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Los Angeles Streets

: >Hi- I will be visiting Los Angeles for the first time in later October and
: >was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can find prostitutes-- where
: >should I look?  From what I see on TV I believe some do hang out around
: >the Sunset Boulevard(?) but other than that I am clueless.  Is this also
: >the area with all the sex shops?

: You would be better off taking someone familiar with the area,
: Sunset has girls (and sometime wanna be girls!), cruise the
: Boulevard between the freeway and Beverly Hills (not much past
: this).  Might also try the block below Sunset, but last I saw mostly
: the gay trade hung out here.

Los Angeles County Sheriffs have been running a sting on Sunset Blvd in
West Hollywood targeting john's soliciting sex from female prostitutes.

Subject: LA Streetwalkers Date: 25 Feb 1995 23:27:18 GMT For those of you who may have been wondering where some of the busiest streetwalkers congregate in the Southern California area: East LA: Whittier Boulevard between Findlay and Garfield. Not very pretty and many times not very talented, but a very large selection to choose from. Don't be surprised if you can get whatever you want for $20 (then again, you get what you pay for). Girls there most anytime of the day, but Friday and saturday evenings are especially busy. Hollywood: Sunset Boulevard, between LaBrea and Western. Watch out, most of these girls may be strung out. Pasadena: East end of Colorado Boulevard, anywhere east of Sierra Madre Avenue, all the way past Michillinda. Sometimes many pretty girls to choose from, but be careful of cops and occasional transsexuals. Usually $40-50 will get you everything in the girl's room. El Monte: Anywhere on garvey avenue, what else can I say? But alot of transsexuals and TV's. Admittedly some of them are gorgeous and probably give great service. Price is cheap at $20 to start. Check out the Dunkin Donits at the SW corner of Garvey and Santa Anita. Girls can be found there 24 hours. My listing is NOT an endorsement of any of these places, but informational only. It depends what you're looking for. My advice...find a horny lady off of one of your local bbs's who you can do it with for free.
From: (JayHawk) Date: Sat, 11 Feb 1995 04:52:16 UTC Hollywood lives up to the reputation you would expect for being one of the sin capitals of the world. Streetwalkers can be found in many locations, but the best areas are Sunset Blvd. between La Brea and Western Avenue (about a 2-mile stretch), especially close to La Brea, Vine, and Gower. I have never picked a girl up here, but have frequently seen them on the streets. They tend to be quite young.
Date: 16 May 1995 08:25:58 GMT Sunset Blvd is no longer a hooker hangout due to the new "mapping" laws which gives the local authorities carte blanche to arrest, impund vehicles, and any thing else to johns & pros. you now must go north to sheman oaks way in van nuys. HOWEVER, the best opportunity in la is to invest 50 cents in LA Xpress, a magazine sold on virtually every street corner in almost every area of the city. this publication is purely sex adds of almost 1000 girls and over 200 with pictures! HAPPY HARD-ON
Subject: Re: pick up spots in LA? Date: 18 May 1995 07:12:58 GMT 1. You will still find a few prostitutes on Sunset, between Highland and Fairfax. 2. On 7th street, downtown, near Alameda, you can find desperate drug addicts. 3. In East Pasadena, on Colorado, you will find a few. 4. Sometimes on Sepulveda, north of Victory. Its a terrible scene in L.A. You are far better off calling an escort service (yellow pages, or L.A. Xpress) or going to a massage parlor. There are some terrific Korean massage parlors in L.A.--The best is on Manchester east of the San Diego Freeway.
Subject: Hooker(s?) on Venice Beach! Date: 26 Jun 1996 07:50:14 GMT On Sunday I was strolling along the walk on the beach at Venice (Ca) and stopped to watch a group of young and sexy girls in bikinis. Leaning against a pole, a woman (probably in her mid/late 30s) standing near me stepped closer and said "they sure look nice don't they." I agreed, and she then said something like "but theyr'e not available and I am." She was wearing a loose top, and Levis, and not especially a woman you would look at a second time, but she sure got my attention. Turns out what she had in mind was a blow job for $50 in the back of a van parked nearby. Inside she took her top (no bra) and Levis off, and said I could play with her tits while she stroked me for a while. Her breasts were small, and drooped down, but her nipples were nice. I felt her ass through her panties. It wasn't real comfortable inside the van, which she and "my guy" used to haul t-shirts and other clothing that they sold in a booth. She said they supported themselves this way, taking turns selling in the booth, and her turning tricks now and then. She said she didn't fuck or like condoms, and gave me a damn good blow job. She didn't swallow, but spit into a cardboard box that had some trash in it. As she sucked me I continued to feel her ass, and then put my hand inside from the back and could just barely feel her pussy. She didn't object, but the way we were arranged in the van kept me from really getting very far inside her. Afterwards I asked about a phone number, but she declined. She said they were there most weekends during the summer, and if I caught her eye she could usually get away from the booth for a few minutes, but not to speak to her - just wink or nod and she would nod back if "the coast was clear". The way she said that made me wonder if "my guy" really knew what was going on, so I asked. She was vague, but finally said he didn't want her to fuck anyone, but that blowjobs were ok. She volunteered that there was one other woman that sometimes had a booth there and had a similar arrangement (in a camper) with her husband. So, I'll be back a few weekends this summer, looking and hoping for good head in unexpected places.
Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 23:31:53 UTC Dear Fellow Pervs, I just got back from my Southern California Trip. I was in L.A., S.D, and Tijuana for 10 days... Let me just tell was awesome! The weather averaged about 85 degrees, with cool breezes. The women were beautiful... Oh Man... the only place that can compare is Miami Beach! Thanks to all who posted... I thoroughly researched all of the information posted, and have a 4/30/96 update! Enjoy! If you have any questions for me, please post them to under the heading "DEAR PERV... Please answer!" and I promise I'll answer. In the mean time, I'll remain anonymous. LOS ANGELES The Los Angeles Sex scene is alive and well. Although there may not be as many women on Sunset/Hollywood as in the late 80's...they are still there. Listed in the Paranoia Pages are several sites... This trip, I could only research on major strip - The Sunset and Hollywood Blvd. Strip. There is a several mile strip along Hollywood and Sunset Avenue(s) between LaBrea and Western. Although some of the parts of Hollywood are "seedy".. this route is generally safe! Hollywood Avenue starts around FairFax..however the area between fairfax and LaBrea tends to be Residential...therefore not worth your cruising time. (Get a map, and look at it!) If you drive East along Sunset, (I drove around from 7 PM to 3 AM every night for a week!) you will see tons and tons of gorgeous women. Some are models, some are whores...many of them look alike! Unfortunately, most of the whores ARE drug addicts...where Heroin or Crack is their addiction. Let me emphasize safe sex..if you choose to use this information. There are a decent amount of cops, both uniformed and vice cruising sunset, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Most girls walk alone or possibly with their pimp. I'm not racist, but most of the pimps are black. Look around for girls dressed somewhat casual (jeans, t-shirt to total skank, rock-girl outfits.) Most girls, anywhere, if they are working girls, will make eye contact with you. If they don't notice you, honk- SHORTLY, don't annoy others, or the cops! If they look, then make good eye contact, or wave, or smile, they are probably a working girl. If a girl is walking home from work or school, (College, obviously) and someone honks..they probably will ignore you as best as they can. The last thing they want is trouble. Now sometimes after you identify a hooker, you will want to drive by a few times to make sure she's not a cop, or etc. Let me tell you all, this could definitely be a good measure..but you may also lose the girl to another guy or guys looking for a "date." I saw 4 hotties (all blondes.) Get into cars as I was turning around or making a U turn.. it sucked! Therefore, use your best judgement. Balance your careful concern with great opportunities! The chance of a cop seeing you, or even caring is fairly remote. Remember that Cops posing as prosititutes usually stay in one spot. They do this so that the other cops can bust the "john". Believe me, they care about their own safety, and have the whole process planned out. Cops also won't get into your car. They don't want to risk a long chase, or something happening to the undercover officer. Also, look around quickly to see if there are people just standing on the street, or in the surrounding parked cars. They could be cops. HOWEVER, 99 percent of the time, don't worry about it. The police don't have the resources or the time to spend catching johns. They only do it when politically necessary. I had one girl, named Monica, tell me she wouldn't get into the car unless I had at least 60 dollars. I thought it was a Police setup, but she was gorgeous, and I decided it was worth the risk. I nodded "yes" and she got in... We then went back to my Beverly Hills Hotel and had awesome sex! She was 20 years old... she used Heroin though...but she was HOT... 36B-24-34.... No body fat....long blonde hair. Also, I advise against picking up Black girls. Not that I'm racist, but of the 5 times I've been ripped off by a hooker, they've all been black. And... BELIEVE ME... I'M EXTREMELY PICKY. They also tend to be argumentative, and have nasty demeanors. Many of them are pickpocket artists too. You can never go bad skipping the black chicks. BTW...the black chicks on Sunset tend to wear the traditional hooker outfits... the white girls tend to dress more normally. I'm not sure why.... Probably because they have been career hookers... If you make the large rectange between LaBrea/Sunset/Western and Hollywood, you should see at least 8 hookers. Remember, you won't always see them. They may be getting cigarettes at the gas station, walking by a tree when you drive by, or so on. When you drive around, change directions every half hour or so, as different angles may find you a hot 20 year old! The nice thing about Hollywood is that there are alot of Younger (18-24) White prostitutes around. (Unlike other cities.) Many of them came here with big dreams, etc. Some are runaways... You never know. Remember, when someone's life becomes so desperate, they start believing whatever lies they tell themselves or what people tell them (pimps, etc.) Always use a condom, even for oral sex. TRUST ME, it's not worth dying over. Not to mention, even if you don't get AIDS, how would you like Herpes for the rest of your life. It's incurable.. They can only treat the symptoms... or have Genital Warts that need to be burned off every 6 months? Or worse, how would you like to get a hooker pregnant, and have your crack-addicted baby out there in some alley? Get the picture? However, if you use condoms, you have a more than reasonable chance of not getting any STD's... The great thing, is that the great majority of girls (at least the white girls.) that work the streets have and/or use condoms religiously. The counties have really done a good job getting free condoms out to those girls. But, bring your own if you like a certain brand, etc. Make sure you wash yourself as soon as you can after the act too... (Use antibacterial soap, etc.) If anything, bring a disposable handy-wipe with you...and wipe yourself afterwards. Little things go along way. If you're going to do the deed, at least be clean about it. I found several great looking girls on sunset, and I got a few blow jobs (Hugh Grant!) and the ones I had sex with- I brought back to my Hotel. Don't worry, no one at the hotel (who works there.) gives a shit what you do. I stayed at a 4 Star hotel...if anything..the Concierge will tell you where to go! I also rented a BMW on this trip, however any nice or nicer car will do. For obvious reasons, girls like to go with guys with the better cars. Not always because they want/need more money.. Many of the guys with nice cars don't beat the shit out of the girls, etc. They just want to do their business. I know, there are exceptions, etc. but ask any girl, they'll tell you. Not to mention, if you were a gorgeous hooker, would you rather get into a Mercedes or a 77 Chevrolet Impala? If all you want is a blow job, then take between 20 - 40 dollars and put it in your pocket or ashtray. Hide your wallet somewhere, or don't bring it. (Don't forget your driver's license!) The girl may ask for more, but if you say All I have is 30 or 40, they are not going to say no. Trust me, they want the money. There is hardly a difference between a 20 dollar blow job and a 80 dollar blow job. These girls are good at getting you to spend more money. 2 Blow jobs for 40 / each is better than 1 @ 80, right? Sex will cost you around 60 - 120 with a good looking white girl. Anal will cost a little more. Remember, these girls will try to weasel you out of everything you got, so only show them that you have 100 or 120 or whatever you want to spend. If the sex is that great and you want more, then pull the money out afterwards...not before. For those of you who think you'll find Julia Roberts out there... stop kidding yourself. You may find one that good looking, but strung out on something. Between LaBrea and Western, there are alot of Side streets that run between Sunset and Hollywood. Girls frequently walked down these streets, check them out if you have the time. They may even be better than cruising Sunset/Hollywood. TIP of the YEAR! There is a Street called Wilcox that runs between Sunset and Hollywood. (Get a map.) On the Eastern side of the street, there is a little dumpy hotel, most of the time with a Lexus in front of it. Either way, 4 of the hookers I picked up (All of them were HOT!) lived there. I'm not sure what it is, but this hotel is hooker friendly. I don't know if I'd go in, but this is a sure fire place to find hookers, especially if you're patient enough. One girl even went to the beach with me the next day. She worse a tiny bikini, and blew me in the car on the way home. This was a great trip. Remember another thing, don't bullshit hookers. They've been bullshitted thousands of times before, and they tend to make people keep their promises. If anything, she'll tell all her friends, etc. Not that it's that big of a deal, but just avoid it. Those of you who know what I'm talking about...should understand. More TIPS of the YEAR Girls tend to hang out further west on Sunset towards or even past LaCienega. This is heading towards beverly hills, so don't worry about the are. Look for a 7-11 on the south side of the street..they love to hang out around there too! Driving further west on Sunset will bring you through the "trendy" area of West Hollywood, etc. It's a nice drive though, as you'll pass some popular bars, with GORGEOUS women in front of them. If anything, you'll get a beautiful view. If all you want is Whores, then don't go past Tower Records...they don't hang out any west of there.... RULE OF PROSTITUTES... Remember, if you pull over and the girl isn't a prostitute, then probably the absolute worst that will happen is you'll get "flicked" off, or the girl will call you a fucker or something. The best that will happen, is the girl will hop in your car, and you'll get laid with a gorgeous girl. So don't be shy. Go get the girl you want. But don't forget, it's just sex. There is no love involved. Also, for an extra 10 bucks, most of them will let you take pictures... Upload them to the internet!
Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 17:37:40 GMT >>Does anyone have any info about where the L.A. working girls are? I see >>only a few girls on Sunset. Any other locations? Thanks >try Pacific Coast Hwy in Long Beach south to signal hill Last time I was in LA I noticed hookers around the side streets of the Chinese Theater.
Subject: [ASP] Los Angeles Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:40:45 GMT I was recently in Los Angeles, and was able to spend a little time identifying where the street action currently is. At the corner of Santa Monica and LaBrea there is a little Taco Stand, Los Tacos. From about 9pm on, it is the hangout of most of the streetwalkers of the area. It's worth stopping in to get a taco, and have a chance to get a close up look at the talent of the evening.
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 1997 01:20:06 -0500 (EST) Subject: post to Los Angeles FAQ Hi! Here's an update on the LA scene. There's been a recent crackdown (due to political reasons im sure) on Sunset Blvd. so you have to look harder to find them. There will always be the druggie whores on Sunset and Hollywood Blvds. between Normandie and Western but make sure you use a condom! But the regular whores on Sunset got pushed down to La Brea and Santa Monica Blvd. They all tend to hangout at the Carl's Junior there at midnite-2am. Watch out tho, there's a lot of Shemales (chicks with dicks) who look better than real girls and can fool you! I once picked up one by accident (i forgot to look for the adam's apple) and went back to her Apt. She had me strip down and (i hate to say this, but she was a beauty) proceeded to suck my cock. Then when I got hard, "she" whipped out her own cock and it was hard! She told me to suck it but i was still in shock that this pretty woman was actually a TRans! I was frozen and didnt know what to do so she took advantage and tried to make me suck it. I said i didnt know she was a trans so "she" let me go. I didnt get a refund of $25 but i wasnt about to wait around! Moral is, look for the Adam's apple, the "fake" girls voice, and big hands. Most of the transexuals/transvestites in L.A. are illegal Mexicans who got pushed out of their country because gays persecuted there.
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 22:26:49 -0800 Subject: prostition in LA close to the 110 freeway in la between vernon & rosecrans youll find mostly black girls some hispanic or latina and some cacausin even hawiian girls the place that was on the news was 49th and figoroa these women will have a room in what the news refers to as a brothel in l.a. that has been going on for years. on central avenue between century blvd. and washington youll find black girls hispanic and latina and some caucasian women. on praire between rosecranes and century is another place all types of women its not far from lax. almost anywhere by the airport where there are a lot of hotels. you can find these women at the casino on praire & century. there's a lot of secret clubs that allow you to have sex with the girls some times alot of popular porn stars are at these secret clubs. on century blvd run east and west close to the airport and on imperial blvd close to the airport.
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 22:36:34 -0800 Subject: prostituion in la downtown la has many prostitutes around seventh street between central and avalon, watch out alot of transvestites and transexuals down town since theres a club that caters to them there. between the 101 freeway and pico there a lot of white women and hispanic women some of these women look as though theyre porn stars or rock star groupies until you actually start to see some of ther faultsd strung out on drugs follow where the hotels are around here youll see lots of women on even streets i didnt mention.
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 17:09:05 -0800 Subject: usa, california, los angeles Please consider this info for your excellent resource, maintaining the confidentiality of which you proudly proclaim.... Just drove the Sherman Way/Reseda area today, noticed no activity. Likely due to the time of day (just before daybreak) Drove the Lankershim route, and noticed some activity, but was near the end of the business day, but only saw an older latina pro or two. Nothing worth going around the block for. Drove the San Fernando Rd. route also just before daybreak....alas, no activity there either. Often times there is are a coupla druggie white chicks along Lincoln Blvd b/t the 90 and the 10 freeways. Not worth a trip around the block. Twice, however, at night time I have been propositioned by a (different one each time) 22-ish black female--probably from the adjacent Culver City area while she was pulled up next to me at an intersection light. Each time, when I showed interest she would motion me to follow, head over to a side street and park. I would pull in behind her, get out and get into her passenger seat. The price *always* way out of hand (150-200)!! I am not very attracted to black women (I hate anyone with an attitude) and am not willing to pay ANYwhere near that much for their company. Both times I got back into my car and left. Another area to try out is Crenshaw Blvd between the cities of Hawthorne and Torrance--specifically between Rosecrans and Manhattan Beach Blvd. Mostly older pros now because the police have been rather diligent about ferreting out what was becoming a burgeoning collection of decently attractive, but druggy/shabby looking, younger ladies. Not worth the drive if you're travelling over 15 miles. Stay with Long Beach/Wilmington/points north. If anyone has information on L.A. areas where young to middle-aged latinas are plying the oldest of professions, please post (preferably) or reply to me via the authors of this service if it is a particulary good spot and you don't care to share it with the rest of the world.
Subject: (ASP) Los Angeles Area Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 17:39:20 -0800 This is some of what I have seen in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. I have seen hookers in several areas, including Downtown, San Fernando Valley, and the Antelope Valley. Here are what I have seen, and other info. Downtown: This is a hooker heaven. Some of the hot spots are around 9th Street and Alvarado, extending North about 1 mile, and East-West along 9th Street about 2 miles. Most of the girls here are white and black, from 20-45 years old. There are also some cheep hotels around (Olympic Blvd). The going rate seems to be around $20 for a blowjob, and $40 for a fuck. Further North on Alvarado, the hookers tend to be Hispanic, and the prices stay about the same. San Fernando: I have seen a little action along Lankershim, mostly around Sherman Way and north. The prices seem to be the same as downtown, $20 for a blowjob, and $30 for a fuck. I met a real good gal there (Mary). She gave me both, for $30. She took her time, and really seemed to enjoy it. Also there is still some action along San Fernendo Road, but that has decreased due to Police crackdowns. Antelope Valley: This area has died recently, due to the Sherrif's Department starting a tough crackdown. Most of the activity is still located along Sierra Highway, between Avenue L and Avenue M. Beware of Stings though. If the girl will not get into your car, leave her there. She is probably a cop. There is a little action along Palmdale Blvd., Between Sierra Highway and 5th Street East. Going rate seems to be $20 for a blow, and $30 for a fuck.
Subject: [ASP] TJ in LA - Robert Date: 31 Mar 1997 21:38:45 +0200 It's Good Friday and spring is finally here in LA. I haven't been to TJ since late last year because it's so cold in the rooms there during winter. I like the action hot and sweaty, and can't really get into it when I'm freezing my ass off. For those who don't know, the rooms at the Chicago club are like a refrigerator in winter. The last four months have left me finding what I can in the LA scene. Sometimes this can be real good, but it is always hit and miss with no consistently great place with steady action. I have a couple of favorite acupressure places where the quality of some of the girls is very good, and the session is always enjoyable. They are always clean, are not strung out on drugs, and usually have good attitudes. Prices are 100 to 150 for room fee plus full service, and so far I have always scored. There are a few girls I like a lot, and have seen a number of times. Still, what is missing here is the adventure, the element of uncertainty, and the possibility of being blown away by the unexpected. So it's Spring, and it's warming up now - about time to head South. I considered going this weekend, but didn't know how the Easter holiday would affect the action. I decided to stay here, and (not really expecting much) hit the street scene. We've seen it in other places in ASP and it's true; usually the streets of LA are either lacking for action, or the action is so strung out / drugged out that you would need to be suffering from the pits of desperation to even consider it. And then you get surprised, and hit a little pocket or time when the action is totally hot. I remember a Monday night at 1:00 AM on Sunset last year when there were at least 50 girls out, and many were just excellent. Same time next week - dead. Harbor Blvd. in Costa Mesa just North of the 405 can be great, with some really outstanding choices; at the right time. I've never figured the schedule out, but timing is everything. I saw a perfect little 19 year old coed wearing white short shorts in Pasadena on Colorado at the burger joint near Lotus Street with 10 cars lined up trying to be the lucky one. Her associates who were left overs were pretty tasty too. These little exceptions to the norm can be a temptation at times, after all, it could be a lucky night. There was a posting recently by mushro00 describing his hot spots in LA. His favorite area was 9th and Alvarado which in Westlake. It's an area I know, and being in a TJ mood, I cruised on in. This thoroughly Mexican neighborhood is about as close as you can get to TJ without being in TJ. People all over the place, sidewalk food stands, music playing loudly, and little wall to wall shops that look just like shops I've seen in TJ. I swear, if you look up the hill on Alvarado toward Echo Park, it feels like looking up the hill on Constitucion. Throw in 20 bars and 1000 hookers and you'ld have it. I don't know where our enlightened reporter Sir Brockton is hailing from, but I'm sure he would be experiencing a sense of deja vu looking at this scene. You need to go up and down a number of streets in the area to be certain you have covered it. From Union down 9th past Alvarado a few blocks right to 8th back up to Union left to 7th left to Alvarado left. Do this a few times to make sure you're not missing anything. There is actually a selection tonight, but it's bad. The best choice is a chubby Mexican chick wearing blue jeans and a short black tank top with her gut hanging out. She's with her black pimp, and looking a little shaky. Naah! Head back to Olympic toward LA. On the south side of Olympic just before Figueroa are some motels that are the base of operations for some Hispanic working girls. Tonight it's dead, so I swing back to 9th. to see if there are some alternate choices to this first group. All bad. I've been out a while now, and decide to do one more lap and head home unsatisfied. I go down Olympic again to check the motel before getting on the freeway. I spotted her by the telephone at the liquor store across the motel. She was very pretty, and dressed in black jeans with a turquoise blouse, and wore only a little makeup. Was she "working", and if not, why was she there? I slowed way down, and she sort of looked at me and then shyly looked down again. I did a quick around the block for another look. This time she had an appearance of "waiting for the bus", which I now figured she was. Too bad. No, one more lap. This time she's up, and she's slowly walking around the corner. Yes! Definitely working. I pull over and go for it. I've just come back from a demo, and I'm driving my van which is a real piece of shit, and I can see that she's edgy. I'm not letting her get away, so I roll down the window and do some real good talking and smiling, which does turn the tide and she gets in. Her name is Estela, and she is really sweet. She's from El Salvador, and her English is sort of ok just like my Spanish is sort of ok. We are communicating just fine though. Eventually the topic turns to the business at hand, and she lets me know that she's $40, and I let her know that I'm sure that's a bargain. That done, we secure a local room. I am now looking at a young woman at the peak of her physical beauty. She's about 105 lbs. with a lovely pair of 34's. I later learn she's 24, but she has a tight body of an 18 year old. She has thick crotch hair complimenting the hair on her head, and I gladly join her. She has a great personality, and enjoys playing around. We converse, and kiss, and hug, and really enjoy being together exploring each others bodies. I realize that I have made the ultimate find, a new part timer who is still trusting and innocent. We take a long time, and when I finally enter her, the explosion is rapid and profound. She is so hot, I ask if we can go some more, and she smiles and says she would like that. She holds me close to her, and almost instantly I am hard again. She is genuinely pleased to be turning me on this heavily, and in a moment later she has me slipped inside of her again for the magnificent encore. After a long time we finally depart. I take her back to where she was parked, and get out my wallet to pay her. I have a $100 bill in there and give it to her. She looks at it, and for a moment is speechless and then finally asks "For Me?". I tell her how wonderful she was and wish I had more. We exchange a sweet and tender kiss, and then she is gone. I'm sure any veteran of the street will appreciate how rare and treasured an encounter like this is, but these are the times that make whoring a great hobby. Next stop is Tijuana.
Subject: [ASP] Warning about LA streetwalker scene Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 12:46:11 GMT Well, after having been hustled twice, I've learned somethings to pass on to those thinking of the street scene in LA. I asume this only applies to the weeknight areas, as I know that there is a lot more variety during the weekends. At least Friday and most definitely Saturday night. I am hazarding a guess, but it may be right on the mark, but their is a group of girls that work on Sunset. The ones I have seen in this group (3 girls I am sure of, maybe a fourth) are GREAT!! I mean, nice bodies and young. I say around 8-9, maybe the blonde is a 10??. All of them wore business type suits that night, though on one other night, the blonde wore a very nice jumpsuit type outfit that gave a nice cleavage view. As I said, really great bodies, which is what attracted me to them. Well, I tried to pick up the blonde and ask her to go to my apartment (I live in the Hollywood area) and didn't get anywhere. Plus, she instantly began to tell me where to go, so I decided to play safe and assume she was a cop. Ha, now I know that's not the case. So I picked up a brunette, not knowing they were 'related'. She was nicer and asked for me to whip it out first, so my suspicions were taken care of for that. Well, she asked if I had a hundred, and I said yeah, so we went to an apt, which I found out was the same out the blonde had told me. We went in, and of course I noticed that the room was used. She sat down, took my money, then stated that the $100 was for a blowjob only, and that sex was another $150. I asked what she did, and she said everything to give me a good time and when I asked about the time limit, she said an hr. So, I thought, hey, it's the same for an outcall service, which I was hesitant to try since I can't see the girl BEFORE she comes over. I only had $70 left in the wallet, but she said that if she kept the wallet, I could have my service and then she would be with me when I went to the ATM to get her the money. So, then when she stripped and all, she gives me the rules. No licking or kissing ANY part of her body. I could finger but not enter. At least she took off all her top (I had to ask for her to remove the bra) and she left the hose on one leg. So much for anything to give me a good time. I asked her to massage mr. little, but she just held it to place the condom on, which was rather demoralizing as mr. little hadn't had a chance to warm up fully. Her vacuum wasn't as long as I liked, nor did she play with the Chinese medicine balls to help stiffen things up. Still, she woke him up with a little vacuum power, at which point she told me that I should get on top. I did, and was happily on my way when she began the incessant, "Did you come?" questions. Again, this began to demoralize me as she wasn't returning the fun I was having, and now this interrogation. So I decided to swap positions and have her face away from me (less volume from her). After even a few minutes of this, the questions began again. then I decided to lie down and have her do the work, but she wasn't all the enthusiastic about it. She then decided that she was tired out (??) and I ended up having to finish myself off, but at least I got her to straddle my face and give me a clean view of what I couldn't eat. But for $250, it was definitely NOT worth it. Heck, for $100 bucks, it wouldn't have been worth it. I admit, this is the second time I have had sex, and I still haven't dropped the notion that it should be enjoyed by BOTH party members, not just one lying there as the other fulfills themself. Still, I would think that she could have been a litte more responsive rather than just letting me go at it. Foreplay is an ongoing thing I believe. Also, after dropping her off, I noticed that she took my $20 bucks of spare gas money that I keep in the ashtray. My word of advice, if you see them (the blonde and brunette are both white I believe, and the third I saw is Mexican mix?), avoid them. They'll rip you off and steal anything higher than a twenty in the car. They are nice to look at, but I guess they are either students, or just young women that decided to pose as streetwalkers and hustle guys. Oh, the reason I figure they are related. A: Each night I noticed them on the street, it was always on Sunset Blvd, in front of the Guitar Center (west of Dennys) B: I noticed a white Suburban(?? big truck) each time parked on the side street by Denny's or in the Denny's parking lot. C. After the deed, I complimented Jasmine on her dress (business-like suit) and she asked if I thought she was the best looking out there. I mentioned the blonde was better and then five munutes later, she asked "You really think the blonde is better looking than me?". For these three, I'd say look, but don't touch unless you can afford them. And if you can afford that kind of money, I suggest it's better off going to the VIP ads in the LA X-Press. I'm sure those girls would treat you better. Well, hopefully I have better luck my third time around. No white girls like these and the first time was a black mix that had a hole in her hose through which I had access which wasn't very appealing. I think I'll try Friday/Saturday nights with a Latin girl. Maybe they'll be more responsive and give some affection as well as be a litte more honest on the prices. If anyone has some good references for LA Outcall, please post to this newsgroup. Also, hopefully something less than $300. Otherwise, It'll be a once every other month thing. I think I'll save my dough and plan a little trip to Tijuana. From the posts, it seems to be a little better than Hollywood.
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 07:41:33 -0700 Subject: LA Streetwalkers Some tips on picking up streetwalkers Stay away from Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood unless you like Hispanic Men. Sunset is great for lot looking women. Don't go looking on Tuesdays & Thursdays because they are vice nights. (tons of cops are out trying to bust Johns) Many women start walking around 1:00 a.m and stop about 5:00 a.m. That's because most of the cops are off their shifts by that time. A girl will never get into a car w/ 2 guys. It is too dangerous for them. If you want to party w/ your friends, make sure you pick up girls that are walking w/ friends. Good Luck!
Subject: Streetwalkers in LA Date: 1998/01/18 Just west of Downtown, (Olympic & Alvarado), there are a few pretty ladies that work out of some the scummy motels in the area. Unfortunatrly, the area is so damn hot with police nowadays, it makes the search a bit too intense for me, ..mostly latinas, some white, some black, and a few Korean chicks can be found in the area too (the Koreatown section is nearby). ...if you can't afford an escort, give it a shot, and post your findings!
Subject: [ASP] LA Street Report Date: 1998/03/10 There has been almost no mention here of the street scene in LA. It seems to be more limited here than in other US cities. Anyway, here's what I have. I hope that some people will respond and add any information that they have regarding streetwalkers here in LA. The most obvious place to start would be Hollywood. Only Santa Monica Blvd. seems to have any action anymore. Quality ranges from gorgeous to obvious TV/S. If you see a good looking one, you'd better act fast, cause there's a line of cars waiting usually. Most action is from 1AM to 4or5 AM. Thats when they come out in full force. Before that its slim pickings. Sunday evenings arent half bad. Still, its too late for me. The next place to check out is 7th St in Downtown. Between Los Angeles and Central is your best bet. There you can find something most anytime anyday. The quality is really pathetic weekdays. Week evenings and weekends day or night are ok. Most are crackheads, but once in a while you see something good. Sundays are your best bet for daytime. I've noticed that hookers are scarce between about 3-5pm; I think thats when the cops crack down. Someone recommended Westlake Village, but I havent seen shit there. True, it does look like TJ, but even on a Saturday night I saw no action. Near by on Olympic just east of the 110 and north of the Convention Center (about a block) is a motel that is always going on. Called the Experience Motel, there are girls hanging out there night and day. Sunday daytime it was swamped, maybe a dozen girls at any time, most of them good looking (young, hispanic). Evenings are also good. Weekdays, less to choose from, mainly old and fat. I don't know what they charge, but I'd guess not much. I don't know if they'll go with you in your car or if they just work out of the motel. Either way, that's your best selection night or day. Finally, I've noticed some action evenings on Central Avenue south of the 10 freeway. I don't know how far down, but quite a way from what I gathered. Spread out and mainly black, but sometimes you find a hispanic girl or two. There's a motel about 2 blocks south of Washington on Central; forgot the name, but it has a tacky neon sign with tacky 50's looking "star" shapes. There I've seen good looking black and Hispanic girls working the front. Got serviced by a very attractive black woman, nice face, nice figure, nice personality. Got anal and oral in my car for $50. Not bad. Anyway, I hope this isn't in vain. If anyone knows of any spots I missed, please post here and let me know. Thanks!

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