I recommend for a newbie to get off at Piccadilly, walk up Shaftesbury Avenue a few blocks, then make a right on Wardour St. In one or two blocks make a left on Lisle St. Immediately on your left you will notice some open doorways that will have signs either right in the door or inside a few feet saying something like "Models, 2nd Floor." One is at 4 Lisle St. (more on that one later) and another is I think at 1 or 2 Lisle. You can't miss them. There may be others on the street, but the night I was out those were the only ones. You can also wander a little further and find some on Great Newport St. and other streets in the immediate area. Although this area is only a few blocks from Soho, it is a *much* nicer area than Soho with lots of restaurants and lots of the well-to-do out for a dinner's evening. I walked up to each of the marked apartments (4 total on Lisle) and rang the bell. Sometimes an older woman ("the maid") will open the door and ask you to step inside, but in some cases the sex worker will come to the door herself. I had absolutely no problems ringing a bell, discussing services and prices, giving her a good look, and saying that I was checking out everyone before making my choice. The prices varied but were quite reasonable. The nicest looking, Anna (more on her later), wanted 50 UKP, but everyone else wanted less. The lass one floor below her was a delightful thing---not particularly pretty or well built, but very funny and friendly. I walked in, and she blurted out with a cockney accent, "OK, it's 15 for French and 20 for French and sex." I would rate her a 4 on looks but a 9 on personality and almost went for it. I checked out the available women and it was only about 9 pm, so I took the tube to the Green Park station, which is only two stops south from Leicester Square on the Piccadilly Line. By the way, just keep walking on Lisle St., the street changes name, but you will see the Leicester Square station ahead of you. Get off at Green Park and follow the exits to Buckingham Palace. You will be on Piccadily and Stratton St. Walk down Piccadily with the park on your left and in 4 blocks you will come to White Horse St. Head up White Horse and you are now in the Middle of Shepherd's Market. This is a small area with very upscale restaurants. You will feel decidedly under-dressed! Cruise the 3-4 streets in the area including Shepherd St., Market Mews, and Shepherd's Market. This will take you all of 5-10 min. You will see at least 7-8 open doorways similar to Chinatown. Some will have signs saying "Model, Top Floor," but many are more discrete. On a few there was an open doorway leading to a stairwell. I had to step inside and start up the stairs before seeing the Model sign. Stevedore raved about the women in this area, but I was generally unimpressed. Quality was certainly no higher than Chinatown, and in fact the women were mostly older, yet prices were much higher. The first woman was easily late 30's and quoted me 100 UKP for half & half. (By the way, almost no one knew what "half & half" was. They all refer to it as oral + sex or French + sex.) The nicest one (I believe her name was Gina) was billed as 19 and 40DD-24-36, but was probably 29, and 36B+ at best. In one place the sign on the door said Lucy, a young woman who was kind of plain answered. I said, "Are you Lucy?" a bit surprised. She said, "No, Lucy isn't here; you'll be seeing Rose," which makes me think that many different women rotate through these apartments. Stevedore mentioned Madeleine and described her as a mature French woman. This is overly kind. Madeleine is probably 55-60 years old, and regardless of her reported oral skills, I would rate her about a 2, although she was very friendly. I will say that everyone was very friendly, I chatted with several for a few minutes, said I was looking around and might be back. One busty blonde (around 45) laughed and said, "Window shopping is cheating. You have to buy something!" She was quite friendly, but much older than I wanted. It took me about 30 min to visit every open doorway, and decided the pickings and prices were better in Chinatown so I head back. I got lost and found a model door on (I think) Great Newport St., but a guy was just ringing one buzzer ahead of me and the second apartment had a sign "Spanking Specialist" on the door, which was not quite what I was looking for. I got back to Lisle at around 10 pm and the first apartment (No. 1 or 2) had already locked up. I finally went back to Anna at the top floor of 4 Lisle. This time the maid let me in and told me to wait in another room since there was apparently another guy either checking her out or just leaving. I waited no more than 2 min when I heard him leave and Anna came in, a little surprised to see me again. I noticed a sign on the wall (I am *not* making this up!) that said "Sex: 20, Oral: 20, Sex and Oral: 25, Position Change: 5, 69: 30---Special: Oral, Sex, Positions: 40 UKP." I cracked up and pointed out that this was less than the 50 UKP she quoted me, but she said, "That isn't mine" and I didn't want to argue since the price was already quite cheap. I paid her 50 UKP and she asked for "a tip for the maid" for which I gave 1 UKP. Anna was pretty nice. Italian blonde, about 5'7", probably mid-20's, really large natural breasts, probably 38D, pretty, nice smile. She seemed a little disinterested, but it was more like being shy than being cold, which I actually found a bit sexy. Sex was good, but not great. She was wearing a teddy when I arrived and she climbed in bed and started just rubbing me all over and smiling. Not really a massage, just rubbing my chest, stomach, and legs. I asked her to take off her top, but she just slid it down off her breasts which was fine for me. After awhile I was at attention and she slipped on a condom and gave me a kind of strange, but nice blowjob. She was very gentle, very nice technique, but she would bob up and down for a minute or two, then stop and rub me some more, than suck for a few more minutes and so on. This kind of prolonged things, and I really got the sense she was in no great hurry at all. After 10 min or so she asked if I wanted to have sex. We did missionary and I started sucking on those big melons (and she has really large, very nice nipples). She started giggling and said it tickled, but didn't ask me to stop. I took my time and we went at it for 15 min or so. She didn't seem in a hurry for me to finish, but was also pretty passive. A few times when I went pretty deep she grimaced slightly like it hurt, but she didn't ask me to stop or go easy. After awhile I got pretty charged up and let fly. She was moaning a bit kind of quietly, but I am pretty sure she was faking. She had a bidet in the room (God, I love Europe!) and she let me clean up. As I was getting cleaned up I heard another guy come in. She had told me it was about closing and that I would be her last customer, and she didn't look too happy when she heard another guy, but I think she decided to take him anyway. I said I would hurry out, got dressed and left. She was very friendly, smiled, and asked me to have a nice evening. Overall, not sensational sex, but a very nice, relaxed experience at a very reasonable price. In summary: Anna, 4 Lisle St, 50 UKP (+ 1 UKP for the maid). Face: 7 Body: 7 (breast men will give her 8+) Personality: 7 Performance: 6 Price/Performance Ratio: 8 Based on this one evening I would check out Shepherd's Market first, but unless you see someone who really tickles your fancy, head to Lisle St and check out the talent there. JayHawk
Subject: [ASP] Stevedore Report: comment on Jayhawk's London Report Date: 01 Oct 1997 00:00:00 GMT Thanks again, Jayhawk, for a good, useful as always report. On the whole I would definitely agree with Jayhawk about Chinatown: it is a very nice area (lots of eating alternatives after eating ... -- your choice as to which first :-) The lass you mentioned on the floor below Anna sounds like Chanel - a delightful personality, body and accent (though it is Birmingham, not cockney). Was it on the weekend? I dont know Anna - certainly will have to look in next time I am there. As to Shepherd's market, I am not sure I would say that I raved about it, but certainly I found some good times there. you are right, the prices are quite a bit higher - more the norm for London, where Chinatown is a bargain. The last time I visited, Chrystale was no longer there. The one thing you seem to be able to count on is that everything changes, so you must look around first. Across from 36 is a French lady whom I did not try, but at my last visit was clearly the best looking one there in Shepherd's Market. Might try her next time. The rest did not interest me at all. The other thing you may find around there are Ladies of the Evening trolling for dates - they drive around usually in an expensive car promising delights in their apartment elsewhere. They are also much more expensive -- and what they are doing is strictly illegal, where the ladies in their apartments are not. I am not sure what happens if the police catch you in that sort of compromising situation. As to Madelaine, I did not claim that she was beautiful, just that she was mature (and given that everyone claims to be 20 years younger than they are seemed to be a reasonable assessment), very pleasant and a good bargain for oral without. As to other possibilities - there are cards in phone booths all over London. I keep checking those out, but mostly they seem to be pretty dsappointing with ever higher prices. There are also local newpapers, National Sport with its listings in the back, and Time Out (i think that is its name) a magazine for the week's events in London - look in the back. The Stevedore -

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