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Budapest Clubs

Somebody had a question about Budapest but I lost the thread. I hope you
will find this answer.

I just came back from a 2 weeks vacation in Budapest, I am a native
Hungarian.  It is true that the moral is much more relaxed in Hungary
than in the USA but Budapest is still not Bangkok or even Amsterdam or
Copenhagen. You have to know where to find the nice places because
they are not openly advertised.

There are quite a few night clubs where there are exotic dancers
(topless) but I do not recommend these places at all. They are
extremely expensive, so much that it is simply ridiculous. Generally
you pay $20 just to enter, and you may not even see any dancers. If
there are not enough patrons, there is no dancing.  Even when there
are some kind of dance imitation, it is quite lousy, much worse than
what you can see in the USA. The moment you enter the place one or two
girls sit down to your table (they are called consum girls). She talks
to you very kindly but you have to buy a drink for her. They only
drink champagne (small 200 ml bottle) or cocktail (which is really
some kind of juice). O boy, they are very thirsty!  They drink 3-4
drinks ion one hour. After that I became suspicious and asked for the
price of the drink. I speak Hungarian much better than English, but I
had to ask the price twice because I thought something was wrong with
my ears: $46 each drink. My consum girl just finished her fourth
drink, which cost me almost $200 and I did not get anything for
it. Contrary to the US clubs, there are little hidden rooms somewhere
in the back of the clubs. You can take there the girls (not in every
clubs) but they are expensive (although some of them are really
gorgeous, so called model type). The price is universally the same
whenever you go, $200 for one hour. I recommend the following
strategy: Go into these night clubs (just like in every city, taxi
drivers know everything) after midnight (in most places there is no
program before midnight). Before you sit down, scan the place, look at
the girls who dance and who sit at tables, look everywhere. If you do
not see a girl who is like your dream, turn around and leave, you do
not have to apologize. You only lost $20 this way. If you see somebody
who is your type and would like to have her no matter what, stay but
make up your mind quickly before she drinks 2 or 3 bottles. You can't
avoid paying at least one drink for her. You have approximately 15
minutes before she wants one more. Her $200 price is generally not
negotiable but it does not hurt to try. The quality of the back room
varies widely from mediocre to super clean. I do not recommend these
clubs, these are for tourists who can't find anything else. All of the
night clubs operate under this rip- off principle. The names of these
places sound very erotic, like Casanova, Caligula, 69 night club, etc.
Stay away from them.

There is a little club in one of the working club neighborhoods what I
can very highly recommend. It is called "The White Club". (Address:
Budapest XX Kossuth Lajos u. 154.  Phone: 178-0420. Open from 7 pm
till 6 am. It is in the middle of a residential area, from the outside
you would not suspect anything at all. It is a fenced (just like
practically every single family home in Budapest), yes, white
villa. You ring the bell and an older gentleman comes out in uniform,
complete with hat. He asks you why are you here, you can tell him that
you want see the girls. He leads you inside the building into a small
bar. There are maybe 5-6 tables, that is all. The girls usually sit
around one big table, you sit down anywhere. In a few minutes the
waiter comes to your table and tells you the "rules". There is a tiny
stage, the girls will go to the stage and do some primitive dance
steps, but it is enough to judge them. After the last girl, the waiter
comes back to your table again discreetly asking you which one do you
prefer. You tell her by their sitting order or dress color, or
pointing (which is not a good habit in Hungary) and the girl will come
to your table. Of course she will drink a champagne ($46, you can see
that the prices are about the same wherever you go; here there is no
admission fee) but the girls in this club are not pushy, perfectly
content to talk to you for as much as 1 hour drinking only one
bottle. Their price is absolutely not negotiable, $90 for 1 hour. But
you can, and you should negotiate what you would like to have. The
rules are the same as in the States, no kissing, you can go down on
her only if she really likes you. The whole place is very homely,
relaxed, nice atmosphere. When you are ready, you can go upstairs with
the girl. You can also bail out if you change your mind, but do this
politely. Upstairs there are only 2 rooms for this activity, nice dim
lights, nice furniture, large comfortable bed. The whole place is
extremely clean, well kept.  After you and the girl removed your
clothes, with a clean towel both of you go into the bath room to take
a shower which is very nice, erotic. You can stay 1 hour, or two (I
always stayed for 2 hours). The use of the condom is mandatory. In the
building there is an indoor swimming pool (fairly good size, and a
sauna). In the $90 hourly fee the use of these are included. It is
very nice to go into the swimming pool with a half naked or completely
naked (depending on the girl) beautiful lady, I also enjoyed the sauna
as part of the foreplay. Although not all of the ladies like the
sauna, you might have to pressure them. After all of the action, you
will again go into the bathroom with the lady for a joint shower,
which is also very nice. The thing what I immensely enjoyed about this
place is that it was not business like very friendly, homely. Nobody
measures the time, there is no pressure. Even the pay. You have to pay
before you leave, not when you enter the place. As I said for the 2
hours I paid $180 downstairs at the bar, before I left. Upstairs I
added $20 tip to the girl, she very much appreciated this, not
everybody tips them. Also I paid for her drink $46, for mine ($5, not
champagne), so the whole evening cost about $260 (including the normal
15% tip in the bar for the drinks), not too bad for two hours.  If you
are a repeat customer, you do not even have to go to the bar, just sit
down in the hall, and they call the girl out. You save the expensive
drink. There might be other hidden locations, but I could not find
them. Prostitution is some kind of semi-illegal in Hungary. It is
illegal according to the law, but it is not enforced at all.

Your other good option is  the classified ads in the "Expressz" newspaper.
This contains only ads, nothing else. Look for the "szexpartner"
section, here you find plenty of advertisements: ladies openly
advertising their services. Every imaginable demand can be met.  In
the ads you might find their home phone numbers what you can directly
call, or in most cases they respond only written letters addressed to
the newspaper. This option is not very good for you if your time is
limited, and nobody helps you with the translation. But there is
always enough direct phone numbers. Chances are that they speak a
little English, but you could go farther with speaking a little
German. In the ads you will find plenty of agencies ("közvetitö iroda"
means agency) who will send into your hotel room in one hour the type
of girl whom you describe. Again for this type of service you will
need some language skill. The price is not negotiable, it is
universally $60 for one hour. In Hungary 1 hour means 60 minutes,
rain, or shine, climax in 10 minutes or in 55 , you can stay (if you
want to) for 60 minutes.  The disadvantage of this service is that
there is no line-up of girls, it is a blind date. Bring your
parachute, it is OK to bail out if the girl is not your type.

In Vienna, I only had bad experiences. Maybe because I do not know the
place, but twice I ended up in dirty business like places, it was
terrible. In one street all of these places are lined up next to each
other, there is nothing inside just little dirty cubicles, no shower,
no massage, just the physical act. It is OK for quickies, but there is
nothing gourmet type.

I hope you will enjoy your stay, I would like to hear about your
experiences. Maybe you will find other hidden gourmet places what I
can try during my next visit.

Date: 27 Jun 1995 19:39:03 GMT While in Budapest, try the "Sweet Milk". It is a bar with top quality girls. It is not cheap, but well worth it. (About 20.000 ft). All taxi drivers know about it.
Subject: Budapest Night Clubs Report Date: 30 Aug 1995 23:35:52 GMT I was in Budapest in mid-August. I had the opportunity to check two notorious night-clubs there: the "Sweet Milk" and the "Ti Amo". Note: 1 USD = 115 HUF The "Sweet Milk" is an old favourite among expats. Few tourists can find it since it does not advertise. It used to be an excellent place to find average to gorgeous young girls, but it seems to be a shadow of its former glory. That night, there were only a hanful of girls at hand (maybe 7) and even less customers. The manager said it was a slow day in a slow summer period. This might be true, but reports I had from regular customers indicate that most of the girls that made the place notorious have moved on. I certainely saw nobody I knew when I was there. Prices are just the same as elsewhere in Budapest: 2,000 HUF to get in, your drinks at "normal" prices (1,000 HUF for a whisky) and the girl's drinks at inflated prices (2,500 HUF for a cocktail, more for champagne). All included (and not taking any girl home), I have spent 9,600 HUF, which should be about 85 USD, for two hours chatting with a 19 years old nice looking Hungarian girl. The place is rather relaxed, and provides rooms, should you be unwilling to bring a girl to your hotel. The price for this would be 15-20,000 HUF (170 USD). On slow evening, the girls seem willing to compromise. The "Ti Amo" is the new hot place in Budapest. Most people think it is the best in town. It is easy to find (on Ferenc Korut) and heavily advertised. It is a small and comfortable place, with several clusters of leather sofas around a stage where girls go dancing. About ten girls work there permanently, all young and cute "model" type. Most are Hungarian, but two are Romanian (including a stunning blonde) and a Russian from Ukraine named Tatiana whom I got to know better during the evening. Drinks and girls are priced according to standard, and everyting can be charged to a credit card (Mastercard only I think), which is unusual. Tatiana led me next door, where seven rooms are available for "guests". It is a friendly and relaxed place, where girls and customers get to socialize a bit while waiting to get a shower. Everybody is naked, and that is part of the fun. Then Tatiana and I retired to one room in which we had good, if traditional, sex. She gave me a competent condomless blowjob and allowed kissing and petting. She also allowed me to use my own condoms, which are definitely better than the standard issue of the house. Before we started, I gave her 5,000 HUF as a tip. This is not at all required, but is very welcome and help to secure good service. All together, I spent 2,000 (entrance fee)+ 2,600 (my two drinks)+ 5,000 (her two drinks) + 21,000 (her fee+credit card charge) + 5,000 (her tip)= 35,600 (a little above 300 USD). I stongly recommend the "Ti Amo". It provides totally safe top quality service at reasonable cost. Many alternatives exist in Budapest (ripoff tourist bars, streetwalkers, ...) but, for my money, this is the best choice.
From: I would like to make some contribution to The World Sex Guide especially about Hungary. In the beginning of this year I have been to Budapest for one week. The purpose of this trip was for business but during my free time I used quite a lot the services of girls picked from night clubs. I just like to give you some tips and comments about the scene in Budapest. Do not expect to go there and pay cheap sex! Prices are similar as in Germany or Holland. Personally if you like to make good and secure sex it is better to go to these countries. My experience was done in strip clubs like Club21, Flashdance, Pigalle (my favorite), Nirvana, etc. Do not go to the DolceVita, it is really to professional and girls are just above the average. It would be better to find another way to get girls because this one was quite expensive but it was the easiest one. What you have first to know is if you like to take a girl in your hotel (I did not try the Hilton or Hyatt) you have to pay at the desk about 40 $, once more depends in which hotel you are (I was in Hungaria, do not go there). This is a rule and you can not avoid it; the big advantage for you is that the girl has to leave her identity card at the reception that means if something bad happened, just call the reception. If you do not like to go to your hotel the girl will propose you to go in an appartment. Be careful, you have nice one but sometimes I went to miserable one. Do not forget that the Mafia has the control of everything: girls, barmaid, hotel desk, taxi driver, etc... that means you are under control everywhere and it is dangerous (for the girl) and almost impossible to get an appointement with a girl directly, she will always pass through her club. In these clubs girls are very nice and often friendly. In my case I considered them more as a girlfriend than a prostitute. Once you are in a club the first thing to do is scanning the place and try to find out a girl who suits you. If you do not find an angel, leave the place, you will only loose the entrance price, which is about 20 $. If you find a nice one, you can discuss with the girl, around a drink of course, and try to leave with her as fast as possible, you are not there to pay drinks! When it is time to leave in company of your dream you will notice that the girl has already ordered a taxi (almost always the same = club's drivers) and you have to pay the trip 3 to 4 times more than the official rate. What you have to do is go away with the girl and stop a city taxi or tell the girl that the money you will give her (do this business inside before leaving) taxi should be included. To sleep with the girls, prices are everywhere the same. You will pay about 150 $ to 170 $ for one hour to make normal sex with condoms (take yours with you!). This price includes blow job, french kissing (sometimes), petting and fucking. You always have to take a shower before sex, it is a rule and unfortunately, I never found a girl who agreed to come with me. I hope that these impressions will help you spend good time in this country. By the way I like to get some good tips about Warschau, Prag and Dresden, who can help me ?
Subject: Report about night-clubs in Budapest Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 10:10:23 UTC Budapest: Night Clubs Report or rip-off in Budapest. If you like rip-off, go to Budapest, you will be served !! I would like to summarise the second experience I had in the most famous clubs of Budapest. They have nice name like Pigalle, Blue Angel, Ti Amo, Dolce Vita, etc. First of all do not expect to go to Budapest and find cheap sex, you will be disappointed. I would say it is one of the most expensive cities for this kind of things because you have also to pay for what is lying around the girls. I really had the impression that you have to pay for everything. Mostly girls are good looking but have really no sex experience and the reason is they are to young, the average is less than 20 years old. Let speak about what you have to expect to pay in these clubs (1'000 Flt is approximately 8.5 $). Minimum charge to go in: 2'000 Flt. Your drink: min. 1'000 Flt for mineral water, the drink you have to offer to your angel: if you pay 3'000 Flt for a small cocktail, you are a lucky man and oft one cocktail is not enough ... If you would like to go with a girl outside you will pay in the average 20'000 Flt, this price could depend of the time you are going out and the place you are, e.g. at the bar of the Hyatt you could have girl for about 30'000 Flt. Do not forget to tell to the girl you wishes and what you'd like to do with her, otherwise you could be very surprised (they have no imagination and I ask myself if they have already heard about other positions than the normal one !). Be careful, at this stage of the negotiation you have not pay everything. If you need a taxi to go to your hotel you will pay about 2'000 Flt, not depending where you are and where your hotel location is, it is a special tariff for sex tourists ! Once in your hotel there is a little surprise for you because you have to pay the reception to be allowed to take the girl with you in your room, 5'000 Flt in average. Depending which people are in the reception it is sometimes not very pleasant. Just some calculation, you have already paid about 30'000 Flt to be with a girl in your room. You will be surprised because the girl told you that for this price you can stay with her one hour ! No, No, once you come it is finished and if you'd like to come a second time, because you think you paid about 30'000 Flt for one hour, you will have to paid a minimum charge of 5'000 Flt... Yes, in Budapest sex is very, very expensive and there is no balance between what you pay and what you get. It is the second time I have been there for business and I can tell you if you are looking for good service, never go there ! Just one word concerning the average monthly salary which is about 200 $ for a normal worker and that correspond to what a girl is asking you for a moment, draw the conclusion by yourself ! P.S. It would be nice if some of you could contribute a little bit more to this very good service, not only read its content but also write something interesting. I would be glad to read something about Eastern country like: Bucharest, Sofia, Bratislava, Warschau, etc... thanks in advance.

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