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Bangkok Nana Plaza
The "meanest and baddest" of the BKK areas is Patpong. For a less expensive time and virtually the same quality level, try the Nana Plaza. A bar girl in Patpong will cost you 1500 Baht plus the bar fine of 325 Baht. At the Nana Plaza, the gal will cost 500 Baht. If you want to see one of the "sex shows" (just like temples...seen one, you've see them all), try the Queens Castle in Patpong. At the bars run by the Kings Group, you generally will not get ripped off, but be careful and look for a check after ordering each drink. I don't know where the 80% AIDS rate/ and special strain of AIDs comment came from.... I doubt if it's accurate, however, EVERYONE should play safe when in BKK, or anywhere. If you're up later, try hitting the Therme Coffee Shop after midnight for an experience you will never duplicate anywhere else in the world.!!!
Date: 13 Jul 1995 03:25:36 GMT Concerning Thermae Coffee Shop: I've BEEN there! Everything you say is true. Among my friends (and thousands of other travelers) Thermaes is the number one GLOBAL hangout ;-) Jampacked with Thai girls seeking to pick up foreigners for a "good time". Sometimes secretaries, ship-girls, even schoolteachers and other "semi-pros" make the scene to earn a little extra cash. I once picked up a sweet young thing at Thermaes and I picked her for two reasons: 1.) She had large breasts. I was not disappointed :-) 2.) She sported a pair of eyeglasses on her pretty face; she appeared very intellectual. I found out when I got her to my room that the lenses were plain glass. The glasses were just a prop. I couldn't find if she wore them because she thought they made her look better (somehow I doubt that) , or because she found that a good looking, big titted babe with eyeglasses attracts a superior sort of fellow at a place like Thermae Coffe Shop <g>.
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 11:41:49 UTC The Nana is still kicking, having been there just over 3 weeks ago. My mates and I had a great time. Tips for any takers? First of all, the Nana hotel across the street is THE place to stay. The rooms do not look great, but the pool is a nice comfort the day after. Also, it is only a stumble across the street. The closing time these days is around 4am, only the Hollywood Royale is open later. These days, or 'off season' , as we have been told, the talent at the Nana is better than in Patpong. However, prices have caught up, as the girls ask for 1000 Baht up front. You can bargain etc. For any Asians planning a lookie - beware if you look like a Thai, because they are not so friendly, and a bit more than wary of you! I guess it would be the same as if a gang of blokes was in one of the joints, and suddenly a lass from their home town walks in you'd get a bit chilled, too. The Thermae bar is tops, mate. Let it he known that the man in the uniform in the middle of the room really is a cop -the chief of police, as well as the governor of the bar. Do not mess around in here, mates. You are now up to date on the state of affairs.
Subject: Re: The Thermae, Bangkok Thailand Date: Sun, 07 Jul 1996 13:26:55 GMT >When I was in Bangkok in January, a lady I have know for several years >told me that the Thermae would be closing in a few months. Does anyone >know if this has happened or not? Bangkok won't be the same without it. >If it has closed, is there somewhere else that is taking it's place? It was NOT closed as of June 8 1996. There have been rumours of Thermae closing for several years, as yet it hasn't happened.
Subject: Thermae closing Date: Sat, 13 Jul 1996 06:36:20 GMT (UPI Spot NewsFeature) (12 July 1996) Bangkok expats mourn Thermae closure By JOHN HAIL BANGKOK (UPI) -- A late-night Bangkok expatriate institution for 35 years, the Thermae Coffee Shop, will close its doors for the last time Sunday. During the Vietnam War it vied for the prize of "favorite G.I. bar" with such legendary late-night haunts as the Thai Yanok and the Grace Hotel. Only the Thermae survived Bangkok's frenzied modernization and building boom basically unchanged -- until Sunday when a wrecking crew is due to begin carting away the tacky chairs and tables that supported the Thermae's distinctly Thai floating world. Seven nights a week, barring coups and Buddhist holidays, the Thermae was packed with mainly Western men and mainly Northeastern Thai women from midnight through the wee hours. Their intercultural interaction varied from a "short-time" to a lifetime. There are no statistics on how many marriages began with a furtive glance -- or grope -- at the Thermae. But there can be no doubt that the crowded, subterranean coffeeshop in the heart of Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road tourist belt was a prime breeding ground for a vast number of Thai-foreigner romantic liaisons. "The first time I dropped down to the Thermae was in 1967 and most of the customers were G.I.s," recalled Norman Smith, 54, a long-time American resident of Thailand. "In those days there was a lot of rivalry between the services, mostly between the Marines and the Army, so there were lots of fights." He said intense rivalry also existed between the American servicemen on "rest and recreation" visits from Vietnam and the more than 50,000 G.I.s based in Thailand, referred to derisively by the combat veterans as "Bangkok warriors." "After the bars closed the Thermae would fill up with G.I.s and a few civilians," Smith said. "The juke box played the song 'San Francisco' over and over. The girls from the massage parlor upstairs drifted down in their pink hot pants. It was great." The name Thermae is of Greek origin, a kind of bath house where Romans gathered to discuss the issues of the day. Bangkok's Thermae reputedly sold more beer -- mainly the potent local favorite, Singha -- than any other outlet in Thailand. High volume and, it was whispered, first-rate police connections, made the Thermae resistant, but not immune, to periodic vice crackdowns and coups. Post-coup curfews would generally push the Thermae's prime time back a few hours. Then, as the midnight hour approached, a mating frenzy would sweep the coffeeshop. Those who managed to pair up in time would then have to deal with the taxi drivers whose greed knew no bounds in the countdown to curfew. The Thermae has survived by bending with the prevailing political and economic winds. When the G.I.s pulled out in 1976 the breech was filled by a surge of European "sex tourists," and waves of youthful back-packers. The Thermae partied on. Bangkok-based Canadian novelist Christopher Moore found inspiration in the Thermae for a series of novels. In "A Killing Smile," the thinly disguised Thermae is called "Headquarters." Like many of the Thermae's "old hands," Moore mourned the closing of "HQ" as the end of an era. "The Thermae was the perfect crossroads where people of all nationalities dropped into the underworld, the nightworld," Moore said. "No one was excluded. Old hands. New hands. People with no hands. The Thermae was the ultimate party, a celebration of conversation, local gossip, travelers information and of course, there were the women." The Thermae women have, in general, accepted the nightspot's imminent destruction more philosophically than the men. "Mai pen rai" (Never mind), is, after all, Thailand's unofficial national motto. "We only came here because the coffee was cheaper than at the Grace, the Nana and the Thai Yanok," shrugged one distaff Thermae 25-year veteran. "There will always be another place." Indeed, a "new Thermae," located in a basement a couple of doors up Sukhuvit Road is scheduled to open Tuesday. "I'm sorry we have to close," lamented a Thermae waiter. "But what can I do? They want to build a condo or something. Come to the new place. It will be just the same." But old Thermae hands already have started complaining it's just not the same.
Subject: Re: Thermae Coffee shp/Thailand Date: 1996/09/15 >> Does anyone know if Thermae was closed down, and why? > Yes, it was closed before March of this year. Thermae is not closed, it's relocated right up the street. Business as usual.
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 18:25:22 +0700 Subject: Re: Thai info I meant to send in something sooner, but frankly the FAQ's you already have are really good -- considering that from internal evidence it appears these guys have only been to Thailand three or four times they really have a handle on it. OK, something that might be useful: It's widely known that the old Thermae closed down months ago. What isn't so widely known is that it opened up again only about 50 meters away. It's still located on Sukhumvit Road between Soi 13 and Soi 15, but about 50 meters closer to Soi 15. It's in the basement of the Ruam Chitt building, which also houses something called The Marble House Traditional Thai Massage (can't tell you anything about it -- massage parlors aren't my thing). As of New Years 1970 they finally put up a fairly noticeable sign. Reasons I like the Thermae: (a) The girls don't work there, so there's no bar fine; you don't buy the girl out when you want to take her out. (b) The girls charge less than the girls who work at Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, or (shudder) Patpong. Most will still go for 600 baht (for a short-time, about 1-1/2 to 2 hours), some want more. This is one area where you can still bargain on the price. (c) Actually, the girls are the same girls who work at Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, or (shudder) Patpong -- they are just trying to earn more by going to the Thermae after their regular place closes. (d) Although I don't take advantage of it, girls at the Thermae will agree to an "all-night" deal. In this case, since you wouldn't start until after midnight, what they mean is they'll stay with you until noon or so. The girls at the bars absolutely won't go all night (although they may promise to, and charge accordingly). Friends of mine compare the Thermae to the bar scene in Star Wars. I think I like it because it is slightly (?) bizarre. The main drawback with the Thermae is the hours -- usually nothing happens earlier than 1:00 am, and things don't get really good until 3:00 am. But don't give up! For people (like myself) who don't always want to stay out all night, thoughtful entrepreneurs in Bangkok have opened a place on Soi 7 called the Biergarten. Actually, it's been there for many years, but I don't think it's been open as long as the Thermae. The Biergarten is actually a German restaurant which opens about noon and is open until 2:00 am. A large number of young women hang out there until midnight, when they go to the Thermae. Luck seems to be important at the Biergarten -- some days none of the women there seem to be attractive, other days lots of them are. Very variable. As you may have noticed above I am strongly prejudiced against Patpong. The bar owners over there seem to have only one reaction -- if business is not good, raise the price. I used to enjoy sitting at the outside bar of a place called the Love Boat and watching the action on the street. The streets are now so filled by vendors' carts that you can hardly walk through. Because of the high prices most of the places nearly went under last year, and a lot of the girls moved to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. However, a lot of tourists still go to Patpong, because that's what they've heard about. A new law went into effect last month which increases the punishment for engaging in sex with a prostitute under the age of 15 and makes it punishable to have sex with a prostitute under the age of 18. Since the new law also makes it a crime to be a prostitute, many of us believe that its purpose is mostly to increase the power of the police to collect bribes and possible also to increase the power of brothel owners and pimps. This is really unfortunate, because in the past pimps hardly existed here. People who are looking for really young girls had better figure on looking outside of Bangkok. The youngest girl I've found so far is 18 (or at least has a good ID card that says she's 18), and even the 60 Minutes TV team couldn't find a girl under 18 on Patpong. I have read somewhere, and have heard around, that younger girls often go to Pattaya when they hear a ship will be in. On the other hand I haven't looked very hard for young girls and am quite sure that some can be found in the brothels that exist for Thai and Chinese men. I knew where some were several years ago, and I wouldn't recommend those neighborhoods to out-of=towners. Also on the downside, the owners of Nana Entertainment Plaza have built two new beer bars in the middle of the compound. This is not quite as bad as the vendors' carts in Patpong, but does reduce the pleasure of sitting outside and watching things. Also, prices keep creeping up. I'll try to put together a more organized information sheet. Meanwhile, I don't know of any changes that need to be made to the FAQ's. All the places mentioned by name that I can think of are still in business. Aside from the constant pressure upward on prices there haven't been any significant changes in the last two years.
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 23:56:40 +0100 Subject: Thermae (Bangkok) I can confirm that the new Thermae is open. It's now situated 50 meter further than the old Thermae. It is under the hotel Ruamshitt Plaza in Sukhumvit between soi 13 & 15. It's still the best place to go when you need a "new love".
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 97 23:41:35 -0800 Subject: Bangkok I recently stayed for a couple of nights at the Nana Hotel, and had a fantastic time. The hotel is not the last word in modern accomodation, being rather tatty and decayed, but the girls are amazing and there is no hassle about "visitors" to your room. I arrived at 6.oo a.m. and I was picked up by two girls in the coffee shop, on arival! One was large and beautiful, the other was slightly drunk and beautiful. The bathed, massaged and fucked me, singly and together, for about three hours, for 1 000 baht each. As a result, I slept for most of the day and stayed awake for most of the night. The Nana Entertainment Plaza now rivals, or betters, Patpong. It is not as extensive but it has enough bars and girls to cope with the clientele, probably at a lower price than Patpong. The quality is a matter of taste but I found the girls easily as beautiful and friendly as in Patpong. I visited the new Thermae coffee shop, which I think is an improvement on the old dive, and picked up two girls. I had a slighlty unpleasant experience with a western guy who was wandering around the place insulting the girls - one of them told me that he regularly approaches the girls for free sex and abuses them when they refuse. I cannot understand this attitude, and I had harsh words with him before he got the message and pissed off. The girls were great - they even even had oral sex with each other other for an extra 500 baht (on top of the 1 000 each) and pretended to enjoy it, I suppose for my benefit. The last night I spent in the Nana "Love Disco", which is full of beautiful girls and sad western businessmen (like me). I ended up with another two girls, who were completely uninhibited with me and with each other. Again, the price was only 1 000 baht but I gave them another 1 000 each for making me come several times. I won't be going back to Patpong - the Nana area is unbeatable.
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 17:59:16 +0200 Subject: [ASP] about Thermae Coffee Shop in Bangkok Now, I opened a web site related to Thermae Coffee House in Bangkok. This web site is not dealing with prostitution, but I think can be of some interest for WSG readers. So I propose to add a link:
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 17:07:05 +0100 Subject: World sex guide -Bangkok and Chiang Mai - Thailand For the past 5 years I have spent 3 months of each year in Thailand and have just returned from my last trip. I speak a little Thai. Perhaps I can update your files to a small extent. My experiences cover Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Many other contributors to this database have said that in Bangkok, the sex industry is concentrated in Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza in that order, that was true 5 years ago but now Nana is the place to be. The names of the establishments seem to change every year and I cannot remember them anyway. The best girls seem to be at the bars with the fewest outside lights. Up to 12 Aug. 97 when I left, the bar with the best girls by far was on the ground floor in the extreme top right hand corner as you come in to the Plaza. When I first arrived in Mar 97 they had no outside lights at all, just a small door with no name and I was not aware of the existence of the place until a Thai friend took me there. In June they had a few "Christmas Tree" Lights but it is still easy to miss it. They attract Thais as well as visitors. I had five of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen from this bar in June and July 97. All would have been candidates for Miss World and one 19 year old completely natural beauty would have had Pamela Anderson reaching for the bicycle pump. They ask for either 1400 Baht or 1000 Baht for 3 hours in your hotel room, but are negotiable down to 800 Baht (or sometimes lower after 1 am). My experience is not to press them below 1000 baht (the 200 Baht difference is 2 beers- and you make a friend). Bar fines seem to be standard at 400 Baht, Small Singha beer 65 Baht, ladydrinks 60 Baht (the girl gets about half of this). I have visited all of the other bars in the Plaza and they are OK too, but some were too quiet for comfort. Sometimes the small newly opened bars are exceptional value and have amazing girls. In the Plaza almost all the girls dance topless and some nude after midnight. None of this swimsuit nonsense that you get at Patpong. Generally the establishments and the girls at bars in Bangkok are completely honest (several times a girl has returned a tip when she thought I had made a mistake), but for the first time in 1997 there were two attempts to cheat me. Once in Patpong I paid a bar fine and the girl disappeared, after 30 minutes I complained to the boss and he immediately refunded my money, no questions asked. Once in Soi Cowboy, 100 baht was added to my tab "for the music". I protested and it was immediately refunded. The message is check your tab and if you think you have been treated badly then complain. But this is unusual. Always treat the staff of the Bars and the girls with courtesy, in the Thai culture you look stupid if you loose your temper, have drunk too much, or misrepresent the truth. The girls may be young and are often sexually inexperienced, but some are well educated,they may have degrees. Some do the bar work partly to improve their English and finance their postgraduate higher education. They (and many Thais) see their work as no different from someone e.g. selling financial services.
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 13:07:07 CST Subject: Bangkok, Thailand THOUGH well-patronised, it is generally accepted by regulars that the second location of the favourite constellation (after hours meeting place) in Fun City is inferior to the original. So Thermae will be moving again shortly, this time across Sukhumvit, diagonally opposite - between Sois 10 & 12. I'll keep you Posted.
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 14:48:35 +0700 Subject: Bangkok : Nana Entertainment Plaza Hello. The World Sex Guide is a great place to roam. Me and my friends find it very useful and informative. Loads of great stuff. Three of us guys are now at Bangkok Airport sending this message. We have just spent three days here checking out the "sights". I think it is safe to say we have tried almost everything. From the guide, we gathered that Nana is supposed to be a great place with beautiful and attractive girls. Thinking that this would be true, we visited Nana to take a look and try our luck. Unfortunately, we must say that we are absolutely disappointed with the place. We found that the girls too young and unattractive compared to those at Patpong (esp. King's Garden. This is the place to be !!! Many beauties, although considerable doubt as to whether many of them are actually female.) While it is true that one man's meat is another man's poison, all three of us unanimously agree that the praise for Nana found in the World Sex Guide is totally undeserved. To our minds, the place seemed like a haven for paedophiles. Although Patpong may be a bit more expensive, we find it much better than Nana by a long mile. So for those of you still keen to visit Nana, don't get your hopes too high !!!!
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