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Denver, Colorado

>anybody know of any places in colo???

I've had great success using advertisements found in the Rocky Mountain
Oyster, the local sex rag.

The ads feature 1 on 1 strips, massage & oil sessions, and full
service.  How do you know whom supplies full service? Well, I tend to
avoid the more professional ads & look for the keywords "Discreet"
& "Independent". There are two sure things:

1) "Christina" - $150 for 1 hour OK looks, a bit on the paranoid side.
After our session, I made a comment she mis-understood & thought she was
getting busted.

2) "Delectable" - Her name (on the phone) is Julie. $160 for 1 hour. Very
pretty, very professional, very passionate. I have used her on three
separate occasions. She even sent me a Valentine's Day Card. Talk about
"customer service" :-)

Both these girls operate strictly outcall. The above two women's ads are
easily found in the 'Oyster. I've purposely left out their phone numbers
so as to reduce the number of potential harassing calls. If you're
serious, get the magazine. It's free, and available at most adult-oriented
shops in the Denver Metro Area.

I plan to try out other services listed & post a more comprehensive
message in the near future. If anyone else has Colorado experiences,
please post them!

Subject: Experience in Denver Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 01:10:31 UTC The following is a negative experience that I had with an independent. This experience is relative to the Denver Metro area and the independent that I chose was from the Rocky Mountain Oyster. The name of the independent in the ad was "Illusions". Initial contact was made and an appointment was set up, she was incall at her place. I was instructed to call her from a corner store before I went over. I proceeded to place the call but it was never answered. I called the other number in the ad and i was able to make contact with her colleague who then proceeded to make contact with this women. Apparently this woman has a phone service called caller id and apparently she didn't have both payphone numbers at the store so she never answered my call. Anyway, We set up another appointment for the next day. When she greeted me at her door I was taken back by her appearance. She was NOTHING at all like she described herself on the phone. her price was $100/hr. After the money business was taken care of, we got naked. Her tits sagged and her ass drooped. Her skin was very rough and old an saggy. We proceeded to make conversation and she proceeded to rub some lotion on my legs. She seemed to like her tits being sucked and later she allowed me to finger fuck her. She ended by giving me head. I say this was a negative experience because of her mistake with the first appointment and her appearance was lacking terribly. This was my first experience using an independent/service and after that experience it may be my last. I am seeking some referrals or recommendations or stories of positive experiences before I try it again.
Subject: Colorado Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 16:46:09 UTC Well I have to mention a place I have been, it's called the Blue River Spa you can find there ad in the Rocky Mtn. Oyster also. They do have some pretty asian women if that is what you like, I have enjoyed my experiences there...although they try to get as much money from you as possible start out low, and good luck
Subject: Denver Outcalls Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 23:21:44 UTC I've used local outcall services on two ocassions, calling ads in the Rocky Mountain Oyster. Neither ad is in the current issue, but I have seen one reappear from time to time. On both occasions the women were very pleasant on the phone and I felt this was a plus as far as my deciding to have them over. The first time was with a 34 year-old named Joy. She claimed to be an attractive, slender brunette. When she came over I was semi dissapointed because she looked more like 45. Nevertheless, I was stimulated just by having her in the room, so I went ahead. The session cost $150 for the hour and she started by sensually stripping for me and proceeded to give me head, slipping a condom on expertly as she began. After about 10 minutes of this we began with the intercourse. At this time I noticed her pubic hair was blonde which, again, dissapointed me. We tried a variety of positions and after about 30 minutes I came. She became upset that I did not tell her when I was coming and chided me for not doing so. Then she rolled off, dressed and quickly left. The second session was more pleasing, although the young woman misrepresented herself as a tall slender blonde, when she was actually fairly short, medium heavy and with brown hair. Amy and I hit it off over the phone and I decided to have her partner over, because she said she wouldn't be available. When her partner arrived, however, Amy was with her and said I could have my choice. I chose her and we proceeded to the bedroom. She was very fun to be with and very accomodating to all my requests, and this turned into a very exciting session. After I came once she continued and permitted me to come several more times before she said our time was up. I realized that for the $150/hr. we actually had spent an aditional half-hour having a great time in a variety of ways. She even let me continue to touch and caress her until she was dressed and they left the apartment. Overall, both sessions were physically gratifying, but the second was more memorable because Amy treated me well.
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 11:22:28 UTC One more positive report from Denver's Rocky Mountain Oyster: Brittney: Shares her advert with Ashyln. Both have photographs. Brittney is early-mid twenties, tall, slim, with model features. She charges above the going rate: $125 per 1/2hour, $200 per hour. This will buy you a *very* sensous lingerie/massage session with release. Full service may cost $100 more. I've seen her three times, and have not been disappointed.
Date: 17 Dec 1995 19:55:03 GMT RADIO CALLER CHARGED WITH PROSTITUTION Rocky Mountain News Staff A Northglenn woman who promoted her services as a dominatrix on a Denver talk-radio show last week was arrested Friday on prostitution charges. An undercover officer arrested Jennifer Dunham, 31, after she allegedly offered "sexual gratification for money," Lt. Rod Walters of the Northglenn police said Saturday. Dunham was a caller to the Poeter Boyles morning program on KTLK radio Thursday, police said. She discussed her escort and striptease business, called "Wilde Oats." Boyles' guest on the show was Elaine Lease(sic), publisher of the sexually oriented newspaper _The Rocky Mountain Oyster_. The _Oyster_ recently published its 1,000th issue, Dunham was featured on the cover in a short, sequined dress. "One of our employees heard the radio program, se we got a copy of the paper, called the number, and set up a meeting with the undercover officer," Walters said. Police tape-recorded the conversation between Dunham and the officer. Then they issued her a summons on charges of prostitution and running a place of prostitution. ### This event comes two weeks after another escort service was busted my Denver police. Why are Front-Range authorities wasting their time going after discreet, private escort services, when there are more pressing problems? [Sorry for the obvious mini-rant] The publisher of the _Oyster_ is Elaine Leass. The _Oyster_ has WEB site, but there's nothing of interest on it.
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 18:42:16 UTC From the RMO I have called DejaVu several times...... almost every woman was willing to do a HJ while letting me finger her back......Once, with a regular, we dropped into a hot 69 and I got to spoo on her chest, shower with her and then she left. It's all $135/hr and CHECKS ACCEPTED! Happy Scamming boys
Subject: DENVER Date: Sat, 9 Mar 1996 03:01:04 UTC I have vsitied "Delectable" on numerous occasions dating back 10 years, I think. You can get her number from her ad in the Rocky Mountain Oyster. She is talented, a great conversationalist, and truly a "pleasure" to be with. She usually provides a super massage, mind-blowing head, and a satisfying straight sex ( in the position of your choice). I think her usual rate is $170 for a full hour. I never fail to come twice with her, and I remember once that I went for three times. She is well traveled and she always seem to share great sex and great conversation with me. I did a double once with her and "Christina" (mentioned in someone's correspondence earlier. Christina is older but she is super from the rear. She may not be working regularly at this time. If you seem her ad, then she is working no doubt. Julie (Delectable) will arrange doubles if you give her some notice. She travels a lot, so don't wait to the last minute to call her. Let her know that you heard about her on the WEB...she takes pride in referrals. Both ladies mentioned here are independents...the only way to go in Denver, so I believe. They only do outcalls. Someone else, please share your Denver experiences with us. Thanks...
Subject: Bad news in Denver Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 03:42:07 UTC A regular who I use in Denver was not available. I called an ad in The RM Oyster - Dare 2 - two girls with pictures. They work separately or together. I called the one in Castle Rock (exit 182). Bad mistake. She was fatter than described. Flabby and did not even come close until she put a condom one. She was rough and obviously trying to get me off by hand quickly. I asked her if she would like me to rub her clit as hard as she was rubbing my cock. She got a little better at that point. She wouldn't get on top when I want to go in her. She preferred that that we do it with her standing and leaning over the bed. She was quiet and very inactive at that point. I finally came; although she promised a full hour no matter what, she dressed quickly at that point, and I was just as happy to leave. She baaarely said goodbye. Not someone who wants to give service or cultivate business. DON'T waste your time here. I had called the other girl in the ad first and she was downright nasty on the phone. I would stay away from these two.
Denver,Colorado (Denver Post May 12, 1996) Twenty-five people were arrested yesterday as part of a Denver Vice Squad prostitution operation in the 8300 block of East Colfax Avenue. Police arrested 16 men on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute, four women on suspicion of prostitution and one man on suspicion of pimping, said Detective A. Hernandez. Also arrested were two men on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, one woman for interference with police, and one man on an outstanding warrant of suspicion of aggravated sexual assault. Vice squad members, included one woman posing as a prostitute, operated the sting from 10 a.m. to about 4 p.m..
Subject: Fwd: Denver Prostitutes Date: Sat, 7 Sep 1996 12:05:24 -0400 I checked the ads in the Rocky Mountain Oyster looking for a "session". I saw a new service called HELLO, which I have not seen before. It is in the 753 telephone exchange. I won't give the complete number to avoid unloading a torrent of phone calls by guys not really interested in pursuing a session. If you want to check them out for real, get an Oyster which comes out on Thursdays and is located around town in liquor stores, etc. Since I work through the night it is difficult to even get an answer from some of the services before noon. I called about 10am and Kathy answered. I was interested in going to her place but they only will allow that after they know you. Kathy said the rate was $125 for an hour. I asked if that was for full service and she said yes, no more money would be needed and I would be left with a smile on my face. Boy was she right. The have 3 ladys here. Kathy: 5'4", 120, blonde, green eyes, "busty". Lisa: 5'7", 135. Austin: 5'4", 125, light brown/blonde, green eyes, 36-25-34. I could hear another phone ring and Kathy handed me off to Austin. I was ready to chose Kathy but Austins voice and personality caught my attention. Austin was at my place across town from them in 45 min. My immediate impression was her tasteful clothing, very good looks, and deep green eyes. Her hair was shoulder length and nicely combed. I would say she more like 5'6" and 135lbs with a 38 chest. I had no problem with her, she was a sharp looking lady, quite attractive. I paid her and we proceeded right there on the living room floor. I removed her dress to reveal nicely shaped breasts under a black bra. Austin has very defined tan lines, nice to look at. She had on nice purple panties which I pulled off with my teeth to reveal a pussy shaved from the clit down, just what I like. She gave me excellent head and can take you into her throat and hold it while working her tongue, I appreciate real talent like that. She allowed me to taste her pussy and probe her G-spot while I licked and sucked her clit. I think she was beginning to like my orals, her moans and grabbing my head made me more intent on her clit. She put a condom on me and we fucked. I am sure she would do any position but I was happy with her on her back holding her legs apart. After some long hard, slow and fast stroking I needed to cum. After finishing I pulled the condom off and poured my cum onto her breasts. She has fine light brown sucking nipples especially with sperm all over them. I asked for some more head and she obliged getting me quite hard again and really pushing her head down onto my stiff cock. After ten minutes of this I popped again and she didn't miss a drop. She promptly dressed and left after a bathroom visit. I told her I would arrange a visit again and would also recommend her. If you visit her, tell her you saw this recommendation. Here are a few notes on the other services I called before settling on Austin at HELLO. Terry, formally of Hotel & House calls charges $100 for hand job only. Ravenn 40 charges $150 for an hour with lotion rubs and "what ever else we do" ie shes full service. She directs you to a pay phone then gives you final directions, I hate that method. MINDY pa petite dancer never did return my calls or leave a message after 3 days of trying to talk to her.
Subject: Denver Report Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 16:22:51 +0200 (MET DST) Unfortunately, a fair amount of time has elapsed since the experiences I'm reporting on took place, so I'm a bit vague on some of the details. I've been traveling to Denver regularly for the last ten years, and I've found some "regulars" there that are quite good (all of whom are covered in the Paranoia FAQ, so I won't go into detail here). My curiosity and thirst for variety led me to try out two new services on recent visits (and we all know what curiosity did to the cat...). "Double-Dee's": OK, I know what you're thinking...I'd normally be leery of a service with a name like this too. But the callback was very prompt, the woman sounded very professional on the phone, she was clearly an independent, and her description was appealing, so even though the price was high for Denver ($200) I took a chance and scheduled an outcall appointment. She called back a few minutes after she was scheduled to arrive to say she would need another hour and a half, and then showed up forty-five minutes later (I *hate* that!). I can't remember the details of the description she gave over the phone, but whatever it was it did not prepare me for the thickly built woman in her late thirties/early forties on the other side of the door. Her body was worn and somewhat chunky (she kept lingerie on throughout to hide it), and despite the fact that she was reasonably passionate and skilled the overall experience was extremely disappointing. She ended the session by telling me a somewhat frightening story about her personal circumstances, which I sympathized with but which added kind of a weird overtone to the evening. Definitely not a candidate for a repeat session. "Jessi": There is a strong element of subjectivity in the previous review (in the sense that others with different preferences may come away with a totally different impression than I did), but this one is a flat-out bad deal. The ad caught my attention with phrases like "non-rushed" sessions and "for big-hearted gents" (whatever that means), and a prompt callback pretty much sealed the deal (since I was short on time). Plus the price seemed right ($150 for quality outcall is a pretty good deal in Denver). Unfortunately, the session turned out to be not a very good deal at all. "Jessi" was young and attractive, pretty much as billed on the phone (although I'm not sure her breasts quite measure up to the "36C" description), and she showed up right on time (a few minutes early, even!). Things went downhill quickly from there. She doesn't offer full-service (disappointing, but you expect that to happen sometimes). Amazingly, she also refuses any oral contact with her breasts and any manual contact in her genital region. She even refuses to remove her panties! So essentially you end up with a perfunctory massage followed by a topless handjob (w/condom). Hardly worth the effort and expense associated with setting up an outcall, since similar (or better) services are available in countless storefront locations around the country. Definitely one to avoid.
Subject: ASP: Denver Report #2 Date: 1 Nov 1996 10:02:11 -0500 Thanks to Dick O'Stone for energizing the newsgroup. I've been away for over a week, and the signal-to-noise ratio in my catch-up session was the best I've seen in weeks. I "graduated" (for lack of a better word) from jack shacks and massage joints to incall/outcall sessions a few years ago, but every once in a while I find myself in one of those moods where I'm bored with all my regulars but don't feel like dealing with all the hassles associated with first-time sessions (endless waits for callbacks, law enforcement paranoia, unpleasant surprises at the all know what I mean). At these times I often crave the simplicity, reliability, and safety of storefront modeling/massage services. I was in one of these moods during a recent trip to Denver, so I decided to revisit some places I used to frequent a few years ago. First, some general comments on the storefront sex scene in Denver. In my experience it is *extremely* difficult to find any sexual contact (including hand jobs) at any of the caucasian places in Denver. In the last 7-8 years I have received "advanced" services only twice, both times from "rogue" places that went in and out of business in the blink of an eye. The oriental places offer the services you would expect, but they are hampered by local ordinances that make it risky for them to have massage tables in their rooms (at least for me, an oriental session without a massage just doesn't measure up!). My first stop was at Fantasy Isle on N. Washington Street, a place where I've had consistently good experiences over the years. A few years ago I enjoyed several sessions there with a mature woman named Kate that pretty much set the gold standard for jack shack sessions...I've since had numerous full service incalls that weren't nearly as intense or enjoyable (and she did this without breaking any of the house rules!). Unfortunately, Kate no longer works there, so I ended up in a session with Shawn, a pretty, slender woman of mixed racial ancestry with absolutely gorgeous skin (no choice of girls was offered). The "menu" is fairly extensive, and includes striptease, body rubs, switch rubs, and dominance. I chose a 40 minute body rub with a house fee of $60, and matched the session price with a $60 up-front tip (fairly standard practice in Denver). The session room included both a hot tub and a massage table. Shawn conducted the first part of the session topless and removed her panties for the second half. Her "touch" was just OK, but she was nice to look at and she let me caress her legs, back, and butt (I didn't ask to touch her breasts since they were on the small side). Unfortunately, she didn't do nearly as much in the way of "teasing" or close contact as I hoped for, so the session was ultimately just average. My second session was at Femme Fatale, a hard-to-find but conveniently located place just north of I-70 near the old Stapleton Airport. I remembered some nice sessions there with an extremely voluptuous dark-haired woman named Shelti who pretty much pushed all of my buttons from an appearance standpoint (YMMV, of course). Shelti is still pictured in their ad in the Rocky Mountain Oyster, but she wasn't there the night I showed up, so I picked Jade out of the mandatory line-up (nice feature, that...BTW, there were five ladies working, and all were reasonably attractive in one way or another). This session was almost a carbon copy of the previous session (menu, pricing, room layout, etc.) except for the fact that Jade's touch was even less sensuous and teasing than Shawn's. I left Fantasy Isle feeling like I'd received a decent value given my modest expectations, but I can't say the same about Femme Fatale. I hope (for your sake and mine) that my next report will be more exciting. In the meantime, keep those posts coming. LEMON
Subject: [ASP] Denver street report Date: 15 Nov 1996 18:15:46 -0500 For those interested. the only place I have been able to find street walkers is on East Colfax, between 8200 and 8600 blocks. Thats near Saturdays, the all nude pop shop. I decided to see what was available earlier this week, so I went for a drive about 7:30. I have never found any girls along any area of Colfax before, even though this is supposed to be the area they are in. The Denver police recently cracked down on 4 motels on the 8300-8500 blocks, so I thought I'd concentrate there, since I really didn't know where to look. The police had 4 cars in that 4 block area, but only 1 was occupied, and he seemed more interested in speeders. The other cars never left the cafe parking lot. After making 4 laps through the area, I spotted a short thin blonde hanging out, walking up and down in front of Saturday's. As I drove by and gave her a look, she waved me down, so I pulled around the corner off of Colfax. She quickly came up and got in the car, which led me to believe she wasn't a cop. Terri asked me if I was a cop, and then asked to drive. As soon as I pulled away from the curb, she lightly grabbed my crotch adn wanted to know how my "dick was feeling, and could he come out to play?" She then unzipped my pants and started to give me mediocre head for about 30 seconds. Terri then asked how much allowance Daddy would give her. I figured to start low at 40, since most of the incall/outcall is 150 or more. Terri agreed to 40, and we went to a motel close by. Room was 30, tax included. Terri quickly down to business, giving much better head. I'd rate about a 7, not the best, but better than most girls I've managed to pick up in bars. She told me I could cum twice if I wanted, so I let her finish me off, then suck me up hard again before I put on a condom. Bring your own, she didn't have any. Sex was ok, but I have paid for better. Overall, Face 5, Body 7(nice tits, very small ass). As good looking as most of the hand job places. Next time I'll settle for a blow job in the car.
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 23:25:57 -0800 Subject: Denver CO Colfax Ave I recently had the pleasure of picking up a streetwalker named Missy on Colfax Ave in Denver. I have had luck on Colfax before, but this was a real find. Missy is a Hespanic lady who is 28, 5-5, 120# long dark curly hair and big brown eyes. She measures 36c-26-35 (natural). I only intended on a car BJ, but when she started, I KNEW this girl had to come to my room. I stopped the action and asked if she had some time. We then drove to my hotel and she began kissing me. This really surprised me since I have only had the pleasure of french kissing escorts on one other occasion. Personally, I find it a real turn on! Anyway, her oral was some of the best I've had...and I'm particularly partial to oral. As I ate her she was very passionate, and her lovemaking was WILD! Quite a handful in bed. I paid her 200.00 for four hours of pleasure. I plan to have her again tomorrow night and she is bringing her twin sister! If I'm not heard from again, I'm sure I'll pass away happy...
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 18:27:06 -0500 (EST) Subject: More about the Denver scene... I've used many of the outcall/incall services here, all from the Rocky Mountain Oyster and have a few observations to share: First, the earlier comments about Double Deelite (or Double-Dees, or whatever she calls herself) were COMPLETELY accurate. She is flabby, paranoid, and everything else that was mentioned. I was fully convinced that "she" was a TS...but I can't prove it of course. DON'T BOTHER! Now for the good news...there's a relatively new service listed in the RMO called Sugar Babies, and it is FANTASTIC. I have had two ladies (and I use the word precisely) from SB (Cherise and Patricia) and BOTH WERE GREAT! Cherise is a beautiful, petite lady, an absolute knockout, and her "services" were terrific. There's no need for detail here, since we all know what I speak of. Patricia was a tall, very attractive Chicana, who really put herself into the lotion session and that which followed. Prices were quite reasonable, and neither lady seemed "rushed." The service offers a two-lady session, and I will be calling for both of them very shortly. And, hey...thanks for your excellent site...keep it up (as it were.) And guys, let's keep sharing the info...especially about the stings by the cops and other wastes of your tax dollars.
Subject: (asp) report from denver Date: 25 Mar 1997 03:38:53 GMT tried a place called "our little secret" had a gal named alicia, i rate her as a 5 maybe, after giving her $150, she gave me some "ok" head, we didnt fuck, i asked if she would make me cum twice, she said she would have to charge me for another sesion. she gave me a " ok " handjob and then i let her leave. Anyway to make a long story short, skip "our little secret"-Highway Star
Date: Sun, 11 May 97 04:32:09 PDT I have been to many places in Denver. The massage parlors are for the most part a waste of time. Most of the girls try and hustle you out of more money than agreed upn to start. Dance Studio, Fantasy Isle, and Ladies En Confidante are a waste of money. I had a very good experience in Blue River Spa. It was the best hand job I ever had. Hot tub, massage, hand job, and she let me finger fuck her. About 150 dollars. The most satisfying experience I've had was at Hide away bath house. When you get there the girl told me that there was absolutely no touching, sex, or anything else period. However when we got in the room she allowed me to suck and touch her breasts, finger fuck her, suck on her puss, and eventually pulled me up on the table with her and fuck against her leg till I came. She enjoyed it very much and pushed her cunt against me until she came. She could harldly walk when we were done. Very satisfying considering I didn't get to enter her. For the most part i gave up on the parlors and call ads in the Rocky Mountain Oyster. I called one that advertised as only blondes and a woman called me back promptly. Said she was 35. When she arrived I was disappointed that she appeared to be a little older than that, however when our clothers were off I was pleased to note that she had a shaved pussy and very nice breasts. She gave me head, and fucked me on top. Her pussy was the tightest, and I mean tight, that I have ever had. It felt like I had a fitted glove on my dick. Twice I have had girls that only would give hand jobs. I suggest you make sure what your getting before you hand over the money. All three of these woman charged 150. The one let me finger her also but the other only gave me a hand job and was not responsive at all. I like incalls better than outcalls. Something about going right to the girls house or apartment is real appealing to me. I had one woman who gave me head only and wouldn't take her clothes off and was very rude to me. Later I realized I had shorted her 40 dollars of the 150 fee. I don't know why she didn't tell me. I called a service in castle rock called Pure in a sence and paid 180 to a very pretty girl with a nice figure She offered straight sex only for the price. Oral would have been extra. She offered me her friend and her but I knew I didn't have enough money with me, so I just took her. 150 dollars seems to be the most common asking price from the classified ads. I have never seen a hooker on Colfax although there are stories about them all of the time. I have been to Saturdays club on Colfax many times and it is a pretty decent all nude place.
Subject: [ASP] Denver Info. Date: 14 May 1997 19:46:28 GMT For those in Denver.... About two weeks ago I went out looking for "Missy". She is described in the World Sex Guide as a Hispanic streetwalker, about 28 y/o, etc. Does anyone know where (exactly please) she hangs out? Also does anyone know where to find either Hispanic or Oriental streetwalkers in Denver? And while I was unable to find "Missy" I was able to find "Terri" who is also described in the World Sex Guide. She was hanging out about a block east of Saturdays stip club on East Colfax. I had to circle several times before I could safely get her attention. Lots of cops but I don't they become too interested in hookers until later in the evening when it slows down (this was about 9:00pm.) She is exactly as described, although very paranoid. I offered her $40 for half and half. We found a dark street and went to work. Towards the end I decided to let her finish me off with a hand job. Had to tell her to ease up a little...she was so worried about the cops she got a little too rough. My advise, get a hotel room nearby. She also claims to have a twin sister so maybe the possibility for a threesome exists.... Have fun!
Subject: [ASP] Denver Rip-off Date: 15 May 1997 15:19:18 -0700 I've posted before about a wonderful girl named Angel who has unfortunately vanished (hopefully temporarily). I think she was scared out of business by an obsessed client. Anyway, I continually look for her in the Rocky Mtn. Oyster under a new name or number. Today, I took a shot at someone running a similar ad--advertised as "Sweet Sexxy Thing" as a independent. Gave her a call and, although she wasn't Angel, she sounded nice and price was right--$120 for the hour. However, I got there (had to play phone from the 7-11 on the corner--should have known better then) and she wouldn't discuss business without payment and getting comfortable. Also, although she said she was 135 and 38-28-36 on the phone, I think the numbers were closer to 160 and 38-34-40. Unfortunately, the hormones were kicking in and I'd already travelled across town, so I paid up. What I got was "a sensuous (not) rub-down" with a non-caring hand release. She copped to the fact that her "no tipping" line on the phone was a lie, because how did she know she wasn't talking to a cop. Anything more than the rub-down and and the hand release requires more money--not that I can imagine why anyone would want more from this duplicitous, uninterested female. There's lot's better and more enthusiastic around, so I would recommend staying away from the "Sweet Sexxy Thing", who answers to the name of Felicia. By the way, I have this new e-mail address and would appreciate and recommendations, warnings, etc. from guys familiar with the Denver area. Pickins seem a little slim these days, although I do have one really great recommendation whose permission I have to get before I post about her.
Subject: [ASP] Denver Ripoff! Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 21:47:34 -0400 Denver Ripoff!! Spent some time in Denver recently. This experience took place in mid-April. I went against all better judgement and called an agency advertising in the Rocky Mountain Oyster. It felt bad from the beginning, but I was thinking with the wrong head. I called a service advertised as "Cheeks" in the Oyster (303.752.1311). The girl who answered said she had a girl available and she told me she would call soon. A girl named Wendy called back right away. She told me the price was $150 and I told her to come on over. Wendy was young (early 20s), slender, small breasts, but very attractive. She asked for the money up front and then asked to see my driver's license. I gave it to her and then she asked to use the phone. She called the service and then started reading my driver's license number over the phone! I should have halted the whole thing right then and there, but I was stunned! Anyway, the damage was done, so I foolishly hoped things would get better. She then told me to get comfortable and she started to undress. As she did, she said she'd do nude dancing and a back rub. Once again; a bad feeling, but I kept going. She rubbed some lotion on my back for a while and then suggested I turn over. I thought, "Finally!" but it was not to be. She never came near my dick and I touched her tits once. She invited me to beat off, and I politely declined. Finally, I asked her if that was it, and when she said yes, I got up and started getting dressed. I told her thanks for coming and began to show her to the door. She stood in front of me and said, "Where's my tip?" I told her she wasn't getting a tip and she got real angry and said, "You touched me, so you have to tip!" I was beginning to get mad at this point and I told her she wasn't getting another dime. She began to raise her voice and told me she was going down to get her driver and then she was gonna call the cops. I told her to go ahead and showed her the door. I'll chalk this one up to experience, and you all should learn from my stupidity. Make sure Cheeks doesn't get a penny of your money!
Subject: Re: [ASP] Missy in Denver Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 02:52:49 GMT >Does anyone know where to find the streetwalker named Missy who is >mentioned in the World Sex Guide?? You can find her in the early evenings on East Colfax. She is bi and will arrange threesomes. Watch out though, she's a crack head. Very good head and really good lay. She is very enthusiastic in bed. pursang
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 03:25:56 -0400 Subject: Denver Experience I was in Denver for over a week and looked for some service on a Sunday night. Here is a summary. I read all the reports on about Denver before starting. According to the reports, E Colfax is suppose to have a lot of action. I went there 5 nights in a row between 7 to 10pm but only saw 3 or 4 total. They were all below average. I guess 1 police car every 3 blocks doesn't promote the business. So I picked up a copy of Rocky Mountain Oyster and called a few places. 1. LVSG (girls of las vegas): NO full service. When I first called, the agent said there are quite a few ladies that night, full service, $200/hr. I pick Carara, 5'5", 21yr. The agent said she would call me back, and she did. We BS'ed on the phone, then I asked if it will be full service. She said, NO. No toughing. So I thanked her and canceled. When I called the agent back, he was rude and said they don't offer full service at all. 2. Discreet Interludes: Didn't come. This is an independent. She sounded 30ish on the phone, $150hr full service, real salesman sounding conversation. I lived near the airport, she said it would take about 1hr to get there. I said OK. 30min later, she called and canceled. 3. Honey Suckle: No full service, $180hr. No thanks. 4. Princess International: No full service. No thanks. 5. Our little secret: Avoided due to two early reviews in 6. Hott Pleasure: A recording said no full service. 7. Cosmopolitan: $200/hr, full service, bad, bad, bad. The agency was really busy when I called. I was put on hold 5 times. They were paranoid and wanted to verify my name with my company or my local phone company. I didn't really like that, we settled on verifying with the hotel instead. Everything checked out, so Bobby came 1hr later. The agent described her as 26yr, 5'4", 115lb, Irish/Italian. Actually, I think she is close to 30, 5'7". She was very business like. Asked for the money as soon as she came in. After she checked in, she asked me to get in the bed. She put some lotion on my back and chest first, then Bobby took out a condom and started oral. She kept her top on, saying she didn't like to show them. After a while, I wanted to change position. She thought I wanted 69 and promptly told me no way. After 5min or less, she said she was tired. So she got on her back with me on top. Somewhere in between, Bobby said she hurt her back 2 days ago, so she can't be on top. We did missionary for another 5min or so. She smelled pretty good but didn't make any sound or have any expression. After a while, she told me to get off her and said she didn't want to be sore in case she had to work again that night. I told her I was coming pretty soon, so she agreed to go a little longer... and I came. Right away, she got up and started to get dressed. I offered to massage her sore back. So I did, and we BS'ed a while. 45-50 min after she arrived, Bobby got up to leave. I asked her to give me another oral, she said no. When she called the agency to check in again, she found out she had another job. She was a little upset since it was close to midnight. She gave me a hug and left. All in all, her looks was average plus, oral was average, sex was below average, attitude was below average, time was less than promised, price was high for the area, and big butt.
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 22:15:01 -0500 Subject: Denver, CO Report DENVER, COLORADO, USA -- Friday, November 7, 1997 Myself and a friend were staying up in the mountains (Dillon, CO) doing some skiing. We decided to see what we could find in terms of escorts, etc. and found after a few telephone calls, most of the "small town" escorts ask for $300/hour and up for full service (so they say, anyway). This being more than we wanted to spend, I quickly read through the Denver information on and we set off for downtown Denver! Drove around off and on for a couple hours in the 8xxx block of East Colfax looking for streetwalkers. Saw maybe two possibilities the whole time between 9pm and midnight on a Friday -- none particularly attractive. Went to the all-nude juice bar "Saturdays" for about an hour. As expected, some attractive ladies there, but table dances were out in the open, no chance for 'extra' services... Next step was to drop by an adult book/video store and pick up a copy of the Rocky Mountain Oyster and call around to some of the incall services to see what we could find for the two of us. After getting blown off a few times by ads who said they didn't do incalls (even though they advertised otherwise) we called HONEY SUCKLE Escorts. Pleasant female voice answered. I explained that we were two guys down from the mountains looking for full service incall... she quoted an initial rate of $150-$180 per hour per person, but when I made a comment about "being with two guys", there was a distinct perk in her voice. I asked her what ladies were available, and she indicated that although 3-4 were working, none would probably be interested in doing two guys, and none would be available for at least an hour. Based on her interest the first time, I specifically asked, "Would YOU like to be with two guys?" She immediately said "Yeah!" but that she'd have to find another girl to take phone calls and for us to call back in a few minutes. About 5-7 minutes went by with some more unsuccessful calls to other ads in the paper. We called back, and "Cheri" agreed to $200-$250 for an hour for the two of us, and that we would meet at a hotel. She described herself as an early 20's blonde, 5'3", 110 pounds with 36B chest (my buddy is really into HUGE tits but we decided this would do)... Drove to the specified hotel (near the airport, we had called from a payphone off Colfax in the downtown area, about a 30 minute drive at 1am) and called one more time. She gave us a room # and said she would be there in 10-15 minutes. It was more like 30-40 minutes, but she finally showed up, a passenger in a new mustang driven by a guy. She went into the room and after we looked around a bit for anything unusual, went up and knocked on the door. Immediately we noticed that she was rather "used" looking, if you'll excuse the expression. Definately in her mid 30's+, but about the same build as she described. My friend and I each laid $100 on the dresser and got undressed as we encouraged her to do a little striptease for us, which she did. She also was acting very 'squirly' and admitted to being "fucked up", I'm assuming on some sort of speed, cocaine, etc. Soon we were all three naked and commenced to a fairly good 30-45 minutes of action including well above average oral, vaginal sex with condoms, anal stimulation by finger only (had I had any lubricant, I think she would have let us do her that way), and basically switching around with both of us doing everything to her. She was very enthusiastic and "into" the scene, enjoyed our dirty talk and being told what to do next. Her vagina was EXTREMELY loose and neither my friend nor I got much out of that other than a cheap thrill, but her good oral made up for it, and we ended the adventure with her sucking us both off and giving her a nice facial. We tipped her an additional $25 ($225 total investment for the 2 of us) and were informed she is actually "Melanie", not "Cheri", and has 3 teenage kids (explains the looseness!) and normally just answers the phone for the service but occasionally takes calls if they sound interesting. I'd rate her overall looks a 5-6 -- the huge difference in age and overall condition being the main detractor, she was indeed a petite girl, those "36B" tits were VERY saggy, and I don't think nearly that big.... Enthusiasm probably an 8+, Oral Ability an 8+ We agreed that the overall experience was worth no more than $200, more like $150 give or take. (Originally the plan was to just pick up a streetwalker for a couple of $20 blowjobs in the car) For whatever it's worth, this was my friend's first exposure to prostitution of any kind, and only my second (had used an escort service in my hometown about 8-9 years ago)...... The streetwalker scene in Denver definitely seems to be dead, at least this time of year. Maybe better in the summer.
Subject: W.S.Guide update (Denver CO.) Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 16:26:46 -0700 Denver, Co. 12/3/97 To make a long story short, I hired a call girl from a number called "Touch of heaven". I found this number in the rocky mountain oyster. For $250.00 she only stripped her top off and rubbed my back breifly. A complete rip off. I recommend the following services for at least your moneys worth. These women (the ones I've met anyway) are attractive and willing. Best in the west ( Some Great, some nasty, go long hair only). A Bill of Fare.(inexpensive babes, pro treatment). Lauren (babe!) Beware any service that reads massage or strip ect. they will try to empty your wallet for mabe a hand job. Also "Twin Peaks" is not recommended.
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 22:41:50 -0600 (CST) Subject: Denver Scene I have tried a number of the services in Denver over the years. You should use the Oyster or Westword for your phone numbers. Almost all of the smaller ads are full service ads. A recent find has been a 595 exchange in Westword. One of their ads is 21 and sexy or something like that. I have seen Angie a very pretty 22 year old who will suck tits and gives good head. I have also seen Kelly who does the same, There is another girl who treated me to the same service. The fee is 125 with no request for additional tipping. Every girl I have seen there has been young pretty and petite. My last experience was somewhat different. I saw a gorgeous blonde "Summer" She hardle spoke and refused to give head or really get involved at all. My sense is that if I had come up with more money we would have had a better time. I did not ask and she did not offer. I can tell you she is drop dead gorgeous, but very stand offish. I bet money could change her attitude, I just had no more with me as 125 had always got me blown.
Subject: [ASP] Review of denver Date: 1998/02/18 'Tis a sad tale, called callender girls, and it was a rip off. Wendy came to the hotel she was a 5 at best, and after i payed her i got the "no touching" rule........ oh well that cost me 150 bucks, to make a long story short, overlook callender girls----
Subject: ASP Denver CO Ripoff Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 18:02:39 PDT ASP Denver CO Ripoff Burning Desire 303-782-xxxx is listed in the Rocky Mountain Oyster as an escort/striptease service. Actually this service has a variety of names and phone numbers listed in the Oyster and in Westword. I found out about their poor service the hard way by experiencing it not once but twice. The second time was due to the many names and numbers that this service has. This service like some others uses the give your name and number, return call and then check in at a gas station phone booth routine. A general but highly inaccurate description of the girl is given but no other information will be given over the phone. Actually on a third occassion (remember alot of diffrent names and numbers) I asked about full service and the woman screamed in my ear hung up. While it is natural not to give information that might be used by the police, in this case it is used to hustle the patron. My first experience with this service was with a woman called Diamond who looked nothing like her description (a beautiful, slim big busted twenty someting hispanic lady) over the phone. In fact upon entering her house I thought this must be the madam due to her advanced age, weight problem and overall looks. She demanded the money up front and again would not answer any questions as to the service to be performed because I might be a cop. Foolishly I complied. She lead me through her dirty house, past her yapping dogs to a back room that had a bed on the floor. To my horror I found out that she was Diamond and not the madam. She had me undress and handled several calls from other patrons while I was getting undressed. She even wrote their phone nubers on a pad in front of me. She begrudgingly took the phone off the hook and began the session. She stated that she would not get undressed, thank god, and demanded more money for anything besides the 5 minute powder back rub even though I paid for the hour. She finished with a rapid and somewhat painful hand job. Believe me I was rapidly getting dressed to get out of there when she rudely said I could let myself out and went back to the phones. My second try - diffrent name but the same service 303-423-44xx was just as bad. Same routine but the blonde did not take the phone off the hook during the session, same time issues, demand for money and attitude. She also demanded my drivers licence and read it to the service when I arrived. This girl was more atractive and removed her sweats after the session began but shockingly she was pregnant. She explained in some detail about her situiation and what lead her to this life but she refused to ever touch a males sex organ again. Although she did not know how to give a legitimate massage nor was anything sexual an option for her and although she was only in the room for 20 minutes, she demanded a tip at the end of the session. All in all this service sucks (well that would cost you $200 from the fat old ugly one), rather lets just say this is a service to avoid!

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