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	I have not used an escort service in Dallas in several years.
However, the last one I used was very, very good. Watermark is the name
of it, voicemail (214) 669-5665.  Reservations and several hours
advance notice are apparently necessary.  I have heard that they seem
to be very choosy.  I can also tell you they are (or were at least two
years ago) expensive -- $300 or so.  However, all but one of the girls
from there were excellent in every respect.  They will also stay for
the whole hour and you would typically get to have your way with the
girl twice.  Other services seem to be a "one shot and out" deal.
Watermark's competitors typically charge a low initial session fee and
the girl negotiates her own tip, usually in the $150-250 range.  So
when you analyze what you're getting for your money, Watermark was not
a bad deal at all.  However, I emphasis that I have not used any escort
service in the last 2 years.  Needless to say, things change.  However,
Watermark was a large cut above then.  The other services seemed
largely indistinguishable from each other.  Look in the yellow pages
under "Escorts."

Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 15:56:26 UTC Warning. Latin Ladies, 14001 Dallas Pkwy, 214-239-1477, is a rip-off. They asked for $150 cash for Escort. Girl they sent was quite attractive with a great body, but would do nothing but strip to under garments. Bra and panties were about like a two piece bathing suit you would find many girls wearing at public beach. Talked in figures of $500 for sex. I am sure that if a person gave up the dollars, she would find some other reason not to deliver. I was very nice to the girl, and she confided that it was just a scam. Many years experience has taught me there is no advantage in trying to turn lead into gold, but if you expect more than a few minutes conversation don't waste your money with this agency.
Subject: [ASP:] SexyNickie (Dallas) is for real Date: 26 Oct 1996 00:34:50 -0400 I've taken the advice of one respondent to my post, "Take back the newsgroup!" by heading this with [ASP:]. By identifying relevant posts this way, they'll drift to the top of article lists and be otherwise readily identifiable from the effluvia in the group. I've been trying to see The Best Escort I Ever Had for almost three months now. Alas, her agency doesn't answer the phone at a time that's convenient for me, which has been as late as 6 p.m. Twice in the last couple of months, I've rented a room and called her agency, only to be sorely disappointed that no one answers before I have to leave. This time, I had a fallback position arranged. A few weeks ago, an Internet post from a woman calling herself SexyNickie caught my eye with words such as "petite blonde," "great legs," "very sensual sweet and classy." Intrigued, I sent her some e-mail, describing myself and what I wanted and telling her when I would be available. Her response said she'd be available then and added, "And do get your hopes up, I am all that you are looking for." Well! I got back into Dallas at 4 p.m. and killed about half an hour trying to reach A-aachen from a pay phone. No answer; no surprise. So I called Nickie and introduced myself with my screen name, reminding her that we'd exchanged e-mail all week. After she asked whether she'd quoted me her prices - $100 for a dance, $150 for a massage, $300 for "other" - and when I said yes, she asked what I was interested in. "How about full service?" I asked. "I'm available and in the mood," she replied. I got directions, then went back to my car, grabbed my bag and found a restroom for a quick shave and freshen-up before departing. I found her apartment, near the intersection of Royal Lane and Central Expressway, without any problems. She answered the knock wearing a black lingerie outfit that included a light wrap, bra panties and (omigosh!) hose. As she invited her in, I sized her up. The first thing I noticed was her braces. The second was an almost-nonexistent pair of breasts. I thought afterwards that this girl can make a lot of money catering to schoolgirl fantasies! I'm guessing as to the numbers here, but I'd say she's mid-20s, 32A-22-33, very slender, tanned all over, 5-5, 100 lbs, blonde/green. I wouldn't call her a stunner, but she is pretty, and she smiles a lot and has a delightful habit of sticking her tongue halfway out of her mouth when she smiles. I don't suppose I'll ever get over being nervous at the outset of such encounters. "It's because you're a gentleman," Nickie would tell me later. We sat down on the bed that dominates her living area and talked for a few moments, long enough for her to ascertain that I wasn't a cop - "A real problem" in Dallas, she said - and for me to find out that she would indeed provide the service I expected. As she took my money, she said, "Now you know that this is only for a dance, right? Anything else I might do is because I happen to enjoy your company and I want to." But she'd said a moment before that she found me attractive, so I figured I wasn't going to be ripped off. [Since she reads, or at least posts to, the group, I'll snip the details out of deference to her.] Afterwards, we laid side by side, with me continuing to caress her. We talked a while, and she explained that she doesn't have sex with everyone who asks for it, that it depends on how attractive she finds the guy, and that most of her shows were modeling/dancing only. She also allowed as how she'd like to write a book about her life as an escort and that she's thinking about a real estate career at some point in the future. As my time to leave approached, she pointed me to her restroom, where I found a clean washrag awaiting me. We talke some more as I got dressed, mainly about computers, as she sat, naked except for a blanket, in front of her screen. At $300, she's expensive, especially given the lack of oral attention. But she's pretty bright, eager and easy to please and attractive. I probably can't afford her again, especially given what the competition charges, but I had a very enjoyable hardware-software interface with my e-mail escort. Nicole, Dallas,
Subject: ASP: Dallas incall (Kristen) Date: 15 Nov 1996 00:44:04 GMT I was out of town last Thursday night and spent a lot of time calling back to Dallas, trying to arrange a session for a brief window of opportunity upon my return on Friday. Two ads in particular caught my eye: Kristen's ([censored]), "an upscale service for the distinguished gentleman," and Krissi ([censored]), who advertises in the Observer as a "gorgeous brunette." I could reach neither, but I probably know Krissi's voicemail message by heart now (5-4, 110, 36D-24-36, long brunette hair, watch-and-whack $100, massage $150, tips after that enhance the service). Damn, I thought, it sure is hard to set something up! When I go back to Dallas, I started calling again. Again, no Krissi, but I did get hold of Kristen, and I arranged to see her about an hour later. She's a single-girl operation, working out of an apartment near Midway and Trinity Mills in North Dallas. She charges a flat rate of $150, and I made the cardinal mistake of not asking what all that included. As it turned out, it did include full service, but I kind of stumbled into it rather than determining it up front. Kristen is about 5-7, slender, perfect-sized breasts for her frame, about 36C-24-36, I'd guess. She's blonde (from a bottle), with a shaved pussy and nice legs. She answered the door in black jeans, a gray silk blouse and black jacket looking like she might be going honky-tonking. She ushered me into the bedroom, told me to get undressed and disappeared to do the same. When she appeared, she began rubbing me lightly, in a manner that was more matter-of-fact than erotic. I tried to make conversation, but she said she didn't like to talk much about her life. She's from New York (and has a Fran Drescher voice), so that gave me an opening, and we talked about NYC a little bit, but other than that, she wasn't very talkative. "I know why you're here, and you know why you're here, so let's get down to business," was what she said early in the session. After a rather prolonged (too long, IMHO) session of mutual caressing, she pulled out a condom, rolled it on, and saddled up. (No blowjob, a definite minus.) After a few minutes of bouncing on my boner, we switched to missionary, and I fucked her like this for about 15 minutes. She wasn't very enthusiastic (I'd guess her orgasms were faked, even though she said afterward that she was tired), and not very vocal either (not even a "Fuck me!"). Afterwards, she said she never goes beyond the hour and always tries to have something to do immediately after a session. Although she encouraged me to take my time getting ready to leave, the implication was pretty clear, so I cleaned up, got dressed, made a few more minutes of small talk and left. Summary: Kristen is an adequate sexual partner, but very routine and certainly not passionate. From what you've read so far, it probably sounds like she's a real bitch. I wouldn't say that. She's just pretty businesslike about her work. I found it strange that she not once asked my name, even though I never volunteered it. There's better out there.
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 15:51:16 -0600 Subject: Report: Sherri of Dallas For some time now, I've been seeing some a.s.p. posts regarding the wonders of a Dallas escort named Sherri. Sherri's Biggest Fan, as I've dubbed the author of the posts, swears to her beauty and skill, saying he's now seen her six times and sees no reason to see anyone else. Having some free time on my hands one recent Friday, I thought I'd give her a call. I called her number ([censored]) two Thursdays ago, giving her the number where I could be reached and telling her I wanted to set something up for Friday afternoon around 4 p.m. I got no response that night, so as I was leaving the next morning, about 11 a.m., I called again, re-expressed my desire for an incall session and left a work number so she could reply to my Phonemail box while I was on the road. It was about 1:30 p.m. when I checked my Phonemail. Sherri had responded with her mobile home number, which I then called. Quickly, I had my date set up at a motel in northwest Dallas, where Sherri has a room rented by the week for incall sessions. I hit Dallas at about 3:45 and stopped off to reconfirm the appointment and shave and freshened up. I then went to the motel, knocked on the designated door, and Sherri answered. Based on Greatest Fan's description, I was pretty much prepared for the woman who greetded me. Sherri is in her mid-30s and is not a petite woman. She's tall, curvy and solid, probably at least 150 - she might even outweigh me - but it's spread over a 5-9 frame. The measurements are probably correct - 42-26-36 - and because of her size, her breasts, which are augmented, are not overly large. She's blonde, not unattractive. But, to be honest, I think Greatest Fan's reports extolling her incredible beauty are somewhat exaggerated. It didn't take her long to get down to business. As I was going into my "I'm nervous" routine, she walked up to me, reached for my belt, starting undoing it, then reached down and cupped my dick. She embraced me, working her hands around my back, then back to my crotch. Before long, we here naked in bed. She massaged my back, then had me roll over so she could play with my dick. After fondling me to an erection, she leaned over and began licking and sucking me. Her mouth was warm and wet, and she seems to enjoy giving head, so I just let her. I can get kind of carried away when I'm getting a blowjob, so before long, I was sprawled crosswise on the bed, my head hanging over the side. I rolled up and over on top of her and placed my cock between her breasts, sliding it very pleasurably up and down between them. In a moment, she took the nearness of my dick to her mouth on the upstroke for the hint it was, and I was in seventh heaven, titty-fucking her and getting a blowjob simultaneously. The sensation is incredible, and I'd love to be able to ask a woman to do that, but somehow I can't. Every time I'd think she'd done enough of this, I'd withdraw from her breasts, but when I'd look down, her tongue was flicking toward the end of my dick, like she wanted more. I wound up lying across her face, literally fucking her mouth. She must have sucked me in different positions for 25 minutes or so before we started fucking. She rolled the condom on, then climbed aboard. Slowly, she rocked back and forth - it was evident that this was as much about her enjoying this as me - controlling the tempo and having a couple of orgasms. We changed to missionary, and I fucked her slowly, so she could continue to enjoy it and so I could build to a climax. At one point she praised me on my control, but shortly thereafter, I felt my balls beginning to tingle. "Hold me, Sherri," I cried, and we clasped each other tightly as we came simultaneously. The sex itself lasted almost an hour, but Sherri didn't rush me out, even after the one-hour timer on the radio indicated our session was over. We talked a little bit. I tried unsuccessfully to hold back my question about why she does this, and I found her response interesting. She enjoys sex: In her private life, she's a swinger. "I don't think I could ever be monogamous," she said. And, of course, the money is good, helping to pay for her education as an occupational therapist. But she's planning to restrict her activities to weekends in the near future and possibly quit when she completes her education. Her rate was $175; I gave her $200 for what was a very enjoyable session with an older woman who made up for any shortcomings I found in her appearance with some very good technique.
Subject: DFW area Date: 11 Dec 1996 11:44:29 -0500 Here is some info on an incall service in Dallas. There are two ladies (Raquel and Heather) who used to advertise in the DMN.Since the DMN does not have the personal ads area anymore they now advertise in the Sundown. About two weeks ago I had a chance to see Raquel and take a glimpse at Heather. They both are good looking; especially if you are into big breasts. Heather is about 38DD and Raquel is about 36D. Anyway, Raquel greeted me with a G-string at the door and took me to a bedroom that was lit with several candles and a classical music was playing on the Radio. The bedroom has a connected bathroom and shower. She told me to undress and left the room. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. And the door opened. I had to blink twice before I could believe what I was seeing. Heather was standing on the door with just a G-string. She said "I just wanted to say Hi, Raquel will be in in just a minute". All I could say was "o...k.ey" And as she promised Raquel came back. We talked a while, she gave me a massage and ... The strange thing is she did not ask for the money at all. The next day I tried to see Heather but she was busy. So I saw Raquel again. According to her they will also work in pairs, if that is what you want. Enjoy
Date: 15 Dec 1996 01:22:16 GMT I just had a pleasant experience with Diana from Dallas. Check her Metro Sundown ad for the phone number. She charges $250 and was well worth the price. I you don't mind a couple of body parts pierced, she is a fun time. Also she was considerate and prompt in setting up the appointment.
Subject: [asp]: Dallas, Texas Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 10:22:50 -0800 Last Saturday I had a chance to see Sherri. I called her # around 11:30a.m. and left my cell phone and pager #s. By 1:00p.m she didn't call back. So, I decided to call and leave another message. At this time I told her I have heard some good things about her from more than one person and wanted to make sure the claims were true. At around 3:30p.m she calls my cell phone but misses me. Anyways, we were able to make "First Contact" at around 5p.m. and made an arrangement to meet somewhere in Irving around 7:30 to 8:00 p.m.. Since I live a little further than Irving and didn't exactly know the way to the place of appointment I left early. Around 7:00p.m., much earlier than the appointed time she calls me and asks me if I am still planning to come. I said am almost by the motel and told her to get ready. Based on several descriptions of her I was expecting what I saw when her motel door opened. Tall, 5'8"-5'9", bleach blond, smiling, lady in her mid 30's attired with mini skirt, high heels, and a simple shirt. She greeted me and asked me how I heard about her since her ad was not on the Sundown any more. I said from the Internet and latter on, after first satisfaction-;), described what it is we do here at TSML and why we do it. She said has seen people from the Internet before (DOS and others thank you for the reviews). All of them had been nice to her, and told me to tell you guys what goodies she provided. The rest seems to be a re-enactment of previous posts. We started taking each others clothes off, and ended up on the bed. She liked being fingered while I was working on her nipples both with my mouth and fingers. This lady really enjoys what she does. She does not rush and wants to please and be pleased. After fingering her to what seemed to be a mild orgasm she started sucking my nipples and going down through my stomach to my groin. She moistened her tong and started licking my organ up and down. She alternated between sucking and licking. After a while I flipped her over and started fucking her breasts. She started coming up and meeting my forward thrust with her moist, warm mouth. The breast pressure, the wetness and warmth of her mouth, the slight pressure she applied to my butt, and the pleasure see seemed to get by hearing my moans ..., I could not hold it any more. I came all over her breast, chest, neck, chin and hair. Afterwards we talked about the Internet in general, her internship, how she got tarted in this business in general Sherri the 'Person'. Then I again started working on her breasts. Which ended up in another pleasurable experience. After the second time we started talking and were starting to get something going when there was a soft knock on her door. She checked and it was her next customer who was so horny he was there 45m in. before the appointment time. But I don't blame him; unlike most ladies Sherri does not rush you out the door the first time you show a sign of coming and she also is fun to talk to. By this time it was 8:30p.m. 1.30 min after I got there. I gave her $200, thanked her for her service and left. Note: I have a strong suspicion , if I did not insist in using a condom, she might even fuck with out a condom. But, I don't recommend it. Enjoy, the frisco guy
Subject: Ashley Of Dallas Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 02:32:22 -0500 (EST) Just came back from Dallas and have a little bit to report. First, I'm now extremely frustrated as I left before Atta's update to the WSG came up, as well a several other posts to this newsgroup. Wasn't able to check either the FAQ or newsgroup while I was there, it would have been good if I had. Tried to locate Racquel and Heather but couldn't find them in the Dallas Observer or Metropolitan Sundown (Sunset?). Didn't know to look in the Climax Times (Dick O' Stone, why couldn't you have posted a couple weeks sooner? waaaah!). Was not in a situation where I could leave a message and get a call back, so that eliminated Sherri. Did find Diana in the Dallas Observer and have since found her at but there were two problems: For the price, I wanted to be sure of full service, and, she wasn't available on the day I was (which kind of makes the first problem moot). Did find an interesting agency. Found a couple ads in the Dallas observer, both referring to "perfect 10s" waiting to have fun. Called the number, (972) xxx-6869, and got a recording telling about "Dallas's most exclusive escort service". Said incall and outcall were available, as well as dinner, overnight(!?), and hourly packages. Also said prices were fixed--no tipping required. Then gave number to call to make reservation. Called only to get a recording that they were closed for the holidays. FINALLY got hold of Ashley (WSG, 6 Nov 95: "Ashley is an independent who has an ad in the Dallas Morning News Shopps and Services section. She works out of an apartment in Las Colinas. She is tall, busty, and slender. She is somewhat more expensive but very discreet and selective of her clientele. She is worth the extra cost.") She advertises in the Dallas Observer now. Made an appointment and got together. I'll first say that we talked about posting her in the WSG. She said it's "OK" as long it doesn't say anything bad about her. Well, there is nothing bad to say about her, so here goes: She is tall, busty and slender--very nice looking. She doesn't do full service, and was up front about it, when I asked. It's a nice bath and full-body massage. It is a very pleasant, relaxed time. She's nice to look at, talk to, and spend time with. However, as she doesn't provide full service, she is a bit pricey. Her appearance and very friendly attitude help to make up for it. Would definitely see her again if I wasn't looking for full service. If anyone has any questions (Atta, you can leave this in when you post this), E-mail me at JR
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 04:13:31 -0800 Subject: [ASP] Dallas Escorts I have found that the escorts in Dallas all seem to work off of the same basic rate ($150 to agency + $150 to girl), which is on the pricy side, albeit worth every penny. Nevertheless, I have not used any particular pattern in calling agencies since there are about 200 in the phone book that don't seem to have any differentiation between them. I don't know what goes on in Texas, but without any discerning information, in four tries I have never seen a woman from an escort agency in Dallas that was any less than an 8 in looks, with that sweet Texas personality. This is the perfect formula for 'make-em cum as fast as you can' - at least I know I do. I've noticed that not all of them stay for the full hr., and I could easily come more than once/hr. with all of these women. Anyone out there have any recommendations on the best agencies to call?
Subject: [ASP] Dallas - Racquel (and Heather) Date: 26 Dec 1996 22:58:39 GMT Taking the recommendation of a cyber-correspondent to visit a lady mentioned in the Qlimax Times' Texas Guide, I spent the better part of two days trying to reach Heather. When I finally did reach her, early Monday afternoon, she was booked up through early evening, making it impossible for me to see her. Striking out there, I pondered my options for the window of opportunity I had and decided to call Racquel, who works in the same apartment with Heather and who also came highly recommended. We made an appointment, and she gave me directions to a gated complex just north of downtown Dallas. I arrived at the appointed time and had to wait for a second at the gate as another vehicle gained entrance to the complex. "Wouldn't it be funny," I thought, "if that turned out to be an appointment for Heather?" The other guy spent a little extra time maneuvering his vehicle in the parking lot, and I bounded up the stairs. Heather greeted me at the door, calling me by another name, and, indeed, it turned out that the guy I'd left behind in the lot was on his way to see Heather. That caused some momentary confusion, as Racquel came bounding out of one bedroom to rush me behind a closed door so the other guy and I wouldn't see each other. Hilarious! But how was the session, you ask? In two words, excellent value. Racquel's pretty, brunette with blonde highlights, a little heavier than I'd thought, but I must confess to not having considered the implications of 5-4, 125. (I'd prefer 5-4, 105). The upside of that, though, is the softest set of breasts I've ever had the pleasure of sliding my dick between. She started off with a massage (nonscented lotion - good), then flipped me over, removed my underwear, and began licking my dick and kissing my balls. After a few moments, she reached for a "party hat," put it on and began a blowjob that was pretty good by party-hat standards, although I do think it's kind of like showering with a raincoat on. We then rolled over and I began sliding between her breasts. I asked her to suck me while I did so, and I was in heaven! I backed away from her mouth and concentrated on fucking those big, soft breasts. Racquel asked if I'd like to take the condom off, and I agreed, so she did. Wow! What a sensation! Slowly, then quickly, with a little dirty talk from her, I built to a climax, shooting a (for me) fairly large load up onto her neck. She'd asked me if I wanted to put the condom back on and cum in her mouth, but I was having too much fun to break the rhythm. Maybe next time. Both Heather and Racquel charge the same: $175/hour, $100/half, and they assume unless you tell them differently that you're booking a half-hour appointment. The half-hour session differs only in time, not in the extent of the services provided. Although I didn't get the full-service treatment, it was because I was enjoying what I was doing too much, not because it was not available. These girls' prices are attractive, in my opinion, not because they are trying to build a clientele, but because they're into volume. I've described the initial confusion that resulted from two guys arriving simultaneously. I had to sequester myself again when I left, and both girls were on the phone almost the entire time that they weren't with somebody. Perhaps as a result of the fact that they were busy that day, I found Racquel to be very cognizant of the time. I couldn't have lasted any longer than I did, but I would've enjoyed a little more opportunity for conversation in an unrushed atmosphere. This is professional sexual service, and very good, too, but as the half-hour default implies, these girls are here to satisfy your physical desires, not to be surrogate girlfriends, counselors, companions, etc. Be prepared to show a business card or some other form of ID on your first visit. After that, they'll assign you a code to verify your identity and speed up the process. Heather is a slender 5-10. Both girls have 38Ds, and both profess to have been dancers, Heather at Cabaret Royale in Dallas and Racquel at clubs in Dallas and Houston. Numbers: Heather 214-504-XXX9; Racquel 214-504-XXX8.
Subject: [ASP] Dallas -- Nicole/Nicky Date: 9 Jan 1997 23:02:12 GMT Those of you who have seen the ads that this lady has posted may be wondering whether she's for real. She is, but she's not for everybody. As her full-service price implies she prefers classy gentlemen for whom money is not a problem. She's told me, "They can go and get it cheaper somewhere else, but they won't get the special treatment I give or my experience in making someone as comfortable as I do." She provides an erotic, unrushed session in a comfortable setting in an apartment near Central and 635. She also does outcalls to hotels. You can reach her at 214-265-1207 after 1 p.m. CST, and she prefers the phone to e-mail. She provides three types of shows: a 30-minute no-contact dance ($100), a 30-minute dance and massage ($150, extra time for both is negotiable), and a one-hour session that should meet or exceed your expectations for $300. Disclaimer: She's asked me to post this recommendation for her after seeing what some positive comments about a friend have done for the friend's business, and I'm doing so because I'm a satisfied customer and she's pretty, nice, intelligent and provides service with a sense of passion -- "girlfriend sex" is what another satisfied customer described it as close to. She has not agreed to do anything in return, nor have I asked for anything. Treat her right, guys.
Subject: [ASP] Dallas rip off Date: 22 Jan 1997 15:24:00 GMT Now the following information I obtained from the "Girl" I saw today and I don't think she realised what she was admitting to me when she told me this. Look in any copy of the Sundown for the ads for escorts and enternainers. Find the add for a pretty brunette named "Lacy". When you find it put a big red X thru the whole page. Every girl on that page and possibly the one next to it (I'm not 100% certain of that one) works for the same agency and you aint gettin" nothing from these girls. Lacy seemed to be mortally offended that I would even suspect that she might have sex for money. what I got for my money was quite possibly the worst backrub I've ever had, by a not very attractive 30something brunette with a 38" bust and a 40" waist with obvious abdominal stretch marks who would not even take off her top and kept asking me about my fantasies and telling me I could Masturbate if I wanted. This was what she considered an Erotic show.I told her if I wanted to jerk off I could have stayed home with my vcr and saved $185. Hell for $185 I could buy a fucking vcr. I am seriously considering starting a harassment campaign against this agency by calling and making appts and letting them get the girl to the hotel and then not showing up, It probably wouldn't help anything but it might make me feel better and if it happens often enough maybe it will annoy somebody who deserves it. The Village Idiot signing off
Subject: [ASP] Dallas -- Diana (at last, a review) Date: 4 Feb 1997 15:01:02 GMT A Review of Diana of Dallas I have seen several postings about Diana of Dallas here over the past few weeks. However, many were speculative, guesses, or sincere inquiries wanting more information. There have not been to my knowledge any direct reviews of an appointment with her. So here is my experience with Diana. I first saw her ad in a local weekly publication. What drew my attention to it initially was that she had posted an internet website. I checked out her website and decided to try to make an appointment. I called her on a Saturday and got her recording. She called me back in about a half hour, however, she did not have any available times that day. This was about four or five weeks ago and I am not sure she even works Saturdays now. I only put this comment in because I want everyone to understand that she does return calls. I did not try to contact Diana again until the last week in January. I called her on a Monday, again I got the recorder and I left a message. She returned the call shortly thereafter and I made an appointment to see her that afternoon. When I made the appointment she told me the approximate location of where she would be working out of, but told me that I would need to call her about ten minutes before the appointment time and she would give me the exact directions and room number. When the appropriate time came, I called her, again got her recorder, told her I was at the nearby location, etc. I received a call from her in a few minutes and she told me where to go. Looking back at what I just wrote I realize it seems a little drawn out but it was really quite simple and seemed to provide her with the security she desired. Diana has a few precautions once you are in her room that she takes to protect herself from getting busted by the cops. I believe the following is her regular routine to make sure you are not the police. She will ask to see a drivers license and business card. Naturally, she does not write it down or anything, she just wants you to be who you say you are. Secondly, she will ask you for the money up front BEFORE the two of you do anything or discuss what you can and cannot do. Finally, she will not touch you initially in any sexual way until you have touched her in some way. I think that about covers her precautions. Now for the encounter itself. Diana was warm and friendly. Offered me a drink if I wanted and began the appointment by giving me a nice massage. As mentioned earlier, she stayed away from touching my cock until I had caressed her. After we fondled each other for awhile I asked Diana if she would dance seductively for me which she did. I caressed her all over during the dance and she did me as well. We ended up back on the bed and I asked if I could eat her beautiful pussy which she let me do. She had it neatly trimmed and it is pierced as well. If you like giving oral sex to a woman you will enjoy puttimg your tongue between her legs! After I had eaten her for awhile I asked her to suck on my cock. OK, here is probably one aspect of my encounter with Diana that did not go so well. She will only suck on your cock while you wear a condom. I understand her desire for cleanliness and safety, but you all know its just not the same. Anyway, don't let that discourage you from seeing her. Anyway, since that was not going so well we moved on to some more serious sex. Diana was wonderfulll in bed. I fucked her for awhile in the 'missionary' position. Then we did it doggie style. I am not one to get real graphic about sex, its just not my style, but I can honestly say the sex was terrific. After I orgasmed Diana got up and got me a warm rag to clean up. She also did not try to rush me out. In fact, we stayed nude for awhile longer and I rubbed her breasts some more. After about five minutes of this or so the hour was just about up so we began to get dressed, again she treated me quite friendly and made me feel welcome and not like just another customer. Well thats about it. I definitely recommend her. I honestly do not have a lot of experience with escorts. But Diana made me feel at ease, she was as she represented herself on her webpage, and she was quite honest with me about what she would and would not do. She NEVER asked or implied that I needed to tip her an additional amount at anytime. You pay your money up front as mentioned earlier and then all money discussions are done. That left my mind at ease to relax and enjoy Dianas wonderful body and company. If I have left out something that you need or would like to know about, sorry. If so, I think she would not mind being asked anything. She may not tell you in detail over the phone or internet though for her protection. Treat her with respect, be honest with her, and I think you will have a terrific time with her and have some really wonderful sex!
Subject: [ASP]Chrissy Dallas Date: 14 Feb 1997 22:40:01 -0500 Since Mr. Stone has not posted a review on Chrissy. Therefore, I decided to arrange a meeting with her, and get to know her. Did I ever!!. She advertises in the Sundown as a Gorgeous escort, sandy blond, 5'8". The description is definitely accurate. The value of the massage plus "other" was so excellent that I rewarded her with an additional 50% bonus of her usual fixed fee. The three characteristics that I liked the most were her long straight , really fine, blonde hair(I am just crazy about Blondes), her beautiful face, and her beautiful buns. We "clicked", and that's when an experience becomes unforgettable. She does not have an e-mail address although she told me she is getting one soon. She is a great conversationalist too, We had an extended discussion afterwards about how world events in politics affect the value of the dollar( I trade World currencies for a hobby, and it was certainly satisfying to listen to the ideas of this gorgeous babe on topics that I find interesting. She is highly educated, and she does have a degree.) Treat her nice, She has a heart of gold. Tell her you saw her preview in the net.
Subject: [ASP]Dallas Reviewed Date: 15 Feb 1997 23:53:08 -0500 Escorts: Krissy, Dallas/FW( Metroplex Sundown, Gorgeous escort, Sandy blond, 5'8") : Will definitely see her again. Prettiest face, and hair. Great buns. Great attitude. Nicky, Dallas (Classy blond in Sundown): Will see her again. My tool gets extremely hard, and this is the first babe that has been able to bend it a little bit while being on top of the world. This was the best ever so far!! I rewarded her with an additional 67% bonus of her usual fixed price. Prettiest body, she is in great shape. Heather(see Sundown, she has her actual picture in her advertisement), Dallas: Will see her again. Very classy setting. Deja, (HH):Will see her again. 21-23 yrs old, beautiful face, long legs, great attitude, brunette. I have her pager, but I have not requested her permission to post it, so I won't. She cruises on Saturdays on HH on a red sedan with her friend Leyla(blond). Although, Our Dallas's finest are making it very hard to do this lately. Looks like we need to cut the excess off their budget allocation so that they can start getting their priorities in the right areas such as focusing on real crime e.g. violent crime offenders. Daisy, HH: Won't see her again , cruises on a rented purple Geo, 21yrs old, Very short highlighted sandy blond hair. This lady should not be in this profession since she obviously hates what she does. She has a nice face ,and body; however, she has a very poor attitude. Then again, maybe I caught her in a bad day, or she just did not like me (No "click"). Gena, Blond, HH: Won't see her again, Does not take good care of her body. Good oral though, nice Hair, and pretty face. Cruises on a blue ford tempo I think. For those of you that keep hearing about the "Sundown" and do not know what it is. It is a free newspaper that is usually at Gentleman's clubs, the other is "The observer" which you can get for free at Baby Dolls(the best club for topless in D/FW as far I am concerned, and I have been to all) Also, I have not posted any of the phone numbers, or pagers because I do not have explicit permission to do so. Sometimes, our Earth Angels WILL get upset if we post without their permission, specially their cellular phone numbers; thus, to be sensitive to their feelings, I will not post them. You can get them in the newspapers mentioned above. That's all for now, and Joy to the World!!
Subject: [ASP] Dallas Report - Sherri Date: 25 Feb 1997 02:04:05 GMT I had the pleasure of meeting Sherri last week while in Dallas. She was actually my second choice, as I had a session set up with the famous Diana, but things didn't work out. Anyway, it may have been a blessing in disguise. I couldn't have hoped for any better or more enoyable session than the one I had with Sherri. As Dick O'Stone mentioned in his review, she really enjoys her work. She is as described on her voice mail, tall (really tall), 140-150 lbs (proportioned beautifully), 42DD breasts and a shaved pussy. This lady is HOT. I really believe that she enjoyed this session as much as I did. I don't know if I'll ever get to meet Diana or not, because I would have a tough time passing up Sherri the next time I'm in Dallas. Enjoy The Doctor
Subject: [ASP] Dallas -- Krissi apparently retired Date: 17 Mar 1997 20:24:25 GMT Krissi left me a very irate voicemail message last week, in effect telling me that phone calls to the only number I had for her -- the number she used in her a.s.p. ads and that has been noted several times in the TSML -- are not secure and are no longer welcome. Note that this is the petite, brunette Krissi with an i, not the tall, blonde Krissy with a y.
Subject: Report DALLAS TEXAS Date: 22 Mar 1997 06:51:34 GMT I recently visited Dallas agian and met a young lady at the Caberet Royale. Her name was Melanie and she was 38DD-26-32, brown hair green eyes and very talented. She works Friday, Saturday only. Tell her the Ghost sent you and you'll get the Royale treatment after her shift. One word of advice, if you want to perform at all don't stay for the show. The Ghost
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 13:39:10 -0700 Subject: An unfortunate Dallas experience I was in Dallas for a conference late last year. I was staying downtown, I had a full schedule and I didn't have a car, so that left incall if I was going to have any fun on this trip. I picked up a Texas Observer and had a look at he ads. I called a couple, left a message, and got a callback from one, whose ad read "independent" (yeah, right). Her name was Toni, and we had a nice chat. She had a charming Texas accent and she described herself as early 20s, 5'6, and said she wore a size 10. Not bad, thought I. We set up an incall date for the only gap in my schedule, which was the next day in the early afternoon. The agency fee was something like $100 and I expected to pay a tip of at least that much more for any extra service. Off I went to find an ATM (more difficult than I expected in downtown Dallas). Since I'd had such a nice chat with Toni I thought I'd splurge and buy her a rose (yellow, of course: this is Texas, after all). When the appointed hour arrived Tony did not. About 90 minutes later she arrives, saying she wasn't familiar with downtown and had trouble finding the hotel. She looked much as she had described, which was nice. I paid her the agency fee, presented her with the rose, and asked if further services beyond a "private dance" were available. Yes said she; she was always happy to get extra tips. First though, says she, lets get comfortable. Fine, thought I. Toni got out of her clothes -- stretch pants and a big sweater -- and I had no complaints about her appearance. When we were both naked and sitting on the couch I said let's move to the bedroom. No, says she, I only offer nude dances. On top of that, no touching is allowed. She said she does enjoy dancing and then mutuial masturbation. For a proper sized tip, can I help you masturbate? No, she says, no touching. This situation of course resembled the famous line of taking a starving man to a fabuous buffet and telling him he could only enjoy the aroma; no eating allowed. (Or perhaps to be more accurate this situation would have him eating hardtack while looking at the feast --- if you want to be perfectly parallel about it!) Anyway since I am now horny and naked, sitting less than two feet away from an attractive young naked woman, I decide the whack-off route is better than nothing. Toni rubs herself to a a climax of sorts and I ask once again if I can join the fun. Nope, not an option. She said that some other girls she knows of might go further, but not from her agency. I should have asked about his over the phone. Well, she does have a point there -- caveat emptor and all that. So there is the lesson -- if it's Dallas outcall you crave, know what you're getting into! Even though Toni was a nice enough during the whole thing, I felt I could have accomplished what I did a lot cheaper on my own!
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 16:07:21 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Sex on the Road Dallas was the next stop, albeit only briefly. I had picked up a Dallas publication called the Sundowner and examined the wonderful ads there. I remember reading about Michelle's or something in the World Sex guide and saw an ad saying "We're back". So gave them a try. It is incall and outcall, but not having a room I decided to have an incall nooner. After getting the directions, I went to the apartment where the girls lived. The young lady I chose was rather new to the business, but seemed rather experienced in how to treat a man. The half and half turned into some of the best "girl on top" sex I have ever had. She got on top, but more like a man when mounting a woman, (face to face, chest to chest) and road my shaft while fondling my hair and kissing my neck. I could have stopped her to go back to continue the blowjob, but her body movements were arousing me to no ends. I just didn't stop her. It was simply the best fuck I had ever had. The next time in Dallas and if she is there, I want her to be on top for certain. The session costs run about the same as in Shreveport, except that when they talk about you being good to her so that she is good to you, they mean pay the tip in advance. This wasn't exactly clear at first. I just thought the $150 was it. Well live and learn. It was worth it.
Subject: RIP OFF REVIEW--DALLAS Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 22:11:35 PST Tried weekly paper ad for SPEPHANIE--full body--$100 daytime special--phone call said 170--figured it was the tip--she appeared; very well built; curvy, stacked , navel ring, black cat suit, intelligent: graduate student in forensic psychology. Asked phone person--"full service"--said can't discuss on phone. Stephanie gives big rush to get out of the way--on way out says problem is I never asked directly--caveat emptor... specifics: cat suit came off right away--weenie back massage--then asked for same; first clue was when took massage upright on front half and wouldn't lay front half prone. When asked to participate she said needed tip to touch breasts, additional to fondle me and she wouldn't go beyond that. Seemed self righteous in pointing out I didn't ask the right questions.
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 17:05:59 EST Subject: Review of "Daria" in Dallas Forget "Daria" advertised in the adult newspapers in Dallas. The girl that came to my room looked nothing like the "actual photograph" in the paper. She was also not the "Daria" who answered the phone when I called. Finally, she said something about trying to get my home phone number - not a good idea. Stay away from this one.

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