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Los Angeles Massage

Subject:      Los Angeles - Westside

I'd like to recommend Little Hong Kong Accupressure in Culver City on
Washington between Sepulveda and Lincoln.  They have the most
attractive young women I've seen in a place like this.  Generally,
there are both Korean and other young ladies, depending on time of
day, etc.

On the other end of the spectrum, I've been to a couple of places in
Santa Monica - both on Pico, I believe - and I'd not recommend them.
Older women, less friendly, poorer customer service.

Date: 19 Feb 1995 15:22:46 -0500 I know what you mean about the places on Pico. Been to them, and agree. There is another place in Santa Monica I would recommend, however, on Santa Monica Boulevard, and called Mimiko's Massage. Don't remember the exact cross streets, but it's not too far west of Bundy. I haven't been there in a while, over a year, but the two times I did go there, the girls were young and pretty, and friendly. I live about an hour away, so I haven't been there in a while. If you're ever east of the city, try Sun Massage in City of Industry. I forget the exact cross street, again, but they usually advertise in LAexpress. It's a bit of a trek if your not in the neighborhood, I know, but it's the place I've been going lately, and I've been happy everytime. Not every single girl has been a knockout, but they're generally pretty young, and there have been two occasions where I was actually amazed at how pretty they were. And VERY friendly!
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 06:47:42 UTC >If you're ever east of the city, try Sun Massage in City of Industry. >I forget the exact cross street, again, but they usually advertise in >LAexpress. The name of the place is actually Sun Accupressure. (N.B. When searching for a massage parlour, you should consider the words "Massage", "Spa", "Accupressure", etc., in the name of the establishment to be interchangeable.) Their address is [censored]. They are open 7 days a week, 10am to 10pm. Yes, I went there. Yes, it was pretty much as Idunno5548 described. Yes, I had a good time. Yes, I'll probably go back.
Subject: Re: Industry CA Date: 20 Jul 1995 05:54:38 GMT [...] I figured 2 recommendations can't be wrong, so I went a 2nd time and mentioned that I had been there before & the mama-san said she remembered. However, you have to indicate what you want & how much to pay. The woman had a cute face but could lose a few pounds (Jessica). Though, she did a fine job.
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 05:05:34 GMT These Oriental massage parlors in L.A. are one of my favorite things in L.A. I've tried most. I can tell you the one on Wilshire around 26th in Santa Monica is one of my favorites. After 2 tries, I got the hang of it. First, Don't ask for service. They will ask you. Second, don't ask to touch. Just touch. They'll tell you what not to touch after you've touched it. Third, don't offer money, particularly the sums you offer. I had a middle aged Asian lady give me a massage one time (she was plain looking, not attractive, not ugly), and when I turned over, hard on pointing up, she asked (as they all will) if I would like that (pointing to my happiness) taken care of. I said yes and with no further word, she gave me one of the most incredible blow jobs of my life. When I came, she got a warm wash cloth, cleaned me up, finished massaging me for about 10 minutes, and left, never asking for a penny. Looking back, I should have tipped her anyway! And now the moment you've all been waiting for. THE BIG ANSWER! When they ask you if you have been there before, ALWAYS ANSWER "YES!". They want to know if you know the ropes. By saying no, they will go through the cop stuff and the money stuff. They will then ask who you had last time. I guess they try to keep you going back to the same person as any salesperson would. I tell 'em "I don't recall, it was several months ago". That's if I want someone different. I have had many unbelievable and wonderful experiences in these places, some of which I can't believe. I have had Asian dream girls massage me (one of the best looking ones - a 10 - was one of the worst experiences) as well as girls that would have done anything to please me. Remember: If you want great service, compliment them on their beauty, there English, etc. Talk about them. When they ask about you (they are trained to) answer in short and ask the same (or close) question about them. No one cares about them. Guys just want to cum and go. Good luck, Have Fun
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 08:53:59 GMT > >These Oriental massage parlors in L.A. are one of my favorite things in L.A. > >I've tried most. I can tell you the one on Wilshire around 26th in Santa > >Monica is one of my favorites. > > I just had a few questions... do they all use condoms for handjobs > and blowjobs or just for straight intercourse? Also, which massage > parlors in LA had the best looking girls?? There are a few down in > Orange County near John Wayne Airport I could recommend.. > Condoms used for oral and straight sex. Not for hand jobs. Best experience at the one mentioned above. The beautiful girl I found was on 6th st. in Santa Monica. She was no fun at all, however. Massaged me for 4 min. jerked me off for 2 minutes, left, came back and stood around waiting for money. Didn't even want to let me touch her without paying. I found the one on Pico and Lincoln (at the corner) to be fun, but the women were just average looking. The one on Washington in MDR (around the 600 block) had skanky women that would do anything. I could never figure that place out. Very cold, both the atmosphere and the girls.
From: (JayHawk) Date: Sat, 11 Feb 1995 04:52:16 UTC The massage scene in Hollywood is, by and large, a rip-off. There are several places and these are listed in the Yellow Pages. Most have been in business a long time (names haven't changed in 5-10 years) so you know they aren't doing much that is illegal. The first place I tried was Ginza Spa on La Brea about a mile south of Hollywood Blvd. On arriving it is a bit unnerving because you are met at the door by a cranky, elderly Asian woman who asks you to sign your name and address in a book, checks your driver's license, then throws a fit if they don't match. (I have always gotten around this problem by signing my real name and address, but writing so illegibly that you couldn't possibly read it.) She lectures you about how they ONLY give massage funny business...and she tells you to undress and put on a pair of loose boxer shorts they provide. My first visit I had a delightful time making out with a cute, young Korean named Ta (or Tah?). At first I thought there would be no sex at all since she told me I must keep on the shorts that they provide. I eventually started giving her a massage, worked my hands into her shorts, and we ended up with her giving me a great hand job. It was $40 to get in and I got the hand job for free! My second visit, I had a slightly older, rounder, but very attractive Asian woman named Kim. I told her that I had been there a year earlier and had Ta as the girl. I never said a word, and halfway through the massage she slipped off my shorts and gave me an acceptable handjob while letting me fondle her breasts under her shirt. After it was done she asked for a tip; I gave her $20 and she seemed happy. A year later I went again, got Kim again (!!), and this time she absolutely wouldn't touch me and left the door open during the massage. I asked her if she did anything extra for a tip and she said "No" so maybe they got busted or something. I have not been back since. The next place I tried was called (I think) Hollywood Massage which is on Hollywood Blvd. near Route 101. This was a complete rip-off as they charged $50 or $60 to get in the door, I was assigned a reasonably pretty Mexi can girl, and she absolutely refused to do anything other than the massage. The massage itself was pretty lousy too. I'm not sure what the problem is in Hollywood...perhaps an overly diligent vice squad, but the massage scene is a big zero. Perhaps others have had better experiences.
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 14:04:44 GMT Most of the smaller places have "(un)cover charge" of $40/half hour. They will offer you a shower in the beginning, but you take it by yourself. If an operation DOES offer the sauna/table bath routine, the door fee is usually $50+. The absolute MOST I've ever heard anybody paying for a half & half is a $60 tip. This talk of $100+ on the east coast makes me shudder! One comment on the "attitude question": I went to one place a LOOONNNGG time ago and met this very sweet & obliging young lady and had a wonderful time (so nice I paid the mama-san an extra $20 to go the full hour) Some time later I returned and asked for this same girl by name (the only one I ever remembered) Here English was greatly improved and her attitude had greatly deteriorated. I believe the time a girl spends in this particular industry is the biggest factor in attitude. This would correlate and explain the original post. So lets hear from the rest of the country! -- Can't we all just get a lawn?
Date: 17 Jul 1995 15:42:55 -0400 hello, saw your post, Mimiko's is o.k. , but when I went last, the girls were kind of old, Ginja is a good place Never been to sun, but there are a couple of cool places in Bell if you ever get out that way. Palm accupressure is also good. Best hint. Be friendly and smile, don't be a pain and you will get good service. Warning. Think about it before you get started. 80-100 bucks is not much for a one time experience, but multiply that by 100 visits and ouch. It can get almost addicting, but then again it is nice to be a regular, because they are even nicer to you.
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 08:40:45 UTC I'm a regular at some of the Korean places is LA/Orange Counties. The info about Sun Accupressure and Little Hong Kong Massage (now Palm Tree Acupressure) were both very interesting. Especially since the girls frequently work both joints (even though they're 50 miles from each other). At least at Palm Tree, you can choose if you want and if you're a regular, there's no hurry to take a room. Recommended. You can get away with full service for $60-80. Nice international selection. Last time I was there, there were Korean, Japanese/Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Mexican and South American girls there. Generally, in the 6-9+ range, with an upward drift, as you mathematicians would say. However, there is one place which is even better. It's semi-private, it doesn't advertise in the LA Express, and you have to know a regular to get more than the massage. It's between the Forum and 405 in Inglewood (enough clues already). There isn't a dog in the place, and most of them are movie-star quality. Unfortunately, some are also of movie-star attitude. It caters to all, which is unusual (most Korean places either take Caucasians or don't, but almost all won't take Koreans. I knew everything was going to be okay when I came into this place and saw 6 Koreans waiting their turn. Anyway, there is a substantial private massage parlor industry in LA. It is of course almost exclusively Asian, for an Asian clientele. The most beautiful girls used to be working in joints in the San Gabriel Valley (East LA Co); these places have either gone out of business or are now closed to "roundeyes". Too much heat from the local gendarmes. Also, some of the girls just don't like Caucasians. There are private Korean places, private Thai places, private Vietnamese places and of course, mass quantities of private Chinese places. It's also not unusual to see a few Latinas working in these places as well. I am fairly well-known in a couple of the Asian communities, and have been invited frequently to join in the festivities. It's almost like a cultural thing, like an Asian guy going out and getting a blowjob is like an American guy going out bowling with the guys or something like that. Because of need to save face (and not to have my balls cut off by my wife), I've had to decline. The most frustrating experience was when I saw three of the most gorgeous Vietnamese girls all of whom had to be under 21, playing cards as a local LA casino. Two were Amerasian. I asked an acquaintance about them, and he said "you like them. you wanna fuck them? you got $100?" They all worked out of a house in Santa Ana. The price in the private joints are all $100. In the Thai places particularly, there's food and drink to be had as well, and there's no rush. If you want entree into the private scene here, pick your favorite flavor, start frequenting the ethnic nightclubs which corrrespond to that flavor, get friendly with the management, and after a few visits you'll probably get some sort of connection. Just remember to be patient, be polite, and let the situation come to you, as it were. Being pushy will kill your chances at an invite. Good luck!
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 14:05:40 UTC The much heralded Palm Tree Accupressure, shut down by the local gendarmes several months ago, is threatening to reopen any day now. The girls went to work at Best Acupressure in Redondo Beach. Can't recommend it; it's primarily the 'B' team(with one or two exceptions), and should be shut down anyway by the time this gets posted(Xmastime, Atta?). Generally, the Korean places that advertise in the LA Express can't be recommended, unless you're into so-so looking middle-aged women. The good news is that in some of the korean places that employ Latinas, a couple of them will do anal with you if they know you a little better and like you.
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 1995 16:10:33 GMT Over the past 20 years, I've had my share of fun in the Korean Accu joints. I've probably been to about 20 different places a total of 100 different times. At least some of the "Clinics" have technicians who are willing to minister to couples. After one session I asked the girl named "Toy" at the Sun Accupressure in Sacramento if she did couples and she said no, but Bonnie at the same place did. I returned with my girlfriend to celebrate my birthday and found out from personal experience that Bonnie most certainly did do couples. And she handled the job with enthusiasm and catered to her customer's every desire. Similar experience with "Jeannie" at J & G Accupressure in Los Alamitos. Full price, fee and tip combined, was $150 at both places and I can promise it was worth every penny. Now. . . one gripe: It's sad to see this group taken over by ads for commercial services. I would like to think this is a place for the exchange of information by and between users and consumers of certain special services. I'm doubt if the phone-sex postings will stop, so the only way to improve the Signal/Noise ratio here, is for more of the readers to post their personal experiences with the service providers which are the real subject of this group. If everyone who reads these notes would contribute just one posting (through, if necessary) we'd all benefit. Is this really too much to ask?
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 00:52:56 UTC New Year's Eve (31 December 1995) - - I visited Sun Accupressure in City of Industry on the recommendation of at least two other posts. I can personally validate what was previously posted. The facility is clean and the two staff members I met (Mamasan and "masseuse") were both very friendly. It's not very convenient for anyone who isn't east of Downtown L.A. or in northern Orange County, but I believe it's worth the 40 to 50 mile drive for a few reasons: It is a very discreet location where you don't have to worry about being seen entering or exiting. There is easy parking and access to the freeway. The prices are in line for what was mentioned for other West Coast locations ($40 half hour house fee + $60 to $80 for half and half). I think I might have had the girl named Jessica who was mentioned in a previous post because she was exactly as described: slightly overweight with a pretty face and a very friendly manner. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the massage. It was so good that for a minute I was afraid I was in a legitimate place. I was greatly relieved when she made only a half hearted effort to resist when I pulled her dress off and when I discovered I she was only wearing panties underneath. She was cautious I guess because she didn't know me. She at first claimed that it was massage only (I wish I had a blow job for every time I've had to hear that). Anyway, after I assured her I wasn't law enforcement and lied that I had visited before (she even made me describe the girl I was with whose name I said I couldn't remember), she let me take off her panties and she lowered the lights. Without asking for the tip up front, she got in a 69 position, giving me a great view of her pussy and asshole, and letting me eat her out at will while she expertly slipped a condom on me and gave me an average to good blow job. Since the blow job was only a little more than acceptable, and because I decided I was enjoying licking her pussy a little too much with out a dental dam or other protection I asked her to get on her back so I could start missionary fucking her. After about 10 minutes of that I asked her to do anal but we compromised with doggy style vaginal fucking when she refused to let me fuck her up the ass. This is when it got really fun because she thought I had come when I pulled out for a second. I hadn't come, but her head was getting too close to the mirror on the wall at the head of the bed/table - - I was just trying to be a nice guy and keep her from banging her head while I was drilling her from behind. As it turns out I wasn't actually ready to come at that moment, in spite of how very horny I was, so I continued fucking her missionary style after she turned over on her back. After a couple more minutes she decided I had overstayed my welcome and blocked me as I was about to downstroke. She finished me with a handjob while I kept trying to stick my dick back in her pussy. It was really funny and we both laughed while I came, it was the most fun I've had in one of these places in a long time. I was happy to tip her $60, but I have to admit that I was a bit of a shit and I tried to give her only $40 but she complained and said "Happy New Year" with perfect American style sarcasm- - I handed her the third $20 bill with a smile. I left happy and in a good mood. The place seems to be a winner. Even though she could lose a pound or two, she was clean and young and the little extra meat on her bones made it fun to really go at it with her. I'll probably go back to see who else they have working there.
Date: 17 Dec 1995 02:49:48 -0500 The massage parlor on Hollywood Blvd., just off the 101, is a total rip-off. I think it's called Hollwood Massage, they have a huge ad in LA X-press. Ugly, rude bitches, no sex at all, not even a hand-job! Take my advice..stay away.
Subject: Re: LA Massage with Latina staff? Date: 29 Jan 1996 19:25:36 -0500 There is a great "modeling studio" (sorry no massage) that is strictly latin and hot ones at that. Near the 10 and 710 fwys in LA....I believe the city of Bell.
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 04:50:10 UTC I have some updates for you for the LA Massage Parlour information. First, I went to a place last night that opened only a couple weeks ago. It's called Southbay Acutherapy Away. Their address is 4656 W. Century Blvd. in Inglewood (1 mile West of Hawthorne/La Brea). Their phone is (310) 674-8582. Hours are 10a-10p, 7 days. They advertise Oriental and Hispanic girls. The charge to get in is $45 (most places in LA are universally $40), but the interior is very nice. This is the nicest LA parlour I've been in. The rooms are big with a couch and a big table. The carpet is nice, too. When I handed the $45 to the Papa-san he asked if I would like shower first. I declined. The girl I had was a young oriental, very cute. She wore some dress, but underneath a lab coat (the was a first, too). She gave me an adquate, but short massage, and then asked what else I would like. I told her I wanted a hand job and she asked, "And how much will you be tipping today?". I said $20 and she said fine. She refused to get undressed or let me touch her at first. When she tried to satisfy me and found I couldn't get excited, she let me rub her legs and her breast -- leaving her lab coat on. I copped a good feel nonetheless. All-in-all, this is a place I would recommend. She said she only does hand and blow jobs but many girls there do everything, including some anal. This is probably the closest Oriental Massage place to the airport (LAX), so it should be included in the guide for tourists.
DATE: July 19, 1996 I tried Sun Accupressure in the City of Industry mentioned here. Unfortunately, my experience was very different from the one described abve. The masseuse assigned to me was average looking (I don't know her name). She performed a pathetic masage for a few minutes, then asked me if I had ever been to a massage place before. I said I had been a couple of times. She stuck out her hand for money, with no indication of what service would be provided in exchange. I handed her $40, she said she would do nothing for that. I could see which way this way going, so I said I'd just have the massage. Then she said she would do a handjob for the $40. By this time, whatever little interest (you know what I mean) I has was gone, so I declined. She finished her shitty massage and I left.
Subject: recommendation for an asian massage parlor in LA Date: 6 Nov 1996 06:50:12 GMT try happy spy at 2712 wilshire. in santa monica... it's a new place, ask for sue, she works there mon-thur great massage, kinda old but pretty, nice body 50+70 for everything
Subject: new Santa Monica massage parlor Date: 16 Nov 1996 00:46:37 -0500 The Santa Monica massage scene is pretty lame, as you locals know. There are lots of parlors, but they are invariably dingy, gloomy places staffed by overage Korean women who are unattractive and terminally bored. One place on Broadway whose name escapes me is so cheap that they use shelf paper instead of sheets to cover their lumpy massage table! Fortunately, a great new place has just opened: HAPPY SPA, 2712 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica [(310) 828-9440]. Open 7 days until 10 pm. $50/half hour. HAPPY SPA is located next door to Pacific Dining Car, the best steakhouse on the Westside on a primo stretch of Wilshire Boulevard. It has its own private front and rear entrances and plenty of discreet free parking in the rear. The entire space has been freshly remodeled and painted from its prior life as a premium real estate office. The waiting areas are tastefully furnished and soft music wafts through the rooms. The private rooms themselves are immaculate with homey touches like handmade pillows. The entire staff, from receptionists to masseuses, is cheerful and friendly. I have been several times and found every masseuse to be clean, attractive, affectionate and very good at what she does. After the session, be sure to ask for a mint and a steaming hot towel; they use an expensive imported hot box and not the hot water tap like everplace else. This is definitely a high class operation; judging by the cars, the clientele seems to be largely doctors, lawyers and other professionals. Last time, I parked between an Infiniti J30 and a Mercedes Benz SL 600 (no, not a mere 500), across from a Porsche Carrera. However, prices are only a little higher than the hellholes on Pico. For a real escape from stress, have a rare steak at Pacific Dining Car (or some broiled fish if you are the healthy sort) and then stop in at Happy Spa. You won't be sorry.
Subject: L.A. Weekly Paper - Massage Section Date: Tuesday, 17 December, 1996 03:40 I have been a regular customer of the ads in the massage section of the L.A. Weekly paper for a better part of 5 years. If you enjoy getting a rubdown by a beautiful naked girl, then this is the place to find it. When you look through the massage section, there are scores of ads. You need to call several ads before you can consider and make an appointment. However, the prices are usually in the range of $100 - $150 for a nude massage, with $120 being the average, due to so much competition. When you call, tell the girl you're calling about so and so's ad. If that girl is not in, she'll give you all the details. This is pretty much the basic: "What we offer is a full-body rubdown from head to toe and everything in-between (meaning your crotch area) and finish it with a light finger tip touch (hand-job)." They will then tell you their price. I would say $120 is the going price for a nude body to body, where she rubs her breasts and body all over yours. However, some girls don't offer that. She will then describe herself. There are usually two to three girls working at one time. I am usually not disappointed, where they range from 7 - 9s, between the ages of 20 - 26. But I've seen some girls that are definite 10+. If you're looking for full-service, you can forget about it here. From my experience, 99% of the girls don't offer full-service over the phone. You can ask, but they usually say no! However, I've been lucky a few times. I don't blatantly ask for full-service, but I usually ask if they're open-minded. Some say "very" or "yes" or "what do you mean? We don't offer full-service!". When they say "yes", I answer, "So you accept tips? You do other things?" Then, they say, "We can discuss that when you get here." This can usually mean several things. One, it could mean full-service (if you're very, very lucky), two, blow-job (don't count on it), three, most likely feeling them off all over and sucking their tits (majority), or four, they just say that to get you over there and take your money. Tips usually range from $20 - $100, depending on the girl. Always, bring extra money for tips. But I have never tipped $100 for just touching. The massages takes place at her apartment, usually owned and operated by several guys, but you never ever see them. Some places I've been to starts off by asking the cop routine. "Are you affiliated with any law enforcement agency...etc.. Just say no! She escorts you to the room, where in most places I've been to are candle-lit at night. She tells you to get undressed. After a few minutes, she comes in and undresses herself. The massage starts off by you laying on your stomach, naked of course, on either a massage table, or a futon bed, usually the latter. She asks if you like lotion or oil, and begins on your back. The massage itself, is mediocre, because you're there strictly for a "sexual rubdown." However, I have come across some girls that are really good at giving massages. She works her way down to your ass and legs. Then, she slowly works her way back up to your ass and starts on your balls with her finger tips and nails. Then, she puts oil on your chest and begins to rub it against your body. That is one of my favorite moments. After about 10 minutes, she asks you to turn over. This is where the good stuff begins. She does your chest and legs and with my swollen member pointing up, she gives several good strokes at it as she works her way up and down. She'll do the body to body at this point, placing your cock between her tits. Then negotiations can begin. But, keep in mind that tip negotiations can happen at different times from girl to girl. If she doesn't offer anything else, a hand job is 99% of the time included with the massage. But if you're one of the lucky ones, the girl might be wild and offer you full-service. Or, she gives blow jobs. In my case, over my five + years experience, I have gotten several blow jobs, starting from $40 - $80, both with a condom and without, but never allowed to cum in her mouth without a condom. Note, girls don't talk about offering blow jobs or other things to clients with other girls because they can get into trouble. They strictly do it for extra money because they usually get only 50% of the massage price. They try to keep it just between you and her. In some cases, when I went back to the same place and got another girl, I asked about so and so, and they said she did some naughty things and got fired. With regards to full-service, again you have to be really, really lucky to find this girl and she also has to like you. During the session, you can ask for it, and if she does, she'll make sure you're not a cop, again. She will most likely have the condom with her, but just in case, come prepared, because, sometimes, she will say "I don't regularly do this, so I don't keep them handy." But all in all, a good rubdown with a fine young girl!!! I will later post one of my best experience.
Subject: [ASP] California complaint: Culver City asian joint Date: Tuesday, 17 December, 1996 09:12 Due to my combined stupidity, laziness, and horniness, I stumbled into the seedy looking Asian joint on Washington Blvd near the Culver City/Marina Del Rey border (just east of the intersection of Lincoln and Washington). The short answer is that it sucks, avoid it like the plague or you will be as disappointed as I was. Specific problems: an attendant that is likely eligible for reduced bus fare and Social Security benefits (definitely no younger than 60) and a $45 entry fee ($40 would have been too much). It is one of those places where you are SORRY it is full service. She gave a half-assed blow job that was more teeth (if not dentures) than tongue and of course she just went through the motions after protesting when I insisted on a choice of non-missionary positions. It was a waste, probably one of the sorriest in L.A., stay away. Here's hoping I'll better news to report soon. Humanity=peace+freedom
Date: 9 Jan 1997 23:42:47 GMT LA: I have had some great experience with the LA Xpress. Have found 4-5 truly California hot bods, college types who love to have sex. I'll post more later. There are also some very classy ladies to be found in the escort classifieds in LA magazine. You have to be careful though with the Xpress. Anybody quoting under 200 is probably scary.
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 21:39:23 -0800 Finally, for those in LA who don't like the drive, try the Korean places in South Gate, which are now well stocked with Latinas from all over, mostly Mexico and Colombia. The places which carry Latinas will let you choose. Some of the girls rotate from house to house, depending on the day. I'm fond of Lorena(Blonde, Colombian, D-cup) at A-1 (Long Beach Bl), Cherry(half-American, sometimes totally shaved) at Total, and Kathy and Nancy (Guatamelan and White Mexican respecively, both very petite and very busty; Nancy is mostly shaved as well)at Yasi's(Garfield). The last two will want a little more for FS than the other girls. That's probably more a reflection on how that place is run than the girls)
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 97 21:08:14 -0800 Subject: Los Angeles Massage Parlours Please keep my E-Mail ID anonymous. Just a note for those seeking Massage Service in the L.A. area. I have had some recent experiences at Tokyo Accupressure, located on Manchester Blvd. in Inglewood (near L.A. airport). About 6 months ago, I went there and paid the $50 entry fee. After a rather rough but pleasing massage, I was treated by a beautiful Japanese girl (about 35 years old, I think) to a wonderful hand job without asking. She didn't ask me for any extra money, but I threw her a $20 tip anyway. She was extremely friendly, and begged me to return (with friends). Unfortunately I did return. This time, I was rudely greeted by a Korean bitch who did not know how to give a massage if her life depended on it. She asked me a million questions during the massage, like "Are you married?", "Do you have children?", "What do you do for a living?", "How many times have you been here before?", etc. Then, she decided to LECTURE me on why I should not go to a massage parlour. I asked her if she offered any extra services, and she replied "NO WAY!", then abruptly made me leave. This is, of course, after she had already established that I was not a cop and that I was a repeat customer. I demanded a refund from the owner, who also told me "No Way!" To make matters worse, I drove away and about 10 minutes later I got a terrible neck cramp where this little bitch had stuck her fingers in too hard. I mean, seriously, I was in pain. Again, I went back and told the owner this was total bullshit...not only was I not satisfied but now I was in pain. I asked to see the girls credentials, and they proceded to pick up the phone and call the police to get rid of ME!!! I guess the Inglewood Police department are paid off or something. Anyway, I left and went directly to a place called SPA MASSAGE on Sepulveda Blvd., right next to the airport (LAX). This time, I was greeted in a friendly manner by two elderly Korean women, who told me it was $40 to get in. I paid, and the one who was about 45 years old (and unattractive, may I add) came into the room fully clothed and gave me an excellent massage. She got rid of my neck cramp, some back pain I had, and finished with a hot oil back massage. There was no sex, and she made it clear from the beginning (but after I paid) that there was no sex at this parlour, but the massage was really superb, so I threw her a $10 tip just for that. Another place I've visited is in Canoga Park (in the San Fernando Valley) called New Image Japanese Massage. It is at 21044 Sherman Way. The lady at the front desk was as rude as you can possibly imagine, and I almost walked out. I'm glad I didn't, though. The girl assigned to me was a beautiful 25 year old who gave me a 10 second massage and then got straight to business. I was surprised to find out that she offered me FULL SERVICE, prices being $40 for hand, $60 for mouth and $100 for the works. I gave the $60 (although now I wish I gave the full $100) and was treated to a great oral massage, and a quiet but friendly girl. This is definitely the best place I've been. I highly recommend it - the drive is worth it. To summarize: Tokyo Accupressure --- AVOID !!!!! Spa Massage --- Good if you only want a massage! New Image Japanese Massage --- GET THERE QUICK - THE BEST!!!!!!! As a rule of thumb, before I pay from now on I'm going to ask if the girls are Japanese or Korean. If they are Korean, forget it. I think the Koreans are just here to rip us off. If they are Japanese, I'm going for it. Good luck.
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 15:10:04 -0700 As for the LA massage scene, I had an interesting experience at a place on Broadway. Not having done this sort of thing before, I didn't know quite what to expect. When I arrived, I was shown a posting of prices. I picked the $45 30 minute deal. Then I asked if I could see the girl who would perform the massage. The mama-san seemed annoyed. She shouted something in Korean into another room. A very attractive, surprisingly large breasted Asian woman, about 40, appeared smiling. "Okay"? the mama-san asked. I nodded vigorously. She took my money and escorted me to a nice room. I disrobed and waited about five minutes. Then my masseuse arrived. She began by sitting on my back giving a very skilled massage. She worked her way from my back to my buttocks, my legs, and then my feet and toes. Then she stopped. I could hear her fiddling with something. Suddenly, I heard her drop her dress and I felt her breasts on my back. Boy that felt good. She rubbed them up and down my back and buttocks, the whole time licking me as well. Then she poked her hands under my buttocks grabbing my hard cock. I had to lift myself a bit. She then licked my buttocks moving her tongue toward my asshole. Then she had her tongue fully in my asshole. An amazing sensation! And keep in mind that no discussion of a tip had yet taken place. Then, while licking my asshole, she pulled my cock closer to her, occasionally moving her tongue away from my ass and licking the shaft of my cock. By now I couldn't stand it anymore and I came. She expertly cleaned me with a wet towel. Then, she leaned into me and whispered "would you like to do it again"? I nodded yes. So she got back on my back and started massaging and licking. I started to rise pretty quickly. She asked me to turn over and then, using oil, gave a terrific hand job that made me explode more than I would normally for a blow job. In the end, she asked for just $60. I'd go back.
Subject: (ASP) Los Angeles info Date: Thursday, 01 May, 1997 0:11 AM I have been reading the posts for a while and have never posted but now is the time to do it. I have had extensive experience in the LA area and some in the NY area. I will start posting regularly now. I have visited an incall service advertised in the LA Express. Which incidentally is having legal problems. The local vice guys are trying to shut that paper down. They can no longer show any flesh in the pictures. Incall and outcall designations cannot be used anymore either. This makes it a pain for the customers trying to find the service that they require. The strategy that the cops are using is to accuse the paper of being "harmful material" which can easily be obtained by minors. There is talk of taking out all of the news boxes that the Express is sold through and making it available only at newstands and adult book stores. I believe that this will hurt the large contingent of workers here in LA. The LA incall/outcall scene has been booming the last 2 years and I would hate to see it suffer a decline because of not easily accessible advertisements. The average discreet business user would probably be embarrassed to ask for the publication at a newstand or go to an adult bookstore. But enough of my grandstanding. I will now get off of my soapbox. Well this lady goes by the name of Jennifer West. She is an ex-porn star from the early 80s. She is 5'7" and about 135 lbs. Her waist is not as small as it used to be. She is nice and personable. About a 36C 28 36 or so. She charges 150 - 200 and is usually an incall person. She also has other girls available. One of them is Angel. I have never seen her. She is pretty and has a great personality but is not too enthusiastic in bed. Gave medium head and all the usual. She also does not rush you through the session. If anyone is interested drop me an email and I will give you her number, or you can just look in the express. I also saw Dallas. Another incall person. She was in Playboy in 93? But was not the centerfold. She is 5'3" and about 105-110 lbs. Amazing body. 36DD, tiny waist. She is blonde and Texan. Her rate is 225 for full service and goes up from there. Non-negotiable rates. But well worth it. I have seen her three times and every time is a pleasure. Great personality and smile, amazing and willing body, and great head skills. She is enthusiastic and never rushes you. Definitely a gem. I give the experience a consistent 9. She is a little pricier than most but you get what you pay for. I have many other encounters and will post in the future. For those of you out there who are reading and not contributing, I suggest you take the time to do it and enrich everybody's knowledge.
Subject: [ASP] : LA report Date: 11 Jun 1997 23:30:38 GMT I just got back from a quick trip to LA. I didn't have any of my accumulated leads with me so I had to rely on info from WSG. I talked to a couple of the girls posted at and almost paid a visit to Creole, she quoted $120 for a 45 min session. My feeling was it was strictly massage and hand release but it was a better price than most (150-200) and she looks great in the picture. It didnt work out (mostly logistics) but I think i'll keep it in mind for next trip. I stopped by massage parlor at 9th and A street in oxnard reviewed in WSG. When I rang the buzzer no one appeared for a good 5 minutes. It gave me a chance to look around. Business license was brand new and pictures were sitting on floor waiting to be hung. The girl who came after I buzzed second time was very plain 4-5 and not real friendly. She told be it would be about fifteen minutes. When I asked if there were any other girls working she didn't answer and repeated her request I come back in fifteen minutes. I decided to take it on down the road. My feeling is they got busted after there troubles in March and reopened under "new management". Based on what I saw I wouldnt go out of my way to try it out. I headed back to LA and stopped in at Massage parlor located next to Pico's on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica. I was greeted at the back door by Mama-san who collected the entry fee of $50 ( about $10 higher than the norm in LA) and led me to a small room with very good massage table. Looked like they have 10-12 rooms and i'd say about half were in use (door shut and light on). I got undressed and waited for a couple of minutes and a korean girl named "Pepsi" appeared. She's probably 5' 5" and 120 lbs with very nice full tit's, I'd guess she's 30 or so and told be she'd been in US for 6 yrs. Overall I'd give her a 7 for looks. She actually gave a very good massage once I got her to tone it down a little. After 10 min or so she turned me over and got down to business. We agreed on $50 for a BJ and she headed of to get the necessary protection. She did a good job kissing and licking her way down and threw in a little russian prelude berfore getting down to the main act. Once i got her to back off the human hoover act she gave a very acceptable blow jop with very nice hand action. All in all it was well worth the $100 and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the massage parlor scene. Next time I'm going to see if I can get a lineup from Mama-san. Spent some time in a club called Bare Elegance in Inglewood. Typical LA ripoff but girls are very pretty. Talked at length with a couple who made it clear that "private dances" were not out of the question once they knew you.
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 23:21:36 -0700 Subject: L.A. Massage Review Hi, I'm writing from the Los Angeles area, and I wanted to add a review to the boards. I recently visited a place that other posters here have called Tokyo Acupressure. Hard for me to tell if it's the same place, but it's east of the airport on Manchester. Anyway, I went there on recommendation of some of the other messages on this board, and I was very happy I did. Since I was new, I was asked by the mama san if I had been there before, and I said that no I hadn't. She looked at me funny and said she was sure she had personally given me a massage before, but I said this was my first time there, but that I had been to other places before (I hadn't) So, she took me up to a room, they are very clean and well laid out. She asked if I wanted a half hour or hour, I paid for an hour. She asked me if I wanted to take a shower, so I did, alone of course. Then, I lay down on the massage table and waited a few minutes. Then, a light knock on the door, and a very beautiful asian woman, wearing a skin tight dress, obviously without underwear, came in to the room. She had me turn over on my stomach, and covered my mid section with a towel. She started to work, and gave me a really fantastic massage, working my muscles just right. At that point, I relaxed, because I realized that even if there was no sex involved, this was going to be very enjoyable. She also asked me if I had been there before, and I said no. She asked if I was recommended by someone she would know, and I lied and told her, yes, that a friend of mine named "Dave" told me about it. We talked a little about nothing important, but it was pleasant enough. Then, I asked her what kind of tip would be acceptable, just leaving it at that. At first, she said that wasn't allowed, it was against the rules, and the law. So, I said, "That's ok." and didn't give her any problem about it. Besides she was really doing a great job, and I was happy anyway. About half way through, she excused herself, said she needed a drink of water, and left for a couple of minutes. I figured, probably correctly, that she was going to the mama san to ask her advice on what to do with me because I was new. She came back, and said again, "You're sure you haven't been here before?" And, I said no. Then, she asked me if I would like it if she walked on my back, and I said yes. She couldn't been all of 100 pounds, so I knew it would be good, and it was spectacular. But, then after that, and some more chit chat, we were getting close to the end of the hour. I complimented her on doing a wonderful job, and said that I would definitely be back. At that point, she walked over to the lamp and dimmed it about halfway. She came back to me, and told me to turn over. She started by lightly caressing my chest and legs and massaging my arms, hands and feet. Of course, my cock was quite hard by now, and she removed the towel from my waist. Then, she reached up and pulled her dress off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. She was absolutely gorgeous. I have a real thing for asian women, and she was perfect, as far as I'm concerned. Perfect, smooth skin, great little breasts with nice pointy erect nipples. As she leaned over me and started giving me light kisses all over my legs, chest, nipples, and balls, I caressed her body all over and told her how beautiful she was. She really did a great job of building anticipation in me, lightly touching my cock, or licking my balls. Then, she lowered her head over my cock and slowly, delicately, started giving me head. It was great, because she went slow, and light. Almost all of the american girlfriends I've had have always given head like they were pumping for oil, so this was a wonderful change. It took about five minutes for me to come, and it was funny because it happened just before the buzzer sounded in the room letting us know the hour was up. We both laughed a little at this, because she still had my cock in her mouth. So, needless to say, after this was over, I tipped her very well, about $80, and told her I would be back. I'm probably going to make this a bi-weekly appointment, because I left that place feeling more relaxed and stress free than I've felt in a long time. So, for those who have posted here saying that this place sucks, I guess you just haven't met the right masseuse yet. Definitely the best incall massage experience I've had yet.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Los Angeles/Orange Co. Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 08:56:27 -0700 > > I was in LA last month and had a great time at a massage parlor in Santa > > Monica on whilshire. It's on left side of street as you head west and is > > next to a well known restaraunt (Pico's seafood ??). has enterance in > > front an d back. Would guess its at about 19th st & wilshire. > There are 2 Pico Seafood restaurants in that general area. However, both > are on Pico Blvd. One is near San Vicente, the other one is closer to > Western across from the "Catch One" niteclub. Where exactly is it? Is it > an Asian massage parlor? That general area borders the Koreatown area of > LA. Koreatown is several miles to the west of Santa Monica. On Wilshire, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, and the "Mid Wilshire" district intervene. The parlor in question is on the south side of the 2500 block of Wilshire (between 25th & 26th Streets. I recommend it highly and have never had less than a fully satisfying experience there. All masseuses are Asian. I have had several of the girls there, all beautiful, but Monica is my personal favorite. She is tall, well proportioned (even by Western standards), and anatomically facile. Monica works most weekdays. You can park on the street and enter at the front. There is also a small parking lot off of the alley at the rear with a discreet rear entrance. The cost is $50-$60 for a half-hour (I forget). I normally tip $40, $60, or $100 for the three standard levels of service. My only negative is that once when the parlor was *very* busy, the massage was a bit rushed. I have gotten a lot of massages on the Westside over the last 15 years. This parlor is among the three that I prefer.
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 08:47:23 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Experiences and advice on massage parlors in Los Angeles area The following is a long account of my experiences and advice to customers that I think is sorely needed. Feel free to use any/all parts as you see fit! I've lived in Los Angeles for many years now and I've been to virtually all of the massage parlors at least twice. Some even dozens of times. In fact I had two long-lasting relationships with masseuses that I'd met for the first time as a customer. For the total neophyte, let me tell you this is no small accomplishment. They usually refuse to date customers no matter what. Both told me that they had turned down as much as $1000 from guys that wanted to take them home for an evening. No, I'm not Korean, and I don't look like Tom Cruise, and I'm not a millionaire. The only thing which may help me is that I was married to a stripper for 15 years, which is not totally unrelated. I heard her dressing-room conversations repeated nightly about what the girls liked and hated in customers. In reading some of the reviews here about the asian L.A. masseuses, I find it funny when I see someone say what an awful time he had at a place I know well to be wonderful. In fact, I've never had a terrible time at ANY massage parlor anywhere! It doesn't make sense - they would go broke in a week if they ripped off customers with the kind of no-talent ugly mean bitches that some have described running into. But many of these places have been here for decades! Mimiko in Santa Monica is over thirty years old. Ginza Spa in Hollywood is well over twenty years old. What are you doing wrong, guys? I think that most men believe that if they're paying anything for it they can be rude unwashed cheapskates and still expect a great time. You'll usually get SOME kind of service (money is money, after all), but don't complain if they send the old lady in to deal with you. Depending on what you do, she may not be too anxious to service you, either. Los Angeles has enough high paying customers that the girls can afford to burn off a customer here and there. Especially stingy tourists that are sweaty from driving around in the hot L.A. sun all day in a sub-compact rental with no air-conditioning. Next time do yourself a favor and try this. Dress up, shave, and generally act like you're on a date with a girl that you actually like. Don't start things off by haggling with her about the price. If it's out of your budget, leave. Excessive haggling is NOT the way to endear yourself. These girls are primarily there to make money. Once that goal is accomplished they will do what they can to make sure you want to come back and visit them often. Now here's the problem with this advice: there are a lot of guys that go to massage parlors because they don't have any experience with women. Telling them to act like they are on a date is not going to help because they're last date was in grade school when they helped the teacher clean her blackboard after school. If you are in this category, consider the experience as training wheels for a real date. Do the best you can. When you start getting good service, you'll know you're on the right track. If you get rotten service, 99+% of the time it was because you did something to deserve it. Personally I know the ropes. I'd love to show some of these complainers what the same girl they bitched about is like for the right customer! Here's a typical experience in each of my two favorite places right now (I go about once a month): 1. A polite older woman welcomes me cheerfully. I offer to sign the book, but she waves her hand over it giggling to let me know I don't have to deal with this. I pass her a hundred dollar bill and do not wait for my $60 change. A second after stepping behind the inner door a gorgeous asian girl in her 20's who's started just a couple of years ago runs out and throws her arms around me like I was her father home from work! She pulls me into one of the cubicles and closes the door. As we take each other's clothes off she laughs and plays like she was a close girlfriend. I don't mention money, but I come prepared and purposely leave a few more $20's bills on the table as I undress. She knows that this will be hers if she wants the money (yes, you heard me, if she WANTS the money - not only is it possible that she won't, but it's the attitude that will succeed. Don't make her beg - it's enough that she's being your sex toy.) In the years before AIDS, I would proceed to do whatever I wanted for an hour or so. I don't know how receptive she would be to full service because I wouldn't trust it (rubber or not). Instead she puts oil on her chest and tit fucks me for about ten minutes before using her mouth. I'm never sure of when she puts the rubber on - she conceals it in her mouth and works it on with her tongue in such a way that you honestly have no idea that you are wearing one. She sits on top of my chest, reaching behind herself to jack me off while she bends forward so I can suck her nipples. After a few minutes of this she asks if I want to come yet. I tell her that first I want to massage her. She hugs me and we trade places. I massage her neck and arms while she grinds her soft ass up against my cock. A few more minutes and her grinding is really starting to get to me. She senses that and tells me to go ahead and fuck her ass, but I decline for the same reasons already mentioned. She understands and tells me, "don't worry I'll make it good for you" as she ushers me back onto the table, laying on my back. She proceeds to suck and slurp on my pole with such enthusiasm and power that (again) the rubber seems to have disappeared. 2. This place is busier. When I enter there are many girls, but I specify one by name. She's with another customer, so I say I'll wait. I'm led into one of the rooms by another girl. After stripping and waiting about one minute the girl that had led me in comes in to tell me that the girl I'm waiting for knows I'm here and she'll be here in a few minutes - she's taking a shower and getting ready. I don't know if she does this between every customer, but she always seems to be doing that when I get there. Once I asked if she was really in the shower to the old lady there. A couple of minutes later the old lady came back and started dragging me out of the room by the wrist - basically naked with other customers in the lobby waiting. I knew she wasn't throwing me out because she was laughing but she didn't speak enough english for me to have a clue otherwise. I was more concerned about having left money in the room behind me and the attention I was drawing from the room of dressed clients and giggling girls. I made the best of it and concentrated on trying to figure out what she was doing. She pointed me to go around the corner in front of me. When I peeked around, it was the girl I'd been waiting on standing naked in an open-stall shower. Again the atmosphere was a peculiar kind of intimacy. She joked that I didn't think she was clean, or something and flicked water at me as if I was her boyfriend. In fact I hadn't seen her in a couple of months. She dries off quickly and puts on a shocking pink mini skirt that really makes her cute ass stand out. Then a black shirt. Realizing that we still have to make our way back to the room in front of the other customers, and that I'm still naked, she stands between me and them and pulls me behind her by my dick. As we enter the room she tells me that she's really horny and that she hopes I can do it at least twice. I was naturally surprised, which I think she took for fear about the price because she told me not to worry - just give me $80. To further distance herself from the role of hooker, she added that she needed the $80 for a dress she saw the day before. She told me how I'll like it and began pointing to her body to show what it was shaped like. Her other hand is jacking me off. She is incredibly sexy. Not just because her body is really curvaceous for an asian, but because her attitude and manner is a perfect illusion. The illusion that she's a close girlfriend that wanted sex as much (no, more!) than I did. She screamed out in no less than four orgasms between begging me to fuck her really really hard. Sex with her is like being the star in a porno movie. Now I wasn't born yesterday and I couldn't help feeling a little sad later to realize that she probably gave the exact same routine to every halfway decent guy that's got $80 to burn. Then I started thinking about a few things. Something didn't seem right. She was just too friendly to be faking it. She'd asked me to come back the next day to see this dress, so I decided to call her bluff and show up. As I enter the door the old lady scampers from the front door before I can say a word. I stand there a couple of moments along with two other customers waiting on her. The old woman returns to say in broken english that she has asked if I can return around 9:30 that night. It was weird, but intriguing. I was half pissed about being turned away, and half aroused at the prospect that something special might be in store for me. I returned at exactly 9:30 to the minute. Now a younger girl that I'd seen there called to the back to let her know that I had returned. This was really strange! Then she came out wearing the dress that she had described. She looked very cute in it. Then the old woman walked passed us toward the front door. She introduced the old lady as her aunt. Now I was starting to feel like this was the twilight zone. I'd been in a thousand massage parlors in a dozen cities and no girl acted like this. The place was about to close and her aunt was leaving. Then the other girl. Now it was just her and I in the place and she put the "Closed" sign up. This is NOT fiction, so help me! She told me that she had wanted me to come back late so that we wouldn't be rushed, and that I could even spend the night there! But the thought of trying to sleep on one of those little massage tables had me declining. The only rational explanations I could fathom was that either this girl had fallen for me in a big way (although I couldn't imagine why since I barely knew her), or this was just part of an elaborate scam of some kind. I was kind of luke warm now because I didn't want to encourage her either way. To make a long story short, her aunt convinced me that she had never dated a customer when she screamed a blue streak at her in Korean for 15 minutes a few days later when I showed up for our date. She was living with her aunt and she was in such trouble for having gone out with me that she ended up spending the night with me rather than go home and face the wrath of her aunt. Between fucking her half a dozen times that night, we talked and I persued the obvious question of "why me???" I'm not rich, handsome, or famous. Nor do I have a dick the size of King Kong. She slowly convinced me that the thing that had set me apart was my attitude and respect. That turned into a relationship that lasted over a year (no payment!) If you take this advice seriously, you will find places where you will be rewarded with young beautiful girls that will treat you like a chosen lover instead of the next John.
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 15:39:54 +0100 Subject: This report has to be filed in the US - Los Angeles site. I would like to report about an experience, which I made in fall 1996. I was looking for sexual encounters in the Los Angeles X-press. This newspaper can be obtained at most newspapers teller in Santa Monika. This time I was attracted by the ad of a very famous porn star. She has the greatest tits I ever saw - in the real "HHH" format. Now you guys, who aren't interested in tits, can swich off now. Together with the ad was a telefone number, which I dialed, being answered by an answering machine. It turned out, that about 10 minutes later, she called me in my hotel. 220 bucks, full service 20 Minutes. I agreed and she told me, where we could meet. After about 1 hour driving, I found the appartment complex, which was about 50 miles out of LA. She opened the door - and one of my most fascinating sexual experiences was about to begin. She was very nice, very passionate, I could lick her giant mammaries, she gave me a bj, it was fantas -tit!! I succeded in cuming twice. So, this is my first report abo! u t a big tit experience. What I would like to suggest is, to open a big tit counter in to enable other lovers of megatits to share their experiences and to enable others, to find this unfortunately rare type of female.
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 08:02:39 EST Subject: LA EXPERIENCES I've been in LA for two years now. Before moving here I had never thought of keeping company with prostitutes. But after a while, my curiosity got the best of me. So I dropped by Mimiko massage in Santa Monica, not knowing what to expect. First, I've never had a "knockout" in any of these places. I walked in and this ancient old lady asked me for $45 and escorted me to a room. Keep in mind, I had never done this before, and in the back of my mind, I was praying it would not be her taking care of me. I waited in the room for a few minutes and a girl named "K" came in, K had a nice body but had a hard face, not ugly, but hard. She gave me a massage for a minute or so and asked me a few questions. She asked me to role over, and I was rock hard. After the are you a cop routine she asked me what I wanted. I told her everything (I was'nt familiar with "full service". She told me it would be 100, I said fine. She put a condom on me with her mouth, leaned over the table and manually inserted my penis in her. To this point, I had never been with an asian before, so I was pretty excited, and she had a great ass. I began slowly and gradually sped up until I was just railing on her (as my girlfriend won't tolerate this). I came quickly and she asked me if I'd like to go again. Having the first time jitters, mixed with guilt, I declined. But the experience was as good as a first time could be. I highly recommend it. I've been to a couple of places since and I would recomend April at Townhouse, [censored] at Happy Spa, all I got was a blowjob and It was great. [censored] at Happy Spa gives a horrible blow job but she let me finish with her tits. The best experiences I've had have been with outcall though. Many of these girls are struggling actresses and models and are really attractive and work out to stay in shape. Stacey in the New Recorder is absolutely great. I went to her apt., where she actually lives, and for 200 flat I screwed the hardest bodied babe in my life, she gave me her direct # and told me to call again. Definitely a must do. Another experience is with a girl named Samantha out of the LA Xpress. A red haired blue eyed 20 year old with a tight firm body. For 250 she gave me head for a few minutes and let me nail her for 30 minutes, I wanted the experience to last. She actually stayed for over the hour mark and talked to me about her job. Imagine, this is information you can't get anywhere, (tips, what to do, not to say when calling a girl over. I love a woman who loves her work. Yet another was an asian service, I used this service twice, the first time I got this really cute petite girl that I forgot the name of, and the second time I got Miko, a semi attractive thai/japanese, or so she said with a big ass, I have mixed results with this service but I'll pass along the number 310-777-0065. I would definitely recomend outcall, it's a little more money, but you get alot more. Maybe someone can answer a question for me. How do you look for anal sex in an ad, or tell if it's available with agency, or how to ask?
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 03:56:18 EST Subject: {ASP} Los Angeles Massage Update Just a couple of notes on the LA Massage scene: Super Spa - Sepulveda Blvd., north of LAX - Most of the girls here that I've met here have been Korean. I've visited this place several times over the years because of their good quality massage, and fair table shower. (I've always made it a point to arrive at any spa freshly-showered and respectably dressed, to always act polite and friendly, never taking advantage of the girls with my hands or theirs, and to tip respectably, depending on the level of service I receive.) I have never been offered anything more than a great massage at Super Spa (maybe my manners make them afraid that I'm a cop, even though I've told them what my profession is). (Saw an earlier post which suggested that Korean girls in these places are only out to rip off the clients - ??) I can honestly say that Super Spa has always given me a great massage, although it varies a bit, depending on the girl. For some reason, on my last couple of visits, they made me wear loosely-fitting shorts during the massage, which they never used to. Recommended if you want a great massage without any special services. But it's so good, you probably won't miss what you aren't getting. For whatever it's worth, I would love to find a place where I can receive a bath - not a table shower - before or after the massage, but haven't found such a luxury in LA yet. Tokyo Acupressure, Inglewood - a rush job the one time I broke down and tried it. Based on my less-than-satisfying experience, I can't recommend it for the money spent, in good conscience.
Subject: ASP -- Report on Massage Experience Date: 1997/12/30 This is my first post to ASP.., so please bear with me if this posting is not as vividly depictive as the others. After reading about the massage palor scene in Los Angeles, I wanted to investigate for myself. I went to a palor in South Gate on Garfield Ave. I met with Jade, a busty Korean woman. When she first walked in, I noticed her lingerie. She was also wearing a G-String. Damn, I knew she had nothing to hide. She was friendly, asking me questions. To get to the point, during the massage I turned over and as I did the towel came off. Apparently, she did not care to put it back on and neither did I. Well, as the massage kept going...., she kept asking me.., "What do you want?" Dumb me.., I did not realize why she was asking until after the 3rd time. I finally said.., a blow job.., then she points to her mouth.., and says.., "with this?" I was like., "yup". She tells me to close my eyes.., and quickly slips a condom on me and starts sucking. She put the condom on soo inconspiciously that I did not even notice until she started the sucking..., a true professional. It took some time.., and I was done with.., For some reason I did not want to get full service but she kept insisting "next time.., next time.., we'll make love." Well, I do reccomend her...., and thanks for reading this far. Good luck to everyone on their adventures.
Subject: [ASP] Rip off in Hollywood Date: 1998/02/04 Just wanted everyone to know that there is a massage parlor on Hollywood Blvd. that likes to rip their customers off. They have a half page ad in L.A. Xpress so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who these crooks are. They charge $60 for a half hour massage, the girls are sexy but absolutely refuse even to give a hand job. I left fuming and without a tip....jerks.
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 00:04:57 -0800 (PST) Subject: massage parlors in L.A. I have been to two Asian massage parlors in Bell Gardens just off the Long Beach Freeway. One is called "Oriental Massage" on Eastern Avenue and the other is "Florence Massage" on Florence Ave. They are both listed in the yellow pages. Both are very clean although somewhat barebones decorated. Certainly nothing fancy. All of the girls I have been with have been quite attractive with nice bodies and surprisingly nice tits. I believe they were all Korean. I have seen some of the other women in these places who were also attractive but a little hard looking. I never got any of those. I always ask for the youngest ones they have who are usually 22 or 23. Like most of these places it is $40 for a half hour. They put you in the room and every time I have been to either of these places the girl doesn't show up for a few minutes. So I always completely undress and am usually sitting there with an erection when they come in so there is no doubt about what I am there for. I have never had one ask me for any money ahead of time and every one except one was happy with the tip I gave which runs anywhere from $20 for a handjob to $60 for the complete rundown...start off with a handjob, progress to a blowjob and finish up with vaginal sex. I have been with about six or seven different girls in the two places. One of them became a regular with me and she would blow me without a condom. We would get in the 69 position and she would let me finger her pussy while she blew me. I was really tempted to suck her pussy but was afraid to although all of these girls seemed to be extremely clean. Most of the hand jobs or blow jobs I got were above average. My only complaint was when I go for a hand job I would like to have her make it last for the whole 30 minutes but they always try to bring you off fairly quickly. The one that I saw on a fairly regular basis used to bring me off twice if I was up for it. Sometimes I would fuck her to orgasm (with a condom) and then she would either blow me or jerk me off to a second orgasm. I would tip her $60 for this and she seemed happy. One time I went for the 45 minute deal which I think was $60 and I got a really pretty girl who was very, very good and gave me an exquisite blowjob after stroking my cock for quite some time. I tried to tip her $40, which is what I usually give for that treatment, and she said it wasn't enough so I gave her another $20. That is the only time anyone made me cough up extra bucks but it was actually worth it. One of the most interesting experiences was one time after I came and still had ten minutes or so left, I told the girl that my back really hurt and could she give me a really serious massage. She climbed up and actually stood on my back with her bare feet and gave me a serious workout by walking on my back. It felt really, really great. All of these girls will immediately take all their clothes off the minute that I ask them to strip. I always tell them how pretty they are and what great bodies they have and how good they make my cock feel. It seems to help although all the women I have been with have been super friendly and very, very compliant.
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 22:39:48 -0800 Subject: Update to Sex Guide "New Image" on Sherman Way in Canoga Park was reported this week (3/98) to have been shut down by the police.
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 15:30:53 -0800 Subject: Los Angeles Area Posting On Manchester Blvd near LAX is a nice place called Tokyo Acupressure that provides full service for repeat customers. Standard LA prices apply here ($40, $60 $100 for Hand, Oral, Full Service). I have read various entries about this place and can only say that those who do not get the expected service must act like jerks - these ladies are nice, and they are careful, so I doubt that every dumbass who walks in gets top notch service. Another excellent place is Sue's Oriental Massage on La Brea one block south of Manchester. Same prices as above. Remember - you have to ask them - there will come a time in the massage when they ask "Anything else?" That's your cue hero. Blow it then and they'll know you are a rookie and you're likely going home crying... All women in both places have been between 5-10 in looks with the typical result - the 10 was the worst experience while some of the 8's have been great!
Subject: [ASP] LA massage parlor review Date: 1998/03/20 Went to Sue's Accupressure (1 block south of Manchester on La Brea in the city of Inglewood) last night and had a great time with a Latina named Samantha. She was very enthusiastic and let me "Arrive" twice in the 1 hour I stayed. I strongly recommend the hour over the 1/2 and a $100 tip on the table before she enters the room. I have received a 2 orgasm visit with Samantha, Coco, and Nancy with this method, and I have only been with each once. Last night the Mamason wanted me to be with 2 girls at the same time. Has anybody tried this at a LA massage parlor?
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 06:14:07 EST Subject: Shanghai Accupressure Shanghai accupressure is a nice and clean place with hot shower. Located in the city of industry, on Valley Bl. west of Hacienda Bl. All the girls are young, pretty, and actually give really good massage. The rate is $50 for half hour. The girls do accept tip; for an additional $100 you would be fully satisfied. Avoid Rose as she is only into money. She lives up to her ends but her attitude leaves me cold. Look for Sophie, she will treat you right if you treat her right. Be a gentlemen, complimentary, and clean. She is pretty, toned, tight, shapely, excellent attitude, personal, and talented. She is a 10 in my book. Please treat her right if you look for her.
Subject: [ASP] Rip off Hollywood Massage Date: 1998/04/02 Just a note to remind everyone not to go to Hollywood Massage on Hollywood Blvd. They WILL RIP YOU OFF. They charge outrageous prices for a "straight" massage only- no nudity, no hand job, no blow job, no full service, ....nothing but a massage...and a lousy one at that. These mother fuckers even have the gall to advertise in L.A Xpress with scantily clad women....implying you might get something more. Help me put these crooks out of business! Spread the word
Subject: {ASP}LA Massage VN Date: 1998/04/09 Bone head posted a messge relayed from a friend of his regarding two places in the San Fernando Valley. The first is a place on Sherman Way between Canoga and De Soto. This place has a small neon sign in front and the entrance is in the rear. This place has run hot and cold for me. First time was good and second time she wouldn't even look at mr. Willy. The guy next door told me they were busted a week before. The second place that opened in Van Nuys in January, is On Van Nuys Blvd at 8741. You have to look close or you mis it. There is a parking lot in the rear. I just went yesterday to check it out and It was as described. Decent massage and extras available. I had the most unusual experiance here ever. The girl was kind of cute so I was getting into it and she was getting wild. I know what your thinking...she's just doing her job. Well when we were done she wants to do it again. O.K. I'm good to go, so we knock it out again. Then She cleans me up real slow kind of cuddeling me at the same time. THEN SHE DOESN"T WANT THE MONEY!!! I felt guilty and insisted that she take at least $50.00. She tells me to come back real soon. Now I'm not Tom Cruise, but I'm decent looking, 30 and in great shape. I am ALWAYS told I am very big. I think the main thing is that I'm always very nice and polite to these ladys and I don't push for anything. I laugh and joke with them and I treat them like my highschool sweetheart. I get big discounts at most of the places I visit. It boils down to do unto others.... Know what I mean? Good luck and happy hunting.
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 13:03:01 +0100 Los Angeles, CA Actually a few reports from here. One is from the Orange County area where I called a number from the local LA Reader and got a girl named Rachael. She sounded sweet on the phone and when she came over, ended up she was a really nice blond girl. The ad said she was 21 but she was more like 29. This was strictly for an erotic massage, which means that she rubs you and gives you a hand job. Cost? $150. She undresses to a g-string (no bra) and proceeds to give me a really nice massage. When she turned me around to do the front, she allowed me to fondle her tits and her ass. She then rubbed my cock and even gave me a blowjob (w/o condom). Really good head too. I almost came in her mouth. I asked her if I could come on her tits and she said yes. We chatted afterwards for a while. She does not want to do anything more than a massage, BJ and that was fine with me. She gave me a hug when she left. I can't wait to see her again=E0 Another time I was staying close to the airport. There is a web-site that advertises for massage and escorts in LA so I had a few numbers available. The one I ended up with was for an erotic massage only. She turned out to be a 34 year old aspiring actress, decent body, let me fondle her and she did the rub and jerk routine. Pretty good for about $150 (which seems to the standard price). There were a few more girls on the web page. One is called Marigold and we almost hooked up. She sounded really nice on the phone. Maybe next time.
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 13:30:17 EDT Subject: Cabo San Lucas - Mexico Cabo is not the party town it once used to be. The prices have sky rocketed, the retirees are snapping up the condos and time share units, and everything now shuts down at 3:00 a.m., a little different than the party place I was used to. Women from the states and Canada used to go down there just to get fucked. If you're not picky though, you can still manage to get into some trouble. I recommend staying at the Fiesta Marina, it's less than a 5 minute walk to both downtown and the Office (a bar on the beach near the Melia Hotel). SQUID ROW This is not a brothel, but you can still manage to drag something out of there if you are not too picky (occasionally you will find something decent). I recommend getting there early, about 9:30 p.m. even though it's a late night place. Drunk women stumble in on their way back from the Office and from the booze cruise. Locals will hit on these women, but they generally prefer Gringos. MERMAIDS Locals on the street will hand you coupons for a number of different "lady's bars." I heard that Twenties is the best, but it is about 8 blocks north of the downtown area. One night, after striking out on this trashy blond at Squid Row, I decided to check out a place called Mermaids (it's across the street from the back entrance of Cabo Wabo). I entered the place about 2:00 a.m. and paid a $4.00 cover. There were about 10 women in there ranging in age from about 18 to 30, mostly 3's and 4's, a few 5's, and one 8. The 8 immediately came over to me. I sat down on a sofa type of chair, she sat in my lap, and began reaching her hand down my pants. Needless to say, it didn't take long to get a woody. After about 5 minutes of sitting in the chair, she suggested a lap dance. The lap dances are held in private booths behind curtains which have the word M E R M A I D S on them. The lap dance was $20 and it only lasted for one song, way too short for the money in my opinion. I went into the booth and got to sample some of her stuff. The Mexican lady was 20 years in age, about 5 feet tall, had A cup tits, a very tight body, and a cute face. She immediately took it all off and let me play with her tits and pussy (it was wet). After the lap dance was over I bought her a drink. She said that she would meet me over at Squid Row so that we can party later on. As I left Mermaids, a 3 with lots of tattoos asked me if I wanted to spend the night with her. I politely declined and headed back to Squid Row. Needless to say, the 8 that I got the lap dance from never showed up. STREET HOOKERS One night, after consuming mass quantities of Three Generations Tequila, cervesas, and jello shots at Squid Row, I decided to head back to my room at about 2:45 a.m. Across the street from the Hard Rock were 4 hookers. One of them, about a 5, said $50 to go back to the room as I was walking by, and I immediately accepted. We walked to a sleazy motel about 5 blocks behind Squid Row, (it was an additional $10 for the room). She was 25 years old, had A sized tits (they were already slightly sagging), an ok face, and nice legs. It was wild sex, she basically did everything! I did her in a few different positions before shooting my load. My only complaint was that she smoked. After I returned to my hotel room I gargled with Listerene, but I still had that cigarette taste in my mouth when I woke up the next day. TORO BRAVO This place is a complete dive, located one block up the street from the Plant Hollywood. I decided to check it out one night at about 1:30 a.m. I was the only Gringo in the place, the rest were locals and about 15 Mexican women. Most of the women were 3's and 4's, a few were 5's, and one was a 6. I went up to the 6 and asked her how much. She said $100. I declined because she had a bad attitude. One of the locals kept bugging me to buy him a drink while I was talking to her so I got out of there. In the states I would have cold cocked this guy, but I didn't want to pay $500 which is what it costs a Gringo to get out of jail for fighting in Cabo.
Subject: [ASP] info on San Fernando Valley Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 10:02:35 -0700 Some recent notes on the Massage scene in San Fernando Valley. I had recently found a great place called Valley Therapy in Woodland Hills. The girls were attractive, friendly and eager to please! When I returned the following week, it had turned into a legit massage service. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Also, Q Massage on Ventura Blvd in Reseda is a legit service. No fun there. The only remaining massage service in the San Fernando Valley I am aware of is Chanel Spa on Van Nuys Blvd. If anyone is aware of any others, please post them.

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