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Honolulu, Hawaii

Update from Hawaii.

There is sex to be had in Honolulu.

I have never used one, but I hear girls will come to your room and fuck
you for about $200.  There are some very exotic oriental girls in

There are Oriental Massage parlors springing up in Honolulu. All are run
by Koreans and give you a pretty good deal.
Hula Hands Oriental Massage
Oriental Relaxation Therapy
Oriental Massage
Mona's Oriental Relaxation

They are all located just out of Waikiki in the Kapiolani district. Two
of the best places are located across the street from the Honolulu Hard
Rock Cafe, in a tall mirrored window office building/condo complex
called Century Center.
When you walk in the mama san asks if you want a massage.  The cost is
$50 for a full hour. All the girls are Korean and speak broken English.
They run from butt ugly to stunning and petite. This is the major
drawback: You may not see all of the girls ahead of time and pick one.
You go in a room and the mama san sends one in. However, if you don't
like the one who shoes up you can tell her No thanks and ask for
another.  They have been 4 and 7 girls working. The places are open til
2 or 3 AM.
For $50 the girl gives you a pretty good straight massage. Some are
actually pretty good. They have soft "dentist office" music playing on a
radio.  The place is clean and they have fresh towels on a futon
mattress on the floor.  You take off your clothes and lay down and get
about a half hour massage.  After about a half hour you are lying on
your stomach and the girl (without you asking) starts tickling your back
and buttocks softly.  She reaches under and tickles your balls.  Then
she askes you to turn over.  Some ask if you "want to massage here?"
while pointing to your hard on.  Others just get the baby oil out and go
for it.
Some will take their clothes off, others will not.

Hiromi at Hula Hands.  Ask for her by name.  She is a slender Korean
with small tits, but whew....

I know at least one friend who had this experience:  The girl says she
is tired, so he offered to massage her.  She disrobes and lays down and
lets him rub her, then she finishes him with the baby oil.
Nice touch: (why orientals are more civilized) After you cum, they go
get a hot wet washcloth and wipe you off.  Then they finish the straight
It is customary to tip the girl another $20, $30 or $40 depending on how
well you liked it.  I guess some girls will do more, if you ask nicely
and pay enough. Most do not consider themselves prostitutes....the
sexual finish is just part of the relaxation.  Amen.


There are about 40 "hostess bars" in the Kapiolani/Keeaumoku area (a
mile outside Waikiki)  They are LOADED with beautiful oriental women.
The girl sits down and you buy her a drink (cost $20).  She rubs your
leg and pretends you are the best man she has ever met.  She immediately
asks for another drink.  You can drop a lot of money and get nothing
more than a leg rub.  When you stop buying $20 drinks, the girl acts
like you are dirt.

They have Karaoke rooms.  (Private rooms where you can sing songs with
the girl.)  If you buy her a bottle of wine ($120) she will give you a
hand job.  $200 gets a blow job.  SOme will actually fuck you in the
room if you spend enough.
I know some guys who (3 of them) took three girls in and dropped a
bundle. They all bought champagne for the girls ($200 each). The girls
started dancing naked.  They put a towel over the window on the door.
(law requires a window to the outside bar, but they are usually such
that the room is dark and no one can see in.)  Anyway after buying
enough champagne the girls fucked the guys and everyone had a good time.
If you are new to Hawaii or visiting, ask a cabbie to show a good
hostess bar with good girls.  The names change often, but try
CLUB NEW SECRET on Sheridan St.
CLUB AOBAJO on Keeaumoku
EVERGREEN on Kapiolani

You must be careful.
1. Some of the most beautiful girls in the bar are there just to sit and
look pretty. They are not players.  Make sure she's up for some fun
before you spend a lot.
2. Never give them your credit card.  They take the card and start
sending girls and drinks before you ask...and you can run up a thousand
dollar tab before you know what hit you.

A girl named "Linda" at CLUB TREASURE ISLAND a Vietnamese karaoke bar on
Kona Street (near Ala Moana Shopping center)  She is in her early
twenties.  Half Vietnamese half American and gorgious.  Se has perfect
tits and a tight tiny ass.  She is a doll.  She will play hard to get at
first, denying she does sex acts.  But for a hundred dollars she gives a
wonderful hand job in the karaoke room or private booth while you play
with her perfect breasts.


Subject: Honolulu Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 00:41:23 UTC Since the information in the FAQ seems dated and, perhaps, not quite accurate, I thought I would describe some of my experiences. I have never tried the streets. Along the mauka side of Kalakaua in Waikiki, between Lewers and Seaside you can find several girls from late afternoon until 5 or 6 in the morning. Very few, if any, of these ladies are local and their main purpose seems to be to separate the tourists (primarily the Japanese) from as much cash as possible. The papers sometimes have stories of a tourist being robbed by a prostitute in his hotel room. It probably happens more often than we know about because most victims will not tell the police. The yellow pages have numerous ads for escort services. Many of the services run more than one ad, however, so calls to different numbers can be to the same agency. Most have a variety of girls, local, Asian, black, blonde, etc. for a fee of $150 to $200. You can get full service but the girls usually want $150 or more tip, in addition to the agency fee. Most of the girls I have had would rate between 7 and 9, but I am partial to Asians. It has been years since I frequented the so-called Korean bars. Some, but by no means all, of the girls in these establishments are available. It will cost you plenty, though, because you have to spend time buying drinks to get anywhere. Much of the action these days seems to be in massage places. The PennySaver, available in street stands all over town, has several ads in the personal section. I think I saw in the FAQ that Hula Hands was out of business. If so, someone else has opened in the same location, on the second floor of Century Center. I tried this place a couple of times. Neither of the girls would take their clothes off although they let me touch them rather freely. A hand job is part of the basic service. TLC Oriental Relaxation, at the corner of Kapiolani and McCully, was recommended in an earlier post. I went there just once. The girl would have been an 8 or better, but she had breast implants. They were too firm and too large for her body size. I prefer smaller, natural Asians. For $100 she took her clothes off but all I got was a hand job. She was friendly but rather businesslike. 7th Heaven, about a block from Sports Authority on Ward, had been advertising a grand opening. However, last week, I saw a newspaper report that they had been busted in a police sting last March. I tried this one recently and thought it was good but expensive. You undress in a small room, leave your things in a locker (you keep the key) and then go to a small room. The girl takes you to a shower with a table and gives you a body shampoo. I don't think I have been so clean in years! After soaping my feet and legs, the girl asked if she could wash my cock. When I said yes, she told me to touch myself first. Back in the little room she pointed to a sign on the wall and emphasized that this is a "social club" and I should buy "juice." For $150, plus another tip, she brought a large iced coffee and a plate of mixed nuts. We shared the coffee and she fed me some nuts. She massaged my cock, gave me a blow job, got on top, and finished me off with a hand job. I was early and they weren't busy, so there was no rushing. I would rate the girl about a 6, she was a little older than the others I've been with and slightly overweight. I didn't check the time but I think I got more than the hour the entrance fee was to pay for. My favorite is Oriental Stress Free, on the ground floor of Century Center on Kalakaua, just off Kapiolani. I have been there a number of times, with different girls. With one exception, I got full service without being rushed for $80 to $100 tip. Most of the girls are Korean but I had a Thai girl recently and I would rate them as 7s or 8s. One girl, in particular, lets me eat her pussy and is an enthusiastic participant. She doesn't just lay there but often winds up sitting on my face. When we finish, I have to clean my face as well as my cock. Facilities are not elaborate. A shower is available but it is in a utility room - clean but not fancy. Most rooms are just big enough for the mattress on the floor and are entered through sliding doors. The fee is $50 for an hour. Even when you cum before the hour is up, the girls will stay to talk and cuddle until time is up. Most will help you get dressed, too.
Subject: Honolulu, new massage procedures Date: 22 Jun 1996 12:30:23 +0200 Apparently, the massage and oriental relaxation businesses have been the target of some over zealous TV news reporting recently in Honolulu. As a result, law enforcement has increased. At least one establishment has come up with some safeguards for themselves. The new procedures for clients seems somewhat leary at first, but turns out pretty good if the operator is honest. It goes like this: Upon arrival, I paid the entry fee first. In this case $50. I was then taken into a tiny dressing room where I was asked a few probing questions and told of the increased notice these sorts of establishments were getting. I was even asked to let my wallet be examined. I was shown a disclaimer card saying, among other things, there is no sex, no touching of genitals, etc. Then I was told that there are drinks that I could purchase for the girls that would keep me company accompanied by hand signals. $30 for a regular manual drink, $100 for an oral deluxe drink, and $150 for a full service supreme drink, including half-half, I'm sure. Now undress and place all your possesions in a locker, cash only is allowed in your private relaxation room. This is the hard part for me, you have to decide how much cash to bring with you without seeing you therapist. Although, if not to your liking, I was told you could switch. Agreeing to a girl, a body shampoo followed (my best one yet, think a tame air matteres in Thailand) Then you choose which drink you want to buy... if you brought enough money, and the rest, if any, in clear view of your companion if you brought too much. I chose the full serivce supreme drink and got it bare! Stupid, but fun. Then she went to get me my stuff, I dressed and left. I think I like this new way. I assume I won't get a girl that doesn't drink whatever drink you want to buy for her. And the price is the same for every girl. I guess you can try to talk them down, but I didn't.
Subject: Honolulu streetwalkers Date: 1996/10/18 One of Honolulu's most well-known prostitution sites is the Hotel St. area of downtown Honolulu. Strange that I've never seen it mentioned on this list; since I haven't, I guess it's up to me to fill this glaring omission. The area bordered by Beretania St., King St., Nuuanu Ave. and River St. is the most active area in the state after Waikiki. Hotel St., now closed to vehicular traffic, has a historic reputation as a red light district going back to Hawaii's days as a major player in the whaling industry. The prices in this area are considerably lower than Waikiki, and the women (and not all of them are women) are generally less attractive. They are more likely to be druggies, alcoholics, etc., so beware. Prices start at $20-30 for head, $40-50+ for straight sex. The hookers in Waikiki are definitely higher quality, but most of 'em won't even shake your hand for less than $100, and you can probably expect straight sex to start at double that rate. There are a number of really gorgeous girls in Waikiki, though, and to my knowledge they're *all* girls. The busiest areas are near the public parking lot at the intersection of Pauahi & Smith streets, River St. between Beretania & Hotel, and King St. between Maunakea & Bethel. There are a couple of less-popular areas: Kukui St. between Aala and Nuuanu Ave., and Merchant St. between Nuuanu Ave. & Bishop. These last two areas--especially Merchant St.--tend to have transsexuals and/or transvestites. Some of 'em are surprisingly attractive, if you like that sort of thing. Hawaii has laws against picking up hitchhikers, so you'll get ticketed if you get caught with a hooker in your car even if you haven't made a proposition or done anything yet--at least, if the car's moving. As far as I know, sitting in the car and talking is OK. The area also has police sting operations every few months, so beware. One thing I've noticed is that the real hookers tend to travel in groups while the cops work alone. If you see a group together, they're almost certainly not cops. The hookers know the decoys and won't talk to them. One type of sting has a decoy direct you to an area to wait for her, then cops swarm the car once you've gone there. To avoid something like this, don't mention anything specific, just say you want to sit down with her "to talk story" for a bit. A cop won't enter the car. Your best bet is probably to park the car and walk around the area a bit. Although it may look a bit dicey, it's a lot safer (or less safe, depending on how you look at it) than it looks, since there's a police station in the neighborhood. The level of police patrols in the area ranges from mildly busy to don't-even-think-about-it. Have fun, and don't get caught. Racer X
Subject: [ASP] Hawaii Bad Experience Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 13:28:18 -1000 HONOLULU, HI NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE I have never posted an experience before, but this time I just had to. I just left the worst experience I have ever had in a "massage establishment." This was my second time there so I should have known better. Several months ago I saw an ad in our local "Pennysaver." The ad read "sensuous girls" for "stress relief." Locally "stress relief" means hand release included or available. I was directed to a private residence Malia, a 3 or 4 month pregnant girl worked on me. I took the half hour for $40 rather than $60 for an hour. Things started bad when she insisted I keep my underwear on under a draped towel. A bad massage with no sensuality nor therapeutic value lasted all of 18 minutes. Absolutely nothing else available. New ad with different phone number 488-04xx. "Discrete Relaxation," "Soothing Stress Relief." In addition, the ad is always in the "Personals" section where all the sex-related ads are rather than the "Massage" listing. I arrived at the door at 11:15 a.m. Address is on Komo Mai Drive in Pearl City. Lori, an overweight though not un-attractive young girl worked on me. This time I went for the $60 one hour session. She told me to undress, wrap the towel around my waist and lay face down on the table. I asked if it was alright to just drape the towel and she said yes. I undressed, lay down and waited several minutes. She came in, opened a brand new bottle of baby oil and proceeded to squeeze so much on my back it was dripping down my sides. She started to rub and asked if the pressure was ok. I said a little harder was good. She asked two more times and two more times I said the same thing. Finally she stopped asking and never increased the pressure. It wasn't even a "sensuous" rubdown, just hand motions with seeming disinterest. It was the same slobbering of oil to every part she "massaged." After about 30 minutes she stopped and I assumed she was going to tell me to roll over. But no, that was it. She then said to get dressed and meet her downstairs to leave. I was already irritated and had no intention to even ask about "extras." I asked to use the shower then, I was coated with oil, she said ok. I later looked and she had used almost one fourth of the bottle. When things are going bad I notice all kinds of things. The bathroom was terrible. Luckily I had brought my own soap with me, like to have same scent just in case. There was no soap. Didn't need to but there was no toilet paper and the toilet and seat had many remnants of "upset stomachs." The tub was coated with matted hair mixed with oil. I stepped as carefully as I could while in the bathroom. I cleaned up, dressed and got out of there as quickly as I could. I noticed I was about three blocks away at 12:15 p.m. That was my one hour massage? In retrospect I had the bad experience the first time and should not have gone back. Thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and was sadly mistaken. This was neither "therapeutic" nor sexual. I do not see how they stay around. Maybe it was me, I have never had trouble being mistaken for a cop. If anyone else has a different experience there I would be interested to know...maybe I didn't say the right code words. I am certainly not an novice at these things, this place throws me for a loop. So many better places and people available and yet we keep looking for something new and exciting. I guess have to have bad experiences to appreciate the good.
Subject: REVIEW: Elite Escorts in Honolulu HI Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 21:08:32 GMT Elite Escorts Escort Service Honolulu HI In general, the escort services of Honolulu offer very good service and a wide variety of girls, but I have found Elite to be one of the best. Elite has several girls that are 100% Japanese, one of my favorites. Depending on the girl, full service runs around $300, this includes that wonderful 'agency' fee. However, after your first encounter, if you want to see the girl again, ask her to meet you when she's not on agency time. Not one girl has refused to meet me and you can save yourself about $150. My last experience was in March of '96 with girl named Niko ( I had her pager number from a previous encounter). She's 5' 4", 105 lbs, 21, Black hair, Black eyes, 100% Japanese with a face and body to die for. An absolute pro at oral sex and someone who truly enjoys pleasing a man. If you last through the blow job, you can expect intercourse in any position you like and probably a few positions you didn't know existed. Rate - $300 for 3 hours 1st timers don't expect to get this deal, I have seen her several times and have built a trust. All I can say is that her price is based on the type of guy and the nicer you are to her, the nicer she is going to be to you.
Date: October 1996 Honolulu Hawaii recent crackdown on body massage places. very sad. 6 places busted for prostitution, bribing police officers, etc. several places reopened immediately. typical prices were 50 + 150 tip for half/half prior to busts. havent been back since (lack of funds)
Subject: Re: Hawaii massage parlors...which one is the best? Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 14:43:01 GMT >If anyone in Hawaii knows the best massage parlor leave a message in >this newsgroup...please leave the name of the girl and cost of service >too. thanks I know of several good ones. It depends on the service you want, though. If you like the body shampoo places, you can try 7th Heaven, Tokyo Spa, or Magic Hands. If you just want plain service, the place on the ground floor of Century Center is good (I never can remember the name of this place). Where ever you go, the entry fee is $50. With the body shampoo, the cost everywhere seems to be $150 and up. Without, the price varies from $80 to $100.
Subject: [ASP] Report Honolulu Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 14:04:16 -0600 I haven't been to one of the oriental massage parlors for several months and decided to try a different place yesterday. Late on Sunday afternoon I went to Aloha Stress Free, on Keeaumoku between King and Young. When I called earlier, to be sure they were open, the woman who answered had a definite asian accent. But, when I rang to bell to be admitted, the door was opened by a haole girl. This wasn't the mama-san, either. The girl was short, not much over 5 feet and probably weighs 140. I doubt she will see 30 again. In the room, she gave me a brief massage and then asked what I wanted to do and what my budget would handle. When I said I liked to do a little of everything and offered $100, she accepted. I will say that she had an unusual and very satisfying oral technique. Then, after getting it on in several positions, she finished with a hand release. Ratings: Appearance - 5-6, Attitude - 7-8, Technique - 6-7
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 23:10:37 -1000 Subject: Honolulu Update - Sept 1997 Sept 1997 Honolulu shampoo parlors have now stopped advertising in the newspapers due to increased pressure and exposure from the press and police, but they are still thriving. Spot Fantasy on S. King St. and Pearl City Relaxation on kam Hwy in Peary City are two I recently checked out. Both are run by Koreans; Pearl City employing all Koreans and one white girl (large but pretty). There are some young ones, but the older ones will deal with you more than the younger ones and they put on a better act when you're fucking them. Ask for Mina at Pearl City. Spot Fantasy has all Korean girls, but one absolutely stunning Filipina girl (Jennifer), who it turns out I knew from being stationed in the Philippines!! What a reunion and discount!! Standard prices are $50 flat rate and the rest is negotiable. To all you guys who pay anything over $50 for a blowjob....SUCKERS. When the girl tells you $200 for everything, $100 for a BJ, and $50 for a hand job, tell her $50 for head. She'll say no. Just tell her "That's too expensive....just finish the massage." After about 5 minutes, she'll say, "Okay, okay, $50, but don't tell anyone." The older woman at Pearl City gave me everything...even her asshole...for $50. I've also been to Hula Hands in Century City. It's more upscale (as upscale as a whorehouse can be) but you can still come off cheap if you use the method above.
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:38:19 -1000 Subject: Hawaii Notes - anon please Honolulu Massage Places Hula Hands Went there in April - had a great time! $50 entrance feel, full service $100. Excellent service - enthusiastic. Got to stay the whole hour. Went there in August - SUCKED BIG TIME. The masseuse wanted $200 full service! When I said I had paid $100 last time, she got mad and accused me of thinking that she was cheap or something :-). Settled for a hand-job (unenthusiastic Massage includes shower (she washes you from head to toe). I'll probably give them one more try before I go elsewhere (Tokya Spa, Evergreen, Magic Hands to name a few) NOTE that most massage places are not allowed to advertise in the regular papers (Advertiser, Star-Bulletin) and even in the "alternative" paper (The Weekly) due to fascist censorship of advertisements - I find most ads these days in the Pennysaver. Happy hunting.
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 23:00:44 -1000 Subject: Honolulu Oriental Massage House Tonight I tried a massage house in Honolulu. They have no name on their door right now, but are located where "Oriental Relaxation" used to be (Look it up in the phone book... its in the Century Plaza, first floor, on Kalakaua). A polite Moma-san met me at the door, I paid her $40, then she directed me to a room and told me to take my clothes off. The room was clean with a simple matt-type bed and a couple of towels to wrap around one-self. A pretty (about a 7) 30-year old korean woman entered and told me to lay down... what followed was a truly good massage. The only problem was that her english was less than good... I had to listen carefully when we chit-chatted. After about a half-hour of good massage, she touched me in the usual places and made an offer. I countered and she accepted too easily... ($80 tip for everything) I probably paid too much, but not by the local standard for Honolulu. She took her clothes off and allowed be to lick her to orgasm (she was real wet with very little effort) and then we fucked for quite a while. When it was over, she cleaned me up and then cuddled for a while. A very nice experience. She seemed genuinely happy to have been with me (either for real or a good actress... I don't care which) and then they validated my parking for 1.5 hours (so that cost me nothing). Overall, a very nice place.
Subject: [ASP} Re Honolulu Massage Date: 1998/01/07 A couple of recent posts asked about Honolulu massage parlors. The first was about a place called Heavenly. I am not familiar with any place with that name. There used to be one called 7th Heaven but they closed about a year ago. The second was about Tokyo Spa and Magic Hands. The poster didn't seem to like either place. I haven't been to Tokyo Spa for several months but used to go there frequently. I always had a good experience there. Service usually rates an 8 or 9, the girls' appearance ranged from 6 to 9, and attitude ranged from 7 to 9. I don't know what it would take to make a 10 but that probably wouldl be a pretty exceptional experience. My must recent visit to Magic Hands was late on Sunday afternoon just before New Year. I won't give the girls name but she was young (probably in her late 20s, although she wouldn't give her age), slender, and very pretty. No artificial enhancements, which I hate, particularly on Asian women. Service, attitude, and appearance all were 8 or 9. For general information, I went to China Spa a few weeks ago and was with a young, local girl. Very nice, I'd give her an 8 or 8.5 on attitude and appearance and a 7.5 on service.
Subject: WSG Honolulu update Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 19:28:10 PST All hail Atta! Honolulu clearly is wide open. The main streets described by others (Kuhio is one, I forget name of other, but is hard to miss) are teeming with girls. No police presence/stings that I'm aware of. Girls have their own hotel rooms that you can go to. Be clear on one thing though my friends. Be sure to negotiate "exactly" what you're getting and at what price before you get in cab. If girl says she can't discuss it, walk away. She's out to rip you off and drive up the price once you get into room. Plenty of girls will describe on street exactly what you get at what price, so why bother with bullshitters? I made mistake of trusting "Meka" (19 year old Japanese girl who was walking with white girl). Once in room, it was whole lot of pointless bullshit. If you can find 'Kalee' (20 year old white, blond) go for it, you won't be disappointed. Prices seem to be $100 and up. Probably can do better if you pick up someone scaggy. Aloha.
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 22:06:37 -1000 Honolulu, Hawaii Escort Services 3-2-98 I recently tried this escort service called Sophie and Friends... a total rip-off! I called their number and this guy Steve answers and tells me where to go and how great the service is and the girl is supposed to be a "pretty young student" that will give you a "fantasy" rub-down... WOW! He tells me to go to this phone booth and call him back and he'll let me know what room to go to. So I call him and he tells me where to meet the "young" lady. I'm kind nervous at first cause you never know if the Cops are going to catch you in a "sting" operation. Anyway, I reach the apartment and ring the bell. She come to the door and tells me to come in. We make small talk and I ask her how much. She tells me its $150.00 for an erotic massage and $200.00 for a "fantasy" rubdown. I give her the $200.00 and she tells me to remove my clothes and lay on the bed. Meanwhile, she goes into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, she comes out and starts rubbing my back with some kinda oil... and starts telling me about herself... blah, blah, blah... then 30 minutes later, the phone rings and she tells me to get dressed... the session is over. WHAT! $200.00 for some oil on my back???? She said that a group of guys was coming over in ten minutes. Yeah, right! Then she asks me if I'll use their services again.... Sure I will! Right after Hell freezes over! So take my advice... stay away from Sophie and Friends... unless you enjoy spending $200.00 for an oily backside. :-) Misty II... Strip Club Had an enjoyable encounter a few weeks ago. I had an hour to kill so I stopped in and had a few beers. There was this Vietnamese stripper... I forget her name... but boy was she HOT!!! The bar was kinda empty and I was the only guy sitting near the stage so she was really into her dance and trying to get whatever dollars she could from me. Her routine was basically the same... first song was all bump and grind, second song and the clothes started coming off and by the third song I got the most pleasant surprise of my life. She squatted dead in fron of me and put her pussy right up to my face. She had this wicked smile on her face... daring me to do something, so I grabbed her ass from between her legs and started to eat her pussy... right there on the dance floor. She started grinding her hips into my face and started making these squeaking sounds, then she moved away and smiled back at me. When her dance was finished, she came and sat down beside me and asked me to buy her a drink, which I did. After some small talk, we moved to a more "private" table in the rear, obstructed from view but still within the bar. She started groping me and nibbling on my ear and junior started to rise. Then she told me she wanted to suck it for $60.00... and when I hesitated, she gave me a sample. Then she asked me to suck on her for awhile, which I did without being asked twice. When she finally moved my head away, she asked me for the money. I gave her the $60.00 and she started to give me a condomless blowjob... right there at the table. after 10 minutes, I came and she wiped up the evidence, gave me her pager number and told me she charges $150.00 for full service. She is a petite figured girl, about mid-twenties with a great body... at least an 8. I called her pager once, but she just woke up and wasn't "in the mood"... so I never called again.
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 17:18:27 -0600 Subject: Honolulu update 03-12-98 Dear Atta: Here is a Honolulu update: The best place to get laid cheap is Club Moondancer off of Kapiolani behind Club Femme Nu. Moondancer has three private rooms and about 10-15 "dancers" on duty at all times. You pay the house "mama" $20.00 for use of the room for 15 minutes. Oral sex is the norm and condoms are required however intercourse is available for the right tip to the house however you must negotiate the fee with the "dancer." There are very good looking young local girls-
Subject: [ASP]Tokyo Relaxation-Honolulu Date: 1998/03/28 Just got back from my second trip to Tokyo Relaxation. It's not a massage parlor per se, but rather a total relaxation center. They even have a sauna and jacuzzi if you want to use them. On both trips, I chose a young lady named Daisy, but there were a number of drop dead gorgeous women there, both Oriental and other. The mama-san takes the initial $50, which gets you an hour of time, and then you select the girl of your choice. She and you head back to a back room where you and the young lady decide what you want. Full "service" runs $150. If you don't have a $150, you can negotiate for lesser services. If you're in Honolulu and want a great place, check this one out. It has 2 entrances, one on Kapiolani and the other on Kona. Use the Kona street entrance, you get a better view of the stable. Enjoy,
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 01:58:19 -1000 Subject: Honolulu Update April 27, 1998 - Honolulu has everything. But as 1998 is an election year, there's a concerted effort to get prostitution off the streets, especially the streets of Waikiki and downtown. As a result, the action has moved indoors. Most popular are the table-top shampoo establishments, much like massage parlors you'd find elsewhere. The ticket at the door is $50. You are taken to a room. A few minutes later a girl comes in. If you're not already undressed, she helps you undress. Wrap a towel around yourself and she leads you down to the bath. She warms up a padded, vinyl-topped "table" with hot water and instructs you to lie face down. First she scrubs you back side, including your ass hole, then you turn over and she scrubs down your front including a good once or twice over your cock and balls. Then back to the room. She may ask what you do for a living. She may even ask if you're a cop. Following the massage, she asks what you want and you negotiate a price. She starts at $200, then quickly falls back to $150. If you're ready to say "take it or leave it" you may be able to get full service for $100, especially if that's all you have and you insist on having sex. But she may not like it. Otherwise, $130 is usually acceptable. A hand job is usually about $40 and may be all that's offered if the girl is not comfortable with your (or having her period). These places have sprung up all over the Kapiolani district and on Keeaumoku Street. Don't bother looking in the Honolulu Weekly, the daily Advertiser or the Star-Bulletin. You'll find loads of ads in the back four or five pages of the Pennysaver, available free all over town. It's also on the Internet at; look under the "massage" or "personal" headings. Some of the ads evan have discount coupons! Here you'll find ads for Aloha Stress Free, Hula Hands, Magic Hands, Oriental Relaxation, The Original R&R, Tokyo Spa and lots of others. New ones seem to open each week. I've try not to visit them during their "grand opening" as they are usually very wary of cops and generally don't offer full service during the grand opening. Also, the places closer to Waikiki generally have higher prices. There is one place I love to go on Keeaumoku Street. You walk in to a large living-room-like room where the girls are sitting on sofas along both walls, playing cards or watching TV. The mama will let you pick out the girl you like. At about 8 p.m., there's usually around 8 to 12 girls available. And some of them are stunning. Most are Asian, an occasional Caucasian or black girl. The Asians are mostly Korean, but there are Thais, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese girls as well. The places are most busy on Friday and Saturday nights, so try Sunday through Thursday. Prices are sometimes lower before 6 or 8 p.m. but there are fewer girls to choose from. On my last visit, I choose Lily, a 24 year old Korean. She was so beautiful. Porcelain skin, wonderful small rounded breasts and very, very enthusiastic. She thought my $130 was just terrific. She sucked my dick and let me eat her pussy before we fucked. Totally unhurried. Lily had been in Hawaii for just a week, straight from Seoul. She said she had to work for another 2 or 3 weeks at the spa then she would be available to go see some of the sights. Seems she was on some kind of contract with the establishment. The time before that, I had Nana. She really fucked my brains out. She was moaning so loudly and screaming "fuck me, fuck me." We spent well over an hour and a half together. When we were done, we took a shower together. My knees were so weak, I could hardly walk. As we walked out through the living room together, all of the other girls had to take a look to see what all the yelling had been about. It used to be that you could get a local girl on the streets downtown for anywhere from $20 to $50. But this scene has largely been eliminated by police harassment. So try a table-top shampoo! All of the exotic women you can find anywhere in the world, you can find in Honolulu. Aloha.
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 11:22:34 -1000 Subject: Escort Services in Honolulu I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and I've been a VERY frequent customer of the island's many escort services. I've been to the Korean bars, the strip clubs, Hotel Street and Waikiki, but I always go back to the escorts. Why? The following story will help to illustrate. I'm a waiter at an upscale restaurant near Ala Moana beach. Business is generally slow at lunch. Anyway, I was feeling really horny one day and decided to call an escort service. (I forget which one, but it doesn't really matter -- they've all been quite good.) I asked the woman at the agency for "a really, really young Oriental girl." A few minutes later, I got a call back from a girl named Jen or something who had just come over from Hong Kong (so she spoke really good English). I told her I wanted her to see me at work. To my surprise, it wasn't a problem for her. She showed up 45 minutes later. She was definitely a minor. Probably in high school. I would guess 16 or 17. She was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Really casual. I took her to the supply room in back. She was really easy going about payment ($185 total), and had a friendly attitude. The first thing she did was sit me down on a big, wooden crate of salad oil. She unzipped me, got on her knees, then gave me the most incredible, wet, slow, illegal blow job of my life. After some time, she took off her shorts. Unfortunately, she still had her period, so fucking her was out of the question. Instead, she removed the rest of her clothes, then got back on her knees and continued to suck me off with her sweet, little mouth. When I was about ready to cum, I asked if I could shoot my load in her mouth. Without stopping, she just shook her head to indicate "no." So, instead, I pulled out at the last second and she let me cum on her face. It was the best oral sex I'd ever paid for in my life. But the best thing about it was that about 20 minutes after she'd left, she called me up at work just to ask if "everything was okay." I couldn't believe it. I said yeah, and asked if she had a pager number or something I could call her at the next time. She didn't, and I haven't been able to contact her since. Nevertheless, I can't think of a single other place in the United States where you can get that kind of service for less than $200.

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