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	Finally, hookers cruise Harry Hines in their cars.  It will be
apparent who is a hooker as they are fairly aggressive (e.g. honking,
rolling down their window and asking "You want a blow job?").  The area
between Walnut Hill and Loop 635 is currently the hottest area,
although as far south as Northwest Highway is not unusual.  However,
the police have been gradually cracking down on this activity since the
heyday 5-8 years ago (when hookers would laterally set up camp on the
hoods of their parked cars and the number of street walkers on a busy
night would be 20-50).  It may take a while (15-30 minutes) to spot a
working girl.  Incidentally, there seems to be a recent trend of
working girls cruising in pairs.

	The going rate for oral sex is said to be about $30-50
depending on the attractiveness of the girl vary variable, the lateness
of the hour, the number of potential customers, etc.  $40 will usually
get the job done.  One drawback is the location of the consummation of
the transaction.  It is typical for the girl to take you to a deserted
parking lot nearby and perform in your car.  While I have not heard of
any muggings, etc. the potential danger of the situation speaks for
itself.  Furthermore, the local police are apparently attempting to
crack down on this activity in response to business owners finding the
parking lots dumping grounds for used condoms.  Gentlemen caught with
their pants down (so to speak) will be charged with public indecency.

	Other forms of sex can be negotiated with the ladies, and the
venue most often changes to a nearby motel.  The motels in question,
while very nearby, are not nice.  The customer usually has to pay for
the room -- $20-35.  In summary, there isn't much to recommend other
than low price.  But for many, the prospect of a $40 blow job is enough
recommendation.  Who am I to quarrel?

	Incidentally, Dallas is home to more than its share of
excellent topless bars.  If you are interested, I'm sure you can find
plenty of info on the Net.  (Try, if you
haven't already.)  I recommend Cabaret Royal and The Men's Club.
Caligula has nationally known touring acts.

Good luck and enjoy.

Subject: Dallas, Texas Update Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 07:25:40 UTC Dallas, Tx update...3-25-96 Very Good times in Dallas, Texas. I had the opportunity this last couple months to get to know 2 young ladies of the profession. The first one, Kelly, I met when I was on Harry Hines at night. She pulled up to my car with her passenger window down, and asked if I wanted a blow job for $40.00. When I gazed into the small car next to me, I could see she was quite the babe. She looked about 20, Short blond hair about shoulder length. Kind of a Heather Locklear look. Tan Face and slender arms. I was pretty motivated to see the rest. I told her it sounded fine. She said to follow her, and we went to a vacant building complex. She opened my passenger door, and the dome light exposed her slender tan legs which just about put my swollen member through the roof. She seemed about a 34b-22-34. About 5'5" and 110 lbs. Very tiny butt. Very nice tan and smooth skin. Well shaven legs! (a definite plus) She was wearing a tight lycra shorts and top. She said "What do you want to do?" I said, do you do anything other than a blow job. She said "whatever you want." I said, can we fuck? She said it would be $80.00. I was not about to blow the opportunity, I accepted the deal. Mind you, I drive a sports car and it was pretty cramped. I said, how should we do this? She said put up the tilt wheel and lay back the seat. She helped me on with a condom, and proceeded to suck me off, she said "you seem ready" and then mounded me with her feet on the seat and her ass slowly down onto my very excited dick. After a lot of good bouncing and as best as I could I grinded my dick into her little body, I came, big time! She took the condom off, wiped me down, and gave me her pager number. She said we could get together whenever I wanted to. (One note, I think for the right price, she would do anal! I asked and it was out of my price range.) The next time I saw her, she had a friend driving with her. After we fucked this time, I asked who her friend was. She said "Stephanie." I asked if she was also in the business? She said "Yes" This was just about a dream come true. Let me describe Stephanie. She is about 5'7" and 117 lbs. She is about a 34c-22-34. Very long slender legs and very nice tan. She has long blond hair and green eyes. She is about 22 years old. If that isn't enough to drive one crazy, she has a voice that sounds like a 16 year old. Very tiny voice. I asked Kelly if I could see Stephanie, and she gave me her pager #. I paged her and we made plans to meet. We went to a place called "Executive Hot Tubs." Its off 35 and Royal. It costs $32.00 for 45 minutes. The room you get is pretty cool. It has a raised hot tub and a Steam Room, with a nice bathroom and shower. And a little twin bed. We stripped down, and I eyed her as she undressed. Incredible legs, and a very cute ass. All of it tan, no lines. Wow, I thought, I am actually going to fuck this girl! She asked me how much I had, I said about $100.00. She said "That's cool, what do you want to do?" I said, "Hmmmm, let me think FUCK?" She said, " Ok!" She asked me if I wanted to get in the spa. I said sure. I got in, and began wetting her as she sat on the edge with her legs in the spa. I started licking on her legs and wetting them and kissing them and sucking on her knees. Running my hands over her tan body. Man, my cock got hard. After about 10 minutes of that she said, are you horny yet? She then led me over to the bed and began sucking me off. Good blow job! Then she said, how do you like it? I said how about doggie? She said, "Ummm, I like that." She then got on the bed on all fours, stuck her very tight ass in the air, and bidded my entry. I stood on the floor and boned her big time pulling on her hips each thrust. She looked like a goddess. Her ass, her legs glistening in the light, and me giving the last few thrusts for the climax. And, then it was over. What a thrill. She wiped me down, and took the condom. She was amazing. Believe me, I will see her again. If you get the chance, here's some pointers on finding her. (as for her protection, I won't give her pager #) Travel on Harry Hines north of Walnut Hill, between 9:30pm and early morning. Look for a Silver (Gray) 1988 Acura Integra 3 door. You should find 2 blond bomshells in it. The driver is Kelly and the passenger is Stephanie. If you get to see them you won't regret it. They will even couple up on you. I haven't tried it yet, but they keep telling me it would be fun to "Take turns on you." Try either one, they both are worth it! If you do, tell them that the guy on the internet said Hi!
Subject: Kelly-Harry Hines-Dallas Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 10:08:01 UTC After reading about Kelly and Stephanie on the Web, I just had to go and check them out for myself. I followed the instructions on where to meet them and set out for Harry Hines. After about an hour of driving up and down Harry Hines and turning down three other offers, a Silver Acura pulled alongside and a cute blond asked if I wanted a blowjob. I knew this had to be Kelly. We drove to a secluded parking lot to negotiate. I asked if the two girls inside were Kelly and Stephanie. The driver said "I'm Kelly and this is my friend Lauren." Lauren said hi in a friendly way. We negotiated a price and Kelly told me to follow her to her room. We arrived at a nice motel (not one of the sleazy ones on Harry Hines) and got out of our cars. Kelly was just as nice as described. Lauren was a light-skinned black girl, about 5'8", maybe 120 lbs. Kelly asked how I knew her name and I told her the guy on the Internet said hi. She was pleasantly surprised by the recommendation. We got in the room and got the business end out of the way. Both girls had nice bodies, were friendly and accommodating. Kelly sucked my dick, then Lauren took a turn. I asked if I was going to get to fuck somebody. Kelly asked "who do you want to fuck?" I said "YOU!". She took her panties off to show me her very nice small pussy. Of course my dick was hard by then and I stuck it in as best I could. She was, to say the least, tight!! With her knees on my chest and my hands holding her smooth, silky body, it didn't take me long to cum. The whole experience was worth the search and I'm sure I'll be paging her soon for another round. I would also page Lauren for a one-on-one session of sucking and fucking. I still hope to catch Stephanie some night on Harry Hines to sample her pleasures. If you guys are interested in meeting any of these ladies, follow the instructions in the previous posting and find these girls. They are worth the wait. The other offers I got did not seem as promising, so be patient. You will eventually find them or they will find you.
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 13:41:29 UTC Subject: DFW: Harry Hines Last night I finally made it over to Harry Hines, between Walnut Creek and 635. Everyone should be happy to know that the place is still lively. In 20 minutes of driving, I was approached by 6 gals, all in cars...(this is an interesting process). My choice was Jessica and Stephanie...A slim, sexy long brown-haired girl with a pierced nose and A buxom blonde that made a great pair. They have been hearing more about the Internet lately, since the recent postings. Both girls left me their pager numbers, and suggested that next time I get a room nearby so we could have some more fun. I was happy with what I saw, and will be happy to recommend them. They drive a Mirage, and if you see them, say that the Minnesota Kid says hi.
Subject: Dallas report 7/96 Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 12:35:25 UTC Got lost late at night (11:30ish) in the Irving area (Dallas) and found myself on Harry Hines Blvd, just north of Walnut. Remembered the report here and drove a few blocks, so I was curious as to whether or not the reports were true. Place was dead, made a U turn about 1.5 miles later and headed back where I came from - then a new Ford sedan pulled up next to me at a stop light and the driver asked me if I wanted a date. Driver was a cute heavy set hispanic , but her passenger was a tall Texas blonde. My curiosity was peaked so I said, "Sure," and I then followed the car thru and elaborate maze of streets, I think it was to make sure there where no cops on our tails. Pulled up to a 24 hour video place. Picked the blonde (6/10) and rented a viewing room for an hour for $10. The room had a lawn bench and a TV with porno movies running. She turned up the volume and after some haggling got a half and a half for $100. Nice blow job and she encouraged me to play with her tits. When I was ready - she had me bone her from behind, had her sit on my lap with her back facing to me, got to play with her ass and tits the whole time, she was not rushing and I spent some time in the room with her. A nice unexpected experience, I gotta get lost in Dallas more often.
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 13:04:02 -0500 >Well...I got to Dallas yesterday, and based upon info from the net, >I decided to give Harry Hines Blvd. a try. > >It would appear that several other gentlemen read this group, because >I saw a lot of guys cruising, including a few cops. > >I started about 8:30 and during the next 3 hours I was approached twice. >I noticed a couple other cars seemed to also get approached, but I >suspect that the action doesn't really heat up until after 11:00. >I went with a short blonde named Destiny and spent $60 for some oral >enjoyment. It was a little rushed, but better than dropping $140 at a >studio. My experience is that nothing happenms until after 2 AM. What day of the week were you there? And $40 is plenty for oral on Harry Hines.
Subject: ASP: Dallas quick report... Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 20:31:18 GMT Years ago, the Harry Hines stretch in Dallas was a mecca for hookers all over the South. They would work out of their cars, and many reached staggering levels of attractiveness. On any given night, you could cruise and quickly find up 20 girls sitting or standing by their cars along the road. In addition, they would drive up to you while you were cruising and 'advertise'. Unfortunately..... as with most good things, the city fathers decided to 'clean 'em up' and the last several years have seen a lot lower bit of activity. On a recent trip, I decided to see what was happening lately. Recent reports said that they were still around, but just not in large numbers.... I hit Harry Hines around 11:00 on a Tuesday night. I made several passes up and down without seeing or noticing ANY girls working from their cars. I did, however, hear a 'beep' of a horn once, that tipped me off that at least one was attempting to attract a john. After cruising for about 30 minutes, I had just about given up. Going South on my 'last lap', I noticed what appeared to be a nicer looking gal waiting to make a left turn onto one of the side streets. Going down and turning around for my final stretch, I happened to come up upon her, still sitting in the left turn lane and talking on her car phone. NICE....but she gave no notice of any of the cars coming past, and seemed to want to disappear from view. I did notice that as I pulled past, she did start heading back up Harry Hines. As it would turn out, we ended up next to each other at a couple of the stop lights. Never, did she look over, or notice anything going on around her. She just kept talking on her phone....and driving....keeping her yes straight ahead. I had given up when finally she seemed to speed up, pulled along side, and motioned for me (the usual indication here on Harry Hines). We met up behind one of the business and proceeded to "get the job done". Mercedes was highly attractive...very skilled.... and definitely worth the $$. While Dallas's Harry Hines might be VERY SLOW, at least I found that it's still active <grin>. Dick
Subject: Dallas Update Date: Fri, 13 Dec 96 18:02:00 PST I have a tale of two Kellys. I recently went to Dallas on business for a few days. While I was there I decided to check out the scouting reports about Harry Hines Boulevard. The reports are fairly accurate. I traveled up and down Harry Hines for about a half hour before spotting a pretty blond in a red two door sports car. She was alone, this puzzled me since the scouting reports said that most girls were working in pairs. I waved at her, and she nodded for me to follow her. We went to a 7-11 to park. She didn't get out of her car, she wanted to talk and look me over. She told me her name was Kelly (I later found out, she was not the same Kelly from the earlier postings.). We negotiated for a half-and-half for $80, but she didn't have a room. My room was all the way across town, so she had me follow her to a secluded parking lot. She got into my car. I couldn't believe my luck Kelly is a Classic Texas Blond (9/10), with beautiful legs and firm tits. We talked for a few minutes, and I asked her why she was traveling alone. Kelly told me more girls were traveling alone because of the police cracking down on cars with two girls cruising Harry Hines. Kelly and I then got into the back were she gave me a fantastic blowjob and a very good fuck. She let me play with her tits and her shaven pussy the whole time a real turn on. I asked if she was available later on, but she said that she was heading for Nashville the next day. She did leave me he pager number as she would be back in Dallas mid-January. So, two nights later I returned to Harry Hines Boulevard with my hopes high. The traffic was the same but there were fewer girls around. I soon found out why. The police were patrolling the strip pulling over cars with two women. I decided to wait it out at one of the local strip clubs. Around midnight I returned to cruising, and after turning down some offers I spotted another pretty blond. We followed the same procedure, driving to a well lit area, parking, staying in our own cars as we negotiated. As it turns out this pretty blond's name was also Kelli (spelled with an "i" not a "y"). She knew my hotel and for $150 agreed to follow me there. After arriving in my room we sat and talked, I asked her if she was the Kelli who was posted on the internet. She smiled and said yes, but she had never seen what had been written. I showed her some of the postings about her and the other girls. Kelli thought it was very funny and commented on each of the other girls (Very enlightening!). After that she relaxed and we got comfortable. Kelli has a fantastic body with an all over tan and a few small tattoos (9.5/10). She gave me a great blowjob and after we had a good fuck. She didn't let me explore her body like the other Kelly, and definitely wanted me to avoid her breasts. A minor let down, but Kelli is very friendly and open, and didn't rush anything. Afterward she did give me her pager number, on the condition that I promised not to post it. She told me about someone who did, she is still VERY angry about it. Kelli did ask me to post that she no longer has the Silver Acura Integra, she now drives a Blue Honda Accord (slightly beet-up). Guys, if you do cruise Harry Hines Boulevard remember that if the girl is working alone she will probably look you over carefully. You want to be clean and polite to her or she will just drive off. Also don't give out or post their pager# to the world, the girls like to have some control over who has their numbers. Remember they are still Ladies, and should be treated as such. The better you treat them, the better they will treat you.
Subject: [ASP]: Dallas Warning! Harry Hines Law Enforcement Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 15:09:45 GMT This is my first post here, so please go easy on me. I want to warn everyone interested in the hobby in Dallas that Harry Hines seems to become more a hotbed of cops than of working girls. I drove across Harry Hines on Royal Lane twice tonight (1/01/97 at about 11:59 pm and again on 1/02/97 at about 1:00 am) on my way to a Korean establishment (I'll post a review later). In that time I saw three police cars on Harry Hines; one turning off the street, one (a "stealth" police car with no lights on the roof) turning onto the street, and one with a car containing one young woman pulled over in a parking lot just off the intersection. I just want to verify and expand on previous warnings that there seems to be a crackdown on the girls that cruise Harry Hines. Beware. ---Da Dallas Dude
Subject: [ASP- Dallas- Harry Hines Adventure With a 10!] Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 01:49:32 -0500 Guys, Thought I'd tell you a little bit about my adventure last night on Harry Hines. If you've read this newsgroup or the WSG, then you will enjoy this. After cruising HH for a little over an hour, I spotted a blond cruising in the opposite direction. So, as everyone knows that has driven on HH, I immediately U-turned to begin the chase. I finally caught her at a red light. When she looked over at me, I quickly nodded and she drove in front of me to direct me to a secluded spot to negotiate a price. We came to a price of $100 for in-car sex. Let me say here that I have only seen from the neck up and was extremely pleased. I'd have to give her at least an 8!!! Then I followed her to a Courtyard Marriot parking lot on Forest and pulled up beside her in the back of the lot. She opens her car door and the longest, most gorgeous tan legs I've seen live come pouring out of the car. She is dressed in knee-high patent leather boots, a pair of very short patent leather short-shorts, and a low-cut, tight leopard print top. The rating, along with my dick, immediately began to rise quickly. She climbed into my Jeep Cherokee and I almost lost it! In case you don't understand, this girl was DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!!!! Then, she began to talk with me with the voice of an angel. After reading some recent ASP postings concerning Dallas, I thought this might be the girl named Kelli. So, I asked if she was, and she said that her name was Stephanie. I explained about the postings about Kelli and she said that she was also "posted" on here. In the WSG, someone talked about meeting 2 girls and taking them to a Hot Tub Club. She was the Stephanie that is discussed in detail there! How in the hell could I be so lucky? OK- on with the details of the "date". She shook and twisted out of her tight short-shorts and showed me one well groomed blond pussy (a huge turn-on!). She sensuously puts on the condom and immediately begins stroking and sucking my cock. She's got her knees in the passenger seat with her head of long blond hair in my lap and her incredibly tight ass up in the air. I just kept stroking her hair and running my hand down her back to her ass. Needless to say, I almost lost my load. She asked if I was "ready for more" in that incredible voice, and I answered yes. She pivoted over to the passenger side and let the seat lay back. I climbed over her and she smoothly spread those long, long legs open for me. She put her boots against the dashboard for extra traction and away we go. She's grabbing my ass and pulling me deeper and deeper inside her. Damn, she was feeling good. Too good! She pulls her shirt up to expose her nice tits (I'd say about a 34B, but still nice to feel!) Then I ask her if she minded doing it "doggie style", my favorite position! She said that she was too tall and her legs were too long to do it like that in the Jeep. This should tell you how long her legs were if you've ever been in the front of a Jeep. I finally talked her into it, much to my delight. She climbed up the back of the seat and that beautiful ass was up and ready for me to take. As I mounted her, I knew I wouldn't be able to last long. I reached around to cup her tits and she began pumping me so smooth. Damn she felt so good. Then, she reach down between her legs and gently began stroking and carassing my balls, with the explanation that she loved to feel a man's balls working. And with that, I exploded!!! I came for a long time and didn't want to stop. It felt incredible! After we were dressed, she sat in my Jeep for about 20 minutes talking. She had seen some of the postings in this newsgroup and asked how all of this worked. I gave her a brief explanation and then she asked if I was going to put this on the Net. I told her I would if she didn't mind. She said that she thought it would be cool to be able to go on the Net and see her name on there and people talking about her. She said she had read the Hot Tub article and wanted more adventures posted. I told her I would be honored. We talked a little bit more and came up with a test for all the Dallas ASPers. She wants to meet as many guys as possible from the Net to see how many people are reading this. We came up with a password that you can tell her so she will know you've read this. As a tribute to my King and Idol, Howard Stern, the password is : Ba Ba Boo Ey. She said that if you give her that word, she will give you a little bit more attention at the Executive Hot Tub Club. I know this sounds like I just got my secret decoder ring from Lil' Orphan Annie, but I thought this might add a little fun to this group while taking care of everyone that reads it. Again, her name is Stephanie. She drives a dark colored (gray or navy, I couldn't tell) 4-door Geo Prism, she has long blond hair and talks on her cell phone alot. (She said that she isn't ignoring you if she doesn't look at you, she just gets alot of calls. She'll talk to you.) She is probably 5'7", all legs, tan, tight stomach with a cute belly-button ring and a great ass! Her tits are about a 34B, but they fit her body well. Her pussy is well groomed. She really gets into it with you, and we all know how good that is. She said she usually cruises HH between the hrs. of 11pm to 4am. Just be patient. She also said that the police do most of their arresting on Sun. and Mon. nights, so be careful. She is a gorgeous girl, probably between the age of 19-22. I would definitely take her home to Mommy, but I'd be afraid Daddy might like her too much.:) She is extremely sweet, so please be good to her. Be sure to mention the password and I'm sure you will get along just fine. Post your details to the newsgroup and lets have fun with this. I look forward to reading about it. You're welcome in advance, Bababooey
Subject: [ASP] Dallas -- Harry Hines: Lots of cops Date: 5 Feb 1997 15:22:37 GMT My quick tour of Harry Hines the other night on my way home from a strip club was made even quicker by what I observed. First, there didn't appear to be many ladies out, even at midnight. Second, there were at least a half-dozen police cars prowling the two-mile strip between Walnut Hill and Forest. Third, I saw two separate stops of female-occupied vehicles, for no obvious traffic-related reasons and without any visible signs that the ladies had propositioned anyone while they were in view of the prowl cars. Fourth, a police car pulled up alongside me. I glanced over, acknowledged the occupants with a nod, and continued. The car slowed, pulled in behind me and followed me from Royal to Walnut Hill, the occupants probably running my license plate during that time. I wasn't stopped, but having had several drinks that night (I probably would've passed a Breathalyzer, but I wouldn't have bet my life on it), not having a real good reason to be driving around in that part of the world at midnight, and not having any real intent of consummating a transaction, I decided the risk/reward ratio was unacceptably high and left the area.
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 13:29:48 -0600 (CST) Subject: Dallas and Toronto Hi there. First I'd like to thank you for the World Sex Guide. I've only used one service before and I'll tell you about that later. I've always wanted to explore the world of prositiution and with your guide I've been able to do that. I cruised Harry Hines in Dallas, on Wed. Feb. 18th, and am glad to report that things are still alive and well there. I got there about 10:15 pm and only made two laps before a car with two girls waved me down and asked if I wanted to follow them. I said sure! They led me to some industrial parking lot and the driver, Jessica with black and bleached blonde hair, did all the talking. She also searched my car pretty good to be sure I wasn't a cop. I wasn't really impressed with her, but the girl in the passenger seat was a very pretty petite blonde named Holiday. I chose Holiday and paid $100 for straight sex in the car. This girl could be working for an escort service with her body.... (10) Hard and tight..... probably about a 34C. She wouldn't kiss, but let me rub her body and did the same to mine. I hope to page her next time I'm in Dallas and meet her at my hotel room.... I'll let you know about that experience when it happens.
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 19:01:22 -0800 Subject: Dallas (Missy and Kim -- Harry Hines) On a recent week night, while cruising Harry Hines looking for a bit of action, a silver Mazda pulled up beside me. The Mazda's windows were tinted dark. When I cruise Harry Hines, I like to get a good look at the girl because I have been burned on more that one occasion. A girl who looks attractive at 30 mph in a semi-darkened car on a dark night turns out to be far less attractive later. Well, the window of the Mazda dropped down a bit, and a quite attractive, slim, brownish blonde haired girl looked out and indicated in my direction. She was riding alone. She looked to be the best that I had seen in 45 minutes or so and I nodded a quick assent. She made the standard follow me gesture and we followed the standard circuitous route to an out of the way parking lot. Once in the parking lot several blocks from Harry Hines, I got a better look at her and liked what I saw. She seemed to be security conscious, which I likes, and asked me to open by wallet so that she could see that I did not have a badge. After inquiring about how much money I had and discussing the options from a $50 blow job on up, we arranged to go to a local motel for $200 on the condition that "she would spend some extra time" and I would get two full performances. Once at the motel, I got a much better look at the girl who introduced herself as Missy. She was reasonably tall -- an exact estimate was difficult because of her extreme high heels -- but I would guess 5'7" to 5'10 She was at least as tall as I was with the heels and I'm 5' 11" or so. She was very nicely dressed in a fashionable short skirt with knit top. She was very thin, with small A cup breasts. She had mid-back length sandy brown to dark blonde hair that was neatly arrange. She was not wearing excessive makeup, a rarity on Harry Hines. I would judge her age to be early to mid 20's. Very nice for Harry Hines. In the room the money changed hands and she undressed. It then became apparent that she was indeed very thin. I'm not very good at guessing women's weight, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that she would not weigh 90 pounds, sopping wet. Her breasts were very small, but with perky nipples. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a small dense patch. While beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder, by Harry Hines standards -- standards which are admittedly low -- I thought that she was very attractive. I like a woman with a little meat on the bone and am fonder of C or D sized breasts, but this girl was quite nice for the street. The biggest downside from an appearance point, IMHO, were several tattoos. I have been with Stephanie and Allison and I would judge her superior in looks to both. True to her word, we spend between 45 minutes to an hour and I was serviced twice. In between the performances, she chatted amicably and fairly intelligently. The sex was nice, though not terribly inspired, but was far above average for a street girl. She gave a nice blow job with condom that was unhurried and then let me fuck her from on top. She never at any point appeared to be rushing things. I found that I enjoyed by time with her very much. Near the end of our time, Missy suggested that we call her partner, Kim, for a two girl fuck for another $100. I have never really been a fan of two girls at once -- probably because I have only one dick. The threesome that I've had, one girl ends up just sitting or watching while the other one does the work. Then the other one will turn her attention to you while the first girl does nothing or next to nothing. However, after a quick bit of thought, I decided to take a chance for one primary reason: I thought that Kim might be like Missy (e.g. high quality for Harry Hines). Bad decision! Kim, unfortunately was not at all up to Missy's standards. She had more than enough meat on the bone -- probably 160 pounds on a good bit shorter frame. Loud and brash with red hair. Tits average, but body as a whole very flabby. She was mid to late 20's at best, maybe early 30's. But as the old saying goes, "it's not the age it's the miles" and Kim seemed to have had plenty of miles judging by appearance. Hard miles, too. Definitely the Harry Hines street hooker in a hurry, she gave a quick oral rendition, then hiked up her skirt to reveal no panties and crotchless hose. After slipping out one tit real quick she said "Fuck me honey," and moaned unconvincingly. Granted that this was my third time in a hour or so, but she was just a bad lay. I almost considered faking an orgasm. All in all Kim was not $100 well spend. (Sure enough, while Kim was doing this, Missy was rubbing me and putting my hands on her tits. Of course, what else could she do.) Kim is not recommended at all. Well, enough about Kim, you get the idea. While I was talking to Missy several interesting fact about her occupation/our hobby came to light: 1. She used to work at Studio 5806 in Houston. She left three months ago or so and said that it was full service when she left and she thinks that it's still full service despite the new Sexually Oriented Business ordinance. 2. I asked about police activity on Harry Hines. She said that police activity had increased in recent weeks. However, she said that the vice activity was concentrated in the earlier hours on most nights -- particularly week nights. Later, i.e. after midnight on a week night, there were lots of police cars on the street, but that they were mainly regular patrol officers who did not harass working girls or their customers. Incidentally, on the evening in question, a Monday, I had been on Harry Hines on three occasions. Once around 8:00 - 8:45 p.m. Saw no one -- not one hooker. Lots of cops though. At 11:00 p.m. was back out for 30 minutes or so. Only saw one working girl, but several cops, one with a girl pulled over. During this second thirty minutes I also saw one lone male motorist pulled over. Finally, I returned about 12:20 a.m. and cruised until about 1:00 a.m. This time the girls were plentiful, including Allison in her red Mitsubishi Eclipse and a new, but fairly attractive blond in a tan or gold Nissan Sentra. There were a few cops about, but they did indeed seem to be ignoring the working girls and their customers, confirming Missy's later observation. 3. Most interestingly, she also said that the vice police were beginning to do stings -- setting up female office to lure potential customers into committing solicitation. I was in the process of getting more details on this important topic when Kim arrived and I did not get to follow up as much as I would like. However, Missy did state the "A cop won't let you touch any private part of her body, so when you get in the car with a girl, ask to touch her before you discuss any business." Far from foolproof advice form a legal standpoint, doubtless, but better than nothing, perhaps. However, finding Missy was worth the evenings effort. Nice, attractive, good attitude and a good lay.
Subject: [ASP] Dallas: Man shot while with Harry Hines hooker Date: 29 May 1997 17:06:41 GMT Dick, I don't have Saturday's Dallas Morning News, but I found a better source: an hour ago, I was with the lady involved in the fatal shooting last week on Harry Hines. The lady is Mandy, the young ultra-slender petite pale blonde mentioned several times before in TSML (once mistakenly under the name Missy). She was servicing a gentleman in the front of her white Ford Explorer. They were parked in one of her usual car date locations, and her window was rolled down slightly to let some air in. A man she described as short and probably Hispanic (obviously, it was dark and hard to tell for sure, especially through tinted windows) came up on her (driver) side to carjack/rob them. She said that she was leaned over giving head and when we came up, she turned to face the barrel of a "Mack 10" (I'm afraid I don't know guns, so forgive me if this isn't correct terminology) stuck through the window opening. At that point, Mandy's customer opened his door, hoping to escape in the opposite direction. Mandy reacted by putting the Explorer in gear. The attacker fired once, grazing the back of Mandy's head, and the bullet went straight into her customer's chest. Blood went everywhere, and Mandy became hysterical. The gunman fled as Mandy stepped on the gas and turned a corner in the parking lot sharply, not realizing that her customer was dead with his door ajar. Naturally, the door flew open, and when Mandy saw the limp body drop out of the vehicle, she became even more hysterical. Mandy did not even know that she was shot until she reached to scratch an itch on the back of her head and felt blood. The sound of gunfire to the stepped-up police traffic brought their quick arrival. Mandy simply told them the entire story. She was taken to Parkland Hospital where she received eight stitches. Her Explorer remains held by the police, but the gunman is at large. Tonight (Tuesday) was her first night back out, and she was with a short-haired blonde named Kelly. Mandy says she will not car date in the future without a friend to keep watch. Mandy's pager was left in the Explorer, so the updated pager number which was posted for her is no good anymore. Mandy is driving the Black Honda CRX which I had posted as Kim's (the redhead who ripped me off). Readers who followed that story will recall one post indicating that Mandy may have worked with Kim in the past. It turns out that this was true, as they were roommates, but Kim is currently in jail until the end of June (Mandy said it was not for prostitution but would not comment further). I can say that in my three experiences with Mandy, she has proven trustworthy. Incidentally, the police traffic on HH was even heavier on Monday and Tuesday nights. Of course, Memorial Day may have something to do with it, but in any case, it looks like HH activity is pretty slow now. Ken Just Ken
Subject: Harry Hines Report: Dallas, TX Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 00:14:32 -0500 I went out last Friday night (July 25, 1997). I headed out around 12:30AM. The first thing that I saw on Harry Hines was a lady of the night pulled over. This made me kind of nervous, but I kept my search alive. One heavier set brunette approached me, but I turned her down. (Can't remember what kind of car she was in.) Anyway, I did the "loop" for about 30 min. before another car pulled up beside me and a girl leaned out of the passenger side screaming "Do you want to fuck me?!?" I nodded yes, and followed them off of the strip. We drove for about seven minuets, into a residential section. We pulled over in front of someone's house, and the driver jumped out of her car and ran into mine. She asked me to kiss her pussy, assuming this was her method of determining weather I was a cop or not, I did as she asked. She was a plain looking blond, with a little bit better that average tits, and a blond pussy. I can't remember her name, but she was driving a 10-year-old or so Oldsmobile that was fairly worn down. I locked the doors to my car, which she greatly objected to and insisted that I unlock the doors before she proceeded. After giving me an above average blowjob, she then proceeded to mount me in the front seat. After about 30 seconds though, she dismounted, and started in with a hand job. She then "accidentally" pulled the condom off. She proceeded to ask me if I wanted her to give me more head, which I said yes to, but she indicated that she would have to go to her car and get a new condom. She then jumped out of my car, leaving the door open, jumped into her car, the passenger had now scooted over to the driver seat, and they took off. Literally leaving me with my pants around my ankles. Now, before you start laughing to hard, I am telling this story to warn the rest of you out there. Like I said, these are 2 girls, one blond and one brunette, driving an old white Oldsmobile, fairly beat up and worn. My advice, stay away. Now on to my next encounter. Not to let that whole deal discourage me, I headed back to the strip (Harry Hines) for another few treks around the loop. I promised myself that I would only go around twice. So, after making one full loop, and half of a second loop, I was heading south bound on the strip when a nice blond pulled up next to me. She actually looked pretty hot, and I was hesitant in making contact in fear that she might just be passing through, and not a lady of the night. Thankfully, I was wrong, and she was a working girl. She rolled down her window, and motioned for me to do the same. She asked how much I could spend on her... I just laughed and said enough. I then followed her to a public parking lot, where we talked over a deal, and decided that I needed to go to the ATM. We then headed for a hotel. She said her going rate was $200. Much higher than anything else I had encountered on the strip. But she was just about five times better than anything else I had seen as well. So we got to the hotel, and I renegotiated a deal that I would get the room, and let her use it when we go done, plus $100. She agreed, and we both got out of our cars. This was the first time that I had seen her not in her car. She was tall, and had long tan legs. Great body. Good sized tits for her body, with sexy blond hair. But what really got me were those long gorgeous tan legs. I am going to leave out the details of what happed next, except for the fact that she was as good in the sack as she was good looking, and I will call on her again and again. Well, that wraps up my report from Dallas, on Harry Hines. Good hunting, and be safe.
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 15:35:12 -0700 Subject: Harry Hines I'm a recent law school graduate who was cited for manifestation of prostitution in Dallas in October, 1996. I'm writing to inform readers of the blatant unconstitutionality of the Dallas City Ordinance, under which the cops are harassing the working girls and their clients. If YOU get cited, do NOT automatically go to court and pay the fine! Fight it! Get a lawyer associated with the ACLU and fight the damn ordinance. There is no legal reasony why cops can stop people and cite them for TALKING or even just LOOKING at another human being. Do NOT be intimidated by the COPS! What they are doing is just plain illegal! Unless you are actually soliciting (which is, of course, illegall), the First Amendment to the Constitution gives you the RIGHT to talk to ANYONE for ANY reason. Please do your best to get the word out to the working girls. Police that stop cars just because they are driven by women have no valid legal reason for stopping and citing the occupants. Period. GIRLS: Start fighting the tickets. There are a couple of good lawyers around town who will work dirt cheap, or even free, to handle your case. DO NOT hire a lawyer who just tries to get the case dismissed. We must FIGHT the constitutionality of the ordinance. TOGETHER, we can do it. Insist on your lawyer taking up the cause. If all else fails, call the ACLU. They have successfully had similar laws stricken from the books in other states. Now, it is time for the City of Dallas to stop harassing innocent citizens who are not actually soliciting. One more hint: Even if you are discussing sex with a prostitute, it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to suggest "sexual" activity which falls short of actual physical sex. For example, it is legal to pay someone to "just" pose nude for you. It is likewise legal to pay someone to spank you (if you're into that sort of thing). So, NEVER NEVER NEVER actually proposition a girl point blank until you are damn sure she ain't no cop. That's it. Let's all work together on this and get this stupid Dallas ordinance ruled unconstitutional. And don't listen to a lawyer who says otherwise--the City of Dallas dropped its "case" against me after realizing that we intended to have the damn ordinance declared invalid. I guarantee, they will do it for you too. Have fun.
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 03:56:52 -0800 Subject: bad exp on harry hines in dallas I came to Dallas just last night (12/6/97). After reading the section on Dallas at, I decided to check out Harry Hines street around 11:30pm. I made 1 dozen or so trips between 635 and Manana. 4 cars came up next to me, the girls made their signs, but I wanted to check out the scene a little more, so I passed on all of them. Around 12:30 or so, I was ready for some action. A gray kinda old Cadillac with two girl pulled up next to me, they gestrued, and I followed them to a parking lot. The driver, a blond girl, 5'9", pretty face, said she was 20, agreeed on $100 for half and half. Her name was Daisy and her friend was Alicia. Daisy was in a big hurry. 30 seconds of oral and she said are you ready to fuck. So we did a bit of doggy-style. She kept asking if I have came. A big turn-off. Just then, 2 cars came into the parking lot and scared all three of us. It turns out another girl came to do business with her customer. In all the confusion, Daisy got into her car and said she will do something (forgot what BS she gave me) and will be right back in 10 min. Then they drove off. So like an idiot, I waited 20 min and had a bit of time to think of what happened. Of course they didn't come back. It was my first time picking up a street walker. $100 for 3 min of bad sex. Quite expensive.
Subject: [ASP] Boris checks out Harry Hines in Dallas... Date: 1998/03/25 My Harry Hines Adventures I was in Dallas on business a few weeks back, and based on the information posted here, decided to check out Harry Hines Blvd. So, after confirming the location on my handy-dandy laptop, it was off in the rental car (Sun 23:00). I arrived minutes later and the first thing I see is a car pulled over by the local PD. 2 girls, one of whom was out of the car talking to the officer. She looked to be pretty hot, and was dressed in "hooker garb". Already I knew there would be action. After a few passes I had observed enough U-turns to know where the main strip was located. Then, it started. Females, alone and in pairs, and driving all sorts of vehicles began to approach. I had only ever been approached by a "car-girl" once in the past, so this type of situation was new to me. I cruised for awhile, just checking things out. For those unfamiliar with Harry Hines (hey, there might be a few), it is a 4-lane road in a mainly industrial area, with several strip bars located along a 3 mile stretch. Basically, the girls cruise in their cars looking for customers. They will either try to pull up next to you at a traffic light, or match your speed in the next lane. I saw about equal numbers of girls driving solo and in pairs. Most seem to be fairly aggressive, even to the point of honking at drivers or chasing down someone who seems to be cruising. I found this whole scene to be very entertaining, but I like to drive anyway. There is a strong police presence, but I was not hassled, despite cruising for several hours in a bright red rental car. I did see a lot of girls pulled over, but most continued to work as if nothing had happened. I returned on Tues. around the same time. Things were a little quieter, but not much. One thing I did notice the 2nd time around was the variety of styles the girls use to approach a potential customer. There are those that will honk, hang out the window and yell, etc. But there were others who seemed to be just driving, hoping someone might pull up next to them. I only noticed the latter after seeing their cars both nights. In general, I like the "car-girl" system, since it attracts far less attention than streetwalkers, there's no stopping to pick up a girl, etc. The main drawback is that you really can't get a good look before initiating a meeting. That aside, being in separate cars is great. Any cops approach, you can split. You have 2nd thoughts, you can split. The girl gets a bad vibe from you, SHE can split. Seems like a good system. So, on Sun nite/Mon morning @ 02:00, I was approached by what looked like a mexican girl in a midsize GM (probably a rental). She motioned and I accepted. Made a U-turn and followed her to a small strip mall parking lot. I parked next to her and she jumped in, at which time I noticed she was in fact a red-head complete with freckles. So much for my eyes. She was a a little bit heavy, but had great tits, which she promptly exposed and invited me to kiss. I gave one a quick peck, to which she responded "How about a real kiss", so I did the nipple sucking to "prove" I wasn't a cop. I opted for the budget plan, and when all was said and done, she hopped out and sped off. I would have opted for taking her back to my hotel, but it was late and I was exhausted already. I returned Tuesday night for another look. The red-head was back, but I declined, preferring to seek some variety. There were a couple of girls cruising in really nice cars, a tricked out Acura (midnight blue or black), and a similarly appointed Mercedes (also dark in color). The Benz was in the process of being pulled over, but I got a look at the blonde inside. She reappeared immediately after the cop left, and an hour later or so she pulled up next to me. I followed to a deserted office park, where she hopped in, dressed in what almost looked like a cheerleading outfit. My expectations were not high given the car she was driving and my limited funds, but hey how many times do you get a blonde in a Benz? The deed accomplished, she sped off, and I returned north a few days later, opting to avoid cruising during the remainder of my stay. A couple of points for you Dallas regulars to ponder, respond to, etc. Both girls wanted to see ID and checked all around/under my seat, etc. They seemed more cautious than northern girls, which is probably a good thing. I was carrying only a driver's license and some cash, which is what I would recommend for anyone going cruising anywhere. Not only safer for you, but it avoids impulse spending! The service was not much of a value, and basically consisted of slapping on a condom, 2 minutes of sucking followed by some hand action and a generic "Are you gonna come for me, baby?". I'm no teenager, and with a condom on, things take awhile. Admittedly, I was following the low budget advice posted by many hobbyists, but I expected a little more effort on the part of the girls. Would additional $$ have improved things or are all these girls just trying to maximize the number of customers per night? The appearance of the girls was far better than what us northern fools are used to. As far as I could tell, most were pretty young and fairly attractive. I might have to consider relocating! The typical street encounter in the northern US is cheaper and lasts longer, in my opinion. Bareback is routine, and most girls will blow until you go, typically deep-throating along the way. It would seem that the aim of the typical HH girl is not repeat business (not that they need to worry about lack of customers, from what I've seen). Well, I've blathered on long enough. I enjoyed Harry Hines for a number of reasons. Check it out for yourself sometime...

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