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Bangkok Report #1

My Short Trip to Bangkok - The City of Angels

This document is not intended to give you just the mere facts about where to go in Bangkok, it tells a little story.

This 3-day-trip happened in June 1995.

Day One

On the flight I read all the information I had printed out from The World Sex Guide -- I had a lot of expectations for the City of Angels.

I arrived around five o'clock in the afternoon - a hot day as expected. As I left the airport a sign 'Taxi to Central: Bath 400'. Much too expensive I thought. I won't "invest" my money in the taxi business! So I asked for a bus since I was told that the airport is around 20 km from downtown. I had a look at the bus map and a beautiful female student helped me in her broken english to find the right bus. Line 23 - she said it's 2.50 bath -- almost the 200st part of the taxi fee. I only had 500 bath bills from the bank, but I did not hesitate. In the - for sure - not airconditioned bus a handicapped in blue begged for the bus fee. I offered him three Hong Kong coins: 0.50 HK$, 1 HK$ and 2 HK$. He took every coin, turned it around and put it back to my hand. Afterwards he shook his head. I showed him a 500 Bath bill and again he shook his head. After two minutes he came back and wanted to see the coins again. He had a very close look and decided to take the HK$ 1 coin (which is around 3 Bath), looked again at his new coin and put it finally in his purse.

The expected traffic jams that Bangkok is famous for came very soon. After a while a very pretty young girl sat down next to me and I smiled at her. The third smily she answered, but she left the bus early.

I left the bus at a station which was announced as 'central', but it wasn't. So I had a look around in the shops and finally took a cab to Sukumvit Road, which a friend who lived two years in Bangkok had suggested. The cab was much cheaper than 400 Bath. He dropped me at a hotel at Soi (=street) Nana (or Soi 3 at Sukumvit). I checked five hotels in a row which were 400 Bath, 800 Bath, 600 Bath and 300 Bath per single bed per night. I took the last one in 'Holiday Plaza' with private Toilet/Shower and aircondition. But it was 6th floor without lift, that is why it is that cheap. The hotel is run by a couple of indian guys.

I walked down Sukumvit Road to look for some girls. There were many street markets selling food, fruit, weapons, handcuffs, T shirts, buddahs, ..., but not a single girl to be seen on the street, no bars here.

After a small dinner I decided to see some tits and to take a cab to Pat Pong, which is the tourist sex area (lets call it 'red light district') of Bangkok. There were lots of people - everyone is asking you to come in/up. I was most impressed of the razor blade show, so I went to one of the upstairs bars that offered the show. But: the show was just at the end. Next one starting in one hour. OK, I had a beer and looked at the nude dancing girls: old, fat, boring, no smile. Just one was there I liked a little bit. I had to change my place to see her since the four or five girls never change their position neither did they turn around. I left very soon.

Than there was a really heavy rain shower and I still hadn't seen the razor blades coming out of the pussy. I went to another upstairs bar which had a 'King' sign at the door. I was told only to go to the bars which belong to the king group - the others may have nepp. OK, I was upstairs and out of the rain. I sat down and asked for a beer. Immediately there were two girls around me. I had not even time to dry my wet glasses and they asked me to for a drink. I said OK to the right girl and 'sorry' to the left and she got a small coke. While drying my glasses I saw the girl on the stage having a razorblade string in her hand: here it was, the razorblade show. I hurried to put my glasses on the nose and to move the people standing between me and the stage to the side. She moved the string very fast outside the pussy, standing there with the legs almost closed. The show was over before it began. I asked the girl to my left if this is a trick and she said 'sure'.

The right girl did not stop asking me for a drink. And this is what I really hate. The show went on but was really boring. I don't know why everyone writes about those fantastic shows? Where are they? Every sex show I've seen in my life was better than this. Are these reports written by prudish americans that never have been to Europe (Amsterdam) and that see the first sex show of their life? I had enough and wanted to go home, asked for the bill and was shocked: 700 Bath: 400 for the show (which is usually free if you drink beer), 2x100 for two lady drinks (I only accepted one) and 100 Bath for my beer. Really nepp.

It was late and I was very tired from the day and I wanted to go back to my hotel. A cab driver offered a ride and asked where the hotel is. He asked for 150 Bath (the taxi from hotel to Pat Pong had beend 49 Bath). I laughed at him and stopped another Meter Taxi on the road.

Back in the hotel I read all the information I brought to Bangkok and found out that I'm in the heart of the city: Only a few meters away from all the action: Hotel Nana, Grace Hotel, Nana Entertainment Center, Soi Cowboy, Sukumvit Road, Thermae Coffee Shop, ... Now I knew what to do the next day.

The next day

Since one of the information sources mentioned that the coffee shop of the Grace Hotel has girls even on daytime I decided to have breakfast there. Only 30 meter from my hotel was the Grace Hotel. And the information was right: Even at noon there are a few girls, I counted 6 or 7 -- all of them not very nice or too old. A couple asked me to sit at their table when I entered. One of the older girls sat down next to me and talked to me for five minutes until she offered a massage. The coffee was strong and the chicken sandwich relatively expensive. I decided to come back in the evening to verify the information that after 9pm the coffee shop is overcrowded.

I walked down Soi Nana to check out the Hotel Nana coffee shop: Even more expensive, but no girls at this time. Some other coffee shops on that road were emtpy, too.

On my way back on the same street I found a hotel with a coffee shop and a massage parlor. Since it was very hot outside I decided to test the massage. I asked the fat man at the counter how much it is and he said it is 1000 Bath including everything -- which was not true as I found out later. As in the reports I had read before, the girls sat behind a window: four woman between 25 and 35 - most of them not attractive. He suggested No. 69, which was indeed the most acceptable one -- and it is my favorite number AND position. So I took her. I payed the 1000 Bath and the fat man asked me if I would like to drink something. I asked how long the "massage" takes and he said up to two hours. I ordered a drink for me and her which was 100 Bath together.

The room was large, had a bath tub, king size bed with lots of mirrors. I undressed her and she undressed me. She never smiled or laughed. We both entered the hot bath tub and she washed me carefully and then herself. Then she prepared some bath foam in a bin, puted it onto an airbed in front of the bath tub, and invited me to lay down. Than she applied the legendary massage without hands: She massaged me with her body: her breast and very much with her pubic bone. But after 10 minutes it was over. She tried to give me a blow job, but she was that bad that I did not even get an erection. I thought about helping her with thinking at something really nice, but then I thought "what for do I pay?". After five minutes successless blowing I asked her to postpone that. We dried each other and went to the bed. She expected to get fucked immediately but I thought if I can stay for up to two hours, than I want a real massage. I laid down on my front and she was astonished that I expect a back massage. She started and it was really painful, because she did not use any lubricant. I asked her for oil. Again she was astonished: "You want an oil massage?" She picked up a little oil bottle from her bag. Than the massage was much better - even though I have had a lot of better massages. She did not even know that muscles are massaged and not bones. After 15 minutes I was much more relaxed and thought about the number of the girl. And she was worth that number. Then I asked for a condom and fucked her for another 30 minutes. Her face looked like she was feeling a lot of pain, even when I licked her softly.

She blocked my way when I wanted to leave the room and asked for a tip. I gave her 600bath. All together not a good experience.

I walked up Sukumvit Rd. to find one of these number hotels, about which I had read so much interesting stories. At the end of Sukumvit is a small street under the highway, it would be called Nana 0, but there was no street name and no cars, but a long line of open pubs. Most of them were closed at this time, so I planned to come back in the evening. I walked around in the heat, but could not find any number hotel, even with a very good description of the place. Where are they? I got a slitly headache from the heat.

After dinner I got back to Nana 0 at Sukumvit, how I will call this area. Nobody reported about it before. I walked down all the street to browse the pubs first. Many beautiful young woman were smiling at me and giving me a sign to come closer. I made my final decision - even it was hard - and had a beer. I talked to a very nice girl which spoke excellent english and said she is 24. Like all of them she looked much younger. We talked about 15 minutes and she did not ask for a drink. This is what I like very much about this place, it is very relaxed, nobody forces you to anything. The beer is cheap (around 50 bath) and the music was good. I offered her a drink and after another 30 minutes I invited her for overnight. She was shy and she looked as if she had never done something like this before. Just when we were about to go I mentioned a very young girl in the bar, very beautiful, I asked my company how old she is and she answered '18'. I really want to see this girl again. I will come back tomorrow.

The hotel has two entrances, so I could get the key without having anyone see her. And it is only an 8 min walk from this area. It took a lot of arguing until she agreed to shower together. She was very tender and offered excellent relaxed service. We made a lot of jokes and had a lot of fun together. After I reached climax she asked me to continue to fuck her, and it seemed to me that she needed a few more seconds to come herself. Is it really true that these girls have fun with a client? It seems yes. She was really good! The next morning a last time intercourse until I kissed her good bye. She did not ask for money. When I asked her how much, she said it depends on you what you give me. I gave her 1100 bath.

This day I did not walk in the heat: I saved my energy for the night. I walked around a bit in the late afternoon, again tried to find a number hotel, again without any success. And then at around eight o'clock I went back to my Nana 0 to meet that 18 year old girl. Her english was not very good so I did not talk to her for a long time and asked her soon to come with me to my hotel for a short time, since I wanted to check the Grace Hotel Coffee shop later on and because my plane would leave very early the next day and I would have to get up before 5am.

This girl was very, very shy. I could not manage this time to shower with her. After shower she went to my king size bed and put the blanket over her head. I touched and kissed her for a long time before I removed her slip. I took really a long time and it seems she has not done this very often before - she had not even condoms with her (but she wanted to use some). Neither did she have a bag for her personal things. Not very common. Even though she was inexperienced it was my best experience in Bangkok. I really had the feeling I loved her and I lost a tear. For heaven sake this did not last long.

I was too tired to go over to Grace Hotel - so I had a short sleep till next morning. Even at 4.45am in the morning I had a traffic jam in front of my hotel - unbelievable. The cab only took 20 minutes to the airport, because we took the express way, which is only 2 blocks from Nana 3. In the airplane I sat next to a businessman who said he lives at Sukumvit, too, but needed one hour more.

Yes, I'll definitely come back to the City of Angels.

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