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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC

     Dallas used to have a few places within the city limits (Palm Island Bath
was the best), but they have all moved to an area far north of the city.
Check the Yellow Pages for addresses and phone numbers.  This is about a $40
one-way cab ride, but I negotiated with the cab driver, since it was a slow
night for him, to give me a $50 round-trip.  He went down the road for fast
food while I got my rocks off.  You might do better to rent a car for a day.
The places change names a lot and, in fact, Palm Island Bath has a sign that
says "Paradise" so I wasted a lot of time looking for a Palm Island sign.  I
have been to Palm Island twice and I recommend it.  Once inside, it is kind
of like Mustang Ranch in Reno; about 8 girls will line up that you can choose
from.  They are mostly Texas blondes, plus 1-2 blacks or Asians.  Entry fee
used to be $35, but they now changed to a funny scale where it is only about
$20 for the first half hour, and you can pay more if you want to add time
after you've been there for awhile.  This saves you a little money if you
want to just get in and out (so to speak) in a hurry.  The first time I got a
really nice brunette who gave me a first-rate nude hand job for $35. The
second time I had a gorgeous, leggy blonde who wanted $100 for either a blow
job or sex, $150 for both, but would not do anal.  I complained about the
expensive cab ride, and she dropped to $90 for an absolutely outstanding blow
job.  A bit expensive, but worth it.

Date: 17 Apr 1995 15:17:53 GMT > I need information on sex services in Dallas, massage parlors, modeling > ect. A number of places in Dallas are of interest. First, there are the "tanning" and "nude modeling" places. My favorite is Constant Tan, 11448 Emerald St, (214) 243-1310. Stemmons Freeway (Interstate 35-E) at Royal Lane, more or less. You may pick a girl of your choice from a selection of 2-5. The girls are, on the whole, relatively attractive and in their 20's or early 30's. The standard routine is a session fee of about $35. The girls work on tips. After retiring to a private session room, you arrange for the tip. Manual relief will run about $40-60. Oral gratification is higher, around $100, as is a straight lay. Half and half will be a bit more -- around $120-150. The girls treat you nice and are almost all good at what they do. You may be offered the option of two girls. I have never succumbed to this temptation and therefore don't know anything about the prices or the services received. My favorite place in Dallas. Highly recommended. You might also try Silk and Satin, 11398 Harry Hines, (214) 243-1401. If is a bit less than a mile from Constant Tan and located on Harry Hines Blvd. (Harry Hines is incidentally is the best place to troll for hookers in cars. More on this later.) The girls are a bit older and, with a few exceptions, less attractive than those at Constant Tan. Routine, tipping, prices, etc. are almost identical. Prices may be marginally lower with some bargaining. Marginally recommended. Somewhat different is Osaka Oriental Tanning, (214) 406-1469. It is almost next door to Constant Tans. As the name implies, the staff is oriental (thought not Japanese). Several important differences to keep in mind. First, no choice of ladies. Second, the ladies are on average older, although they are nonetheless quite skilled at their trade and make you feel very welcome. Third, you will frequently be offered, at not extra cost, a "full body shampoo." A nice body scrub by your hostess. Take it. Finally, the prices seem to be a bit lower. Expect to spend $60-100 on the tip to get anything other than a hand job. Recommended. Other similar locations can be found in the local yellow pages under "Massage," "Modeling," and "Tanning." The Dollhouse Modeling Studio in Frisco, Texas used to be quite good a couple of years ago. However, it is about a 25-40 minute drive from downtown and somewhat inconvenient if you are not already staying way out north. Tokyo Lingerie Modeling Studio, between Constant Tan and Osaka Tan. used to be O.K. but I have not been there in a number of years. Seemed to start going downhill. Also no full body shampoo. Babe's Tanning, 10525 Harry Hines seems to be popular, although I've never been. Tigress Den, 11029 Shady Trail, Suite 117, (214) 352-1890, is new and very discrete. They seem very nice on the phone, although something gives me the impression that they may not be full service. On the subject of non-full service, there are a number of tanning parlors, such as X-otic Tan, that are what I call "jack-off joints." If that is what you are looking for, X-otic Tan seems to be popular.
Date: 3 Sep 1995 05:19:48 GMT My favorite spot, Constant Tan, has just closed, apparently under presure from law enforcement. I know of several other places provide full service, Osaka Tan and Silk and Satin Nud Modeling, but have never been fully satisfied with their selection of girls. No choice, and generally too old, at Osaka Tan, and a bit too fat (coupled with a bit too much attitude) at Silk and Satin.
Date: 1 Oct 1995 16:48:56 -0400 There is a full service place called "The Doll House" on Preston Rd, (Rt. 289). It is between Plano and Frisco. The girls were pretty and friendly.
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 07:27:39 UTC After the recent closing of Constant Tan, my visits to other adult entertainment establishments in the Dallas area has increased and I thought some reports might be of interest. This first report is on Osaka Tan. I have returned to Osaka Tan about three or four times in the last two months. As you might guess from the name Osaka Tan, the staff is oriental (thought not Japanese--Korean if I'm not mistaken). You will be met at the door, or just inside the door, by a model. As has been my experience elsewhere at many Oriental places, you apparently have no choice among the girls working there. Or at least I would say no choice is offered upfront. I must confess that I have I asked for a choice after being shown back by the girl answering the door. I suppose my failure to be more assertive is a combination of not wanting to question what is clearly established routine and the fact that I have never been greeted by an unacceptable model. You should note that the girls working there are a bit older than I prefer. I have difficulty accurately judging the age of oriental women, but I bet the majority of the women working here were well past their 30th birthday, if not a few years past 40. But with age, comes experience, and the employees are nonetheless quite skilled at what they do. They also go a very good job of making you feel at ease. They are moderately attractive given their age, but their appearance is certainly nothing to write home about. After the normal, "Have you been here before?" question, the model will take you from the door into a private session room. Once in the room the model collects the session fee -- $40. Then the hostess/model will usually prompt you to undress while she takes your money back up front. The session room is dimly lit and typically equipped with a massage table, a small chair, a radio and some sparse wall decoration, usually a poster of an Asian model. After you have undressed and the model returns, you generally be offered a "full body shampoo." If you accept, you will be taken back to the shower room and the hostess will give you a body scrub using a loofah, or something akin to that. I recommend that you accept the body shampoo. If is quite soothing actually. Once the body shampoo is done, the hostess will help you dry off and escort you back to your session room. When I first go back to the session room, I then generally tip the girl before she begins the massage. I have tipped as little as $40 and as much as $100. $40 seems to generally get a back rub and a hand job. $60 almost always, except for the last visit, gets the same back rub (quality and length vary from session to session and seem completely unrelated to tip) and a blow job or half and half. The models seldom rush business. Osaka Tan is a reasonable alternative. While the model are not very young nor drop dead gorgeous, they are passable. The prices are quite good, all things considered, and the body shampoo is a nice bonus.
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 16:45:25 UTC My Favorite People and Places 1.Michelle's Ranch located on FM121 north of Dallas Michelle's is off the road and offers secluded parking for those of us who must be discreet. The selection of girls is usually pretty good. My favorites are Rebecca, Megan, Kelsey and Nikki. Rebecca is mid 30's, petite, brunette and very nice lady. She seens to really enjoy her profession and is very active and affectionate. Megan is petite, bleach blonde, about 25. She is a genuine nice girl. Kelsey is slender, busty, blonde, about 24. She did dance at Caberet Royal. Nikki is slim blonde and very pretty. All of these ladies are very nice. Treat them right if you go see them. Private Lives is right down the road from Michelle's. The only girl I have seen is Brandi. Brandi is a medium dark black girl of around 30. She is tall with a nice figure. There were a couyple of good looking blondes that day but I haven't seen therm yet. Ashley is an independant who has an ad in the Dallas Morning News Shopps and Services section. She works out of an apartment in Las Colinas. She is tall, busty, and slender. She is somewhat more expensive but very discreet and selective of her clientel. She is worth the extra cost. The Doll House is on the North egde of Plano at the intersection of Preston Road and FM121. It is a couple of miles from the other places. It will be moving soon as a large 30 screen theater will be built on the site. There is a girl called Heather who is very nice that works days. She is young and pretty (natural blonde). Jan's Tanning on Mockingbird is the usual Oriental spa type of operation. I have never got the same girl twice. Last time it was a tall thin Japanese girl. She was very pretty and seemed to be very naturally aroused. She let me finger her to an orgasm which seemed real. She then followd up with a rubberless blow job that went on for 30 minutes and a good fuck with condom. All for $100 plus the $40 house fee. There is a house in a residential section of Carrolton that advertises in the DMN S&S at 214-306-7576 or 306-0280. The are discreet and the selection while limited tended to be more young fresh girls the times I have been there. It is safe and discreet but not cheap. Aprils in Frisco on Preston road used to have some nice girls but there is no fence and it is hard to be discreet when you have to park within 20 ft of the road. Except for Silk and Satin, most of the places in the Harry Hinds section are being closed. The police are even starting to hassle the houses on 121 recently. Enjoy and if there any other favorites and good spots, lets hear them.
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 15:35:30 UTC I've been to a number of the houses in Dallas. Here's my assesment. The Doll House Preston Road north of Legacy Prettiest girls. Fairly disinterested. Large breasts. Mostly Texas blonds. $40 entry + $180 tip. Mockingbird Tan Mockingbird south of Harry Hines Oriental. Slightly older. Free body shampoo. Kay and Kelly are great. No choice in girls. $160 total. Osaka Tan Royal and I-35 Oriental. Slightly older. Free body shampoo. Ask for the snapper, she's a wonderful experience. $40 entry. $140 tip. Silk and Satin Harry Hines and Royal White and black. Mid-20's. Two for two here although somewhat pricey. Line-ups and large breasts. Large session rooms. $40 entry. $180 tip. Michelles Ranch Hwy 121 east of Preston Line-up with disinterested thin brunettes. Tokyo Lingerie Royal and I-35 Old oriental hags since Yoko left to start Mockingbird Tan. Avoid.
Subject: Re: Dallas update Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 00:27:41 GMT >>Just visited Michelle's Ranch in Dallas. (Go to intersection of FM121 >>& Preston Road, then go east on FM 121 for about 2 miles or so. It'll >>be on the left) Nice time, but I believe The Dollhouse is a little >>more personable. The girl I was with seemed to just want to get me off >>quick. While I understand this, it's a little disconcerting to >>experience it. >How about the prices???? Dollhouse???? After spending $35 - $40 for the room, be prepared for $100 for basic sex. You can negotiate, but this seems to be the standard rate. I suppose a hand job is cheaper.
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:23:29 UTC I recently had the misfortune of visiting Michelle's Ranch- a so-called nude modelling establishment. I found out about the place from the World Sex Guide pages on the internet. Anyways, the time was about 8pm on a friday. As I entered I was non-chalantly greeted by an average looking blond girl. I was told that a 30min session would cost me $40 and a 55min session would cost $60 for basic striptease. The girl said that she was the only one available so I reluctantly agreed. Once in the room she told me that anything extra will cost me more money depending on what I wanted to do. I ageed to initially pay her $150 for straight sex (plus $60). She left the room and told me to take my clothes off, she was not back for atleast 7minutes. She then took her clothes off and lay next to me limp like a corpse. I tried to converse but only got yes or no answers. Mind you, I am not much into fucking a corpse, I told her to get started that I'd like to eat pussy to which she said no. The only position she agreed to fuck in was the missionary position which I obliged and got my tool out of the disinterested blond's pussy as quickly as possible. DO NOT EVER GO TO MICHELLE'S RANCH! It's a waste of money and time!
Subject: Silk and Satin, Dallas Date: 10 Sep 1996 05:03:25 -0400 I stopped by Silk and Satin on Harry Hines Boulevard in Dallas, based largely on the description in The Qlimax Times that said that full service was available. It's not, and I was greatly disapointed. The girl, Victoria, a beautiful 21-year-old tanned brunette with waist-length hair, was quite attractive, but she did let it be known up front (albeit after I paid the $45 door fee) that there would be no contact, even after I pressed her a little to see whether that rule was inviolable. For her, at least, it is. As a licensed sexually oriented business, Victoria said, Silk and Satin doesn't permit any contact between models and customers. At that point, I should've cut my losses and walk out. But I tipped her another $50 for a 45-minute dance, hoping, foolishly, that more would happen. It was a waste of my money . Not only was there only slight incidental contact as Victoria danced in front of me, I was not invited to make myself comfortable or otherwise enjoy the experience. Caveat emptor,
Subject: Silk and Satin, Dallas, TX Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 09:15:13 -0500 I had an experience similar to Dick Stone's here: Once the room rent had been taken, the girl I selected would not agree to a thing unless I came up with a tip to get things started. When I told her politely that I would prefer to set a price and what was to be done first, she got hostile and said that unless I just kept feeding her tips, nothing would happen. I left, since I don't usually write blank checks, glad to have lost only the room rent. Although I remained calm and polite throughout (if you're facing a clear rip off that you can't do a thing about, anything else is a waste of energy), the girl was literally yelling obscenities at me as I went out the door. I guess there is a reason this place is open while the cops have closed the other better ones on Harry Hines Blvd. in the last year or so.
Subject: Re: Dallas Street Scene Date: 1996/10/25 > Anyone got any information on what the Dallas street scene is like. I am > wondering where and when.Cruise Harry Hines, Forest, Royal. Go to modeling place near NW highway beside T-Back Cabaret and ask for Michelle (gorgeous blonde), get $225 ready and you won't be sorry! Please post how it went.
Subject: Re: [ASP:] Dallas modeling studios Date: 6 Dec 1996 01:16:41 GMT Having recently moved from the D-FW Area, I can give some rather dated info on these establishments. X-otic Tan (the best I'd found) across from Six Flags Mall in Arlington - $40/session (20-30 minutes?) + $20 for the "panties". Hands off, J-O joint only. Better bet is Michelles Ranch or Private Lives off 121 in Frisco. Rebecca at Michelles is great. $150-200 for full service. Day shift is best at these places. Night shift is tacky and likely into the drug scene. Have fun.
Subject: Re: [ASP:] Dallas modeling studios Date: Sat, 07 Dec 1996 11:32:02 -0500 Bad news for those who likes Michelles Ranch - the Feds closed it! Was forced to go to Paradise Hot Tub Club on 121, just before Michelles. Had a good time with Tawny- a little short and chubby but definitely cared about what she was doing. Good bedroom scenes there. Makes you feel like you are home. Very comfortable. Saw Rebecca at Silk and Satin on Harry Hines. She has an incredible body that I looked so forward to "being" with, but said she only did nude modeling. Didn't understand why only that after she worked at Michelles. She's the one who gave me the lowdown on Michelles closing. She kept reiterating that the only thing that goes on at Silk and Satin is nude modeling. Wouldn't recommend going there if you are looking for more than that, although I have gotten lucky there before. I kind of like a place just down Harry Hines called La Madamoiselle's Nude Modeling, right beside T-Back Cabaret. I've always gotten what I wanted there, and the selection has been pretty good. A girl named Melissa was the best time I've had yet, but I'm not sure that she still works there. One question that maybe you guys can help me with-- are there any places in DFW that have good looking girls during the daytime? I work alot of nights, so I'm off during the day. Please post to the newsgroup if you will. Great to finally see some ASP postings for DFW. Please keep them up. Bababooey
Subject: [ASP] Dallas--Body Works Tan & Sauna (ex Osaka Tan) Date: 1996/12/20 A quick report on a recent trip to Body Works Tan & Sauna (I think is the name). It used to be Osaka Tan. Was met at the inside door by a fairly attractive late 20's to late 30's Korean girl who gave her name as Penny. took me to back room and got door fee. Offerd a table shower, which I accepted and enjoyed. Returned for a nice back rub and, with $100 tip, very nice full service. Said that joint was under new management. And indeed those in Dallas know that it was closed for a short time for remodeling. The only evidence I saw of remodeling was new pink paint inside. When I asked girl, she also said couch out front was new. I had seen this girl before, so I asked her if the girls were the same under the new management, and she said that they were. I am glad to see that this place is relatively unchanged, as it has become one of my more regular stops in Dallas.
Subject: Re: [ASP]: New modeling Studio on Harry Hines, Dallas Date: 27 Dec 1996 03:25:23 GMT Just a quick question. Anyone here ever gone to one of the Oriental modeling studios downtown Dallas? I haven't received better service from any other studio that I've gone to and I've gone to many. I met a couple of Oriental ladies that are unbeatable. One lady I met at the studio behind Lido theatre and the other at the studio accross from (to the left of) the New Fine Arts theatre on W. Mockingbird. Both of these ladies are petite. Both charge $100/half hour and $140/hour. Both gave nice slow head (no condom) and both took the cum in their mouth and face. Only problem is they've both moved and I have no idea where. Anybody have any like experience(s) or know of more of these types? They don't have to be Oriental. jt
Subject: [ASP] Review Dallas Constant Body Salon Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 15:26:22 GMT This is my first review, so please go easy on the flames, etc. If you're interested in the hobby in Dallas, please see my previous post re. Harry Hines. Anyway, to the review: I had gone to Constant Body on Christmas Eve due to having read recommendations for it in this newsgroup. That time $90.00 in addition to the normal fee got me the best blowjob I've had in my life. Tonight I wanted more to bring the new year in right. I went in (the place is on Emerald St., which acts as a service road to I-35 at Royal Lane. If you're going west on Royal, turn left as soon as you cross Stemmons (I-35) and it'll be on your right). and asked for the lady that had been my attendant the previous time. She was available (though the woman who greeted me was quite attractive) and took me to the shower room. Of course, as has previously been posted, this is an all-Asian place, and naturally both ladies I have mentioned are Asian. My attendant bathed me thoroughly, including washing my hair (which is fairly long) and spending a lot of time where it really counts. The table shower calmed my nervousness well. We then adjourned to her room. We discussed prices a little more freely than the previous time (the advantage of being a repeat customer) and arrived at "everything for $150.00." She left for a condom and returned with it, and with $10.00 which they owed me for the $40.00 door fee (it's $40.00 and I had given her a $50.00. This impressed me, since I had noted it but hadn't mentioned it). We got down to business. She gave me some condomless oral; she let me finger her; then she moved into the appropriate position and we had some serious 69 (with me still condomless!). This was the first time a professional woman had ever let me eat her, and as that is something I particularly like I was quite appreciative. She then proceeded to blow me some more and to tit-fuck me and then the piece de resistance. We went through several positions, and, without going into too much detail, we finished doggy--style. (She may even have been offering anal, but since it doesn't appeal to me I didn't discuss it). In addition she conversed intelligently (though in poor English) about both our jobs. (She said they had been quite busy over the holiday weekend.) I ended up spending $190.00, which is a bit more than I would like to for full service, but since it includes the bath (very nice) and the lady was so good I will probably be back. I would recommend this place to anyone. --- Da Dallas Dude
Subject: [ASP] Review from Dallas Date: 12 Jan 1997 20:57:09 GMT Accurate as of 01/97. I have visited several establishments in Dallas. This report is on Sun's Tanning Studio at 1820 W Mockingbird (just East of Harry Hines). The name changed from Mockingbird Tanning a few months ago when Kelly became manager. All ladies are Korean. Kelly is about 40, a little heavy, but gives excellent service.Mimi is in her 30's thinner, really seems to enjoy the sessions. Last time there, I saw Miki. She told me she is 29. She is very thin, small breasts, long hair, pretty. Session price is $40 for 30 minutes, includes table shower. Half and half is $100 more. Received nice head without a condom for several minutes. Ate pussy for several minutes. She seemed to enjoy it. I did. She then rolled on a condom and we had sex in several positions until I came. She cleaned me up and gave me a back rub for a few minutes before she helped me dress. I am a regular there, and may get a little consideration because of this, but have never felt rushed, even if the time ran to 40-45 minutes.
Subject: [ASP]Dallas Reviewed Date: 15 Feb 1997 23:53:08 -0500 For Places : Avoid, or Visit Just keep in mind that my standards maybe different from yours since we all like different features. I am not overly concerned about the size of their breasts; however, but they must have great buns, beautiful long straight fine hair, beautiful face, and a positive attitude. Here it goes (or "comes" is probably more appropriate), Places: Private lives, green fence, Frisco: Avoid The one down the road(Hot Tub?) Frisco : Avoid (both closed now anyway according to Stone. I won't miss them) Mademoiselle(HH): Visit, although your knee caps will be sore by the time you are done. It is better to use an escort since you get a bed. Camille's Nude Modeling (HH): Avoid, there are better places for visual pleasure in Arlington if you are not looking for more than that. Their prices are outrageous for what they offer.
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 97 21:06:55 UT Subject: Closings in Dallas/Plano All the mentioned houses in Plano and Frisco have been closed. This includes Michelle's, the Doll House all of them. It seems that the land around then has been built up into high dollar housing. I moved here but never got to sample any of them. Oh well you snooze you lose.
Subject: [ASP] Texas-Frisco-Houses Date: Sat, 08 Mar 1997 18:11:08 -0600 I spotted a thread from last month in DejaNews about Michelle's Ranch, etc. and just wanted to pass on what I know. One of the ladies from Private Lives filled me in that all the houses were closed by revocation of their health licenses. One of those things where, once The Man has decided to do it, there is no fighting. In the case of Michelle's Ranch, two (maybe more) of the ladies have established incall in North Dallas. They have had the old phone number of Michelle's Ranch forwarded. There is a separate number to the same apartment which they advertised once in Metroplex Sundown under the name Michelle's. They do not appear to have advertised again in the last several months, so perhaps they were able to hook back up with all the clientele they desire. In the case of Private Lives, two of the ladies room together in Plano, and have established a phone number which they have also advertised, but in a discreet manner. They are absolutely, positively, strictly trying to contact former regulars only; no new customers except referrals from existing customers. Their ad mentions nothing but Highway 121, and if you call, you must be remembered or be able to describe a past visit for the conversation to continue. It is basically incall; they rent a motel room near Central Expressway as needed. In both cases, the ladies are asking a fee equal to their former tips plus the former house fee for equivalent service/time, but my experience has been that sessions are not quite as rushed as they were in Frisco.
Subject: Re: (ASP) REQ: Dallas modeling shops?? Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 02:38:33 GMT I know of some places down on Mockingbird that are sauna's. they do full service for 140. I'm sure if you bring 100 they would do the works still. Also there are some off of 35 when you exit royal to go to the star adult video going south of 35. There's a strip of these modeling and full service bath places. Also there are some up in Louisville near the EDS building on 121. They have some nice American women(not to say they server you good). The others are Asian. I think they are the best. I had a session with one lady that didn't force me in one position and to do more than one pay more. She was great! Then after our session she laid me down on the couch and gave me soft drink and we talked some. both naked still. It was great. That was at the one off of 35. I'm not sure if she's still there. What I'm looking for are street walkers. I haven't found any, mostly in the above. Anyone know of where they hang out? I've driven down harry hines but still no dice. Am I suppose to just hang out at my car and wait? Place and times will be much appreciated.
Subject: Re: (ASP) REQ: Dallas modeling shops?? Date: 18 Mar 1997 02:10:35 GMT On Harry Hines, LaMademoiselle (next to T-BACKS Cabaret Topless) gives full service, has American girls. On Emerald, near I-35 & Royal, there are 2 Asian places that give full service: Bikini Fashion and Body Works. Girls at Asian places are older, but at least pretend to enjoy it. Seems most of the American girls at studios lie there like a corpse just waiting for you to finish. Silk n Satin, Kamilles, and Fantasy Nights are all "no touch" jackoff joints. Total waste of money.
Subject: Satin and Lace, Dallas Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 18:04:15 -0600 Just writing in to inform the readers that the Satin and Lace on Harry Hines is a complete rip off. Advise not to even mess with it.
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 19:03:01 -0800 Subject: Dallas (Body Works Tan and Sauna) On recent trip to Dallas went again to Body Works, ex Osaka Tan. Saw a girl who was new to me, named Conny. She was slightly below average for this place, but not too bad. 30ish Korean girls with unspectacular looks. Table shower involved extreemly vigerous washing almost to the point of being painful. However, my private parts were scrubbed to within an inch of thier life -- usually a good sign of things to come. After a $40 door fee and the customary $100 tip, Conny go right down to work. She began by gently tickling between my thighs and rubbing her body on my dick. She then started kissing my nipples and then began to pay oral attention to my private parts. She started out by teasing me with her tounge, first my balls and the perinaeum and then my dick itself. She sucked my dick without a condom for a while, very slowly, but deeply. She would alternate between this and repeated licking of my balls. When I began to moan, she put a condom on and continued for a while. After some more, she got up and said "You on top?" I nodded and finished her up from this position. Good performance, and good value. However, I much prefer Penny or Sun Ni to Conny. Although Conny was not unpleasant, she was not as nice as the other two. Plus, I prefer sex with the other two to sex with Conny.
Subject: [ASP] Dallas modeling studios Date: 8 Apr 1997 21:45:11 GMT I have just recently started going to nude modeling studios/tanning salons in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I've been to X-Otic Tan in Arlington a few times, and with one exception the ladies were all pretty and friendly. As has been written here, this is strictly a watch & jerk operation. I've also been to Asian Tan in Dallas (on Northwest Hwy). I didn't start reading this newsgroup until after this, so I was expecting another watch&jerk. Imagine my surprise. It was $40 just to get in (compared to $60 at X-Otic), but once we got to the private room my hostess informed me that "everything else is extra." So I gave her $80, not having the slightest idea what to expect. For this, she stripped and gave me an excellent blowjob (w/condom), and I think would have done more but I was afraid to ask. It was after this that I sought out this newsgroup. Glad I did - there's a lot of interesting information here about my new hobby.
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 19:57:57 -0400 (EDT) Subject: World Sex Guide I just wanted to send a note with some updated info as of 4/26/97 for Dallas modeling/tanning studios. Body Works Tan & Sauna, and Bikini Fashion, on Emerald near I-35 & Royal: Both are staffed by asian ladies and both provide full service. Cost $40, plus $100 tip, for 30 minutes including half and half. Body Works includes a table shower. Some girls give bareback oral, most do not. Condom use is mandatory for intercourse. Both are in the WSG, but the names changed. Body Works was Osaka Tan. Bikini Fashion was Tokyo Lingerie. June's Tan & Sauna, and Sun's Tanning Studio, both in a strip shopping center at 1820 W Mockingbird near Harry Hines: Same scenario and prices as above. Both places provide a table shower. June's is incorrectly referred to in WSG as "Jan's". Sun's is formerly Mockingbird Tanning. At the asian places, the prices are consistent, and in many visits, I have never been ripped off. With negotiation, you might be able to tip less. You usually get an OK backrub after sex. The following provide NO sexual services. They are look-and-jack-off places. Fantasy Nights - Forest Lane near Denton Drive Kamilles Nude Modeling on Harry Hines Silk & Satin on Harry Hines Model's Suite on Floyd Rd, by Texas Instruments Regards, Rocket
Subject: Dallas Reveiw Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 10:43:22 -0700 I recently spent a week in Dallas. Went to Sun Tanning Salon during the day (maybe that was the mistake). I was offered a body shampoo, sauna and vibrating massage table but absolutely nothing more..? I also went to Body Works with much better luck. The first lady I saw said the shower was busy and why don't we just get into the massage - I agreed. Like one of your previous writers stated she started in pretty quick during the massage utilizing very light finger work inside my thighs and ocassionally brushed my balls. I turned over and she asked me if I wanted anything special (believe me after Sun Tanning I was ready). I paid $100 and she immediately (contrary to earlier reports) sliped a condom on an started sucking my dick like a vacuum cleaner on full blast. I came pretty quickly to which she replied "Oh, you a horny guy".. I think she is just expert at getting business over quickly. When I left I hit Harry Hines just to see what it was like, first thing I saw was a couple of cop cars around a car in a parking lot - a women standing outside of the car obviously a prostitute. I continued down Hary Hines and stop at a light were two hood looking Blondes pulled up next to me and together demonstrated the universal mime for blowjob, I declined was wished later in the trip I had tried them out. The next night I went back to Body Works, and this time was met by Kay. Kay took me back to the showers and did a thorough job clening me up. We went back to the room and started the massage. when Kay got down to business I was ready this time. Kay sucked my dick for a long time until she had enough and then simply lay back for a standard missionary fuck. She was tight and felt very good so I did not suggest any position changes. I fucked Kay slowly for awhile and then hard before coming. When I came she really wrapped herself around me tightly and may have even came as well. Kay is a Korean lady, probably in here early thirties, and has a pretty nice body.
Subject: ASP Dallas <Heather at La Mademoissele> Date: 15 Jul 1997 21:32:02 GMT I have had a few interesting encounters the last couple of years. Recently, I have had two. About a month ago I went into La Mademoiselle on Harry Hines. When I went in there, I was greeted by three different girls. They asked if I had been there and mentioned that tips etc. would be discussed in the room. I chose a nice looking light brownhead named Heather. She was 26 and was about 5'7' and weighed about 130 pounds. She was probally about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. I ended up spending nearly $300 for a doggy style session. She wasn't worth the price and she was definitly looking to get as much money out of me as possible. She had a decent attitude but I regret the money spent. I have a feeling most of the girls charge about the same in that studio. Door Charge- 35 for 20 Minutes, 50 for 30 Minutes, 65 for 1 hour Additional for Handjob (no clothes off)- 80+Door Fee Blowjob with Clothes off or Straight Sex clothes on- 160+door fee Sex with Clothes Off <Doggy Style>- 250+Door Fee. I would not recommend going there unless you are willing to fork over a lot of money. They do accept ATM cards for payment.
Subject: [ASP] Ann Tan - Dallas Date: 1998/03/02 Had some reservations about posting, with the traffic in the NG about Dallas police activity, but there's no way they don't already know what's going on. Also, this could be truth or fiction, just like a letter to Penthouse. Went by after work on Monday. Told the girl who opened he door I wanted to see Yumi, she said she's not there. (I happen to know her car, so I know she's there. These places take turns getting customers, and don't like to give you a choice.) I say I'll come back later; she calls her out. Yumi tells me she has changed her name to Mona, no reason why. She is Korean, pretty, mid-30s, thin, A-B cups, shoulder length hair. Went to the room, where she hugged and kissed me. I am a regular there; she didn't kiss for quite a while. This is one of the newer places, the rooms are larger and cleaner than most of the other places. Gave her $140, and she went to ready the shower. I undressed, and she gave a nice hot shower. Went back to the room, she stripped and gave a pretty good back massage. She had me turn over and massaged my front, kissing my lips and chest, then went down for bareback oral. I had to stop her, gave her a deep kiss, and had her lie back for oral on her. She didn't cum, but she did get pretty wet; she applied a condom, and we did doggie and finished missionary. She got hot cloths and washed my face and groin, helped me dress, and took me to the door.

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