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Budapest Bars

Budapest is really a bit of a paradise for this sort of thing, and one
won't have to look very hard, very far, or very nervously!  It's also a
gorgeous city, and with any luck, you can probably get laid there for
free...many beautiful women.

All over the city, you'll see many ads for a place called La Dolce Vita,
and many of the cabbies will try to steer you there.  I think one can do
better, but This is a pretty good place, and a decent fall-back if you're
a little lazy about searching around;  this is basically a legal
whorehouse, I'm not quite sure if prostitution is actually legal in
Hungary, but it appears that it is.  At La Dolce Vita, you'll take a seat
in a small, comfortable, strip club atmosphere, and soon two or three
women will sit with you, and ask for drinks; negotiations can then begin
for further services.  The women are beautiful, absolutely gorgeous,  with
a wide variety of options of type and services.  Once the services have
been negotiated, they'll take you across the street to a fairly
comfortable apartment.  However, I find the women their a bit perfunctory
(I've been three times), and though they'll pretty much give you all the
time you want, there is a sense that they're just going through the
motions.  The rate was (more or less) $125 for one woman, $200 or so for
two.  They take all plastic.

I think you get a little more enthusiasm from hanging around the bars or
the casinos at the bigger hotels...the Hyatt, the Hilton, etc.  You'll see
plenty of available women at the bars in the casino, and they seem more
into their work and more into giving you your money's worth.  The
streetwalker scene -- especially in the proximity of the big hotels -- is
also excellent, and more or less safe.  A woman I picked up in the bar at
the Casino in the Hilton gave me the best paid-sex experience I ever had
-- she was gorgeous and well into her work, quite surprised me when after
intercourse she pulled my condom off and jerked me off in her face, and
then just wanted to snuggle, and then seemed quite disappointed when I
didn't want to do the whole thing again!  All for about $150.  I suppose
it helps to speak a little German -- between German and English you can
basically get by -- and I'm also not terribly bad looking, and pretty
polite, so perhaps that helps.

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