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  After reading this group for some time I realized that there's a need
for an explanation of Canada's prostitution-related laws.  Here it is.

SECTION 210, The Criminal Code
  This law males it an offense to:
     a) "Keep" a brothel (or manage one, own one, ...).
     b) Work in a brothel.
     c) Be found in a brothel (this is what brothel customers are
     usually charged with).
     d) Rent or lease space to someone who plans to use the space as a
     brothel. If a person renting or leasing space in Canada is convicted
     of keeping a brothel in the rented space, the landlord is obligated by
     law to evict said person.  Since most  Canadian brothels (using the
     legal definition) are in fact the homes of the working prostitutes,
     they stand to lose their homes if they are renters -- and convicted.

SECTION 211, The Criminal Code
  This law makes it an offense to knowingly take, offer to take, or
direct someone to a brothel.

SECTION 212, The Criminal Code
  This law makes it an offense to:
     a) Procure or solicit a person to have illicit sex with another person.
     b) Entice someone who is not a prostitute to enter a brothel for
     the purpose of prostitution.
     c) Hide someone in a brothel.
     d) Procure someone to become a prostitute.
     e) Convince someone to leave their residence and become a
     "frequenter" of a brothel.
     f) Direct or take a new arrival to Canada to a brothel.
     g) Procure a person to leave Canada to become a prostitute.
     h) Exercise control over someone for the purpose of prostitution
     (commonly used against pimps, also used against escort service owners,
     managers, and phone operators).
     i) Drug someone (which includes getting someone drunk) to enable
     another person to have sex with the person who has been drugged.
     j) Live wholly or partially on the avails (profits) of prostitution
     (commonly used against pimps, often used against husbands, lovers,
     boyfriends, etc.).  Evidence that someone is "habitually in the
     company" of a prostitute, or lives in a brothel, is, in the absence
     of evidence to the contrary, proof that the person in question lives
     on the avails of prostitution.

SECTION 213, The Criminal Code
  This law makes it an offense to solicit or "communicate" for the
purpose of prostitution in a public place.  Communicate can mean virtually
anything; a wink, a nod, a smile, even conversation.  "Public place"
includes any place that the public has access to, either by right or
invitation (streets, parks, hotel lobbies, bars ...).  For the purpose
of this law a public place includes "any motor vehicle located in a
public place (like a street), or in any place open to public view (such
as a parking lot or a trick's driveway)."

  It's perfectly legal for a pro to see a client in a hotel room, or the
client's home or other personal space.  It's also legal for pros to
advertise in magazines and newspapers -- magazines and newspapers are not
considered public so whores can legally advertise in the press.  There
is no need for a customer to use euphemisms or codes when speaking to a
pro over the phone.  Telephones are not considered public places, so you
can be as open as you want.

  Another law often used against both prostitutes and their clients is
Section 173 of our Criminal Code -- our indecent act law.  This law makes
it an offense to commit an indecent act in a public place in the presence
of one or more people, or to commit an indecent act in any place with the
intent to insult or offend another person.  Indecency is not defined in
our Criminal Code, so Canadian judges have the power to determine what
is indecent on an individual case bases.
  A judge may not consider two lovers fucking on a beach to be indecent
but the same judge may think that a whore fucking her date in a car is
indecent, and convict both the pro and the date.

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