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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

You've got an interesting site.  Just a word about Vietnam which
should be posted to those going there.  In Ho Chi Minh City
(Saigon), prostitution is readily available openly in the park by the
Palace for about $1.00, but avoid this and other offers.  The police
often work in concert with girls.  The police watch for foreigners in
the park and will arrest you.  With the offers from other girls you
meet, the girl will ask you to come back to her apartment as she can
not go into the hotel.  Then, before anything has happened, the police
will barge in and arrest the both of you.  For $1,500, they will
release you "to avoid an incident," then pay off the girl for her part
in the facade as you go back to your hotel with a sigh of relief.
Don't get taken in.  Several foreigners, particularly Taiwan and
Australian businessmen get scammed by this every week.  And the
foreign community is so small that everyone else often hears about it.
Do that stuff in Thailand if you are so inclined, but don't fall
for the trap in Vietnam.

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 01:21:30 UTC The info on Vietnam can only have been written by someone who takes this web page name PARANOID! It is complete crap. There are working girls in every corner of Vietnam and the service is friendly and cheap. While it is true that the police take some interest in activities in the rural areas, a few dollars will take care of them.
Subject: Re: Pussy In Vietnam Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 18:56:00 UTC Saigon : Want to get laid in Vietnam, no problem. Stay at a hotel on De Tham Street go to the Apocalypse Now club. The place is full of sweet young girls just waiting for US Dollars. The only draw back is that you will have to go to a short time hotel with them, due to the fact it is still a Commie country and to stay in a hotel overnight they have to register you with the police. If you dont find one you like in the club, take a walk back to your hotel. Girls on motorbikes will approach you in the street looking to fuck. What could be easier.
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 15:23:40 -0500 Subject: Vietnam Sex There is no problem in Saigon if you are careful. There are hundreds of 'kissing bars' where you can have a hostess sit with you while you drink beer - there is no charge (they earn commision on the beer) and you can use that as an opportunity to arrange a date with them - they can't have sex with you on the premises but most of them are keen for $. The massage parlours (hotels or otherwise) will also provide hand relief (about $30) - there are plenty of those in Vung Tau (Cap St Jaques) a seaside spot about 1 hour from Saigon. Befriend a cyclo driver, gain his confidence (buy him beers), tell him you want a woman and you'll be ok - some of the mini-hotels have short stay rooms for girls. BEWARE PICKING UP IN THE APOCALYPSE NOW STREET AREA - POLICE AROUND. It is difficult for foreigners but if you are CAREFUL and DISCRETE its fine - from one who knows!
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 01:51:49 +0800 Subject: Vietnam - Update on Ho Chi Minh City Hi Atta: I think your site is great ! Please anonymise this message. I visited Saigon recently (early December 1996) and found that Apocalypse Now had been shut down - some say that it will be re-opened in mid-1997. But there is a great alternative - the Gossip disco at the Hotel Metropole. The music is great, the atmosphere is good, the drinks are reasonably priced, it's the kind of place a foreigner can feel very comfortable in. More to the point, it's full of sexy, young, nubile, Vietnamese chicks, almost all of whom are available at a price. You'll see them standing around in twos and threes - quite a few hanging out on their own. Just make eye contact and smile - usually that should be enough to get her to come over. Buy her a drink, ask her to dance, get to know her - this may be a problem, many only speak a few words of English. However body language should do the trick. The good looking ones will ask for $100 - that is the price for an hour's session which includes foreplay, a blow-job and a fuck. If you wait till closing time, the price can come down to US$50. The problem is that you CANNOT take them back to your hotel at night. I picked up this real stunner and tried to bribe/persuade/plead with the desk clerk to let her in but he just wouldn't do it. Apparently they can get into real trouble with the police if they get caught. So we had to go to a small, private house which rents rooms by the hour (don't pay more than US$20). It's all perfectly safe - you won't get hassled by the cops or anything like that and the girls all know where to go. She was worth every cent - lovely 21 year-old body with soft, round tits, smooth skin, long lickable legs, beestung lips that could suck the life out of a Coke bottle, doe eyes, cute nose, shiny black hair and a tight little cunt that kept me rock-hard for all the time I was with her. Two other places worth mentioning. On the street, the cyclo drivers will take you where you want to go - they know all the places. The girls are lower quality than the ones that hang out in Gossip. Still you can get lucky and find a nice one but you have to look around. Don't pay more than US$30/hour. The other place is the Queen Bee Disco opposite the Rex Hotel. There are lots of attractive young ladies who will escort you in the disco - this involves chatting, singing, dancing and generally getting comfortable with them in a dark corner. The quality is quite high - however they are not all available for sex. You have to get a little lucky and if she likes you, you can negotiate to meet her after closing time (1 am). You will still have to go to a private house but then with her snuggling by your side, you would probably go to the moon and back again ! Good luck with your travels to Vietnam, one of the friendliest countries in SE Asia. And good value for money in terms of sex!
Date: 14 Mar 97 07:03:46 EST Subject: Re: Travel report 4. Saigon Coming from Thailand, Vietnam looks similar, but poorer. It is also quite dirty, and rather unsafe (I got my wallet stolen while sitting in a park). Hotels are usually expensive, not very comfortable, and they do not allow girls in the room. I har read that prostitution was prohibited in Vietnam (which it is) and that the law was strictly enforced (which it is definitively not). There are many hostess bars, some quite classy and comfortable, and taxi and cyclo drivers will take you to private houses (some are quite seedy places) where many young girls are available for taking to a mini-hotel (i.e. a private hotel with relaxed policy on illegitimate love matters). The standard price is USD 40 for the girl and another 30 for the room (40 for the whole night). By the way, in Saigon, do not bother to change too much money, US dollar bills are widely accepted. Some prices (taxi to the airport $6-10, one hour cyclo $2, 3 course meal $15, Coke $1). I was strolling in front of the city theatre when I was involved in a conversation with a guy who had with him a delightful young girl. After much talk, I took her to a mini-hotel for a while. Compared to a Thai girl, she was less shy (i.e. no towel wrapped around her when exiting from the shower, lying naked on the bed waiting for me, etc.) and very good at oral sex (which Thai girls seem not to enjoy much, when they accept to do it). Considering she is only 19, she has a lot of potential. If I worked in Saigon, I would want such a girl as a concubine... The next evening, I came back to her and for the third and last time she dressed in traditional Vietnamese clothes rather than jeans, and she was even more beautiful. That way we became good friends. The man who serves as her sponsor and mentor works for an travel agency, is very friendly, speaks good English, and claims he can arrange any kind of trip around Vietnam, including providing young attractive girls as escorts. He seemed to me reliable and helped me a lot when my wallet was stolen. He welcomed the idea of being included in this report and can be contacted at: [removed]
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 02:24:59 -0500 (EST) Subject: Update: Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam I've read the previous comments with great interest, having lived in Ho Chi Minh City for the past 3 years. I agree with almost all of the commentary, especially the comment that the initial report was paranoid crap (or it was written by a poor, stupid dumb-f). Women in Vietnam, prostitutes or not, are relatively easy to meet and bed (try a Vietnam Airlines hostess, but only if you exude financial wherewithal). Don't let innocent looks fool you, I've met very few virgins. Having also lived in Bangkok, it's my opinion that, in general, Vietnamese are more promiscuous than Thais. It is true that Gossip disco is a great place to start, and the $50-$100 tariff is accurate. Model-quality will request $200-$300, but at 1:30am will take $100. I suggest, however, that it's quite possible the Europa disco near the airport (in a bowling alley) cannot be challenged as the best pickup venue ANYWHERE. On ladies nights (Thursday and Sunday) the female:male ratio should be at least 5:1. The fun begins about 8 pm. Don't bother buying a lady drinks at any disco in HCMC, especially at Europa, it's not expected or asked. Make your deal $40-$100 and go to a short time hotel (where you needn't register), she'll know one nearby. Expect to pay $10-$30 at Apocalypse (open again), because if you want quality you'll have to reach a bit deeper. The beer bars (bia om) are outrageously fun, if you speak at least a few words of Vietnamese or go with local friends. I don't recommend going by yourself if you're new in town, as doing so is just asking to get ripped off or in trouble, or both. Most bia oms are in District 4 and in Go Vap district, but can be found anywhere. They can be recognized as follows: (1) they say (in Vietnamese) "airconditioned restaurant," (2) from the street level looking in, all you can see is a small bar and many motorbikes parked so license plates cannot be seen by passing spouses, and (3) there will usually be vertical strings of christmas lights hanging down the building front. Girls will usually meet you after work for $20-$30 per session. At insane bia oms service on sight is $5-$10 a blow and $10-$30 full session. Want a special massage, don't go to the Prince Hotel. Otherwise, it's available everywhere else and virtually mandatory at most other hotels (which seem to have cornered the market). If you really don't care about a massage, go to the Palace Hotel where everything except a massage is available, or to Vung Tau (Cap St. Jacques). Please don't pay more than $25 for a hand job or local residents will be upset at you for ruining the market. Final words: unless you're shit-faced, don't take a girl from the street. Not only are most doggy dirty (rejects from Phnom Penh?), but I've seen many tourists unknowingly leave with the many transvestites on the streets. Watch out for the redhead in Europa/Gossip who grabs your crotch and plays mama-san, it's a guy! If you're still unlucky after all this running around town, give it a final shot by getting a 2am bowl of noodles at ABC Restaurant on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street. It's packed nightly with women on their way home, who would prefer to be on their way to your home. In Vietnam, there's rarely a need to be shy.
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 19:31:16 EST Subject: Sex in Saigon I visited Saigon four times during 1996-97, and sex is available everywhere. My first night there I found a cyclo driver who spoke English and used him to find my a hooker down near the Saigon River. The hooker, Phoung, was about 30, slim and not bad looking. She wanted $30, but she may have had to give some of this to the cyclo driver as a finders fee. We took a cab a few blocks to (believe it or not!) the Luc Phuc Hotel. The room was $25, which turned out to be about right, although I later paid $20 at other hotels (a note, by Vietnamese law Vietnamese citizens can't go into your hotel room unless they are also registered guests -- if you want a place to take a girl for a couple of hours, you have to find a small Vietnamese-owned hotel which caters to the locals -- don't try taking a local girl into the Rex or the Omni or any of the hotels that cater to tourists or businessmen). Anyway, Phoung and I got undressed and she immediately garbbed my cock and started to jam it into her mouth, but I put on a rubber first, but then she didn't want to suck! She was a moderately good fuck for an hour or so, but not that great. Afterrwards my cyclo driver took down to the plaza in front of City Hall, where there were two absolutely beautiful young girls willing to screw for $30 each -- they said they were nineteen but looked about fifteen or sixteen. The wather was HOT and very humid, and I was drained from Phong, but these two were too good pass up. I took them back to Luk Phuc (and another $25!), and spend the best part of two hours trying to get to eat each others pussies, but settled for fucking them both hard and deep. On a later trip I heard about a girl (a woman, actually, not that young, but with a big smile, good sized tits and a beautiful tight heart-shaped ass) who worked at the Omni Hotel who would spend the night for $100. [name censored] would only screw you if you booked two rooms at the Garden Plaza Hotel near where she works so she has an easy trip to work the next day. You have to book two rooms, because one of the rooms needs to be registered in her name. Rooms at the Garden Plaza run about $80 to $100, so the total comes to about $180 to $200, sex and room included plus another $80 to $100 for the room in her name (which she never even goes into!). This is pricey sex in Saigon, but she'll do ANYTHING -- take it up the ass and then suck you, take it tied up on the bed, tied up upside down over a chair or a table, anything you can think of. Once we picked up another girl, went back to the Luc Phuc, and [name censored] ate the other girl's pussy while I fucked her up the ass -- really GREAT sex!!! One more thing about her that I forgot to mention: if you ask her, she'll have the hotel's business office type up a receipt from her for "consulting and translating services". I've never done this with her, but she offered to give me a signed receipt for US$1000 for the $200 I had given her for staying with me for two nights. Sex is everywhere in Saigon -- go there and have a great time!

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