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To most people, London's red-light district is the Soho area situated
between Oxford Street and Shaftsbury Avenue. This area has
traditionally contained strip-clubs, adult bookstores and
cinemas. However, during the past few years local residents and the
council have effected a clean-up operation. Soho's red-light area now
consists of a few streets bordering on Wardour Street. Most of these
places are hostess bars. There are two adult theatres and a couple of
peep shows. There are also a number (five or more) prostitutes that
operate from apartments in the area. These are indicated by a sign
saying "model" and are open from the early evening. Note that one of
these peep shows offers a "personal service". The quality varies
considerably but you do get to look before you lay out money. A
variety of services offered. Current 1994 prices are approximately:
GBP15-20 for hand relief, GBP25-30 for oral (French), GBP50-60 for
intercourse. Add GBP10 to these for uniforms or bondage. !  Bargaining
is allowed to some extent and usually a tip is requested for the maid
(an elderly woman who greets you at the door of the apartment).

If you don't fancy being seen by the nearby Soho restaurant-goers, the
other place to find prostitutes are the numerous coloured cards
decorating phone boxes in the more affluent areas of London. These
advertise a variety of services and are very discreet. They are
invariably the same operations as those described previously, but the
girls can be more attractive. Many of these girls double as escorts
(see later).

If you are not in central London, you should check out the classified
section of local newspapers. You will find advertisements for both
escort and massage services. The massage services are mostly the same
as those outlined above, but some really do offer a massage! Most will
not go into descriptions of their services over the phone and pricing
tends to be similar. One that is recommended is the Wembley Sauna in
North London. They are located in a parade of shops along 4 The
Broadway (at the junction of 40 Avenue, Preston Road and East Lane) in
Wembley. For GBP15 you get a sauna and a full massage, additional
services are charged at the usual rate. There are two to three girls
each day and they are open from 11am to 12am. The phone number is
0181-904-0393 or 0181-904-8346.

The escort services that advertise in local papers and men's magazines
such as Mayfair, Club and For Men cater for the well-healed. A girl
will set you back around GBP200, and she will either visit you or you
can visit her. The girls that accept visitors tend to work as
prostitutes in the apartments described above. Some agencies will only
send a girl to a hotel, others entertain private addresses too. If you
want to visit, then you should call from a phone box in central
London. The girl will then call you back. If you want to choose from a
selection of girls, you should try The Portman Agency located at 67
Chiltern Street (off Baker Street), London W1. They usually have a
nice selection of attractive girls (many of whom are Australian) and
you get to see all of them before making your choice (or declining
altogether). There is no obligation, but the agency takes GBP60 should
you choose a girl. The total cost is still around the GBP200 mark. The
phone number is 0171-486-1158 or 0171-486-3724 and they are open from
3pm to 12am, although a wider selection of girls are available from
around 7pm onwards according to the receptionist.

If you find yourself in the Kings Cross area around the British Rail
station, you may see street prostitutes. The police have been cracking
down on this area quite severely, so you are more likely to see police
than either working girls or drug dealers. Those girls that are there
tend to be addicts and will try to hustle you into a nearby
apartment. They may also try to get your money without rendering any

Date: Sat, 10 Jun 1995 13:26:12 UTC I visit prostitutes in central London quite regularly, sometimes in Soho walk-ups and sometimes from call-box ads. There are many more walk-ups than is suggested in the FAQ and although I regularly visit only two or three, most offer good services. Sex with oral is usually GBP20 but can be GBP15, or half an hour usually at about GBP50. The only drawback is the entrances being on the main streets with signs at the door. The call-box ad girls do cost more, but are located ALL over London and are much more anonymously sited. Sex with oral is usually GBP30-50.
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 21:34:47 UTC Hi Atta, The walk-up places are usually open doorways to upstairs flats in-between shops, there is usually a card saying "Busty young model" or something similar. Sometimes there is a sign in the upstairs window saying Model, or often a red light. The signs, surprisingly maybe, are usually accurate, most of the girls are young, friendly and usually with very nice bodies. The ones to avoid are usually young London girls, who, although they are physically attractive, tend to rush you and aren't too friendly. My current favourites are an older (about 35) London girl (Linda), a 30 year old Polish girl (very noisy during sex and gives a wonderful blow-job) and a 19 year old girl who travels up to London from Birmingham every week (fantastic body). Linda has her own flat (not where she lives) and arranges cover for the days she isn't there. The latter two work on different days in the same flat and pay a flat rent every day. All of the flats have a maid, usually an older woman, who often looks after the money and often takes a small tip. (By the way, I have heard that most of the flats are indirectly owned by the Church of England or the Duke of Westminster.)
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 09:15:20 UTC Yes, there are the telephone boxes plastered with ads, just like our British correspondents have said. No, I didn't partake. Figured it would be too much like the escort services, where you can't see what you get first. I enlisted the help of that patron saint of the horny - the cab driver. We drove down King's Road, where the girls were working. The cabbie suggested having the girl do her bit in the back of the cab, but that was a bit too, erm, *earthy* for me. So, we drove to a massage parlor in Stoke Newington. I was told there was an hour wait. London shuts down early and tightly, so there was no way I was going to get a cab afterwards, so I left. The driver suggested Ace massage in Knightsbridge if I wanted to start earlier tomorrow. He also said the private clubs (Londoner's way of having a drink after 11pm) were good places to find high-class working girls - suggested the Pink Pussycat and the club on the top of the London Hilton. Didn't check this out tho...
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 01:45:30 +0000 >It seems the only avenues open in London are cards in phone-boxes. These >are rather hit-or-miss although this uncertainty can add to the >excitement. Anyone out there know of any brothels or any other info? The last time I went to London the way I found sex was to book an "escort" @ about 200 pounds sterling for two hours who did what I wanted in my hotel (but many hotels are wary of lone girls). I got the address from a local magazine widely available (sorry the name escapes me). I believe also that massage parlours give generous "massages", they are also found in local mags and papers. I hope this helps.
Subject: Unusual experince. Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 19:34:56 UTC I thought you may like to hear of an experience I had last year. I had been recommended a place by a friend. It turned out to be a rather large (6 bedrooms) country house situated near junction 24 on the m25, Potters Bar just north of London. There is a choice of two girls but when I arrived one was busy. The remaining girl however was really something, being slim, blonde, pretty with a well rounded arse. She took me upstairs told me her name was Emma and was 19. She had a top price of 70ukp and I agreed to that unquestioning. In the bedroom I stripped off, she was already in lingerie, and she proceeded to massage me which in itself was quite a turn on. However, when we got down to business she really came into her own. She initially sucked my cock while simultaneously playing with herself and looking me dead in the eye, very erotic. We started fucking with her on top and during this I noticed that she seemed to be getting off on it. When we reversed position she started vigorously kissing my neck and before long we were french kissing, which is very unusual for a working girl. I even had the feeling that she came, I sure it were'nt my ego. Anyway, I had to see her again and I did with similar experiences to the first. On my third visit I gave her my mobile phone number and asked her to ring me. She seemed slightly taken aback but said maybe she would. I cursed myself for acting the fool and overstepping the mark. I did'nt go back because now I was embarrassed. About 4 weeks later I received a message on my voice mail from Emma asking me to phone her on her mobile. I did so and we arranged to meet at a petrol station after she had finished work. She came back to my house and we went for a drink and a chat. She told me her real name was Nina, she was from Harrogate, Yorkshire and she was indeed 19. She had travelled just the week before to St Tropez on business, so she was in demand. Well to cut a long story short we left the pub, had a pizza and went back to my place. She spent the night and I got pretty much what I normally got minus the fee. I contacted her a couple of times with a veiw to seeing her again, especially after she told me about her very sexy bisexual girlfriend but she continually put me off so I did'nt bother in the end. Last I heard she was going to Leeds, Yorkshire, to set up her own business. I may be wrong but I think this is a pretty unusual experience. I work out alot, maybe she found this a turn on I dunno never will. By the by if any one knows of her whereabouts I'd be interested. She is 19 about 5foot3 blonde shoulder length hair (extensions) slim with average size tits but a beautiful round arse. Goes by pro name of Emma, real name Nina. Originally from Harrowgate, now probably in Leeds. Drives a black or dark grey Suzuki Vitara.
Subject: Re: UK Escorts Date: Fri, 01 Mar 1996 20:20:22 GMT If you're in the Ascot/West London area try the IN-FACE cat house 01344 873311 Roberta and Marilyn are their best looking girls and are great fun....
Date: 26 Jun 1996 21:54:33 -0400 Was just in UK and I'm afraid the infamous "Samantha" is no longer around (at least I couldn't find her in Regent's Park area). I would highly recommend Heart's Escorts. Price is $250 for 1.5 hours, plus travelling fees. Most others I looked into, by going into a phone booth, are rip offs, don't look like the girl advertised, and will still cost you $100, and you're rushed out because there are 3 other guys waiting in other rooms. At least the Escort way, you can describe what you want, Heart's delivers it, and the girl is only there for you, not for the guy in the next room, too. The street scene is too scary. The King's Cross and Soho area are dangerous at night, and usually the hookers are in it for a quickie turnaround. However, it cheap is what you're in for, you can get by for $50 for 15-30 minutes.
Subject: Re: UK London recommendations sought Date: 20 Jun 1996 12:31:33 -0400 I cannot give information on streetwalkers but it strikes me that there is an amazing lack of information of London sauna and massage parlours. Having experienced the telephone box card type girls it is incredible that anybody would use any girl twice. My experience is that that they lack personality and are only interested in getting you in and out as soon as possible. There is no attempt to make you feel at ease and there is no sense of building up the business by encouraging you to return. One even kept her towel around her head (having just washed her hair) while giving me a blow job. I am not a fan of the quickie and therefore when I eventually went to the sauna at Eversholt Street, next to Euston station I was amazed firstly at the qualtiy of the girls' looks and secondly by their attentiveness to your needs. On the first occasion I was allocated someone who in my view was the least attractive of the bunch only to discover that she had the most amazing breasts and gave the most delicate head I had ever experienced. She said she was a student who came from Venezuela but I have since discovered that all the girls are "students" (not that it matters). The highlight for me is the fact that the beds are clean - each new customer has new paper cover rolled onto the bed - and the showers are available before and after your massage. The second time I went I had a blonde girl whose name may be Louise. She was very friendly and attractive and once agian I was showered with attention. While sucking me she obligingly lifted her foot ont the bed (with the other still on the floor) to let me have a closer look and feel. Naturally all the girls wear white uniforms which are removed to reveal an assortment of underwear. On this second occasion I was given an opportunity of choosing a girl and was introduced to four lovely girls before choosing Louise. On my last visit I had no choice and apart from getting a girl who was overweight I was also charged more than usual (sigh, you can't win them all). My only gripe is that the fees are not constant and can vary from UKP60 to UKP90 for a blow job. The official cost is UKP15 at the door for a 30 minute massage. I can also recommend Streatham Sauna which is clean with friendly masseuses. Try Lisa who works there on a Saturday. The best place to find telephone numbers and addresses for these places is the "What's On " magazine available at most newsagents . A note of caution on the Marble Arch Sauna. You will receive a pelvic massage which is expensive(UKP75) but on my visit nothing else was on offer. I have not tried any other Saunas in London but would appreciate any tips from anybody who has.
Subject: [ASP: ] Very nice girl in London, UK Date: 6 Nov 1996 08:16:56 -0500 When you pick out a card in a phone box in London, you can never be sure of what you're going to get. A lot- perhaps most- of the girls in that area are interested in quick turnaround and maximum money. You'll be in and out as quickly as they can manage. That's why it's really good to find one who isn't like that, and who really wants to give you a good time so you keep coming back. Once you find someone like that, it's worth keeping her details, because girls like that are a rare treasure. So, forget all the others, and try this lovely lady. She's called Alicia, she's 19, a firm 36D-24-34, 5ft 7in, with gorgeous legs, shoulder-length curly brunette hair and blue eyes. She's got a really nice personality, quiet, well-spoken, polite, and horny! When I visited, she was wearing a black backless silk dress. She pressed herself up against me, and we caressed each other through our clothes, and slowly undressed each other till I was in boxer shorts, and she was in black stockings and suspenders. She asked if I'd like to lie down and let me massage her. I said yes, thinking she'd massage me with her hands, but she did a great body-to-body massage, starting with my thighs, then my shorts, up my stomach and chest to my face and then back down again, to my shorts, and then back up again to my face.... being massaged is good, but being massaged with a superb pair of 36D boobs, expertly 'handled' by a girl who's obviously enjoying it and getting more and more excited, is... well, out of this world! After a few minutes of this, she pulled my boxer shorts off. She gently caressed me for a while, and then unrolled a condom on me. She kissed the base of my shaft, and then worked her way gently up, licking and kissing as she went, while I lay back with a huge grin on my face. When she got to the end, she gave me a few teasing licks before working her way back down again.... and then back up again, and down again, and up again, before finally plunging me deep into her mouth. Then she worked on me like that, with lots of diversions to the kiss-and-lick routine and then back to deep penetration. She really took her time over this- it must have lasted about 10 minutes. All the time this was happening, I was running my hands all over her, and slipping my fingers inside her. When I couldn't contain myself any longer, I rolled her onto her back. I made her lie with her legs apart for a few moments. It was like having a Penthouse centrefold come to life! The view was as good, but I was also able to play with her... and I did! I would have liked to keep on like that for hours, but something down below was sending urgent messages to my brain demanding some action. Even if I'd been able to control myself, I don't think Alicia could have waited... she was looking at me with an expression of pure lust. She eased me gently into her, then let out a gasp of pleasure as I thrust right in. As I thrust away on top of her, I kept on varying my rhythm, depth and direction, and she responded by gently scratching my back with her fingers, and wrapping her legs tight round my waist. I buried my face deep in her hair, which was wonderful. (A lot of other girls smoke while waiting for clients, so their hair stinks of tobacco, but hers was lovely and clean.) I tried licking her ears (which I've found a lot of girls like) but she begged me not to, because her ears are ticklish! After a few minutes of this, there was just one thing lacking from the session... so I decided to finish off from behind. I told her what I wanted, and she assumed the position... like a Mayfair centrefold this time! I spent a lot of time not quite inside her, but not quite outside either... then I penetrated her and gave her a good doggy-style seeing-to! She was only too happy- me too, and to cap it all, I could watch the whole thing in the mirror! So... will I go back? You bet I will! And if I win the Lottery, I might try moving in permanently! So... try her. You'll have a GOOD TIME. Alicia works from about midday to 3am, but only alternate weeks. (Other weeks, there's a different girl there who I don't know anything about.) Alicia's flat is near Baker St Tube. She's got 3 phone numbers. Some may get cut off soon, so try them all if necessary. 0171 262 4829 or 0171 258 1667 or 0171 258 3896. Her fees start at 30 pounds. Half an hour is 80, 1 hour 120-150. She'll do most services, including dom and sub, and she takes spanking and caning. She has all the usual uniforms available. She also visits within 5 miles of central London.
Subject: [ ASP ] chaff and wheat in London, UK- how to tell them apart Date: 19 Nov 1996 22:10:28 -0500 I'm disappointed to see someone had a bad experience following up one of my mails. However, this raises a good general point about the way some girls work. Very often, a girl and her maid will rent a place by the day, or the week. The people who are there one week may be NOTHING AT ALL to do with the people there another time. This is why some get nasty if you call on Monday for example to arrange a visit on Tuesday- the Monday people may not profit from it. Similarly, when girls alternate week-to-week, what you get one week may not tell you anything about the week after. All the girls have in common is the same landlord. I think this must be what happened with the follow-up to my posting about Alicia, near Baker Street tube (0171 258 3896). The description he gave didn't sound like her at all. Take it from me, Alicia is very very good, and well worth a return visit. So, if you ring that number, ask the maid the name of the girl you'll be seeing. If it's Alicia, try her; if not, pass on.
Subject: London Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 11:55:25 +0100 Last year I spent a couple of weekends in London. Now, one might think that escort agencies are the best, followed by apartment girls, followed by walk-in brothels (saunas) followed by street girls. My experience of the first three (I don't go with street girls) was that the sequence was precisely reversed. The best girls were in the saunas, the middle ones in the apartments, and the escort agencies were catastrophic. So perhaps I was lucky (with the saunas) and unlucky (with the escort agencies). My experience certainly conflicts with that of most other posters. Over the years I've been to a few apartments, my experiences ranging from wonderful to worst-in-the-world, it was the saunas and escorts that was a new departure for me. In future, saunas only. Seen nothing in London comparable with LSS in Edinburgh, though!
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:55:26 +0000 Brothels Many of these are advertised (as massage and personal services) in the East London Advertiser. They are generally round East Ham or similar about a 30 minute tube journey from the West End. Different places, different standards of girls: prices generally would be 30 for sex, 35 for French and sex [these places usually use the phrase full personal to mean sex, though sometimes it includes a massage or oral as well]. A few brothels advertise themselves as Asian houses my experience is that these Asian girls are generally attractive without being enthusiastic [definitely true that usually the more attractive a girl the less effort she puts in]. The exception to this was Shirelle, who I saw in Voss Street in Bethnal Green , who was the most perfect woman I have ever seen and seemed to enjoy licking round my cock.
Subject: ASP London small ads Date: 1998/04/02 If you want something a bit more relaxed than the $30-50 soho special but a little more reasonable than hotel escorts charge - try the local papers in west london. You will find a selection of girls advertising all of whom charge around $75 - $100 for half an hour. They vary between the absolutely drop dead gorgeous and the distinctly dodgey. I had one fabulous Italian 19 year old last year in brentford. By and large they are a lot more relaxed and there's less rush. I'll post some more details when I get a chance
Subject: London UK Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 16:29:22 +0100 The Streatham Sauna is now a gay bathhouse - Avoid!!!
Date: 17 May 1998 10:52:07 -0000 In London, I have found 2 really nice places: They seem to operate on the same principle - pay for time and do what you like in that time. This is very unusual for London where I have observed some in-call places turning clients over within 15 minutes after lightening their wallets by UKP 100 (or more)! The first of these places is The Cottage at 1 Duck Lane (they advertise at ) I met Daniela a few times and very much enjoyed my time there. The other, similar place is Les Girls at Blore Court (they advertise at ). It is here that I met one of the women that most impressed me in my many years of philandering - Heather. All I can say is that if one treats her (or any other girl at any of these establishments) right, one is amply rewarded. I have just today discovered that heather has her own page now - I don't know if she has gone private, but I recognise her phone number (it is in my phone's memory!) Check her out at ). I hope that someone finds these recommendations useful.
Date: 6 Jun 1998 11:10:25 -0000 Massage places SE London :- Joy : Hither Green 0181-461 5106 Ranee : Greenwich 0181-858 9069. Indian. Loren's : Greenwich 0181-293 5052 (Couple of reviews on a.s.p. recently - Vanessa and Natasha) - My current favourite. East London: Shirelle : Clapton 0181-806 2689 All of the above are 50-60 GBP full service For SE London massage phone numbers, 'The Mercury' is recommended reading. Plus lots of cards in cornershop windows. Have a look in the window of the newsagents next door to the Spanish Galleon pub in the Greenwich one-way system. Always ask the age of the masseur when you phone and add 10-20 percent. Some of them should have retired years ago :)

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