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Juarez, Mexico

Juarez is in Mexico, right at the border to El Paso, Texas. As you
know, prostitution is perfectly legal in Mexico (except
streetwalking). If you stay in El Paso, you can easily walk over to
Juarez: go down El Paso Street, pay your entrance fee for Mexico (25
cents) and cross the bridge over the Rio Grande. You are then on
Avenida Juarez, which has lots of Discos with cheap Margeritas (make
no mistake: Margeritas were invented here) and beer.  Some girls
walking around there look a lot like prostitutes, but maybe I'm wrong
and that's how the teenies dress these days :-)

The brothels are to the right of you, i.e. west of Avenida
Juarez. Make a right on Tlaxcala and then left on Degollado. Right on
the corner, you'll see a brothel with red lights, which is kind of
atypical: no bar, just rooms, and the women solicit out of the
door. They offered fuck+suck for 25 dollars, but they were pretty

On Mariscal, you'll find the bar Fausto, which has a good number of
pretty girls. One of them dances on stage (fully clothed), and you can
enjoy a beer for $2 or buy one for one of the girls for $4. They don't
have rooms there, but the girls are willing to join you for an hour to
one of the surrounding hotels. Could be pretty expensive though, since
the bar wants to have $20 for that, then you need to rent a hotel
room, maybe a cab and pay her in addition. I didn't try it.

There's a classy bar at the intersection of Begonias and
Degollado. Drinks for the ladies are $6, and some of them are willing
to join you for $30 - $40. Most of them speak at least a little
English, and the polite way to bring up the topic is "Would you like
to go to a room with me?"

There are a lot of similar bar/brothel combinations in this area,
particular if you make a right on Martinez. I tried the "La posada del
Indio" on Martinez and Otumba. They had 7 girls, one always dancing. I
asked a beautiful 18 year old girl to join me for a drink. She didn't
want to go to the "room" though, but she suggested her girlfriend,
who was not bad either, but was about to "leave" with another guy.

A little bit further down the road, on Martinez and Ocampo, there's
the "Casa Colorada" with some 10-15 women. No dancing here, but you
can shoot some pool. If you invite a girl for a drink, the "madam"
will show up after a while and ask you whether you want to fuck the
girl. Negotiations are carried out with the madam exclusively, in a
separate room. You should haggle; don't pay more then $50 or $60. Note
that the madam wants to have a tip afterwards and that you have to buy
a condom for $3 later. The rooms are in the same house, but with a
separate entrance. After entering the room, an extremely old women
inspects your dick. The first time, I got a massage, suck and fuck for
$60 from a pretty 21-year-old, the second time it was suck and fuck
for $50 from a not-so-pretty 27-year-old. All in all a great place.

Generally speaking, Mexican women, if they are not very young, often
tend to be a little fat and saggy. So always take your time, ask for
her age, watch out for nylons and huge bras etc. Also, a little
Spanish helps a lot, since some of the women have just arrived from
southern Mexico and can't speak English. Lastly, don't forget to bring
your driver's license and another quarter for the entrance fee back to
the US.


Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 07:18:23 UTC It's possible to pick up women in the street in Juarez much more so than the other towns and negotiate your own deal. This, IMO is much better since you can control more of what happens and the girl gets the full amount (course you need to be careful).
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 23:15:18 UTC Juarez: Juarez is different from the other border towns in that most of the whorehouses are near the bridge; within walking distance. Customarily when you first cross the bridge (think its avenida Juarez) you are approached by a gauntlet of cabbies wanting to take you to the whorehouses where they get a cut. If its your first time, or you are alone, you should probably hire one. They charge from $2-$5 to take you around; their real money comes from a commission from the girls. Try to find one who speaks English as many do. The only problem with this approach is that it limits you to the whorehouses they have deals with. Once you do this you can walk around the same areas and walk into many bars on your own and find good whores. It you walk in and see alot of girls unaccompanied, its a whorehouse. Typical charges range from $15 - $50, depending on what you want, how attracted the girl is to you and how rich you look (or how stupid). Generally you can get full service for $30-$50. They will try to hit you for a charge for the room. I generally refuse and they back down. When you go in the girls start to approach you its sometimes better to tell them your warming up or that you want a beer first, so you can look around and find the one you really want. Be polite, but firm. The drinks are a real ripoff, $2-4 and $4 and up for tea for the girl, so, if you want to conserve on cash, buy one drink for yourself and refuse the others (they will try to get you to buy drinks for the cabby as well. You can usually negotiate the girls down. Sometimes its better to talk to the owner about what you want so there is not misunderstanding; if your having trouble communicating with the girl. The girls will often feel you up and its ok to do the same to them (tit for tat). There are bars where amateurs hang out, but they are generally not as plentiful, nor as good looking as the pros, but you can usually get them cheaper and call most of the shots, like taking them back to your hotel room or overnighters. What's nice about picking up amateurs is that you can withold the payment until the services are rendered and, if its not up to your liking pay less without the problems of worrying that some pimp is going to try to mess with you. Amateurs are best found on friday and sat. nights on the main street leading to the bridge. I have had luck just going up to women and asking them nicely if they want to come to your hotel room, but execise some discretion when you do this. Driver`s will ask you if you want to see the donkey show; I`ve never seen it; I think this is bullshit (supposedly a woman fucking a donkey). The strip clubs get pretty wild, but nothing like Bangkok. Be aware that the drivers make their money off commissions, so if you don`t take a girl or two, youll have to pay them a few bucks more. The area to look for whorehouses is to the right of the main drag. Just continue on from the bridge about a block or two and hang a right for about a block or two and that whole area is filled with bars/whorehouses. Total area is about 1 km. square or so. Always wear a U.S. condom; its best to buy ramses or sheik and bring them from the U.S. (they are available but hard to look for in Mexico). Remember, you can get aids from cuts on you hand; its possible to get it from a blowjob, so be careful. In Mexico it is difficult to get the women out of the bars without paying the barkeep a goodly sum, but if your a charmer you can sometimes do it such that you can spend the night with the lady. This is preferable, since its cheaper, more fun, and you can withold payment until you get what you want. Don`t abuse the situtation if some muchacha agrees to do this with you as you want to be welcomed back. By the above, I'm talking about the professional women; the amateurs are easier. Mexico makes its whores get periodic checkups and you can ask to see the health card, but this is not much help for aids, since the incubation period can be up to 6 months. I've had the best times with amateurs I'd pick up on the street and take them to my room where I generally would fuck my brains out for $40 or less. An example is two sisters in Juarez that I met on the main drag.
Subject: prostitution in Juarez and El Paso TX I want to begin with Cd. Juarez. There are really excellent places where you can get everything you expect. I usually go to massage salons. You can get their phone numbers and adresses if you look up in any of the city's newspapers. Specially good are masajes Felina, masajes Marisol, and masajes paradise. In all of those places you can get a massage and a handjob for only 25 dollars and a full service for only 50 dollars. the latter includes a massage, and up to an hour of great sex. Some of these places even include a sauna, video, and a courtesy beverage. You can find a lot mexican looking women, that is, brown eyes, black hair, fair skinned, etc... ocassionally you will be able to find a blonde. They usually do anything you ask them to except anal, but you can always negotiate. They are open from 11am to 10 pm. These are very safe places, in the 25 times I have been there since they started opening these kind of places in Juarez I have never ever had problems with law enforcement. Avoid going to masajes extasis in 5 de mayo street. They will try to rip you off, the place is crappy, and the women are not good looking at all as they advertise.
Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 13:28:58 -0600 Subject: Prostitution in Juarez Juarez, MX, situated directly across El Paso, TX, is an incredibly exciting place. If you are one that yearns for adventure, this city won't disappoint you. Almost anything your heart desires can be found and bought in this city of almost 2 million. I have visited this city for many years now and am well aware of how everything works. As for your sexual appetite, let me begin to tell you about the many brothels in this city, whether they be in the form of bars or massage parlors. I prefer to discuss brothels because I have most of my experiences in them. To begin, the best way to get to most of them is by crossing the Santa Fe Bridge in downtown El Paso. The toll is about 25 cents to cross into Mexico and about 35-50 cents to come back into the U.S. Once you cross into Mexico, you'll see an avenue with lots of neon lights; this is Juarez's entertainment strip. As you stroll down the avenue, you'll encounter many cabbies asking if you'd like to see the women. If you decide to go, the ride should cost you anywhere from $3 to $5. Anymore will be robbery. Make sure you ask the cabbie how much it will cost, because they "will" rip you off. If you decide to roam around yourself, the red light district immediately begins in the next street (the street immediately on the right side of the entertainment district while walking away from the bridge). There are many bars/brothels in this area. Stroll around the streets and peek into some of them. Common sense will tell you which bars to enter. Be careful because some bars, usually the ones without any clients, have homosexual prostitutes dressed as women (some do a very good job) and might be infected with a nasty virus, if you know what I mean. But all in all, most bars hire only women, so don't worry. If the bar has loud music and heavy traffic (lots of people), you will then know it's OK. Some of the bars have two-for-the-price-of-one specials. A drink will cost you $2, but you get 2 drinks, so be careful not to get to drunk. I would drink about %12-$15 worth of liquor and when I had enough, I'd continue my search for a good whore. While drinking, make sure you tip your waiter a dollar every other order, and he'll continue to give you excellent service. He will also recommend which girls are good fucks and he will tell you in secret whether a whore is charging too much. In case you get tired of that particular scene, you should jump from bar to bar mingling with good looking whores. After you get drunk, decide which bar to stay in and choose a girl. Once you buy a drink for the girl ($4), you can negotiate. Most of them will ask for about $25-$40, but you can haggle. Tell them that for $5-$10 less, a deal can be made. Most of the time, she will accept the deal. Hint: When you are dealing, make sure the price includes the cost of the room and the condom. Sometimes, they try to charge you for every individual thing...the room, condom, dick inspection, toilet paper, etc. Once the deal is made, you can fuck your brains out. The only bad thing about fucking these women is that they require you to have a dick inspection by old, haggard-looking women. It is OK to tip these old women $1-$2, because it is customary. Sometimes, if you're smooth enough, you can coax a whore to take you to her house, which most of the time is nearby. There you can fuck all you want. But it is difficult to accomplish this. One of the most important lessons one has to learn when whoring in Juarez is to "keep your wallet and money secure"!!! Too often do whores pickpocket their clients...and believe me, they are experts at it. So the best thing to do is to keep your wallet in your front pocket, lest you get it stolen. Once you have your money secure, you can have all the fun and adventure you want. Beleive me, you will never forget Juarez for the rest of your life. Oh, I almost forgot, NEVER go near a policeman in Juarez. Usually, (9 times out of 10) they will not bother you. Don't do anything stupid and keep your cool. If you do this, you will be fine! Adios Amigos!
Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 15:51:20 -0400 Subject: Juarez, Mexico I was in El Paso, TX 3 months ago for several weeks, and visited Juarez very often. I picked up women in several of the bars but got very little satisfying service. One place that I found, though, had one girl that was FANTASTIC. The place was called "Mundo's" Bar (though it could hardly be called a working bar), located up the street (closer to US bridge) from Fausto's on Mariscal (I think). It's easy to blink and miss it. As you walk (at night) from the corner on the left-hand side of the street, it will be a small open doorway with a pinkish light eminating from it (there is a pink light on inside). Inside will be a small main room with several whores (ranging from not bad/nice to dogshit) sitting boredly around. They usually want around 27 bucks to start for 1/2 hour fuck ($7 goes to to the house for the room), and "Nana" will come in the room to hit you up for a few bucks for toilet paper and condom (but you can get rid of her quickly, for a buck, if you show her yor own condom and issue or wipes). I've screwed a couple of chicks in there that were not bad. One stand's out. Her name was Terry. I visited her on at least 10 occasions. Terry spoke no english (like almost all the rest), but oh could she fuck! She could fuck like an animal (wore me out). Other times she took it easier, but was very loving, playful, and patient. All in all, every time that I visited her, she did not fail to absolutely satisfy me. I think she is 23 or 25 years old and has had 3 kids and her tubes tied. She has a bit of a pot belly (like most Mex mommas) nice tits, nice ass, and nice pussy; reddish/brownish hair and a roundish Mexican face, friendly and affectionate. If you find her, I highly recommend her (run, don't walk, and grab her). Another place that wasn't bad (no name), continue down Mariscal past Fausto's, cross the street and make the first left turn (your on the right street if across the street from you you see a whole row of burrito stands/shops. continue down the street, and on the right-hand side before the corner wil be a window, pink lit, with an old woman and any where from 1 to 5 whores inside. You can negotiate through the window if you like. I've had a few girls there ranging from one larger girl called Alma with big tits who after the 1st time wasn't bad, to a hot looking slim young thing, who when I fucked her absolutely layed there like a corpse, and I couldn't get a response from her regardless what I did or where I touched/kissed/sucked/played with her (I was subsequently told by another whore that she was brand new with zero experience --- I believe that). On the main drag I was not approached by any girls. That is my Juarez experience.
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 12:04:42 +0000 Subject: Juarez My experience in Juarez started on a Friday afternoon. My cousin and I drove down from Denver for a long weekend to have a cheap vacation and pick up a few supplies. Friday morning we were doing a little shopping when a man that guided us to a pharmacy the day before approached us. My cousin wanted a massage since he was married, and I was up to anything. I mentioned Casa de la Colorado and the guy said it was now The Pink Lady. I don't think he was right, but this place looked great to me. It was on the corner of Ocampo anf eguator, or something like that. It was down the road from some big furniture store. Anyway I gave the man $1 for leading us here. We wanted to just take a quick peak so we went in. As soon as we entered we were greated by a couple of girls. One of them put her arm around me and all i could do was melt as i looked into her beautiful eyes. She was a real nice looking girl, long black hair, beautiful face and incredibly nice cleavage showing, not to big just nice. Anyway we informed them that we were just looking and wanted to go grap lunch first, after all it was 11:30 am. We stopped at our usual diner "Restraunt Familiar" or whatever it was called and grapped some beers and food. After eating shopped around for awhile, while always moving toward our destination. When we went back into the place the same girl came up and put her arm around me. She escorted we to a nice leather couch where we all sat down. Just after we sat down i saw her do a discrete hail mary, which kinda freaked me out, but after all Mexico is a very religious country. I ordered a beer and her a drink, $5 for both. We sat on the couch flirting with each other until it was time to go talk business in another room with who I thought must be the Pink Lady. I could hardly stand just sitting there I wanted this woman soo bad. Then after about ten minutes we went into the backroom to talk business she did not speak any english, and I believe her name was Luecada. We sat down and I explained that I wanted to massage her and then some half and half. She said the price was $50, but I was able to get them down to $30. I think she went that low because I said I would tip well for good service. She then grapped my hand and we left the office, went down the hall to a bedroom. Then we had to wait for some women to inspect you. While waiting we carressed each other on the bed a little. Then the inspector showed up and Luecada left the room. I dropped my pants and she did her business, left a condom and asked for a tip, I gaver her $2 she seemed happy. Luecada came back in and instantly undressed. I stood there in awe she was awesome, I would probably rate her a 7 with face and breasts at a 9. I had her lay down on her stomach and gave her a massage. By the way I did tip her $10 before the session started. My hands were probing her entire body. I lifted her hips into the air to expose her pussy, which she let me play with a little. She then insisted I lay down on my back and ripped off my boxers. Then started to give me head, after getting me worked up she climbed on top and started to ride. She was fairly loose so I had a little trouble staying hard in this position so I said La Boca, which means oral. She didn't want to give me head again since her pussy juices were all over, but with a soft carress and a smile she did it anyway. Not only did she give pretty good head, but played with my balls as well. Again she got me hard quickly i laid her on her back grabbed her ankles and started again, i thought wow this is crazy, i cant believe she's doing this. I almost came, but pulled out so i could go a little longer. She once again started giving me oral till i came in her mouth, with a condom on of course. She then cleaned me up and started to dress. She let me caress her while she was dressing, then gave me a peck on the cheek and left. All in all it was a great time.
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 12:29:07 -0600 Subject: Prostitution in Juarez, MX Very interesting web site, and very useful too. The prostitution scene in Juarez, MX, is quite vibrant and inexpensive. The best way to get there is to travel to downtown El Paso, TX to Santa Fe Street. Then use the Santa Fe Bridge (toll is about 25 cents to cross into Mexico and 35-50 cents to cross back), this will lead into Avenida Juarez, the city's entertainment district for El Paso's teenie boppers. Once you walk down Avenida Juarez (away from the bridge) turn right on any of the streets perpendicular to the one you're on. This will lead you to Mariscal, which is where the red light district begins. The red light district encompasses several blocks and bars number well over a dozen, or perhaps two dozen. What I do is find a bar that has two-for-one drink specials ($2.00) and drink until I get a strong buzz. I do this because alcohol retards the amount of time it takes to orgasm, and thus I could fuck a lot longer. Roam around until you find a bar you're conmfortable in, drink, and then invite a woman to join you (They all say yes). Once you get horny, ask her how much it would be to go to the room (Cuanto cuesta para ir al cuarto?). Of course, if you look like a stupid foreigner that doesn't know his elbow from his ass, she'll try to charge some outrageous price. Use your common sense, a fuck basically costs $20-$40. If she refuses to lower her price, find another. There are plenty to choose from and you will quickly find a good replacement. What I don't like about these places is that in every bar, an old lady is in charge of inspecting your dick. It seems to me that every bar hires the same old lady, but its really just my drunken judgement that fools me. Anyways, it is important to tip this old lady anywhere from $1 to $2 because she is the one that will unfortunately knock on the door to remind the whore that time is up (30 minutes). Since I wanna fuck more than a half hour, I drink and then I mention to the girl that I want at least an hour. She usually agrees (maybe it will cost $5 more)and we make the money transaction. Remember, it is critically important to tell the woman precisely what you want, or you will be one disappointed camper. If you want anal, ask her, if you just want a blowjob, tell her, and if you want everything, you must mention it to her. As for the cabbies, I never needed their services. But if you decide to go to other bars located deeper in the city, the ride should cost you anywhere from $2-$5. Anymore means they are trying to rip you off. One last note is to remember to use American-made rubbers, so it's best you take your own supply. Hope this update proves to be useful to someone!
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 10:31:28 -0700 Subject: Prostitution in Juarez, MX A fascinating and quite usefel website. Glad to be part of it. The whore scene in Juarez, MX, sister city to El Paso, TX, is quite exciting. I've visited several Mexican cities and Juarez ranks up there with the best of them. Juarez is a large city, with roughly 1.5 million people. Together, with El Paso, it is a metropolitan area of 2 million strong. Compared to Tijuana, Juarez does not have as many women, and maybe not as many brothels. I would say Juarez has about twenty to thirty of them (brothels). Not too sure though. The girls in Juarez are not antagonistic toward gringos, thus I never have had any problems. I have always been treated well, and have always been serviced well. So there are no complaints from this happy camper. Anyways, the best way to get to teh brothels is through downtown El Paso. Cross the Santa Fe bridge $.25 and after several blocks, make a right. Voila! The red light district immediately begins. You will encounter several bars. Peek in some of them and you will know which ones to enter. Women range from about 7-8s, 3-6s, to crap. But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I prefer my women lithe, supple, and young (in their 20s). I don't go for the overweight, barrel-looking type. (Bur Hey, that's just my preference) The girls usually run about $25-$40. I've never paid anymore. This will get you roughly 30 minutes. The amount you pay covers the cost of everything, which includes room and condom. Expect a dick inspection. for some reason, Juarez has been the only Mexican city that done this to the clients. I guess the whores are worried. (How ironic) One time I walked into a bar called Virginia's, and I met a young, hot looking babe. She was blonde, lithe, young, and horny. The exact recipe I was looking for. I bought her a drink ($4), and we talked for about 20 minutes. While talking, she put her sweater on my lap, put her hand under her sweater and began to stroke my enchilada. Needless to say, that got my attention very quickly. I then proceeded to ask her how much it would cost to go to the room. (We spoke in English throughout the entire episode) She charged me 30 bucks. I quickly jumped at the offer. We then went to the room. I was thrilled to discover there wasn't any inspection of my private area. So as we entered the room, she began undressing me, and I her. I am happy to report that her body was fantastically fat, no silicone, and no scars. As soon as we were fully undressed, she pushed me onto the bed and began giving me the best head I have ever received. I was just about to explode when I told her to stop. I then made her assume the missionary position (she had the most beautiful shaved pussy) and began my toro (bull) practice. I was thrilled to discover that she was rather tight. What a gem I had. She had told me that she was from the interior of Mexico, (Sinaloa I think..) and that she had only 3 months experience. Needless to say, I had the best time in Juarez. Since then, I have frequented her several more times. And each time it seems to get better. What a lucky dog I am. Perhaps you can have an interesting time in Juarez too, my friends, but exercise caution. Stay away from the police, which have never been a problem for me, and keep your senses sharp, cause you might need them. Also, careful with pickpockets, transvestites, and AIDS. Good luck in your adventures and may you have a happy time whoring in Juarez. Adios
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 00:02:05 EST Subject: Juarez Please do not post/use my email address. I was in Juarez on 27-28 Dec 97. El Paso St which is the street on the Texas side that leads right to the Santa Fe bridge into Avenida Juarez on the Mexico side is almost as busy as Avenida Juarez. It's lined with lots of small shops, and except for the bridge, you might not notice much difference. I don't know if it's different at the other entry bridges, but at the Santa Fe bridge, it's 25 cents to enter Juarez, and also 25 cents to re-enter the US. I went on Saturday afternoon to pick up supplies. My usual taxi driver (Nick, Cab #52) wasn't at his usual corner, but Ramon, Cab #47, quickly offered to take me anywhere. He took me to the pharmacy and helped translate and took me back to the bridge where I crossed back to the US. I went back that night for some action, but Ramon had gone home; but Juan, Cab #51, quickly offered to take me around. He first took me to The Pink Lady. He explained that he was obligated to take me there first, and if I didn't see a girl I liked, we would go to other places. He said the owner of The Pink Lady owns several of these places, and is the biggest "corporation". It was still early, and the girls were mostly fat. So Juan then took me to Cesear's Palace. It was totally dead, but looked like a classier place. Too bad the girls didn't match. Then Juan took me to Casa de Colorado. It was slow, but the girls were better. There was one absolutely beautiful girl, Christine, who I got to know better. She said she is 26, but I would have thought she was younger. She has blonde hair, and a perfect cheerleader's body and face. She said she had 3 kids, but I couldn't tell from the up close and personal inspection that I gave her. Think of a high school or college cheerleader and you'll know what a hot babe Christine is. She wan't that great in bed, but still a good experience. Then Juan took me back to The Pink Lady; there were several girls there now, but still not very good. I asked a girl, I forget her name, for a massage. She said she was 21, but I would have thought she was older. She said she had 3 kids, and I believe it. She had a pretty face, but had a thick middle. One thing that struck me is that none of the girls knew how to give a good massage. When I mentioned that using lotion would make for a much better massage, none of the girls understood...very much different from almost anywhere I've been in the US. Language was definitely a problem;none of the girls spoke English...I had one of those Casio English-Spanish electronic translators, but it was still very awkward. Overall, finding sex in Juarez is as easy as falling off a log...but to find quality takes some looking. Have fun.
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 14:42:25 -0700 Subject: prostitution in juarez Dear Friends: Love this website! Where else can one get such great information. The city of Juarez is not as large as Tijuana, nor does it have as many cantinas, but it certainly has more charm and just as much excitement. I've been to Tijuana and I have to admit that I had a very fun time there. But in Juarez, I consistently have a grand old time with the ladies and I am never bored. The Juarez night scene can be very hectic, but it is at the same time exciting. This whiteboy has never experienced a boring time in this city. Anyways, enough with the small talk. Let's begin talking about the important stuff. Juarez is a city with roughly 1.2 million to 1.5 million residents. And just like any other big city in Mexico or any other country for that matter, there is a lot of bad with the good. Police corruption is rampant, poverty is everywhere, everything and anything is for sale, and one has to consistently be watching his back. But, on the other hand, there is plenty of excitement for the bold and adventurous. The best way to get to Boys Town, if you are coming from El Paso, is through the Paso Del Norte Bridge, which is on Santa Fe street in downtown El Paso. El Paso's downtown is fairly small, so you won't have a hard time finding the street. Once you cross over ($0.25), you will enter Juarez's entertainment district, which is really for the teenagers. As you stroll away from the bridge, turn to your right on any of the blocks. The red light district begins on that street. Once you decide to drink in one of the establishments that you feel comfortable in, stay there. I am not going to tell you which girl to look for becasue everyone has different tastes and very rarely do girls work in the same establishments over a long period of time. Drinks for you will cost around $2.00. Drinks for the ladies about $4.00. Of course, the ladies drink is a small glass with watered down liquor. But then again, you don't have to get her drink since she's a sure thing *wink*wink*. Negotiate with her about going to room. Make sure you tell her precisely what you want. This way there is no problem when you're both naked and ready to engage in business. Prices are pretty consistent. Women charge from about $25 to $40. There is no extra 10 dollar charge for the room like there is in Tijuana. One price is all you need. The only extra charge (actually it is a tip) is for the person that is in charge of the rooms. This is the person that provides you the condom and toilet paper. It is wise to tip this person a few bucks because she is the same person that will hurry the chick when you're banging her. After you do your business, it's time to go home. And that it is it. It's not a difficult task. The whole night should cost you anywhere from $60 to $100 if you really want to have a blast. I hope this update proves to be useful.
Subject: El Paso/Juarez Report Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 07:41:11 PST Went to Juarez on 1/31/98. Crossed the border at about 6:30 pm. As your reporters said, went down about two blocks, ignoring the cab drivers and turned right to Mariscal. I was disappointed at the bars. There are perhaps 10 of them scattered along 3-4 blocks. There are more spread over the couple of streets farther to the right from Mariscal. Night Diver's, next to Fausto's, had the hottest looking ladies, but few of them. That was generally the case with all of the bars. The guys were outnumbered at least 5 to 1, and lots of the ladies were overweight. Continue to read, however, for the exceptions. First. There is an 18 year old named Diana in the Night Diver's with the tightest, most elastic body I've felt in a long time: springy tits and a really sweet ass. Second. There is a club called "Queen's", a couple of streets over from Mariscal. Best looking ladies in the area, but the club is well-lit and the ladies are very aloof. They don't pay you much attention and I question whether "gringos" can get much action there. Third. Took a $2 cab and went to the "Pink Lady". Met Yasmin there. She is not the best looking lady, but does have a nice slim (probably 32A) body. She is kittenish and loves to laugh and play. Best of all, she loves to fuck. She kisses a lot, loves foreplay, and really enjoys sex. She loved to experiment, suck bareback cock, and have her pussy licked. We fucked in every possible position and at the last, after having my cock sucked again without a rubber, I could have fucked her without a rubber. She was willing, but I just could not bring myself to do it. But, for $60 for 45 minutes (haggling with the madam), it was a great time. I'd see her again in a New York minute. Finally, I went to the Cabaret Club on Montana street in El Paso the next night. Got without a doubt the most dick-breaking lap dances I've ever had. Sexy ladies with very few strips of clothes, licking, stroking, and rubbing your cock. You can rub their pussies, suck their tits, and do just about everything but fuck for $5. Pretty amazing.
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 01:43:37 -0700 Subject: Juarez Report Please post anon. to ASP or to your guide. I visited Juarez as of June, 98. The details listed in the guide are essentially correct. I chose to get a cab driver, after wandering around for a bit. I'm glad I did. Although you can walk to the whorehouses (bars,really), its not worth it when the temp. is 102. The place was The Pink Lady. Like all of Juarez, it aint the Waldorf. I hadn't even started on my beer when the madam came up and asked me if I wanted to go to a room with the girl that latched on to me. In her office she was very frank, spoke perfect english, and was actually rather hospitable, but down-to-business. The girl I got was older, but pleasant. She took me next door to where the rooms are, and there were several girls eating lunch (it was about 3 or 4pm) or snoozing. Most of them were pretty attractive, and quite young. I suspect they were the night shift. Basic sex was $50. For $70, full service with massage and a bj. Although the popular image of whoreing in border towns brings to mind visions of having a 6'4" bandito burst into your room with a pistol and demand all your money, I think these places are not at all interested in causing problems. They make plenty of money off of sex, and that sort of thing is bad for business. Also, I think if you've never been there before they want to put you at ease. If you don't speak spanish, the waiter or madam should be more than willing to translate. I told my cabbie (who took me in to the place and spoke to the waiter) I wasn't interested in drinking. Of course, you have to get the obligatory beer and the drink for the girl. Once that was done, negotiations started with the madam, which was fine as drinking in these places is crazy because of the cost of the booze. If anyone ever opens a "nice" bar/whorehouse in Juarez, they're gonna make a fortune. Even the best places in Juarez seem run down, but thats just border-Mexico.

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