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Bangkok, Thailand

Does anyone the name and or address of any short time hotels in Bangkok where the girls are provided by the management? I tried Penthouse and Playboy off Sukhumvit Soi 13 (Grace Soi) but they said I should bring my own girl(s). I read in a semi-factual novel that there is such a hotel, the 'Chinese Hotel', in a soi off new Petchaburi Rd near the Tollway Overpass. Does anyone know anything about that one? April 1995 prices are not much changed from the articles in the FAQ, one of the Bars in Soi Cowboy has a B500 bar fine but it was pretty empty.

I lived in Bangkok up to a year ago. There are a number of short time hotels with girls, but for the most part you have to know which ones they are, i.e. I can't really give you directions 'cause I don't know the names. however, almost any hotel with a number in the name, "Hotel 19" or "21 Hotel" (I just made up the names, but you can find them if you travel in the city and look around) will have some girls on the premesis. However, most of the girls are not that great looking. Also, in almost any hotel you stay at, aside from the big expensive ones like the Hilton, Regent, Dusit Thani, etc. will send out for a girl.

Another idea is to try the "drive in" hotels. similar to the Playboy, but off of the beaten track, there are hotels with screens for guys to park their cars out of sight. These hotels almost always have girls (the Playboy is an exception because it is so close to Nana and Cowboy).

One other idea is to ask any taxi driver to take you to a "lady home". These are houses with girls. I found the girls to be quite nice in many of them, but usually fairly expensive for a foreigner.

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997
Subject: WSG: thailand: hotels that provide girls.

Dear atta:

Love the site. i have been reading the WSG a couple of years now, but have never had anything to contribute. on the topic of hotels that provide girls in thailand, i can add to your site. The questioner asks of such a hotel he read about in a semi-factual novel, "in a soi off new Petchaburi RD".

Several years ago, i stayed at the MORAKOT HOTEL, on New Petchburi Road. This hotel had signs all over the floors advertising full body massages, and clearly operated a brothel on the premises. There is also a disco, and a 24-hr cafe.

3140761-3, FAX 662- 3191465

I paid 350 baht a night.. pretty nice hotel- a/c, tv. phone and bathrooms.. i dont know if you can bring girls in from other places.. prob not.

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