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Look in the adult section of the Reader, a free paper distributed
all over the city on Thursday or Friday.  I don't know which
are the good services off hand in there, but there are alot of them.

Date: 15 Jul 1995 15:36:04 -0400 Tried Caprice (in yellow pages) this week... had a choice and the choice was quite nice. Not a stereotype, but a real person! $250 flat rate.
Subject: Chicago Update -- Massage -- Body Kare Date: Sun, 11 Jun 1995 22:50:50 UTC Just wanted to update (refresh) the FAQ ... I stopped today at Body Kare, which is mentioned in the Chicago.Massage-Parlours area of the FAQ. I had an almost identical experience to what's on file, nice shower and steam, terrific massage and a great hand job. Couple of small differences; I did get some stimulation while I was on my stomach (including a little mild anal play, that I didn't expect ... but ENJOYED! And after cleaning me up from the hand job, she worked on some of my tight spots again (I really did need the massage) ... she also seemed willing to negotiate for more service, but I was happy for the time being. I'll probobly go back. Rate $60, $30 tip (and worth it, if only for the massage.) Date: June 11, 1995
Subject: Chicago Massage Services Date: Sun, 3 Sep 1995 21:28:19 UTC The massage parlour mentioned in your faq Body Kare is now closed. I went there yesterday for a fun time and found a empty storefront.
Subject: Contradictions Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 00:50:31 UTC Your inforamtion under "new Chicago info" for "What's happening at Pure Gold" and the info under "Cicero" in the Illinois section are contradictory. My personal observation (not experience ... YMMV) is that the Cicero info is more current and most likely correct.
Subject: Chicago Report Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 06:24:26 UTC Tried Lauren's (advertised in the Reader) at 670-9637. Fair recommendation. Got a 21-year-old named Kimberly: pretty, new, talked like this?, and worked pleasantly without much heavy breathing. Prices in Chicago outrageous. Tend to run 300 and up for the hour. Kimberly was 250 for a half-hour. Chicago is a great town, but Boston has better value. Anybody got a lead for New Orleans?? Potrzebie
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 08:49:26 -0800 I had a great time with an escort in Chicago. She was hot as hell and literally left me exhausted and panting on the bed!! She fucked me for close to an hour!! The rates are hourly and start at $300 and go up to $500 or more for a top notch escort. Call around and find out who has a lady that you might be interested in. I found my agency in the Chicago yellow pages under Escort. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the agency. Payment is usually by cash , although some accept credit cards. Make sure you speak with the girl and that you are comfortable with her. Have fun .. I did!!
Date: 8 Feb 1996 00:31:31 -0500 >God damn Chicago sucks. About the only way to get your rocks off is >to visit a sperm bank. Not quite true. I've had absolutely the best experiences in Chicago compared to everywhere else... BUT not at massage places and it's been expensive. The escort services downtown all start at about $300 the hour, but it's possible to get fantastic girls. The two best IMHO are Lori at Sterling, a blonde with a angel-cute face and an amazing figure, and the girl who runs Enchantment, a tall, somewhat exotic brunette who is beautiful, friendly, built, and a wild lay. Worth it. I'd be interested in hearing other reviews and/or opinions on these or other girls...
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 00:14:17 UTC Subject: massage parlors Chicago There was recently a sting operation done by one of the local News stations here in Chi-Town. It may be getting tougher to get some action if at all
Date: Thu Apr 18 21:31:16 PDT 1996 Subject: Chicago Note that the Chicago adult bookstores all charge a $1 "browsing fee" and then restrict browsing to 30 minutes... Found some ads of independent girls in the "Adults only" section of the classified ads in the free weekly paper NewCity. Didn't try out any of them. It might be a good idea to take an escort to one of the hotels that charge by the hour: * The Riverside Motel, 5954 North Virginia Avenue, 561-7460: three hours for $22, plain rooms * Galaxy Inn and Suites, 2955 North Mannheim Road, Franklin Park, 847-455-5645: four hours from $27 to $70; the latter suite sports waterbed, hot tub, X-rated movies, bidet. * Pink Palace Fantasy Suites, 7050 West Archer, 586-7696: Theme rooms with jacuzzi and waterbed, $69-$89 for four hours. Atta
Subject: chicago experience Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 02:54:10 UTC After sampling the good and bad in Chicago i must agree that the place to call is Sterling. Lori isnt there anymore but Michelle, who I saw was excellent....young, cute as the day is long with a good attitude..Others i tried were tired, old hags...
Subject: Chicago Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 02:35:45 UTC Used an agency called Models Inc. They sent 24 yr. old blond with huge tits (real, she went to pains to point out) named Alexis. Highly recommended. Very unrushed and lots of fun. Expensive ($400) but worth every dime in my book.
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 1996 16:11:53 UTC Subject: Chicago Lincoln Ave. motels Some info on motels in the Peterson/Lincoln Avenue area in Chicago (please reciprocate with info on others in this area or elsewhere in Chicagoland): Star, Tip-Top, Patio: These establishments are complete rat-holes and are unfit for partying due to a multitude of reasons. Don't waste your time and money going to one of these unless you're a complete degenerate. It is worth noting that the better agencies will not even send their girls to these places. Lincoln Inn: *** RIP-OFF ALERT *** This establishment will outright lie about the condition of the rooms and then not refund your money! Do not patronize this place. Summit: Passable with an important caveat - they recently removed all telephones from their rooms. Although there are some poor rooms, there are rooms which are clean and sufficiently maintained. Acres, Lincoln Motel: I have no info on these. If someone could chip in that would be great. Maybe I'll scout them out over the weekend (sheesh, what a horndog! :-)).
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 00:52:25 -0500 (EST) A girl named Tori is mentioned in Caligula's faq. Tori is now absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to contact, and when you do get in touch, there is no guarantee that she'll even show-up if you make a date. She stood me up. I believe that she will only see REGULARS at this time. That needs to be placed on-line, since the girl is getting 250 calls a day through the internet, and another short article placed in the Qlimax Times.
Date: Monday, 27 January, 1997 14:31 PM The legendary Lori from Chicago's Sterling ------------------------------------------ Finally met with her (difficult to get a hold of), YAHOO! All the glowing reports are true! One of the most incredible girls I've ever met. Not only breathtakingly beautiful, but very sweet and personable as well. A guy could easily scour the most upscale bars for a year and not meet (let alone spot) a girl like this. The sex was incredible. Due to how sexy she is I was already quite aroused by merely having her in the same room. I was wondering how long I was going to last with such a red hot girl, but the prospect of having such a pretty face bobbing on my pole swayed me into having oral first anyway. I didn't regret it. Lori is extremely skilled. It was a struggle to get myself to tell her to stop, but I wanted to experience her tight little box as well. After about 10 minutes of incredible oral she got on top. This is my favorite position and with a girl of Lori's beauty is all that much better. After about 8 minutes I felt like I was getting close, but I didn't want to cum yet so we stopped. After a brief rest we resumed in missionary position. I rarely have sex in this position simply because I like the female dominant position so much more. Somehow the prospect of having Lori in missionary was an extraordinary turn on. After about 15 minutes of vigorous missionary we had intense orgasms. I can usually last 40 to 60 minutes, but with Lori it was quite a struggle to hang onto my load for the half hour! :-) It goes without saying that I'll be seeing Lori again. FYI, about the only concern for some guys might be that she's very high strung. For me a girl with a lot of spark is a turn-on, but I know some guys prefer more docile types. Hosenwurm
Subject: [ASP]Chicago reports Date: 7 Jun 1997 22:15:00 GMT The news is dismal as usual, but I keep trying. Escorts - Ad in the Reader - "Full buffet... " She's 5'0" or so, 24, very much on the chubby side. Incall, days only. Runs $100 for 1 1/2 hrs full service. If you like 'em plump, this is for you. Street - Tried cruising B'Way/Sheridan/Wilson on a Friday night after 12p - MAJOR police presence - one cop followed me with his spotlight on. 2 black girls were out, my gut told me they were decoys, as they walked together and were a bit too well dressed.
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 00:49:51 -0400 (EDT) Subject: [ASP] Chicago Report I recently took a long weekend and based my decision to come to Chicago based on one of my primary objectives - to have some adult fun. I found the information here to be pretty reliable. Thanks to all who have posted reports in the past. Here is what I found: First for those coming from out of town, you are advised in these posting to find both the 'Gentleman's' guide to adult entertainment and 'The Reader'. I did not find it as easy to find these resources as one might think from reading the posting here (especially since I am not that familiar with Chicago). 'The Reader' comes out on Thursdays (typically) and apparently disappears quickly (because of demand). So if you come in town on a Tuesday you may not be able to find it until Thursday night. Also don't mistake the Reader for The Readers Guide to Art & Entertainment (I did). I picked that up at first and was disappointed to find no useful information. I flew into Midway Airport and tried 4+ convenient type stores in the area with no luck. Several clerks had never even heard of 'The Reader'. Then I tried the northern suburb convenient stores near where I was staying and also struck out. After reading everything posted here I was quickly beginning to think the information was out of date and that I made a mistake coming to Chicago. Well persistence paid off. I found the reader in a 7-Eleven down town the following night. I also found the gentleman's paper at an adult bookstore downtown. Both have several leads on independent girls and even more on agencies. However, being new to this scene, I felt a lot more comfortable trying the things referred to at this site. I experience the following: 1. Sterling (escort service) 2. Pure Gold (gentleman's club) 3. The Private Club (massage & more) Sterling I talked with Sara who was handling the calls at Sterling ever night I was in Chicago. She was very friendly and tried to hook me up with what I was looking for (height/wt, hair, eye and skin color). I had referred to some of the girls in this posting (i.e. Sara who's Latino) and that gave her an idea of what I wanted. She seem to know who Sara was but she was no longer around (apparently) and was trying to hook me up with a girl named Blake. Unfortunately it never happened! I don't know if I sounded like a cop or just was looking for to much of a certain look, but I found it difficult to believe all the petite girls they had were blondes and red heads (but that's what she said). Anyway, I found talking to Sara over the few days pleasant and she seem sincerely disappointed that she wasn't able to hook me up. I will probably try Sterling again next time I am in Chicago. Hopefully with some better results. Pure Gold I went to Pure Gold on a Wednesday and Saturday night. I was not greatly impressed on Wednesday but returned to see if things got better on Saturdays. I found this place to be rather run down, not at all a high class place and not in the greatest of neighborhoods. The girls are 3-6's with usually one who is an 7-8. The rates are pretty much in line with other reports you will find here. I went to the back room with Serena (spelling?) who was the good looking one on Wednesday night. Just as reported here, it got expensive, real quick. After paying $10 to tip the bar maid and $100 for the longer period of time (about 1/2 hr.) Serena hadn't even finished stripping before she hit me up for more. The more $ the more exotic and the more fun I would have she said. I paid out another $50 and she started to dance. About half way through the first song she hit me up for some more, when I suggested that things hadn't gotten any more exotic since the first $50 went in, she copped an attitude and I gave in for another $25 just to get things going. What the hell? I should have saved my money. I would rate her lap dance about a 6 (out of 10) but she encouraged me to get more comfortable. She suggested I take it out, that she wanted to see it. Well I thought, now we are getting somewhere, she's at least going to give me a hand or blow. Nothing happened. Maybe others have had better luck, but I cannot recommend this place based on the expense vs. the value. The Private Club (actual name is different, but you will figure that out) This place is worth every penny! I have found it is listed at the web site and in the gentleman's paper. The guy that runs the place is really cool. It is a tremendous setup. You go to this building near downtown and it's like a loaf apartment. I happen to go my first time when there was a members party. My understanding is they have these about once every month. When you go in people are just hanging out talking. You pick a girl and ask her for a massage. If a room is available you go, if not you can wait or make an appointment. Once you've gone for a while and know the girls and who you like, their schedules, etc. things are basically by appointment. You pay a membership fee of $25 and the room rate is $50 for a half hour and $100 for an hour. All other fees are based on the girl, but pretty much tips run $50, $100 and $150. So if you take $250 - $300 you can be sure to have your needs met. But remember what a girl is willing to do is girl specific and I get the feeling the girls make that decision partially based on the guy, what he looks like and how nice you are. If you are arrogant or an asshole, you will get a back rub and your wallet will have more money in it when you leave than you expected. I recommend: Tina - great attitude, very very attractive, definitely want to see her again and again! Christina - She was leaving when I came in, very nice and very attractive. A guy I talked with from California highly recommended her (as well as Tina, so I trust his judgment) Celine (spelling?) - I think she's selective, but good looking, very nice body. Candy - Wasn't around when I was but also recommend by my friend from California. - worth checking out. Others Morgan - Not my type in the looks department, plus she has an attitude, use your own judgment. Overall, I got to say the best value in Chicago is The Private Club. Its a great setup, low key and most of the people are generally very nice and pleasant to be around. If you check it out, be cool and don't fuck it up! Hope this helps and good luck!
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 23:21:44 PST Well, I met a decent girl on Leland tonight. (just north of wilson.) With the nicer weather, things should start hoppin' again. I stopped by Pure Gold in Cicero and they are still not dancing. There weren't even any girls there. When the girls are there, they can only talk to the customers for lame! The mayor of Cicero is trying to shut them down again. I went to the Admiral last weekend and it was kind of lame. The girls weren't as hot as when I was there last, about a year ago. My favorite from last year now has a c-section scar!!! plus she gained about 10 pounds. Too bad I wasn't the guy to knock her up. he he he. I spoke to a long time friend on the Chicago police force. (I used to be a cop) and he mentioned that stings usually happen between 8 and 11 PM. Keep a look out for women who look good but don't try to flag you down. They also won't get in your car and won't say anything sexual. You have to proposition them first. If they get into your car at all, they are not cops. If the girl is hesitant, because she thinks you are a cop, then either leave (after all, she may be a cop...vicious circle) or ask her if she wants a ride somewhere or if she needs help. That way you can act really really dumb if it is a sting and they can't legally stick anything to you. But as always, if the cop is a dick then he can say you did anything and the judge usually believes them. That's why the public has no sympathy for cops who get shot, etc. If they acted civilized towards the normal person, then they would have the public behind them. The excuse of stress, etc. is bullshit. I know, I used to be a cop. Everyone has stress in their job, it doesn't mean they can treat everyone like shit.

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