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Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 15:46:22 GMT

Sex Workers' Comments on the World Sex Guide
(comments forwarded with permission of the authors)

Comment #1:

The point is that clients will review you 'like a slab of meat'.  It's
offensive to some degree but I believe it also goes with the
territory.  I know a lot of what I do in the sex industry has a lot to
do with my personality and professionalism, but if you asked some of
the guys who see me they'd probably say "Hmmm, she's got a great bod
and a nice quiet place where you can visit."  Others of course value
the fantasy work, and others come to see me for company, but I think
the way I would be reviewed would most likely be in physical terms.
Still it would be scary for me to see stuff about myself on the
internet which gave too much away.  For example the other day a new
client arrived early and saw me parking my car.  He could have noted
my license number or even mentioned my car in the review and I would
not be pleased about that at all!  Perhaps the people who make these
websites need to be made aware of the perils of too much info.

Comment #2:

More than being "reviewed like a slab of meat" I am concerned about
the amount of personal information which is being posted.  Sex workers
might be arrested, harassed, loose day jobs, loose custody or visitation
of children, be evicted, etc. etc. if the wrong information falls into
public arenas.   I think actual addresses would be completely
unacceptable.  I work out of an office but most of the men and women I
know, work out of their homes.   Posting sex workers' addresses on the
internet could be exceptionally dangerous to the sex workers.  So
would any other specific information besides a phone number and
description.  I think the "reviews" should be limited to personal
evaluations of services provided and how to contact.  If the
information given exceeds that, it is violating the anonymity that the
clients want for themselves.  Maybe we should start a "john review".
Wonder how that would go over?

Comment #3:

The WSG is full of urban myth bullshit, i.e. ask the worker to show
her tits or pussy or vice versa, asking a cop if he is one ("and they
have to tell the truth, don't they?").  Since this is primarily a
solely john-sourced site, it's often lacking in reality.  And many
workers are unknowingly outted [exposed publicly] on there.  I was
carried on one of the reports on the WSG by a client of mine, but I
was already out and the client asked permission first.

Comment #4:

From a member of PONY (Prostitutes of New York):

I've been aware of the WSG for some time -- I used to read it when I
was writing a column for a sex publication and it helped me to get
background info on different regions.  I can only say that I found it
wildly amusing and fascinating to read the thoughts that are *really*
going through a john's mind.  I also thought, "If I'd seen something
like this in my early 20s, it would have been really helpful."

After working for awhile, I acquired some understanding of what the
client's concerns are, but I never had a chance to eavesdrop on an
extended, free-flowing conversation between so many johns.  What a
trip!  I think I would have learned more in a shorter time period if
WSG had existed then.  This is one of the things I like about the net.
I think WSG is one of those electronic phenomena which can't be
duplicated outside the medium.

I also like the WSG because, being somewhat sheltered in Manhattan, I
am out of touch with how the average sex worker functions.  Actually,
I am out of touch with how the average *john* behaves.  In the WSG, I
can see ethnic and economic patterns emerging all over the country,
and I can put my own work experience in perspective.

I'm under the impression that the WSG is kind of anarchic but maybe
I'm wrong.  If WSG gets too hung up on making well-meaning rules, will
the disclosures become more self-conscious, less real?  Maybe that's
just how it must evolve.  Too bad, then, because, for at least one
hooker, the World Sex Guide provides state-of-the-tart entertainment
that can't be found in mainstream or even in most x-rated media.

Comment #5:

I've had some clients who were just duds in bed, no matter what I did.
Why should clients who might find me appealing be discouraged by one
john who didn't?  Besides, it's possible that the person providing the
review is an obnoxious, stingy, physically repulsive reptile who makes
otherwise sensual and personable escorts cringe.  I've certainly met
my share of those.

Comment #6:

The worst "reviews" are most likely to come from negative people who
wouldn't know a good time if one fell into their lap!  I have received
the best and most numerous complements from clients who have high
self-esteem, good looks and lots of class.  It's usually the frogs who

Comment #7:

"What a wonderful Sex Guide!" -- Xaviera Hollander, author of "The
Happy Hooker."

Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 20:46:17 -0600 Subject: thanks Thanks for a WONDERFUL site dedicated to sex work. I've been in sex work for 25 years (18-43) and am delighted that there is actually some factual info. being presented instead of the same tired old concepts. Our site is going live on Feb. 14'97 and I'll be honored to provide a link to your pages.

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