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Society Club, Kurfurstendamm 30, Berlin:  Beware!  I really found this
place to be a rip-off joint.

Date: Summer 95 Went to see the wrapped Reichstag and unwrapped a couple of girls along the way. First: check out the ads in the daily Berlin newspaper BZ. Some three pages with girls and clubs. There's also a "Stadtplan fuer Maenner: Berlin" available in Sex shops. A superhit in the Berlin club scene is the club La Folie, Kaiser-Friedrich-Str 63, open Mon-Sat. You enter the club, pay DM 25 entrance fee (including first drink which otherwise would cost 5 DM) and undress. You get a way too small towel, so you'll have to go nude. The 10 girls are nude or at least topless also. They sit around the bar or lie on the public fucking arena or fondle a customer. There's porn movies running (they even have TVs in the private rooms) and you can take a shower. Prices: 130 DM if you want to go with one girl to a private room or 150 DM for two girls in the bar room. If you come with a buddy, you can also arrange for swapping, which is DM 130 for each of you. I chose Maja from Rumania for a private session. We started with a little touching, massageing, fondling in the bar room and then continued in the bedroom. She was very beautyful, nice, but not too enthusiastic. Fucking and sucking was with condom, about half an hour. She allowed kissing of tits and pussy, but not the mouth. This place is great, even if you just want to watch the action in the bar room, which can be pretty hot. Atta
Subject: Berlin Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 18:27:26 UTC You can get laid and fuck for 50 -100 DM !! ( no kidding ) and have a good time. Here is where: One guy already mentioned the club La Folie in Charlottenburg. It is still there, prices are 150 with one girl in the room or with two on stage. Drinks are at moderate prices. Just around the corner are several establishments at Stuttgarter Platz. Check out the show at the Mon Cherie ( 30 DM fee, 2 drinks included ). Shows are every two hours and include serveral strips and audience participation games. You may even end up in a large bathtub with two girls ! If your are not too shy about showing your body to the rest of the audience, take a try. The more enthusiastic the audience is, the better the girls perform. You may take the girls to the room afterwards. Half an hour for around 150 DM depending on your bargaining. There are also two table dance joints on the same street, entrance fee around 20-30 DM. You needn't feed the strippers with bills, they will take off their clothes anyway and you are not likely to get a extra show for it. Here you may also take the girls to the room afterwards. In Bon Bon ( one of the clubs ) the rooms are upstairs in another brothel ( Elvi's club ). Although the girls from the stripjoint charge 150 DM you get the same treatment, as if you would get with one of the very nice 20-30 year old girls for 60 DM : Fucking and sucking! 20 to 30 girls are present on the weekend, so enough to choose from. Most of the clubs around Stuttgarter clubs have girls from East Europe. Starlight club is for those of you who like "girls" from Thailand ( some look like girls, but are guys in disguise. But some are real girls. They will drag you to a seat as soon as you enter the club and rub their tits all over you. Be careful !! Keep a hand on your money ! Some of the girls seem to be into stealing from drunken visitors. If you don't know where to go, just ask a cab driver for entertainment, they will drive you to a club, but don't expect it to be the cheapest one. Have fun in Berlin !
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 19:57:58 +0000 Subject: Berlin Experience My Trip to Berlin-Germany During my short trip to Berlin I decided that I wanted to do more than sightseeing and thus bought a copy of the Stadtplan fur Manner (Citymap for man) available at most newshops in German. This map gives you a good idea of prices and what to expect for your money. I marked out the places which sounded interesting and most of them were around Stuttgarter Platz (near Charlottenburg train station). My first choice was 'Chocolate Bar'. The guide said 100 DM for half an hour which sounded reasonable and I like picking girls in bars. Thus I traveled to Charlotenburg and paid 10DM entry fee to the bar. The bar-maid asked me if it was a coincidence I chose this place and I told her I had a recommendation from a friend. When I first came in I was slightly disappointed since the bar was very small and empty. Nothing going on, only some girls giggling at the back. Then, half an hour after I ordered my drink (only 4 DM) the show began. Girls started stripping in front of me on the bar-stage. I must say some of the girls were really hot. Anyway after a while I realized that some guyz invited the girls to their tables for a drink. Me being already in a good mood chatted one of the dancing girls up and asked her for sex. She politely told me that she is only dancing and that the girls on the back are doing sex for 100 DM (half hour). This sounded ok to me and I picked a blonde bimbo with green eyes. She was stunning and we went to the back rooms of the bar which had showers. There I asked if french and taking a shower together would be included in the price. She replied that anything normal would be ok with condom. Wooow no discussion about extra charges etc. I was not used to this and she was just gorgeous. After taking the money she came back with two towels and a condom and we both undressed. After a shower for about 5 minutes I started kissing her body. Her body was suberb with firm tits. I kissed all her body and worked slowly down to her legs. While kissing her inner thights I started massaging her clit. She seemed to be realy enyojing it. Anyway after 5 min. I stopped kissing her and gave her a chance to show her oral skills. I must say I could not wait any longer to sleep with her. Errr the rest you should know already..... The thing which made it so special and why I'm actually writing this was her sensuality. After going out for 3 years with my girl-friend I must say this was the fuck of the century for me. I was looking around if this would be a film in which I'm starring because of her stunning performance. While she was on top she was sometimes slowing down and looking me in my eyes with her beautiful green eyes. Then when she became to tired on top she continued french for a while and than I took her from the back. This continued for nearly 20 minutes where we changed 6 positions. I think I will never forget her in my life. BTW she was from Poland, 22-24 years old and her name is not important. After spending my first night in such excitement I decided that I had to relax the next night and remember the pleasure I had the day before (also exhausted from sightseeing). The third night I was again ready for action and since I was nearly out of money I opted for a cheaper place at Stutgarter Platz which was 60 DM for 20min. Entering this place I was first shocked when I saw a room which looked like a waiting room full of blokes. When I asked the lady if I had to wait she immediately took me to a room and asked me to wait. Then 5 different girls came in the room telling me their names. The lady then asked for my choice. I chose a brunette with rather large tits. After five minutes she came and asked me for 60 DM for 20 min. and 70 DM for french without 'gummi' (condom). I opted for the 70 DM option which included french without condom. Then she came back in towel which had the British flag on it. I undressed since she was naked already. Her french was really cool and I could feel her tongue massaging me. Unfortunately the rest of the minutes was not that good, since you could really feel you were sleeping with a prostitute. Rather normal performance not very enthusiastic. I was not very impressed and came after approximately just 5 minutes of intercourse in which we changed 3 positions. This lady was from Russia and I guess the number of customers she is serving really affects her performance. Generally I was pleased in Berlin because in Berlin everything is already included in the price. The only thing which I think is the same everywhere in the world is that you get for what you pay. If you want to pay less you will see that there are more customers requiring the cheaper service and thus the person serving you will be fed up with all the customers. But for example in Bar Chocolate where the price is slightly higher and where they charge a cover price to entry there were nearly no customers (during weekdays).
Date: June 1997 There's sort of a red light district on Lietzenburger Strasse between Uhlandstrasse and Knesebeckstrasse. Lots of bars, some with strip- tease or porn movies, offer girls. Most of the time the first drink is obligatory and more expensive than the others. Often you have to buy the girl a drink before you can discuss business. Price of a piccolo is sometimes negotiable. Be sure to ask ahead for prices and services. Atta
Subject: Berlin Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 03:54:10 PDT At Sturtgatter Platz is a place called Mon Cheri. It is situated next to already mentioned Chocolatte Bar. Went to Sturtgatter Platz on a Sunday. As most of the secure looking Clubs were closed I took a beer on a bar i the neighbourhood. From my position at the bar I could see a lot of goodlooking girls walking to their clubs. Now, the time was 09 PM. I simply choosed the place were most goodlooking girls had entered. It was the Mon Cheri. I paid my 10 DM to get. There were about 7 - 10 girls in the bar, all chatting away in russian. I ordered a beer (7DM), shortly after one of the girls came up to me. I was lucky it was the one I would have choosen, so I did not have the troubloe of saying no. She asked me if I wanted offer her champagne. I did not but I told here that I was interested in having a half hour private date with her. I asked for the price. It was 120 DM. I did not bargain, as you don't get so good service if you are on a discount. We went through the bar to the backdoor and up the stairs. We went in to a big room with a huge doublebed with mirrors in the seling and att the end. She was 20 years old, blond with a firm body. She stripped for me, then undressed me, gave me an unhurried blowjob before fucking my brains out, all time looking me straight into my eyes. After about 20 minutes I had an massive orgasm. When we were finished she asked me if I wanted to take a shower with her. We went into the shower and she gave me a wonderful all body massage with soap and hot water. We chatted away togheter and her english was great. We went down together, she said thank you and kissed me on the mouth and went into the backstage with a smile. At that time the show had started. Excellent strip and bath show with a lot of participation from the audience. After watching 5 girls perform I decided to go for an other round. I picked a busty girl with a firm body, she was a little older, about 25. She was one of the girls that had had an show earlier and I got realy turned on by her moves. I paid an additional 120 DM and went up to the room once again. This girl was not as good as the first one but still great value for money. She stripped, gave a fantastic blow-job, before me starting to fuck her, we had a few position changes before my orgasm. This girl was not as talkative as the first one. She did not speak english and only poor german. I strongly recomend this place, but spend a few minutes in the bar with the girl you consider before going up tp the room. In that way you know if you will be able to communicate with her in bed.
Subject: [ASP] Stevedore Report: Germany, Berlin, various delights Date: 01 Oct 1997 00:00:00 GMT Stuttgarter Platz. Certainly as advertized in TWSG. Opportunities galore! Did not partake, but the asian bar on the corner was really agressive: exposure of tits to pull you in and anything else they could try. La Folie - Kaiser-Friedrich-Str 63, open Mon-Sat Update to Atta's TWSG report - still as he described. 25DM entrance fee, 15 girls when I was there. 130DM for BJ and sex, all with condom, no kissing. So while it is superficially like the Ruhrgebiet FKK Clubs, it does not include oral without or kissing. Lots of good looking almost naked women though. There were too few rooms, so you had to wait for a room to become available. It got a bit tense: we were sitting there fondling each other watching other naked flesh doing various things. I was ready when the room became available. Kissing everywhere but the mouth allowed. No one took advantage of the public display offers - to bad since that would have added a bit of zest as well. Possible it was too crowded. The Stevedore -

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