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Subject: Chicago Massage Parlor Review

  So here I was on a boring Thursday evening flipping through the sports
section of the Chicago Sun Times.  There's approximately 10 ads for different
massage places and one caught my eye.  It was called "Body Kare", and located
in the suburb of Skokie, about fifteen miles north of Chicago.  Skokie is a
quiet, upper-middle class town located a few miles west of Northwestern

 So anyway, I got in the ole car and traveled the short distance to Dempster
street in Skokie.  This street is very long, running east-west across the
north-south Edens expressway-- and is dotted almost the entire way with
restaurants, businesses of all kinds, and strip malls.  Body Kare was located
east of the x-way in a little strip-mall-type place.  It looked inviting, nice
sign on top, and darkened windows.
  Inside, I was greeted by sweet smells and three very nice, and nice looking,
Asian women (I later found out that they were Korean).  There were speakers
set up all over that were pumping in soothing, sort of Yanni-esque muzak
melodies.  I mentioned to the older woman, who I guessed was the 'mama-san',
that I saw her ad in the Sun-Times and was interested in a
massage.  The price was normal, $60 for a full hour, and $30 for a half-hour.
I settled on the $60 option, and was lead into one of the massage rooms.  My
first thought was that this place has got some really clean rooms.  The
particular one I was in was nicely carpeted, with a Renoir print on the wall,
one of the ever present speakers, massage table, and a sort of glass-structure
that was currently displaying a few different flowered plants.  All in all,
very nice.
  So then the nice Korean lady comes back into the room, and we start to
bargain.  We finally agreed on $60, minus $10 mentioned in the ad, and a tip
of approx. $30-- for a grand total of $80 for the hour.
  Next I was told to strip and don a towel.  When attractive ladies tell me to
take off my clothes, I comply.  So I shed my rags, and wrapped a smallish
towel around my somewhat considerable girth.  Then the lady walked me down the
hall to a shower where I was told to clean 'everything'.  The shower was
great, actually a lot better than the one I use at home.  It was very steamy,
with several other places shooting out hot water other than the main shower
head.  Once again, very nice.
  After the shower, the woman wrapped a towel around me and then lead me back
to the massage room.  On the way back to the room, one of the other girls
working there saw me, smiled, and said 'You big American man!' <heh heh>
  Back in the room, I took off the towel and layed face down on the massage
table.  Then the massage started, lasting approx. 15 minutes.  It was a damn
good massage; hot towels, oil, walking on my back, etc.. but no real sexual
stimulation.  Then the masseuse asked me to turn over, and poured some hand
lotion on my cock and balls.  Then the real fun started; she gave an excellent
handjob, starting slowly and then working her way to a fevered pace.  All the
while letting my hands roam free over her chest and firm bottom; this was my
first time at this place, so I decided not to press her for more complete
nudity on her part, or actual intercourse, etc.. that will come next time.  So
anyway, she finishes the hand job and cleans me off with another hot
towel--very classy!  We then parted ways, and I walked out into the unusually
warm night.

  I would rate this joint a "B-", mostly because I'm currently unsure how far
the individual ladies will allow you to go.  But my first experience was a
good one, the place is clean, the ladies are nice and skilled at the art of
conversation, and they seem like they honestly want you to be a satisfied
  I hope to return soon to Body Kare, and will post a followup review.
There's also another joint close to me that I will review in the upcoming
  Hope that this has been helpful....

  ]\- The Searcher

Subject: Re: Whats the deal on most Massage Parlors? Date: 5 Jun 1995 22:49:50 -0400 >I went to this place today and found it quite a bit different than Mr. >Searcher explains. Perhaps I did several things wrong. 1st of all I >went there at about 12:30 pm (non hour) and immediately after >entering the door I was wisked into one of the private rooms. I guess >they must have thought that I had been there before. The woman, who >was nice looking but a little older, said, do you want to pay me first >and I said o.k. how much is it going to be. She said $60 for an hour >(no mention of $30 for a half hour -- and after calling around this >seems the norm in Chicago). There was no mention about the "tip" at >all. In fact she then asked if I "wanted" to take a shower (like it >was not manatory) but I said o.k. She said please wait a couple >minutes cause the shower has a few people in front of you. I took the >shower, and she dried me off which was nice. Then back to the room >and the massage. And it was a good massage but no mention of anything >"extra" which was quite disapointing. > >I wonder if she thought I was a cop or something? When I turned over >and she was massaging my front, I'm sure she could see that I had a >nice hard-on so I guess they just do not offer anything else or I just >don;t know how to ask and chance embarassing myself totally. I guess >I'll try going back once more but this time in the evening to see if >that does make any difference. > >I'd bee interested to see posts from others who know how this kind of >thing works and who and how the sibject of "extras" comes up! > >--- Hoot Head Here's how it works: You tell her what extras you want and what you will tip her in return. For example, "I want to have anal sex. Will a $60 be good?" She responds with one of the following: A) "OK" B) "I'll do it, but you'll have to tip me more." C) "I'll do it, but you'll have to tip me $100." (or whatever figure) D) "Sorry, I don't do anal sex." (if she's polite) E) "Sorry, I don't do anal sex, but I'll do oral sex for $60, straight sex for $80, etc., etc." F) "Sorry, I don't do sex of any kind." If it's (A), you've got a great deal (in this case, a real good deal); (B), you offer more until she says yes; (C), you accept her price or bargain; (D), you move on to your next request; (E), you select from her menu or bargain; (F), you tip her $20 - $30 and assume she doen't consider a hand job a form of sex. Don't wait for her to ask for a tip or to offer you sex. (She's vulnerable to police stings and snooping bosses. You, as a patron, are virtually invulnerable.) I'm not surprised that she didn't give you a hand job, because you didn't tip her. If you had tipped her $30, even without attaching a request, she probably would have. Or, when you turned over, if you had asked her to "massage" your erection, she might have said, "Sure, if you tip me." But, the best time to discuss tip and services is before the session begins. They prefer that you bring it up right after you've taken your clothes off or right after your shower. Just say, "Shall we talk about a tip now?" and take it from there. And don't feel embarassed. (I know - easier said than done.) It will quickly pass once you speak up and see how she responds. She's certainly not going to blanche and slap you or anything. She's heard it all and probably agreed to most of it. Keep you wishes unexpressed, and embarassment will be your bedmate. Good luck. Hope this helps. CMG
Subject: Chicago Massage Parlor Review Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 22:28:45 UTC This will cover the current, and past status of some parlors in the area. Where to find them? Look in the Chicago Sun Times. The sports section has lots and lots of ads running across the lower parts of the pages. You'll need to get into the middle of the section to find them, though. They will specify if they have orientals or Americans working there. Some state their location, others just say "near OHare". They seem to be rather evenly scattered throughout Chicagoland. The way it used to be. - Oriental places You would pay about 60 US to get a massage. All cash, no cards or checks accepted. Nothing over a twenty wanted. You'd get a bath, a steam bath, and then a massage. Ususally in the massage, but sometimes in the bath you'd get asked for "special service". She'd get undressed, give you a handjob (Schaumburg) or head (Mt. Prospect). You'd pay 100 US for this. They way it is now - Oriental places Mt. Prospect has been raided twice. All the Schaumburg places were closed, but at least one new one has opened. A place in Bartlett has been raided twice. As far as I know, no johns were arrested, just the Korean whores (and they ALL are Korean, mostly 35+, none under 30, some butt ugly). Currently you still get the steam, bath, and massage. After the massage, she'll ask if you want anything else. You need to place her hand on your cock - she won't touch it first. She also won't undress, but you can push up her shirt and bra and feel her up. She also won't ask for money - you are supposed to give it to her after you come. So, you can give her what you want. I've never heard of anyone stiffing them, or offering less than 50 US. I have no idea what would happen if you did either of those things. They way it is now - American places One place has recently added Orientals to their staff. One guy got the usual shirt on hand job from a REALLY ugly Korean whore. Before the orientals came, the American staff were VERY cautious. One did nothing, another asked near the end if any more massage was wanted, as there was still some time left. When asked to massage the groin, she avoided the cock. A sign did say tips accepted, but don't ask for anything illegal. I suspect you need to go twice to get anything. Summary If you expect to get laid or head, you're in the wrong area. Places can open and close quickly, as the suburban police seem to be getting VERY aggressive at shutting these down. Illinois (unlike California) is aggressive about reporting aliens to the INs for deportation at any opportunity, so oriental places may become hard to find. So far, no reports of johns being arrested in a raid, but lots of communities publish john names and addresses in papers, so you may wish to consider if you wish to be the first!
Subject: Re: Legal Risks of responding Date: 5 Dec 1995 01:27:47 -0500 In 100% of the Massage Parlor Prostitution Busts which have taken place in the Chicago Area during the past four years, not a single 'John' has ever been taken into custody; nor have I heard of this obviously embarrassing situation occurring anywhere else. If this has happened I would certainly be surprised, and would want to know. I know that if I was present and heard quite a bit of commotion in the next room I would turn over and wait for 'it' to subside. As a 'john', these would have to be the safest places to visit and not get into trouble. The following is in no way meant to be taken as a racist comment, but; how many asian female officers are on the force of a police department. To set up a 'reverse sting' operation would involve hundreds of thousands of Dollars, since the police would have to set up a Massage Parlor. The only other way, would be for the police to accept operation of an existing parlor. This would probably only occur if the owner accepted this as part of a plea bargain. After the 'reverse sting' went down at this location, business would grind to a halt, as the word got out to the male community. The police are content in simply minimizing the supply side (in these cases), rather than the demand. Next time you visit, remember to tip a job well done, as you are in little danger of any potential embarrassment.
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 17:31:04 UTC Reply-To: I have successfully received handjobs at both Sunset Spa in Batavia, and Lakeview Spa in Roselle. I believe they are owned by the same person. At these American places, I don't think the women will make the first move. Ask and you will receive! They seem to be happy with a $40 tip. I have been unsuccessful negotiating for anything more than a handjob, in the massage places. They say that they see so many customers, that they would not want to do anything more with a lot of different men. It keeps the women safe and healthy. Happy hunting... PittPanther
Subject: Some Success in the Suburbs Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 22:31:57 UTC On three separate occasions, I have received hand jobs from American women, at the Sunset Spa in Batavia. (As is typical Chicago style, nothing other than a hand job was offered. My search for the perfect Chicagoland massage parlor continues.) $85 - $10 Sun-Times coupon + $45 tip = $120 A little steeper than the Asian spas, but worth it for an American female with good communication skills.
Subject: Re: Suburban Chicago Area Massage Tried one of the ads in the Sun Times.. a place called Spa 83 in willowbrook on 83 (Kingery highway) and was pretty disappointed. The only girl working was a 40 ish overweight Korean woman and when I asked her what a nice tip might get me she said "we only do massage". I am pretty clean cut looking so she may have thought I was a cop. She did take me to the shower and washed me all over (with a brush), then I was given a really skillfull massage, she really knew what she was doing, but nothing more. It cost $60 for 45 minutes and unfortunately im not a big fan of massages.
Subject: Re: Chicago massage Date: 1996/10/07 >>OK, it's pretty much known that a HJ is a given at Asian massage >>parlours in Chicago, and anything else is rare to find. How about >>posting some reviews of places to stay away from in the Chicago >>area: old, ugly women; no HJ; ripoffs etc. Well, if you're looking for *good* places to go, take a little drive out to Rockford. There's at least half a dozen different massage and lingerie places...all of which are full service. I've only been to a couple, but they had good looking girls & reasonable prices :-)
Subject: Chicago Massage Parlor Date: 28 Oct 1996 03:06:52 -0500 There is hope in Chicago. It's not easy, but it's worth it. I am not going to give the name and number of this service, as I don't want it busted, but with some perseverence you can find it. Look in issues of the Chicago Reader that are over six months old. Find the ad with the beautiful blond and the words 'hot tub'. This service now caters (for security reasons) only to members, but if you tell them you know this, and were referred by a member, you may get lucky. $85 gets you a one hour session. It begins with the two of you in a hot tub, and then moves on to a waterbed for massage. The women are beautiful and friendly. If you ask them, and promise a tip, the women will bathe with you in the nude. The women wash you thoroughly, although some use a sponge or glove rather than a hand. Be Polite and Nice! Niceness reaps rewards. If you are an a--hole, you will get the massage and nothing more. A $40 tip will get you a hand-job, and allow you to touch the woman. Again, be nice. Some of the women offer more services. They will not offer, you must ask. The facilities are very nice. The people are friendly. There is a waiting lounge with a big screen TV and you will be offered a cocktail at no charge. DON'T MESS THIS ONE UP! Keep it nice for the people who truly appreciate it.
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 23:21:46 -0500 (EST) Subject: Chicago-Massage Parlours I want to share some information about Chicago in general and the suburban Massage Parlours. First, be extremely careful picking up any steetwalkers in the city or Cicero the cops have been setting up reverse stings for the past year. They'll take your car and print your name in the newspaper. Plus, if they take you in, you'll be locked up with the low life criminals you might be their sex toy for the night. It happens! The Reader free newspaper is you best bet for in/out calls, but be prepared to pay at least $150 for the cheapest. Chicago finally had some strip clubs open after a long drought. The rule is if they serve liquor theirs no nudity!!! Your best bet is the Admiral Theater whic has about 50 girls or the Doll House..Chicago Clubs are no where in the same league as Atlanta, Ft.Lauderdale, or L.A.. The safest and surest bet are the Massage Parlours especially the Asian ones. You should expect to pay between $60-70 for an hour massage while you get to roam with your hands and usually get a hand job. You have to usually initiate or they won't offer. They usually say "I'll get in trouble." to see if you're the police, but with about an ounce of persistence they'll get busy. I've had good experience at The King Spa in Downers Grove. Nice looking girl let me feel her up and suck her tits while she stroked me all for the regular price. I'll usually leave a $20 for a tip for the hand job. J-Spa in Bartlett is also very reliable. The women are a bit older but they take care of you. If they ask if you 'd been there before say "yes". Tell them that "J" gave you your last massage, that's the code word. If you are a first timer they'll tell you their name is Kim-If you're cool at the end of the session they tell you to ask for "J" next time. The woman "J" wears a gold chain with a jade amulet around her neck, so if she's you girl tell she gave your last massage. Anyway, enough about names. $60 is the going rate. You'll get an erotic sponge bath her hands generally give you a little anal stimulation then tell her you want her to wash your privates. She'll do it. They don't ask for any tip up front or even take it from you after the massage they'll say "Want any more massage?". Now's the time to order your delight and be specific. Got oral while I sucked her tits and played with her pussy and manual release their haven't gone any further but I don't think it would be any problem. Have fun!!
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 17:48:36 +0100 (MET) Subject: Chicago Massage Parlors I've been to the "private club" located in Chicago. It does exist, and everything written about it is true. It's really a nice place, and all of the girls are good looking. On any given day only three girls work each shift (only two massage rooms available). I tipped $40 for HJ, $100 for massage. This particular girl would not do more, but others will. Like the other writer said, it's a nice place so don't screw it up. I won't tell you how to find it. With a little resourcefulness you can contact them.
Subject: [ASP] Chicago massage report Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 00:11:20 -0600 I tried a massage place near Chicago O'Hare airport - A Smooth-NU-U (9420 W. Foster). They occasionally advertise in the Chicago Sun-Times paper. Their rates are $65(30 mins.), $75(45 mins.), and $95(60 mins.) plus tax/service charge. They offer lingerie, topless and nude massage at graduated prices. A nude massage if I recall right, was $75. Since this was my first time at this place, I was not sure of what to expect. First, the place looks like it was a former office (it is housed in an office building). There were 3 massage rooms (converted office rooms?), no showers!, and even no restroom! I had to go outside across the hallway with a key for the restroom. The massage room was warm and stuffy (the air con system was allegedly broken). At that point, I was resigned to just get it all over with and kissed my $$$ goodbye. The masseuse (sp.) had a pretty face, a bit plump (ok, she was fat), but a pleasant personality. Alas, she gave a lousy massage. I never ask for nor did I expect any other 'services'. I was just too bummed out for anything else (except a shower!). If anyone has any excellent experience or recommendation with any Chicago area massage places, we would appreciate a post or email. Poorer but wiser, R.C.
Subject: [ASP] Twin Spa Report Date: 1997/06/28 A friend recently visited Twin Spa in Hanover Park, IL (35 or 40 minutes from downtown Chicago less from O'Hare). Here's what he had to say: For those of you that don't want to read the whole review I'll cut to the chase: TWIN SPA IS TERRIBLE. AVOID IT! Now on to my experience: I saw the ads in the Sun Times and looked around on the net for some comments all I found was a dissapointing review or Smooth-N-U. So I picked Twin Spa and decided to give it a try. The ad said $25 off one hour $15 off 1/2 hour. I called for rates and they told me the following: One hour $75 w/coupon. 45 min $60 w/coupon. 1/2 hour $45 w/coupon. The the woman answering the phone volunteered the following: We have a stand up shower, all our girls wear lingere or swimwear. There are other options you can discuss when you arrive. I asked if you need an appointment she said no, just walk in. I arrived about a quarter past the hour one evening. I found the lights very low and the door locked. I knocked and looked around. A few minutes later a light skinned black woman in her 30's answered the door and said there are only 2 of us and we are both busy right now, but you can come back in 45 minutes. I left and came back in 45 minutes. When I came back there was another gentleman there as well he asked about the rates she quoted the above rates, but it doesn't seem to matter if you have the coupon the rates are the same. I asked for an hour and paid her $75. She took me back to a massage room. There appeared to be 5 roooms 2 slightly larger ones on the left and three smaller ones on the right. the larger ones had 4 walls and a door, but the walls didn't go all the way to the ceiling, so you could hear sounds from the other rooms. The smaller ones seemed somewhat less private. She gave me a towel and I showered and left the room and pointed me to the shower. I removed my clothes wrapped the towel around me and showered. I dried off and came back to the room. She came up to me and quietly said a thong massage is $40. I wasn't sure what she meant, so I paused for a minute then asked what does that mean. She said I'll wear a thong while I massage you, it is an option, you don't have to do it. She was not attractive enough that I had any interest in seeing her in a thong, but I thought perhaps this was the prereq for getting a complete massage. I thought about it for a sec andf then said OK. she said get it for me and we can start. I got her the money and she removed her skirt but left her shirt and bra on. I lay down naked face down. She did not cover me with anything. There was some mellow music playing from the next room and she put a tiny bit of baby oil on her hands began to lightly rub my back. After a few minutes I suggest she go a little lower and she said, "Where your lower back?" I said a little lower than that. She said "We don't massage the mid section front or back". I said not at all? She said "Not at all." I said do you work for tips, and she said yes, but we don't do that, there are laws. I said is there anyway I can persuade you and she said not. I let her rub my back a little more. It was very light touch. I seemed that she was not going to offer any additional services beyond massage, so I asked her to go a little deeper it to the muscles and really work them. She tried in a little but complained that I was very muscular and that it was hard. I moved her hands exactly where I wanted them on my neck. She tried for a minute and then said "I am going to need a massage after I finsh you," not in an enticing way, but in a you are annoying me way. Clearly she didn't know how to give a massage so I thought maybe I misread things and there was somehting to make the experience worthwhile and I asked her to massage my gluttumus. She said I already told you, we don't do that. Now I was annoyed as it became clear that I was going to get neither the relief I came hoping for or a decent massage. So I challanged her and said you don't massage the muscles in the butt? She I told you "no" before. I said, I know but I thought you might have misunderstood me and thought I was asking for something illegal. She said "no", and I have never had anyone ask me before. I let it go, and she began to rub the calf of one leg I asked her to work on my quadracept (my thigh) which she did but staying far away from genitals or butt. Then she quckly went back to my calf. She did some work on the other leg in the same manner and I said lets work on my chest. She said not yet and started on my arm she stopped and the wrist and I asked her to do the hand she seemed confused but did it and it felt pretty good. So I said lets not forget to do the feet. She said we don't do feet. I said, "what do you mean you don't do feet?" She said we just don't do them. I said why not. She said "it is a personal thing. None of the girls do feet". I said, "this is not a rule or a law, you just don't like doing feet?" She said, "yeah basically". The other woman called in and asked if everything was alright. When she had finished several minutes before the music had ended. THe woman responed all was fine. Well now I was really unhappy. She began to massge my chest moving her hands like she was going to wring my neck at any moment. I said try to overcome the urge to wring my neck. She said she was trying, without a hint of humor. Even though it had only been 40 min I had had enough. Clearly there was no massage nor extras to be had. And It was late so I said lets just call it a day. And she seemed happy to do so. I told her it was the worst massage I had ever had and she said well you are the most difficult customer I have ever had. I have never had a complaint from hundreds of customers. She said you know more about antomy than any of my customers maybe you should try a certified massage therapist. The whole thing left me extremely frustrated on many levels. I would never go back, and recommend you avoid it as well. Can anyone offer some reccomendations on a spa in the Chicago that does "massage the mid section front and back". Obviously when I want deep tissue work I'll go to a certified massuese. Thanks.
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 22:17:41 -0500 Subject: Chicago Area Massage Parlors I thought I'd share my experiences at Daydreamers. I first saw their ad with a coupon in the Sun Times and thought I'd give them a try. All American staff and all the women there are very attractive, none less than an 8. I've gone to locations by Aurora and Elk Grove and both were clean and seemed safe (I went during the day). The service I've received is kinda inconsistent. I've had excellent massages with outstanding "Stress Relief," lousy massages with someone who endlessly talked about their boyfriend (like I want to here that) with so-so "stress relief " at the end, and really superior massages with "do-it-yourself" stress relief. I guess it depends on the girl. Once I found out who I liked, I've had good experiences and rate Daydreamers highly.
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 16:27:39 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Massage parlors in Chicago I have a few things to add: First, in the unincorporated areas of DuPage County (west to far west suburbs), there has been a movement in the last 6 weeks to go after some parlors operating in "commercial" zones. Zoning regulations in that area say such "adult" places of business are to be in "industrial" zones. Therefore, there have been some changes on the local scene. Sunset Spa in Batavia...gone! Brianna's in Wheaton....over $5000 over due on back rent...about to get evicted....Lake Spa in Roselle...same owner as Brianna's...on it's way out. There was another spa in Batavia (asian) which is also gone. I went to Spa 64 (North Ave. in Lombard) last week for the first time. They feature an American staff which is usually a turn off! Normally, American staff = looky no touchy! There are a few parking spaces dedicated to the Spa but North Ave. is VERY busy, so if you are afraid of being spotted walking along this road, perhaps 64 is not for you. Once inside, there is a desk with a couple women sitting behind it with a strong stench of cigarettes in the air (as a non-smoker, not the first thing I want to smell!). The rates are $85 for 60 minutes and about $45 for 30 minutes. Once paid, you are instructed to have a seat (the overall personality of the front people is not mean, but not real warm either). A girl came out from behind a screen and asked me to follow her. Her name is either Cari or Cori (works open to 6pm weekdays). As for facial quality, a 6.5 tops. She takes me into the very dark room with a massage table in the middle and very little room to move around it. She explains the different tip levels. Let me back up and say when you go inside, you are confronted with about a million signs about "No sexual contact" etc...that is not usually a good sign. The top level of tipping was for a topless/g-string bottom on the table massage and the customer is encouraged to masturbate as he wishes. This girl turned out to be a delightful girl who is in the process of getting her Masters and teaching credentials. She is 24, 5-6, 115#, long curly dark hair, and dark skin. I told you about her face...but her body is VERY nice! Great breasts...firm! At first, I thought I saw a scar from implants, but it turned out to be a shadow. Anyway, I gave her $100 for the table massage. She described it as she would get up on the table with me. She spent a lot of time on my back rubbing all around...not very sensually though. Regulations require a towel to be kept over the buttocks, but when I questioned her about it, she said it was up to the customer....if I want it off, she cannot force me to keep it on. The customer is allowed to touch anywhere on her body but for her genital area...and the same goes for her touching you.....there is NO negotiating on this! Ok, things sound kind of boring 'til now, and, other than a very nice conversation (there are mirrors all over so you can see her wherever she is), it was kind of boring. Well, I turn over and Mr. Happy has had really no reason to stand up to this point. As she starts working on the front, she will NOT touch my penis, but comes ever so close and certainly enough to get its attention. Thinking it's not going to get much better than this, as she is on her knees between my legs, I ask for some lotion so as to masturbate. She obliges and smiles wide as I start to stroke. As my strokes get faster, she reaches up and plays with my nipples..a nice touch! I cum and she politly excuses herself to get a towel. I thought, based on my experience, she would come back, clean me up and send me on my way regardless of time. NOT THE CASE!! She got on top of me so her pussy was RIGHT ON TOP OF MY MOUTH (basically an innocent 69 position). She was so close I could easily catch her pussy scent through her panties. This has gotten too long, but the bottom line is, she was fun, the place was clean, but for $185, I spanked my own frank. As nice as she was, I don't see going back. P.S.: All during the massage, the owner, male, was on the phone just outside the room or talking to the girls. I don't know about you, but hearing a gruff, male voice, is not something I want to hear when a pretty girl is massaging me!! Other places: King's in Downers Grove: I had been there a few times and got NADA! It's an oriental parlor where you get a table shower and massage. All of the sudden, one day I am in there giving it its LAST chance to show me something and, BINGO! Hand jobs are the only thing....but if you get friendly with them, they will tease and play while you are on your stomach (is there any tease better than for her to reach for your penis from behind?!?!). There is no "tip structure". I would never stiff them, but anywhere from $20-$40 seems adequate. They may frown when you give it to them, but they will then smile and say "next time I do you real good!" B+ Lane's in Lombard: In all the posts, I have never heard anything about them. Although it's been awhile since I have been there, that place was AUTOMATIC for fun! I got friendly with one of the older (50 yo or so) women and there were a few times she would bring in another girl (usually in training and YOUNG!!). She would actually ask me if it was OK for her to do so....LIKE I AM GOING TO SAY NO!!! Before it would be all over, both girls would be working on me!! B+ Spa 83 in Villa Park: I have wandered in there twice. I hit it off the first time with this one woman who was not attractive really...but fun! She would do GREAT anal play and usually bring in an extra woman for a few extra bucks. I read somewhere in your posts how someone did not have luck here....I have had two great times! Like I have said, I try to avoid "American" places. The oriental places, while sometimes tough to communicate with the cashier people (the girls usually can communicate well enough), are usually an easy score. A few things I have used along the way to help me: 1.) If there is a shower involved where they wash you, if you are a first timer, they will not want to wash your penis. Smile big, and gently take her hand and place it there. She will probably say "I don't want no trouble!" Keep smiling and assure her you are no trouble. Usually, by the time I leave the shower, I have a pretty good idea on whether I am going to get any or not. 2.) If you are new to the place and she asks what kind of a massage, ALWAYS say SOFT. You other veterans may say differently, but that seems to give them an idea you are there for STIMULATION more than a good massage. 3.) When she starts, you are always on your stomach, and I have found if I start to gently rub her leg, that also tells her you want some fun. If you don't meet any objections, get a little more daring and try her butt or reach around front. She will either tell you no or move...but most of the time she is ok with it. When you turn over, most of the time, you don't have to ask for anything. If the "I don't want no trouble" statement hasn't been said by now, before she lubes you up, she will probably say it. Follow what I said before. I have also been to C'est la Vie in Belvidere, IL and another place in Rockford (it was described in the posts as being near downtown in an old building on a triangle block). Both places were fine. Neither offered anything more than hand releases. Though an older woman at the place in Rockford gave me a well lubed finger up my butt while stroking me and I thought I would EXPLODE! A lot of the posts seem outdated, hopefully new info, like above, can be added! "You want massagy?"
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 20:22:06 -0600 Subject: Chicago Area Massage Parlors Went to Daydreamers by the Golf Mill shopping center. It was a total dud. I couldn't even get a lingerie massage. It gets two thumbs down.
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 20:26:53 -0600 Subject: Chicago Suburbs Massages I went to Twin Spa in Roselle after seeing their web page The sisters who run it are both extremely beautiful but they are having some legal problems with the city and can't do topless. Excellent massage, mirrors on several walls so you don't miss the sights, but no "finale."
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 09:55:58 -0800 Subject: Chicago I was at Midway Massage in Stickney by Midway Airport. $50 with coupon from Sun-Times. Go before 4PM. Kat is nicer to talk to of the two girls but Deb gives better massage. Autumn and Michele are both bitches who won't even give you a hand job.
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 23:43:46 EST Subject: Chicago area Paradise Spa in Roselle. Don't waste your time or money. Although the girls tend to be attractive they are about as exciting as reading the obituary column, and this place is totally self service.

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