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Bandung, Indonesia

Dear Atta

	You should check Bandung city in Indonesia.
	In this city, the girls are more beautiful than Jakarta.
	Check Jalan Saritem, Setiabudi 320, Pajajaran (i forgot the no)


Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 15:43:44 +0700 Subject: Indonesia, Bandung Dear Atta, I read the article on prostitution on Bandung and it's been out of date for some time now. Some one posted "Setia Budi no. 320" but it's no longer there. The "pimp" was arrested a couple years ago. If you want the new info: For Bandung go to Jalan Pajajaran no. 145 or you could go to "Edelweis" guest house and look for Iwan.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 17:38:06 +0700 Subject: News from indonsia BANDUNG This is a wonderful laid back town in central Jawa a wonderful 3 hour train ride from jakarta. This city is one of the best kept secrets in SE Asia. the girls are very beautiful with long hair and pale skin. this is a university city so there are many girls away from home and very friendly and keen to talk English. Just by walking around there will be plenty of girls saying hello to you. NORTHSEA CAFE / BAR run by a Dutch guy and his wife. Good food and Heinekan. Always plenty of girls there especially late at night. they are very friendly and may be happy to spend a night with you for no more than a taxi fare othersie they expect 50,000 to 80.000. CHECK THIS OUT, The area behind the HOTEL TRIO. The hotel has good clean rooms for 100.000. Behind the hotel is a maze of narrow lanes and alleys. All along them you will find these small houses with many girls sitting in the front room, with a Momma or Papa to look after. There are hundreds to chose from all young 15 / 20. I was like a "kid in a candy store". You pay 30,000 to 40.000 for the girl. Nextdoor are shortime rooms which are clean and cost 5,000. My friend and myself both chose a girl each and they were happy to share the same room and both competed to give the best service. The girls wanted to enjoy themselves as well and were not shy but new to the city so they needed a few tips! They give french and full service making good use of their tongues!! no hassel and lots of fum and a bargain compared to jakarta. the area is open from early afternoon till mid night. One tip try to avoid the touts as you enter the area. you can very easily find your way. By the way you will have to know a few words in Indonesian.
Subject: Bandung's Update Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 07:00:43 PST Dear Atta, Ive got some complaints regarding the untrue info of Bandung. Someone mentioned that theres a place called 'edelweiss' guest house in bandung update and ask for Iwan. Well, let me tell you my experience..I went to that place and there aint no guy named Iwan who can provide you a girl. I got a big embarassment coz this place was maintained by a respectable moslem owner who claim all the prostitution must be eliminated. When i asked him about this place and asked if theres a guy named Iwan. he aid he never emplyed anyone named Iwan and then i asked him if he can provide girls. then he gave me 1 hour lecture about how bad i am for looking a prostitute in his respectable place...oh man, this is really suck ! you can imagine how embarrased i was. You see, i dont want this kinda experience happen to other ppl. so i would advise you to delete the misleading article to avoid embarassment especially for tourists or foreign ppl whom visiting bandung. Thank your for your kind attention

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