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Subject: Re: Pure Gold (and the Spot) in Chicago

Ok, This is real deal (as of last fall) about Pure Gold and the Spot.

They are both owned by the same people, and although technically both
strip clubs, they offer much more than any other Chicagoland clubs.

PURE GOLD is located on Roosevelt Road, approximately 2 blocks west of the
intersection of Roosevelt Road and Cicero Avenue. Directions: Head east on
the Eisenhower Expressway into the city, get off at Cicero Avenue, turn
Right, turn Right again at Roosevelt Road, and the club is on your left.

Go up to the door and the doorman will let you in. Get a seat anywhere. The
area behind the bar has been converted into a stage. Dancers dance topless
for three songs. If you are at the bar, dollar tipping is encouraged.
Drinks are real expensive, like $5, don't get caught with an empty glass or
the doorman will ask you to leave (not very graciously either).

The other dancers will walk around and try to get you to buy a table dance.
Now, this place is a little high pressure and expensive so feel free to say
no and stick to it. Spend a half hour nursing your first drink and looking
around. Don't go with the first person that comes to you, unless you are
certain she's what you want.  The private dances _are_ expensive, and
you'll see what I mean about the high pressure.

This is the deal: The private dances take place in a room behind the bar,
it's curtained off for some privacy. Generally there's three levels of

$50 dollars: This will get you 15-20 minutes of topless full touch private
dancing. Depending on the dancer, you may be able to get under her
g-string. French kissing and boob sucking have been routinely offered. You
may even get your dick grabbed through your pants. YMMV, especially if you
act like a jerk or unattractive.

$100 dollars: This gets you a longer set in a more secluded area. For all I
know the women offer a handjob or a titfuck. Maybe even encouragement to
fondle her privates.

$150 dollars: You end up on a tiny couch in a small closet with the dancer
of your choice. Also you get a longer set. I'm assuming that anything short
of genital-genital sex is offered here.

Now, you might think that that is the end of the price.  BUT NOOOO! The
barmaid who escorts you to the private dance area expects to get paid
$10-20. This is non-negotiable. Since the barmaid decides when your time is
up, you may want to tip her!!

THEN THE DANCER EXPECTS TO GET TIPPED. This is getting expensive, isn't
it?! Twenty bucks is expected for the $50 dance. More for the others.

Soooo,  Let's do some math...
$50 dollar dance really costs... 50+10+20  =  about $80 dollars.
$100 dollar dance really costs... 100+20+40 = about $160 dollars
$150 dollar dance really costs... 150+20+60 = about $230 dollars

But $80 bucks is 4 private dances in most places, and the dances are
usually 4 songs long. Also, given the right girl and the right attitude,
you can get a pretty amazing private lap dance.

THE SPOT is not the spot anymore, but noone calls it by its new name. It's
located farther west on Roosevelt Road from Pure Gold. It's maybe 2 more
miles, not more than that, and on the south side of the street. It's
located on the corner like Pure Gold, and it's even owned by the same
people. It's also remarkably similar in looks and routine.

Drinks are even more expensive ($6). The stage is located behind the bar,
but there is a small area where the bartender works. Dancers don't get tips
while they're dancing, customers don't even clap when a song is done. The
dancers will come by between sets and ask you to buy them a $8 or so drink.
They are pretty high pressure, because don't make any money dancing. If you
see a nice dancer who doesn't see you, go up to her, or slip another dancer
or the bartender a 5 spot and get them to get her attention for you.

They have uninspired private dances there, but they are tamer than at Pure
Gold. So if you are looking for a private dance, go to Pure Gold.

All the real action occurs in the private rooms. For $150 dollars, you go
into the back with a dancer of your choice, where it is assumed that for an
additional tip, you fuck. The some of the ladies are very attractive, some
are fat old or ugly, and some are obviously drug-addicted.

The dancers and the waitress also expect to be tipped. To let's wip out the

$150 dollar dance really costs... 150+20+100 = about $270 dollars.

That should get you laid. But then again, I really have no idea how much
tip is expected here. I prefer the raunchy private dances at Pure Gold.
(Actually, I really much rather prefer my lady friend, she's sexy,
beautiful, and free  and I can bring her home to mother. I highly recommend

Date: 10 Jan 1997 16:54:13 -0000 The SPOT..... now .... The Doll Lounge I also ventured into the stip club on this web site called The Spot.... It is now called the Doll Lounge. Very dirty and smelly inside. Most of the women looked over 40. I saw two girls that where above average looks and one that was drop dead looking. I tried to talk to the best of the three but she was occupied with an older man then I. I guess she figured he had more cash then me. Anyway, I settled for #2. She was a hot little Phillopeno girl. She danced like her cunt was on fire.... Very hot.. She made a lot of eye contact with me and let me put a 5 spot in her panties. I let my hand travel rather far and she did not seem to mind. I must have given her about $20 while she was dancing. When her set was over she came by me and asked if I could buy her a drink. I said sure. We talked a while and she asked if I would be interested in a private dance. I told her yes I may. She ran down the list of dances that are found this web page with the exception of a new shower dance. Since this page made it sound like you could get laid at this place I thought I might be able to get into the shower with her. When I asked she said that is not the way it works. In fact I asked if there was a possability of a BJ or hand job and she said no. I told her that a friend of mine came here and received such services. She said some girls may do that sort of thing but that she does not. I guess I should have asked the Barmaid about such services because she was really running the show. Seemed like a real good business woman. Anyway I left the place when some fat slob started to dance, untouched and very horney. I did give the girl another 5 buck tip for talking to me. Maybe I did not handle myself well, or maybe they thought I was a cop. Well, next time I will speak directly to the Barmaid...

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