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Australia Addresses

Date: Wed, 03 Jan 1996

Having recently downloaded and peeked at the ASP FAQ I thought I'd
wave the flag a bit for the land downunder and supply the addresses
and phone numbers for some Prostitution Advocation Organisations in

I have already emailed this to Margo and hopefully she will include it
in the next FAQ but I thought I'd post it as well .

Austalia, Victoria

Prostitutes Collective of Victoria (PCV) 10 Inkerman Street ST KILDA VICTORIA 3182 Phne (03) 9534 8166 Promotes safe sex, provides on-site education for working girls re STD's. (Quite an interesting Slide show apparently) Publishes "Ugly Mug" Bulletins which are descriptions of dangerous clients and their cars who have attacked/ripped off/endangered street workers. Holds seminars on Taxation Issues, stripping, B&D fantasy work etc. Publishes Working Girl/Boy which is a magazine which covers items of interest for workers such as Legislative changes and publishes contributions made by workersl. Australia, New South Wales
PROS C/- Roberta Perkins School of Sociology University of New South Wales PO Box 1 KENSINGTON NSW 2033 Phne (02) 9850 7629 SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) PO Box 1453 DARLINGHURST NSW 2010 Phne (02) 9319 4866 Australia, South Australia
S.A. SIN Rear of ACSA, Grey Street NORWOOD PO Box 7072 Hutt Street ADELAIDE SA 5000 Phne (08) 362 1611 Australia, Queensland
SQWISI 65 Vulture Street WESTEND QLD 4101 Phne (07) 844 4565 Australia, Western Australia
SIERA 14 Walker Street WEST PERTH WA 6055 Phne (09) 481 0811 Australia, Canberra (Australian Capital Territory)
WISE IN THE ACT PO Box 811 FYSHWICK ACT 2609 Phne (06) 239 2905 Australia, Northen Territory
PANTHER PO Box 3758 DARWIN NT 0801 Phne (089) 410 633 Australia, Tasmania
CYBELE C/- TAC GPO Box 595F HOBART TAS 7001 Phne (003) 344 044

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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