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I've visited a porn star named 'Dallas Demore'.. the last name might
be spelled wrong... anyways, she's been in a couple of movies, one
was showing on Spice this past week called 'Hollywood Hijinx', I
think that's what it was... she has a pretty face and a voluptuous
body... nice tits and is a damn good fuck... gives head without a
condom, but always uses one for intercourse... she charges $200 and
only works the weekend... there are two-three other girls that work
there, but I've only seen Dallas.. if you'd like to see her, look
for ads in the LA XPress, they're all white text against a black
background and say something to the effect of 'Porn Star',
'Centerfold Model', etc... with unusually large breast
measurements... like EEE or DD, etc... if you have a chance, she's
worth it... let me know if you see any of the other girls, there's
also Pamela and Naomi, but they only work weekdays...

Subject: Re: LA Xpress Date: 13 Mar 1996 19:13:33 -0500 > Anyone have any experience with the services advertised in LA Xpress? Except for the 900 numbers, many (Most ?) were ripoffs. You would be MUCH better off looking at the massage listing is the LA Weekly (a free weekly throwaway paper) classified section.
Subject: Sex with strippers Date: Sat, 1 Jun 1996 21:25:29 UTC I don't know if this is a "HOT TIP" or not. Maybe I'm the last moron in L.A. to figure this out, but I've have had lots of sucessful encounters with some incredible strippers in some of the L.A. area strip clubs. The key words: "Private dances". It started on night at Frit's-Thats It in Bellflower, which is, in my opinion and many others, the best strip club in L.A. This gorgous woman name Evon came over and asked if I wanted a table dance. She was not very tall, very slim, beautiful smile and sexy eyes that said "Fuck me". She had B cup, firm breasts and was from Iran- a very exotic look. The club rules dictate no contact, but these rules are often ignored here. Evon was definitely ignoring them, pressing her breasts in my face ( I got my toungue on her nipples several times) and rubbing my dick. Then she gives me her phone number and tells me to call her if I ever want a private dance. The next day I couldn't stop thinking about her, so I called the number, which turned out to be a pager/answering machine. I left a message and she called back right away. She told me the private dance was $250 and no sex. I actually would have been happy with that arrangement- she was worth it, but was pleasantly surprised later. I got to her apartment and after she gave be a beer, put on some music and began dancing very sexily. After she took off everything, she stood right in front of me and grabbed me head and pulled by face into her bush. I began lapping at her clit and she started moaning (acting I'm sure- but pretty convincing) which is getting me rock hard. Next, she takes off my clothes and slips a condom on me and sucks me for about 10 minutes (That never gets me very far with a condom on) then changes to a sixty-nine position for about 10 more minutes. Then we fucked in various positions for about a half-hour. This was a hundred times better than the sex I've received from un-concealed prostitutes!! No hurry, good foreplay, great sex. I was with her for almost 3 hours in the end. It felt like I was twenty-five again and just got lucky!!! Was it worth $250? You better fucking believe it!! Well, unfortunatly, Evon moved to Las Vegas to make more money stripping, so I began searching for a replacement. Back to the strip clubs. I walk in and sit down. I evaluate which of the women are "Fuckable" before I start drinking!!! I get some table dances, see which of the dancers are bending the rules the most and eventually ask if they do private dances. Some say no, but the ones that say yes..... I usually end up fucking them for 150 to 250 dollars. Not one bad experience yet. BTW, I hear that Evon is in Vegas working at Olympic Garden.
Subject: LA Massage Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 03:41:03 UTC A lot of your readers have submitted comments on the LA massage scene with regard only to the Oriental parlors that are all over both Los Angeles and Orange County. One might get the impression that its impossible to get a good rub from a `round-eye'. Not true.... not true at all. There is a publication called the LA Reader that can be found in most any liquor store or coffee shop. Its free, and specializes in advertising the local music scene. However, in the back are tons of personal dating adds, phone sex, and most importantly, massage ads. I've used this type of service 10 times or so and the following will describe it: The drill seems pretty much the same. You call the number and either a live female answers or a voice mail system answers and they call you right back. The girls will describe their service, be sure to ask if its a sensual, full body massage. They will describe themselves, providing all the vitals on measurements and age. What gets offered on the phone varies. In some cases it will be a massage for as little as $60/hr.. Other times they will explain it is a topless massage, for more. Or, sometimes its a nude massage, which will usually run about $120.. In all cases the total cost ends up the same. If you want them nude, but they don't offer it over the phone, you'll find that the $60 massage ends up requiring a $60 tip. Only one time has the massage not included a hand finish. In that case she did a very serious deep muscle massage, followed by a strip tease show. I was left to handle things myself. In no case was anything more than a hand job available, although they will often offer a so-called Thai massage, body to body. This seems better than it is, since the effort put forth is pretty lame and only lasts a couple of minutes. I would not recommend paying extra for this. If you get a good one, they'll often straddle you in a 69-type position as they apply the hand finish. This provides a great view, and I can't think of one that didn't have a nicely shaved pussy. While blow jobs and fucking are not available, in my experience anyway, you can finger the vertical smile to your hearts content. The massage, by the way is done incall, in the girl'ss apartment. My guess is that they don't live there but rent the typical complex-style apartment for business only. By far the best part of this experience is that you are dealing with young lovelies. They may exaggerate their age a little, and perhaps understate their weight, but I have never been disappointed. They will often say they are 19 or 20 and when you arrive you can figure out they really are 24 or 25. I've never had one that's a day over 26. Only once did I find one that seriously lied about her wt ( she turned out to be a plump little fireplug ), but she made up for it in her very amorous attitude. She even asked me out on a date !! Important: In virtually every case these have been classic California babes, the kind that turn your head at the beach or in the mall. The bottom line is that you pay for what you get and in LA the Oriental parlors will be cheaper, but the quality is far inferior than the incall service I've described. And compared to chasing down street hookers and risking a night (or more) in jail, I know my preference . The LA Reader has probably 200 ads, and the locations of the babes are mostly in the Hollywood, North Hollywood and Studio City areas, but you can find them in pretty much all parts of greater LA/Orange County. Lots of choices, lots of quality. Have fun.
Subject: For Posting: Legal Sex in Los Angeles!!! Recently in Los Angeles I picked up a copy of LA X-press and saw the following ad. Have sex with a model of your choice and keep the tape! Well, I called and talked with a man named J-Tee. He was very nice and discreet on the telephone. He wouldn't talk specifics but made a time to meet me in Hollywood. I went and he showed me a book with over 20 women. Most were in 8 range with none below 6.5 and a few 9.5 as well. Believe it or not there were many porn stars who are making money on the side doing this. I don't know if I can mention names but if you have seen her in an amateur porn mag or in a movie he can probably get her. The pro's get $500 for the "video" (I guess this is what makes it legal) which I got to keep the only copy (I view it often) and there is a $100 dollar fee for videoing only so he is not pimping... Which, I don't really think he is doing. This girl really wanted to be there and she was awesome!!! I got to french kiss her, go down on her and everything else. Condom use was STRICTLY enforced and there are no exceptions. The true "amateurs" run $300 and another $100 for the videography. Why did I pay $400 you ask? Because I had an intimate, disease free, unhurried, safe, supposedly legal, most excellent time!!! Will I do it again... YOU BET!!! Of course I will need to save a little money but having the tape to remember the experience with is worth every penny. When I am 80 and can't get it up I am going to watch it with my friends and have a good laugh and remember the "Good Old Days." Please be kind to J-Tee as he is really nice and be discrete on the phone or he will hang up. If you are out of state he can probably still help you or point you in the right direction. He has some amazing contacts to get you what you want anywhere. If they don't let me print his number pick up a copy of LA X-press. You can't miss the add. If you are out of state good luck! His number is [censored]. My next trip is to Costa Rica once I can afford it and I will post my experiences there as well. Good hunting, I hope this was helpful! For me it is in the top 10 sexual experiences I have ever had. If you are reading this in LA get over your fear and contribute!!!
Subject: [ASP] Los Angelese Hotel Date: 10 Jan 1997 22:14:17 GMT I often find myself in hotels during my travels, and many interesting things happen. While in Los Angeles in September, I was staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Since I had not been to Los Angeles for a while, I wanted to cruise up and down Sunset Blvd to see if the action had decreased there from a couple of years ago. Yes it had. What a bummer. At any rate, I drove back to the hotel at about midnight, figuring I would have to peruse the ads in LA Xpress if I was to get any happiness. As I dropped off my car to the valet, I looked through the window into the Lobby bar, and saw a woman who looked exactly like Meg Ryan. So thinking that I would get a glimpse of a celebrity, I went to bar, and soon figured out that the woman was not Meg. So as I was downing my beer, I caught her eyes a couple of times. At this point, I assumed that she was either: 1) a beautiful babe who wanted to pick me up for a night of fun, or 2) a beautiful babe who wanted to pick me up for an hour or two of fun and at a cost. After about an hour of eyeing her, I decided that 1 or 2 was out, and it was time to get to bed. As I was walking out of the lobby, she came up to me, and discretely asked if she could walk with me. She was really pretty up close. She had an outstanding body, and was wearing a sexy, but not slutty, tan dress, with lots of leg showing. We got onto the elevator together, and she asked if I wanted company this evening. I said that I might, but I did not know exactly what she meant (at this point, I was unsure if she was a cop or hotel security, although I had observed her drinking some wine). She then exposed her left breast (nice touch), and said that I would enjoy her companionship. I stated that her companionsip was worth $200, and she said she thought that it was an appropriate consideration. We went to my room, and the fun started. She immediately started to kiss me all over with tongue, as I felt her up. She had 34C breasts (an estimate), about 5'5", 105 lbs, nice ass, firm legs, blonde, blue eyes and a dead ringer for Meg Ryan. To make a long story short, she gave me full service TWICE in about 90 minutes. She also gave above average head without a condom, but otherwise we practiced safety with a condom. Looks: 7-8 Skills: 6 So the next time you guys are in LA, and find yourself in Beverly Hills, do yourself a favor and check out the bar. I understand from her that she and two or three friends are there almost everynight but the weekends. I cannot wait for my business to take me back to LA. Random One
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 08:35:36 -0800 Hi, Quick review of two experiences in LA. Please remove my name from this message. Having just moved to LA I quickly found the LA weekly as a source of escorts/massage parlors. After looking over the pages I finally decided to give one of them a call. I choose an add that advertised a young girl from Japan who calls herself Yuki and works out of her apt int he So. Pasadena area. She quoted me $120 and I thought that something interesting might happen. I drove over to her apt was given a very lousy massage and ended up with only a handjob. For $120 this was a big disappointment. Had this girl been beautiful I might have understood - she was young (early 20s) but was kind of short with a pot-belly. When I left she said I could come back and try both her and her roomate (I guess that would cost $240). Advertising the Pasadena weekly is a place in Baldwin Park called Oriental Accupressure. I went to this place and an older (over 45) Koren woman kept a towel over me at all times. Plus the massage wasn't even that great.
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 13:43:34 -0500 (EST) Secondly, be very cautious for those who desires full-service when dialing (909) area code from the LA Express. Because most of them (10 ads), are all closely associated with one another. They have pretty women, but major rip-off. They will sound very intriging and seductive and mysterious, but when they come to you, you can pay up to $300 for an hour. And only get the chick to shove dildo up their pussy. And they also have drivers too, so they're alway in rush. All in all, the fact is, none, but just one ad that runs under (909) area code can give full service. She goes by the name Shanon, a real pretty Irish red-head 5-8 110 lbs, only incall thought. You'll find her in the Hollywood Realty or in the LA Express. She works at her place off 15 Freeway. Anyway, other than her, the rest are all rip-offs, be very selective.
Subject: [ASP] LA incall/vice alert Date: Thursday, 08 May, 1997 21:41 PM Hello everybody. I screwed up and posted this last night without the [ASP] heading. Well here it is again. There have recently been ususually heavy vice activity here in Los Angeles. According to some contacts that I have there have been sting operations for the girls and the johns. One girl that I know quite well has been arrested and others that I know have confirmed about the sting ops. I have heard of a total of about 20 girls and 10 johns having been arrested in the latest round of stings. According to a cop friend of mine vice operations are almost always staged on Tue and Thur here in LA. Thursday happens to coincide with the release of the LA Express each week. Hmmm. Maybe there is a connection. The cops have been renting rooms at hotels as usual and the one girl who got arrested was very careful but got arrested anyways. She made the guy take off his pants, leave his 'donation' on the table, and admit - in this case lie - that he was not a cop. Sounds like entrapment to me but I am no legal expert. In any case this is really not earthshattering news. But the cops have now started targeting independent incalls and not just the agencies and streetwalkers which is something I have never heard before. My other contacts told me about girls who were independent incalls being arrested. Historically the vice squad targeted massage parlors and not operations that were invisible and run out of private apartments. What is really disturbing is after they arrested the girls they planted a female cop there and started arresting the johns as they came in for service. So watch out there in LA. Be careful about what you say and if it feels fishy, walk! I think the info on the Tues, Thurs pattern is accurate since it came from a very good cop friend of mine. I have also confirmed it with my contacts in the field who know of girls who were arrested. Now for the good stuff. I recently had a great incall experience with Autumn. She lives in Hollywood near Sunset and La Brea. She is a blonde with an ultra hard body. 36 C-D, 25, 36. She is 5' 9" or so and is 26. She used to advertise in the Express but I haven't seen her ad lately. The measurements on her ad are not accurate I would say. She also works with another girl Desi who is a brunette. Her picture is also in the paper. Autumn is much better looking! Don't settle for Desi I would say. Her rate is 200 and up. But 200 will get you full serv. I went to her apartment building and buzzed the 'Taylor' button. She met me downstairs in a tight leotard. Her tits are amazing!! And so is her ass. Well she is nice and offered me a drink, a little small talk, then down to business. She is pretty oral, and seemed to be in a good mood the day I visited her. Well, she tasted great and was quite juicy. Got a great BJ with no condom for what seemed like an hour. On goes the rubber and we are at it. All the right noises and movements, she is amazing!! Very enthusiastic. I may have been able to do it a second time but was too worn out. Well like I said she was in a very good mood. Probably got lucky. Very lucky. She did not rush me at all. In all I stayed about 1 hr and 20 mins. As usual anyone who wants more info or her number can email me. I rate the experience as a 9+. Worth it at twice the price! (Well maybe not for those of us who are cheap bastards!) :) I am planning to investigate the independent sensual massage scene as recommended by the person who posted the "US home massage scene" report on the april 1997 'what's new' of the WSG. If you are reading this please email me. I would love to get some tips and pointers from you. Onward and upward!
Subject: [ASP]: Heather in LA Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 00:52:14 -0700 WARNING!! My friend and I called Heather out of the LA Express. We were quoted $300 for 2 girls to show up at our place. They arrived within the hour. We then proceeded to tip them an additional $100 each, and were told (in separate rooms, but exactly the same info) that there would be no touching, no feeling, no oral, anal, hand or anything. The agreed to dance for 10 minutes apiece in the nude at a safe distance (the girl I had wouldn't even put a foot up on the bed. All in all, a fucking total ripoff. If you call Heather, the only one who gets fucked is you.
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 00:02:26 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Incall in L.A. Please remove my name from this. I had an experience with a woman named Mia. The ad claimed that she was from Hong Kong and $150 covered everything. Although she is drop dead gorgeous, she hates hers work. I was in for 20 minutes in which time she never let me touch her. She tried to give me a hand job, but after 10 minutes quit and said it was time to go. She works out of the Beverly Hills area off Burton Avenue. I repeat, a huge rip off.
Subject: [ASP] Los Angeles report on Godiva of la-exotics Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 19:11:18 -0600 Average message but she says full service massage. No touching. Just a jack shack.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Los Angeles report on Godiva of la-exotics Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 03:36:59 GMT >Aveage message but she says full service massage. No touching. Just a >jack shack. I tried "Ginger". She showed up an hour late...was REALLY nervous about cops.....and I wouldn't call her a "5" unless "20" was ...."not completely ugly" Forget it!
Subject: [ASP] 3girls-and-a-cat (LA) - Rachel was NOT in a car accident!!!!!!!!! Date: 7 Jun 1997 05:19:00 GMT For those of you familiar with, you should know that the "news" about Rachel is NOT true. Apparently the web site is NOT being maintained by the women, and the guy who maintains it is just making this story up. Don't blame the girls, because they can't control what this guy does. I fell for the story hook-line-and-sinker myself. Also, all e-mail correspondence is from this guy, NOT from the women. So DON'T send any "donations" for Rachel, or deposits for the trips, and don't trust any e-mail sent from that domain. If you want to verify this, just CALL one of the girls - you can't trust the e-mail correspondence - talk to the women instead.
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 23:10:16 -0700 Subject: (ASP) Los Angeles: Sex Contacts at Dance Clubs FIRST, SOME GENERAL INFO ABOUT THE CLUBS.THE GOOD PART COMES lATER! In downtown Los Angeles, there are about 8 or 9 dance halls, that feature "Hostess Dancing." All of these places charge $4 or $5 entrance fee, but admission is usually free for men coming in before 8pm. Most open at 7:30 pm. The standard charge for dancing-walking-talking-sitting with the girls is $.35 per minute --$3.50 for 10 minutes--etc--to $21.00 per hour. (Plus tips--more about that later.) All of the places feature a "snack bar" for various snacks, sandwiches, non-alcoholic drinks, cigarettes (yes--smoking is allowed!), popcorn and candy. The better places have chairs, sofas, sometimes with small tables,where the men can sit and ogle the girls, or wait for a particular girl. The girls sit separate, next to each other, at nearby chairs or benches. Some of the sleazier clubs do not have sitting facilities for the guys before they start dancing with the ladies. All of the clubs have at least 1 dance floor--usually fairly dark or partially secluded. Several have more than 1 dance area. All have a pool table area, where "couples" have priority. All have at least 1 "TV Room" area with small couches, for the couples. Sometimes couches, or intimate booths, surround the dance floor. The dance music is always recorded. Some feature a live DJ--others just play a lengthy tape. Usually the music is very slow. Disco music is rare, even though the girls seem to enjoy it. Most of the men seem to prefer a less strenuous form of exercise! These dance halls seem to divide into 2 categories: 1)Mostly Latino, where the girls are almost exclusively Latinas. They cater primarily to Latino guys, and primarily recruit the ladies by advertising in rhe classified section of "La Opinion," a Spanish language daily newspaper. Look under the "Clubs" heading. Most girls speak only very limited, or zero, English. I suspect that many are undocumented, using phony documents. Many are quite young. Clubs in this category include: Club El Caucho, 425 W. 8th street; Club Galaxie, 902 S. Olive; and Club Las Palmas, 950 S. Broadway. The second category: 2)Clubs who cater to everyone. Here all the girls speak decent English. Usually 40% of the girls are Latinas, 30% are Caucasian, and 20% each are Asian or Philippinas, and 10% are Black. The customer mixture is usually 60% Caucasian or Middle Easterners, 25% Asian, and 15% Latino or Black. Physically, these are the nicer and larger clubs, and all have their own parking lot with armed private guards. These clubs recruit their talent by advertising in the classified section of the Los Angeles Times. Look under the "Gals" heading. Clubs in this category include: Club Fantasy, 307 W. 4th Street; Club Flamingo, 624 W. 12th St.; Club Grand, 1040 S. Grand Ave; and Club Starlight (mostly Asian)at 1222 S. Broadway. My experience has been primarily with Category 2 clubs. The girls generally range in age (supposedly, age 19 is minimum) from minimum (or less!) to the late 30's--early 40's. Most are really surprisingly attractive. Most are in their 20's. You'll see all types--from obvious Pro's to sweet young innocents. Customers range from early 20's to Shaky Senior Citizens. Most customers appear to be "well-off financially," judging by the cars in the parking lots! Limousines, Mercedes, Infinity, Lexus, Accuras, Cadillacs, and occasionally even a Rolls Royce. The 20-year-old toyotas, etc, usually belong to the girls. Turnover is high, among the girls. For many, this is a second "moonlighting" job. Many are college students. Some are "would-be" actresses, waiting for better work. The larger clubs, like the Flamingo, probably have 120 to 150 girls on the active roster. The girls are encouraged to show up on weekend nights,and Fridays & Saturdays about 100+ girls show up. Everything is crowded--and customers face serious "waits" for the most desirable females. Sundays: perhaps 70 girls, Mondays only about 40 girls. (Flamingo serves a very nice free buffet about 11pm Mondays.) Tuesdays thru Thursdays, about 70 to 90 girls. On these nights, Flamingo usually has some kind of contest for the girls--Bikini Dancing--Lingerie--Wet teeshirt--etc. The winner gets money from the house--& tips from the customers. Flamingo is my favorite place. Monday nights are the best --fewest customers--usually the innocents recuperate from the weekend-- but the real whores do show up. OK! WHERE'S THE BEEF? Depending on how you define Prostitution, there is very little of it actually inside the dance halls. This is where you make the contact. The actual "dates" follow later. "No Soliciting" signs are posted widely,but are ignored equally widely. What DOES go on: is very, very suggestive dancing. Very obvious grinding, and a lot of touchy-feely things. Both on the dance floor, and in the semi-dark TV rooms. Yes, the guy's zippers have to stay "up," (or the girls can get fired for this) but there is still a lot of "jacking" going on. On the dance floor, some girls will give obvious signals, like deep grinding, or grabbing your crotch. Time to go to the TV room! Tips? For girls who dance & perform in an obvious sexual manner, it is customary to get tips equal to the per-minute total charge. For girls who don't: much less, or none. Making dates for the future: Obviously, the better the bait--the more likely the catch. But usually, $60 or $80 is enough to arrange a visit from the girl at a nearby motel, later that night. A better way is to just hand her a slip of paper, with your name and phone number. Or ask the girl for her beeper #. Yes, many girls have beepers! For somewhere between $75 to $150, most things can be arranged. I have had some very nice experiences this way! In trying to "score," the hardest part is to judge which ladies are receptive, and which are probably not. With enough money--most probably are willing--. Watch how they dance! Watch which girls leave the dance floor and head for the TV room! --and which ones head back to the time-clock after less than 10-15 minutes dancing! Keep your eyer open-- and trust your instinct! Good luck!
Subject: BEWARE of Danielle at LA-Exotics. Date: 23 Jun 1997 14:48:24 -0000 The initial phone call is typical. No discussion of services other than massage and that the quoted fee of $150 is "all in" but of course tipping is always appreciated. She arrives. It immediately becomes obvious that this isnŐt the girl in the picture, I later find out itŐs an agency ad, but she looks good so what the hell. The monetary transaction occurs, the driver leaves and itŐs time for action. If only. I luckily discovered the following before it was too late. There is no mutual touching. No amount of tipping will allow you to reciprocate and massage any part of her anatomy. I suppose there are certain mind sets that would enable one to enjoy even that, but then the final straw. Those classic words "I don't give you release". You are to be left there holding the baby, I'm sorry I meant the big guy. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. The answer my friend is a scam by any other name is still A SCAM. DonŐt get fooled. BEWARE of Danielle at LA-Exotics ( and now at also ).
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 06:50:04 EST Subject: LA Exotics girls Dannielle, Kara, and Sandy Dear Atta, Listed in LA Exotics web pages are 3 girls I think I should warn the readers about. Not that I had not been warned. I read the other gentleman's report on Danielle before I called. Lesson learned the hard way. I called up an ad for a girl named Sandy, her picture was great, she was even better looking in person. When we talked on the phone she said "We take off all of our clothes and get completely naked and it goes from there". Well, we're completely naked and she tells me there will be no mutuall touching, (of course I had allready given her the money). I asked her what gave, and she explained that she was'nt a prostitute. I explained to her she was much worse, a prostitute fucks for money, a very old and honest profession. She leads to believe she fucks for money and then leaves you with Mr. Happy standing at attention with no help in sight. She did'nt care for this and got dressed and left (WITH my money). This story does have a just if not happy ending though; that night I was searching through the LA Exotics page and noticed her ad again and called to hear the message. I noticed it had the same voice as dannielle, so I called a few more ads and got a girl named Kara's message with the same voice. They're may be more, but these I know to be connected. So the next day I called all three and booked and appointment with all of them, this is possible in part because I have three lines in my home for bussiness so they could'nt be connected to each other. I sent Sandy to an apartment building down the street just to get the thrill of seeing her trying to meet and rip-off a john that did'nt exist. The other two I sent to two of my former adresses. When they called back I told them I had changed my mind. A few cute words were exchanged but all in all I hung up having felt like I saved a couple of fellow johns from the agony this rip-off agency inflicts, and hope to save even more with this message. A bit of advice to the guys in LA who view this ad LA Exotics, some I have enjoyed quite well, but ALLWAYS negotiate services performed BEFORE handing over money. If you can't agree, say goodbye. Ignore any demand for a "cancelation fee" of any amount, and if she, or a driver pushes the issue, call the cops. After all, no service rendered, no fees paid. What's she going to do, sue you? A driver can't really plead his clients case to a locked door and besides, breaking and entering, along with aggrivated robbery, (which is what it would be) Are really alot more than he's willing to do for a small cut from his little rip- off artists take. Not to mention the possibility you may have a gun in your home, (I myself do) I hope this helps the naive crop of johns out there, happy hunting.
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 02:12:28 PDT Well hello there, First off, I would like to recommend a group of incalls in Westminster. You can find them in the LAXpress. They all heve 714 numbers. For 160 you can have an hour of fun and lots of action in discreet hotel room. I strongly recomend it.

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