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Date: Sun, 08 Oct 1995 12:42:31 GMT

Formerly, most of the Valley hookers worked Sepulveda Blvd, in the
center of the San Fernando Valley. During the past year, heavy law
enforcement efforts have diminished activity there  to a  small area
from Roscoe Blvd to Plummer street on the north. Most of the ladies
have fled to other parts of the San Fernando Valley.

To the East: Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood is a  major source  of
activity, all the way from Strathern St on the north, to Oxnard st on
the south. Most of the ladies are Latinas, trying to supplement income
to feed their children. Not too many whites, but some Blacks are also
there. Daytimes are more active than at night. Somw of the activity
speads even further  east, to Vineland Blvd, especially along Victory
& Sherman Way. Two of the best areas arre near the 7300 Lankershim
Blvd apartment complex, just north of Sherman Way; and the Von's
market shopping area between Victory and Oxnard.  Watch for girls on
the bus bench.

To the North: San Fernando road, all the way from Sylmar to Sun
Valley,  features whores near the many older, run-down motels. Mostly
older pro's.

To the West: Sherman Way from Balboa Ave to Canoga Ave has a fair
scattering of mostly Latina amateurs. Primarily in the daytime, but
the girls are receptive to making nightime arrangements. Best areas
are between White Oak and just west of Reseda. Also on Reseda Blvd
north to Nordhoff Street. Then, activity starts up again between
Winnetka and  Indepedence ave. Winnetka Ave is active to the north, up
to Saticoy street. and De Soto Ave has activity up to the shopping
areas by De Soto and Roscoe. Do some cruising in this area--it is

Prices in the San Fernando Valley continue to be reasonable--$20 & up.
For visits to your home--slightly more.

Date: Sun, 08 Oct 1995 13:09:40 GMT > Now it really sucks, they come out REAL late >not until like past 2 a.m. in most cases.. and then you have crap to >select from to get you off. I have never been cruising that late on Sepulveda-- but you are right-- there is not much to chose from-- >I was wondering.... what area do you like best as you had touched on >in your article... How are the women...? A lot to choose from? The area I know best is Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood, primarily because I live near there in Studio City. Several of my friends live in Sun Valley-- so I drive Lankershim frequently. The weird thing is that I usually see the girls most-- at times when I'm not really looking! Most of the girls in North Hollywood are occasional, single operators. I seldom see more than two together. I ignore the black ones. Most are Latinas, some quite young. Looks range from Nice/OK to typical Latino/Slightly/Pudgy. I happen to like them that way. There probably are quite a few girls out there-- but it doesn't seem that way because they are so widely scattered. Since these are not experienced pro's-- they are not nearly as obvious as the girls on Sepulveda used to be 5 years ago. Frequenly they are not "walking the street" but they "hang out" at fast food joints (Sherman Way/Lankershim); donut shops (Laurel/Vanowen) (Oxnard/Lankershim); 7-11 parking lots (Victory/Vineland & Sherman Way/Vineland), etc. They might not be obvious to a first time visitor to the area-- but they ARE THERE! The situation in the West Valley/Reseda/Canoga Park is similar. The girls are widely scattered. 2 years ago I spent a fair amount of time out there. More caucasians, slightly fewer Latinas, very few blacks. I have not actually "cruised" there for the past 18 months-- but I purposefully drive Sherman Way/Winnetka/Desoto areas on my frequent trips to CompUSA or Frye's Electronics. This is always in the daytime. The girls are still there! To the north, San Fernando Road is desperation time! The ladies are quite obvious, many blacks and older Pro's. Probably inexpensive, but totally un-appealing to me. >What kind of average price for the service do you get for >Oral or straight sex? $$$$$ its almost always oral--- Compared to Hollywood (Sunset/Hollywood Blvd), Valley girls are nicer, younger, less-black, and more reasonably priced. $20 almost always gets you a "quicky" either in the car (oral) or if you have a nearby room. Something longer, or straight sex, could run $30 & up. A nice looker, for a 1 hour visit to my home, would still cost me $35 to $50 for the first time. I always treat the girls with respect & consideration, offer them a soft drink or a TV dinner (this is on THEIR time--), stop to talk with them, etc. If I am pleased with their performance, I can usually arrange similar future return visits for $25-$30. Frequently, for a nice dinner, or some drinks, plus $30-$50, I can arrange an all-night stay. Over the years, I have developed a pick-up style that works out fine for me. Whenever I meet a working girl (hitchhiker; fast food joint; streetwalker, etc) I give them a little slip of paper with my name, phone #, & Studio City location-- not my exact street address.) I invite them to call me-- "& lets work something out!" Two out of 3 never call me. One out of 3 will call! That's enough to usually allow me a little stable (2 to 4 numbers) that I can call when I'm in the mood, or that I know will call me on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday nights. Good luck. Let me know what your experience might be!
Subject: Re: Street Whores in San Fernando Valley Section of L.A. Date: Mon, 09 Oct 1995 17:00:34 GMT >Formerly, most of the Valley hookers worked Sepulveda Blvd, in the >center of the San Fernando Valley. During the past year, heavy law >enforcement efforts have diminished activity there to a small area >from Roscoe Blvd to Plummer street on the north. Most of the ladies >have fled to other parts of the San Fernando Valley. > The funny part about all this is that the information I posted about the San Vernando Valley part of L.A. was partly wrong, according to the best information source here. What is the best information source? The Los Angeles Police Department!! Proudly maintaining their usual level of incompetence, the L.A.P.D. (Yes, the same folks who botched up the evidence in the O.J. Simpson trial!) has now published a detailed map of exactly where & when the Whores ply their trade in the San Fernando Valley! The Sunday, October 8, 1995 edition of The Los Angeles Times newspaper published a lengthy article, which started on the front page with a big headline, about Prostitution in the San Fernando Valley. As part of this article, The Times printed a large, detailed copy of this map, on page 3 of the Sunday edition! This is what is happening: Apparently, street Whores who get arrested and are found guilty, are put on Probation for a period of time. As part of this probation, they cannot be seen standing, or talking to motorists, on certain street areas in the San Fernando Valley, beetween 4pm and 6am, daily. By simply being on those streets, during those hours, they are violating their probation and they can be re-jailed. The L.A. Municipal Court gives the convicted Whores a copy of this map, before they are let-go after conviction. The map details the areas where prostitution is most prevalent. An attractive, alert and enterprising 20-year-old college girl, who was arrested, gave a copy of "The Map", and her probation instructions, to The Los Angeles Times! And The Times published the whole thing!! The map confirmed much of the info that I posted earlier. Yes, the activity has moved away from Sepulveda Blvd, and moved to San Fernando road to the north; and North Hollywood/Lankershim/Vineland streets to the East. But the information I wrote about the western part of the Valley was not confirmed by "The Map." To the West, the principal activity is not in the Canoga Part area, but has moved to the Northridge/Reseda areas that were devastated by the Earthquake last year. Much of Winnetka street (from north of the Ventura Freeway to above Roscoe streets), and part of Reseda Blvd (north of Victory Blvd) are now shown "off-limit." The area is immediately adjacent to Cal State Northridge campus. How are the cops going to control this, with 20,000 college girls during weekdays?
Subject: San Fernando Road - Sylmar - Los Angeles - CA Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 13:26:56 UTC The following observations reguarding the section of San Fernando Valley, specificaly San Fernando Road, between Hubbard and Roxford, in Sylmar. 1. Most of my experiences have been disapointing, most of the street walkers are drug users and very down and out. 2. Several of the motels cater to the "trade" between 4 and 11pm "ladies" can be found working outside the "Sterling" "Delmonico" and "Sunval" motels. 3. The Good - Rosa, medium build hispanic about a 4 but very enthusiastic about her work. Rosa gives a great blow job with prostrate massage that will blow your mind. I'm a reletive low volume load myself but after one session with Rosa I almost drown her. Othe notible are Wetta ?? and Tina. 4. The Bad - Denise, she will steal your teeth if you don't look out. Unfortunatly for the uninitiated Denise looks great, I don't imagine she gets much return business. 5. The Ugly - Lots of them, most of the "ladies" need to take a shower more than once every six months. Why do I go there, it right on my way home and I like to window shop. Some nights I get lucky and Rosa is out and it is all worth it. One word of caution always use protection, I sometime put it on befor I get to Sylmar. One question does anyone have information on the Santa Clarita Valley?? Keep the info coming.
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 1997 16:25:24 -0700 Subject: Update on Prostitution in Calif. San Fernando Valley Supulveda Blvd Over the holidays after finishing my shopping, I felt the need for a little Christmas cheer. I cruised out Supulveda Blvd. at about 2PM. I looped up and down the street several times from about Oxnard up to Norwalk. Around Sherman Way I noticed a well built gal walking along wearing hiking boots, shorts and halter with a shirt over. She was about 5'5" with mid-back length dark brown curly hair.I watched her for a bit (you never can tell about those undercovers) and finally decided to go for it. She asked if I was looking for a date and hopped in. She introduced herself as Laloni (Hawaiian), had me feel her tit then had me pull out my cock and let her touch and fondle it. Once the prelims were out of the way, she informed that: 1.Head was $25 2.Straight fuck was $40 3.Both was $50 We drove to a nice little alley and proceeded to get comfy in the car. She took her shorts off and her top and climbed back into the car. She proceeded to give me some very nice head, then moved up my chest and nibbled and teased my nipples. Laloni then lay back in the seat at told me to hop on. She also informed me that she was still nursing her 4 month old son and if I didn't mind mothers milk...go ahead. So I did. Very nice, sweet and FULL were her breasts. I took my time with this unexpected snack. By then she was clearly aroused and told me to fuck her, NOW. I slid into her nice wet snatch and proceeded to fuck her hard. Wheew! We both enjoyed ourselves on that one. We tidied up and I drove her back to where I picked her up. All in all it was a great time. She had a great personality, enjoyed what she did and was not bad looking at all.

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