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Date: 6 Apr 1997

I spent the Easter break in Budapest and tested two interesting options
while in town: a Night Bar and and Escort service. 1,000 Forint (HUF)=3.7

1. Night Bar

There are many such places that cater for the international business
community. Over the years, more have opened, and some have disappeared. The
general feeling among expats is that these places are overpriced but that
they can provide a wide choice of girls.

I visited the "Caligula" which is on Buda side and was the top place when I
visited Budapest regularly up to 1995. It is now operated by the same
people that run the "Ti Amo" on Pest side (see my previous posts in
Paranoia). As in most similar places, there is a bar counter, sitting areas
and a stage where they run live shows. There was no show going when I
visited, and we were the only customers. About twelve girls were present,
and a couple of Ukrainian maffia thugs who work for the management. It
seemed to be a slow night (Easter Sunday), with no businessmen in town, and
wealthy Hungarians away with their families, I suppose.

The admission fee is HUF3,000, and drinks are expensive (HUF6,000 for a
glass of alcohol). Two girls came to us and introduced themselves. Both
were attractive and nealy naked, with minimal lingerie items revealing
generous bodies. My "date" was 23, tall blonde and spoke little English or
German. Fortunately her Italian was better (many Hungarian girls speak
decent Italian, for some reason). Both girls wanted drinks, but I refused
(considering the price, it is wasted money. I'd rather spend it on the
girls anyway). This is usually a way to say that you would like another
selection of girls, and in my case I asked wether an old favourite of mine,
named Erika, still worked there. Surprisingly they had an Erika matching my
description who promptly presented herself at my side, but not my old
friend. She was very pretty however and I decided to take her next door in
a room.

The running rate in HUF25,000 per hour, with no discount for subsequent
hours. (Hungarians do not like bargaining, usually). The girl gets less
than half of that anyway, so she will want to negotiate a tip secretly
beforehand. You are free to refuse, but then she might not apply herself as
she should, and complaining to the management if you are unhappy can be
unpleasant (cfr. the thugs) for you and the girls, and your normal fee
will have been wasted. So better to agree on an additional 10,000 which
will buy you extra attention and tenderness, the right to introduce your
fingers and your tongue where you please, and a second round if your time
is not up yet.

Erika took me next door to a converted flat with well appointed rooms. The
place is very clean and luxurious, with a maid in attendance and a complete
bar with complementary drinks. There are two showers, and the beds are
large and comfortable. Erika massaged me with her superb breasts then gave
me a good blowjob (with condom) and allowed me to lick her shaved pussy as
much as I wanted. Then she insisted on putting a second condom over the
first before letting me to penetrate her. I was too worried of losing my
erection for argueing against it, and to my surprise she was so hot and
wild that the two condoms did not seriously affect my ability to reach an

We both showered then I played with her body while she told me about her
customer and how funny some were (the Japanese in particular...). Then she
asked me if I wanted a second fuck, which I did so we started again. Just
before climaxing though, the hour was up, and the phone rang (in Hungary,
one hour means 60 minutes, no more, no less...) I felt a bit disturbed by
that, since she had to get up to answer the phone, and I told her to finish
me off manually, which she did superbly.

All considered I was quite happy with the whole evening, but if I returned
there I would book two hours, since the price is relatively affordable. As
it was I have spent HUF 45,000 for two admissions and drinks and one hour
fuck plus tip, which is less than 170 British Pounds. For the same money, I
believe that "Ti Amo" is a nicer place, with less people and girls, more
intimate. On the minus side, the rooms are more basic. It is also closer to
the business hotels on the Pest side.

Two night after I phoned an escort agency. Those advertising in English
language publications (such as the Budapest Sun) have English speaking
operators (just like City Taxi, incidentally, 9111111, for normaly priced
taxi wherever in town. Just give them the phone number you are calling
from, and they will pick you up in a few minutes. No need to give them
street names or numbers, which is a relief since Hungarian is such an
impossible language).

After much debate about which girl I wanted (my first choice happened not
to be working that night, Easter holiday...), they sent me Eva, 20, short
dark hair, moderate breasts, nice hips. I intended to get a 2-hour session,
but I must say that she did not meet all my expectations. She did suck me
competently with a condom and allowed me to lick her to an orgasm
(really...), but on the whole I felt she did not compare too favourably
with the "Caligula" girls. Of course, she was much cheaper, at 12,000 per
hour. I gave her 15,000 and a private taxi picked her up. In the west that
would be excellent value for money, in the compfort and privacy of your own
place, but I think that in Budapest one can get much better, if lucky. But
that sort of escort service is always a blind date, anyway...

There are many street hookers in downtown, mainly on Vaci Utca and the
banks of the Danube, some seem quite attractive. Street prices are about
10,000 per hour, but you have to find a place to take her, although the
girls will have options available. Generally Budapest is a very safe place
for a city of more than 2 million inhabitants, and sex tourism is still big
business in town, at affordable, if not exactly cheap prices...

Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 20:33:39 -0400 (EDT) Subject: warning for tourists against restaurants' tricks Atta: The following is not directly related to prostitution in Hungary. It is about how women you pick up in bars take you to a restaurant that can *legally* have you pay over $5000 for a dinner for 4. It actually happened to a Danish guy a little while ago in Dreher, a restaurant on "Ferenciek tere" in the 5th district of Budapest. The place charges 10 times the regular price for everything after 7 p.m. The menu hanging on the outside wall of the restaurant gives only the name of the plate or drink and a code, like a menu in a Chinese restaurant. Unless you explicitly ask for a menu with prices, you'll get the same coded thing from the waiter when you sit down inside. You only find out about the price when you see the bill. If you don't have enough cash on you, some employees of the restaurant will accompany you until you get it and beat you up if you don't. They used to take credit cards, but the bank whose point of sale device they were using found out about a 20% surcharge for CC users and canceled the contract. Anyway, the Danish guy paid his $5000 and will probably never again come to Hungary. He was, by the way, escorted to Dreher by a girl from the Dolce Vita bar, but taxi drivers and hotel employees are also used by the place to catch unsuspecting guests. Other restaurants/bars in Budapest that are infamous for similar practices: Labirintus, Mefiszto, Piccolo Bar, Mizrah Cafe, Pigalle Bar, Waikiki restaurant, La Luna Bar, all located in the central districts of Budapest. As I mentioned, there are currently no laws or other sanctions against behavior like this. Other restaurant owners suggest creating an official catalog of places that behave ethically, but this may take a while. Just like tourists arriving at the Ferihegy airport can be fooled by taxi drivers who ask for a multiple of the normal price (which is about 2000 Forints now, in 1997; there is a minibus that takes you anywhere in Budapest for 1000, annual inflation is around 20%), people going out at night have no legal protection against restaurants like Dreher. The only thing that can be done for now is inform them. ----- I am Hungarian and know about most of this stuff, but the above story, which I just found today in the online edition of a Hungarian daily really shocked even me. Again, although it is not directly related to the sex scene, I would like you to post it or some edited version of it to WSG to warn people.
Date: October 1997 A lot of street prostitutes can be found in the quarter "Josefvaros". Most of them are controlled by pimps.
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 13:21:20 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Budapest I would like to remain anonymous. I just returned from my fourth trip this year to Budapest, and I would like to add to your information. On every trip I spend a lot of free time exploring the "sites" of Budapest. I usually ended up on Joszef Street (off of the Joszef Korut which circles the city), because at any given time there are dozens of prostitutes hanging around. Some are ugly gypsies, but most are attractive ladies trying to earn a few bucks. This is safe during the day, but I would be very careful at night. I certainly wouldnt go alone. There are many people hiding in the shadows (probably pimps). During the day, this is a residential area, with young great looking girls. The other problem is that they are inexpensive, but they expect "turbo" sex. For 4000 forints, which is approximately 20 dollars $US, you get approximately 15 minutes with a girl. You have to pay extra for virtually anything. You will generally be taken to a room rented out of someone's apartment (usually a poor elderly couple) and you will be asked to pay 300 forints to them in addition (about $1.50). This is not really a good way to go because you cannot even enjoy it. The better alternative is going to finding private sex partners in a local paper called "expressz". The problem is that this is only in Hungarian, so you might have some trouble decifering what is what. There are literally hundreds listed. I called ones that were listed in the same district that I was staying. I called ,and they had 3 girls working and the cost was 4,000 forints for 1/2 an hour (complete). The best looking one was Susan, a 27 year old brunette. The other two were unattractive, but with nice bodies. We went in the bedroom, they put new sheets on the bed, and told me to take a shower. I did, and afterward she did too. She was fine in bed, but fairly uneventful. The next day I went back and an incredible girl was working. Her name was Andi, and she was beautiful. She went to work on me and after the 1/2 hour, she was working so hard on me that she was dripping with sweat. I found that to be rare. Your best bet is to print off the list provided in this document ( a list of places) and to call them. This is directly out of the expressz newspaper. Otherwise, you can find girls in Hotel bars, casinos, highways, virtually anywhere. Have fun.
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 12:12:42 +0000 Subject: Budapest It is worth noting the massage parlour Butterfly and its partner Blue love. Both of them have three girls which alternate between the two places. The cost is 1200 Ft per hour in nice friendly atmosphere. The girls change from time to time but most of them are very pretty. I have had sessions with three of them on different occasions and found them to be incredibly good. They will provide any of the usual services for this fee. Amazingly, one of the girls, Maria who apparently is now one of the owners and has stopped meeting customers was reluctant to take a tip afterwards. They are all delighted with 3000 - 5000 Ft. Both places are very romantic inside, clean and thoughtfully decorated. Apart from the fact that the sex is excellent they are nice places to spend an hour when away from home.
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 19:33:49 +0100 Subject: for World Sex Guide Gentlemen - Some updates for you on Budapest: The White Club no longer exists; in late Jan. the house was being renovated and sold. I'm sure there are other such private establishments, but they're hard to find. Basically, the scene here can be broken down into three categories (excluding the street scene, which I categorically avoid). (For reference, $1 = 200 Forints as of Feb. 1998; inflation and official devaluation combined are about 3%/month). First come the strip clubs (called "peep shows") which have been written about extensively; imho these are a complete rip-off, not to mention dangerous because they are run by the mafia. For a while there was a rash of bombings at these places, that was the thugs' idea of free market competition! Furthermore, if you just want to have a few drinks, see a good show, and get a lap dance like you can in a strip club in the States, forget it because, as dancers, the girls are pretty lame, and you won't escape without buying many bottles of the requisite small champagnes. I've heard that a few places have "lesbi shows" which might be worth seeing, but can't confirm. Next are the "formal" escort services and massage parlors. Rumour has it that La Perla is a good escort service, although I again can't substantiate. As far as massage parlors, both the Butterly and Blue Love mentioned in earlier posts are alive and well. You can expect to drop about 12,000 - 15,000 Forint/hour for these services. The escort agencies advertise in the Budapest Sun, and are all listed in "The Phone Book" (an English yellow pages which every hotel lobby has). The massage places are somewhat harder to find, and beware that most massage parlors that advertise, especially in the phone book or newspapers, are legit massage places, i.e. no sex services. The third category, by far my favorite, and in no way lower quality than any of the others, is the "Expressz" newspaper also mentioned in earlier posts. The heading has changed from "szexpartner" to "erotikus szolgalat" but the meaning is still obvious. The ads are in Hungarian, but I'll give translations of a few key words. "Kozvetito Iroda" or "Kozv." means an agency, which will send a girl to you. "Nalad" or "Lakasodnal" means at your place (outcall). "Partnerszerviz" generally means an apartment with anywhere from 3 - 5 girls for you to choose from, this is also indicated by "nalam" or "nalunk" (incall). "Maganszerviz" generally means that it's one girl at her apartment. For these, prices are pretty standard at 4,000 Forint for 1/2 hour, 6,000 for an hour. For double the price you can get 2 girls, for an extra 2,000 you can get a blow job with no condom. These prices are inclusive of the "house" fee (generally girls keep 1/2). A 3,000 Forint tip goes a long way to ensure first class service if you're in town for a while and intend to be a repeat customer. Just make sure to call ahead for a reservation with your favorite girl. My experience with the incall services has been overwhelmingly positive, on a number of accounts which differ from the standard US massage parlor scene: (1) you get to choose the girl, and if you've ever been to Budapest you'll agree that there's never a problem finding beautiful women here! Normally you'll sit down in the living room, they'll offer you something to drink, and all the available girls come in and sit down around you, introduce themselves, and then you can choose by name. (2) They know exactly why you're there, no need to bargain, whisper, worry about mama-san, wonder if she'll do it, or any of that BS. (3) An hour is an hour, which means you can have a nice massage, very good if not excellent sex, and a cigarette, coffee & conversation without feeling rushed (in any order you like). (4) You can see that your $ goes far; for $30 you can't even get in the door of a massage parlor back home. Most of these places are very civilized & clean, usually there's also a guy in the apratment, but they stay in the background - they know their job is to keep the scumbags out and otherwise stay out of the way. Generally they'll ask you to shower before, and offer to let you shower again afterwards. One of the better ones is called simply "R" (361-0316), in the XI District, Bocskai 34/a. They have another place on Filler (I think house # is 20 or 22) near Moszkva Ter (II District). Also in the XI District is "Szoli" at Bercsenyi 22/a. One caveat with finding places in the Expressz is that you might have better luck getting English speakers through an escort agency; however, most all young people speak decent English and many also speak German, so even through the Expressz you shouldn't have trouble. At any rate, there are at least 250 ads in the Expressz, a few phone calls will certainly land you in the right place.
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 04:47:50 -0500 Whatever you do, try to get out of the super-pricey capital, Budapest. Prices for everything, especially services, are double or triple than in the rest of the country. Normally, the more kilometers you put between yourself and the capital, the cheaper it gets to have a meal, rent a room or a flat, and have some sexual escapade. Hungary joins Austria in the West, and prices in the western region are sky-high. As you move eastward and cross into the "puszta" flatlands region, prices plummet. If you cannot leave Budapest, the huge red light district on Baross Street, just outside the Outer Ring ("Nagykorut") has streetwalkers standing outside their apartment buildings, so you can go upstairs with your selection right away. However, beware that tourists have been rolled by brute pimps in the prostitutes' flats. It is better that you go there with someone, i.e. not alone. Also, don't do the excursion too late at night. If you go by taxi, use CITY or FOTAXI, they are much more reasonable and honest than the private cabbies driving Mercedes and BMW sedans, who can take you to the cleaners - and worse.

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