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Atlanta Streets

Atlanta...try Ponce De Leon between Monroe and N Highland or Stewart
Ave in the vicinity of some of the strip clubs....not much on
Peachtree.  BTW, what's "cheap"? Why risk disease and cops for a crack
house quicky for 40 or 50 (I've done it...I know!), when for 100 to
125 you can get great suck and fuck from various clean incall
girls....see the For Adults Only ads in Creative Loafing.

Date: 3 Apr 1996 10:06:32 -0500 Most of the "ladies" on Ponce De Leon are guys, especially the better looking ones. I would guess that as we get closer to the Olympics, this area (pretty close to the heart of downtown) will be cleaned out. You'd better stick to the escort services or the massage parlours.
Subject: Streets of Atlanta Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 03:25:33 GMT Ponce De Leon from Peachtree down to Clairmont Lounge also off all side streets to the north most are black & many are Transexuals (guyss in drag) Stewart Ave from Garys Motel to Cleveland ave (watch out for stings here) Go South on Cleveland to I-75 turn right just before I-75 and there iss a Days Inn on the left. They ssit in the windows after about 11:30 PM. Again be careful
Subject: [ASP] Review: Atlanta Street Action Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 01:21:04 -0600 Before I start ... Thanks to the VooDoo_Child for a very accurate description of the Atlanta Street Scene ... Before cruising Atlanta, pick up one of those plastic covered maps, for an easy reference. From this past weekend, I saw most street action in the following : I drove thru Ponce de Leon, 2 nights ... did not see anyone out there; however, it may have been too early. (10:00 pm) Cleveland from the interstate (exit 86) to Stewart, was very active. Lots of tall black girls, on the corner by Days Inn, back to American Inn. I drove through here around 11:00 pm. Quite active, lots of guys out cruising! Don't hesitate or the girl you just had your eye on will most likely be picked up! The majority of girls in the Stewart and Cleveland area were black. Some were quite heavy, others were VERY attractive ... Days Inn (where I was staying) security guards are hawks! They did their best to keep the girls from getting over there. Most of these girls will stand by the Shell station on Cleveland rather than deal with those guys. North along Stewart, from Cleveland to "Club Nikki" was pretty active also. Saturday Night : I met "Star" and "Special". Star is about 5'8", 125 lbs., black girl, with reddish tinted hair, very small breasts, and a very slender figure. She was wearing red latex shorts and top. "Special" was wearing silver short shorts, and a short top ... very nice breasts, but a little on the heavy side. I came off $100 and went back to my room with Star for 1.5 hrs ... definitely worth taking the time. Sunday Night : Sunday is pretty dead ... I did luck up and met a young (20 yrs) white girl named "Michelle". This was in the same vicinity as the prior night. Once again I came off $100 bucks and she joined me in my room ... She's quite nice ... long blonde hair (a wig) very slender, with nice C cup breasts and clean ... She's only been out there 3 weeks ... just got in from LA ... Take some time and talk to her, as it does make a difference ... I showed her some of the reviews from the newsgroup ... she got a kick out of this! Said she'd have to get a pager so she could let you guys know how to get in touch with her. Michelle did say beware a white girl and black girl ... the white girl talks with a hispanic accent, and will be hanging out with a very small black girl (Lil' Bit). Michelle and Star said these girls are trouble ... She also told me Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are REALLY busy ... The rest of the days are slow ... so you can probably get a better deal sunday night, or during the week. The going rate for a car date is $60 bucks, spend a little more if you want a quality fuck ... Above all be straight up and the girls will not bullshit you ... I may be heading back in a month to give Laura or Avery a visit ... She called back BUT it was rather late Sunday, and I had planned to leave Monday afternoon. If you call, give them a call early (around 7 pm). I believe their pager and voice mail numbers were posted to the newsgroup. Enjoy ...
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 16:22:59 -0500 Atlanta Update Stewart Ave between 9:00P and midnight is good, lots of girls all races. After midnight it slows down because then the law about passing the same place more than twice comes into effect. IE if you drive past the same spot more than twice you get a ticket and can go to huh? Also a vehicle confiscation law was narrowly defeated a couple of weeks ago. Hookers off of Ponce DeLeon are all TV's Avoid the well publicized jack shacks (girls R Us, Fanttasy Fare etc.) they are ripoffs.
Subject: Atlanta Reviews Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 14:02:07 -0600 NOTE: While this post is a direct response to taxhelp it contains all the info you need for finding street-walkers, any type, in Atlanta. This is also my first post of information. It is very lengthy. Take what you want, discard what you dont. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice are wonderful rights help keep it this way. I hope this helps everyone. If my spelling and grammer offends you, so what, this is'nt 101. What's a paragraph? One last thing. Always use a condom not just for you but for the girls and for the next guy. Death Sucks. I've just returned from Atlanta. Peachtree Street near Club Any Time about 10th street. Saw two attractive girls at 1:30am on a weeknight. One White one light skinned black. I was not in mood at time, just scouting. I was told by one of the girls that i was with that Peachtree is active on weekends. The following areas are very active. More so than in any of the five years I've been coming to Atlanta. The places to look for women are along Cleveland Ave. from I85 to I75, on Stewart from Cleveland north to about Claire Drive( as you drive Stewart look down side streets - Pegg Rd., Avery, Langston, Banks Ave), on Connel Ave. and Beeler Drive which form a rectangular path with Cleveland and Stewart. Also look around Shell Gas Station at Beeler and Stewart (roadway between station and Forest Hill Drive). These areas are all within a three mile radius. Located near where I75 and I85 merge south of downtown and north of airport. Daytime they are mostly on side streets off of Stewart and on Connel. After dark they are found any where that I've mentioned. Be carefull as this is not the best of neighborhoods. I've never had any problems in this area but there seems to be alot of people who would take advantage of you givin the opportunity. TIP- procure a room at Days Inn on Forest Hill Drive just for you and girl. Keep your personal belongings back at your regular hotel. A previous poster mentioned that the girls kept rooms there and advertised from the room window this is no longer the case and Days Inn does have armed security. It appears much safer than in previous years but I still only use this hotel for encounters and do not feel comfortable staying overnight. I do not date black women, I don't concider myself racist as I have some black friends, so I dont have names or specifics. But I have to say I saw quite a few attractive black women.The girls that I did talk to said that there are about 50 girls who work the area, about 70 % are black. 95% of the girls make it very obvious that they are available by means of short skirts and otherwise very risque apparrel. According to the girls, the police pretty much leave them alone some are understanding but some exploit the girls (sex for no harrasment) still harassment in my book. Weekend days are active after about 11:00am. Weekend nights are peak. After dark I counted no less than 25 girls out at same time. Weekdays are slower but still no less than 10 after dark. Girls work from about 11:00am - 2:00pm weekdays. They seem to dissappear until about 4:00pm and then can be found until 2:00am or later?? I think this occurs because schools are in area and alot of children are walking home from school around 3:00pm. The quantity of customers is extremely heavy on weekend days and evenings, out numbering the girls at least 10:1. Weekday and evenings are a buyers market although there are also significantly less girls to choose from. The girls are very cautious. The smarter ones will ask to see D.L. and have one of their friends get your License plate. One girl that I really wanted "Rachel" would not get into my car because the rental had a dealer tag. More about Rachel later. There are all types of girls working white, black, latina, asian, young, old, some clean, some alchohlic, some crackheads, some junkies some very attractive, some average, some gross, tall, short, fat, slim, you name it - they have it. I also noticed one guy in drag. Very easy to tell as he was the most muscular and ugliest girl I've ever seen. If you are into this I'd suggest Ponce de Leon. The girls said this is where most of the "beautiful men" hang out. As far as the girls I was with they are young, attractive, slim, clean in appearance, and white. If a girl appears to be a drunk, junkie, toothless or a crackhead I will not stop. If she slurs speech or seems lathargic or has glassed over vacant look in eyes I will drive away. If she has already made it into car and then I notice, I'll simply say I'm too nervous and drop her off. Enough already - The Girls 4:00pm Friday 5/16, on Avery 100 feet from Stewart. One fat black, one attractive petite black, one knockout petite white. White girl - "Michelle" (discussed in Feb or March post) with beautifull long blonde hair, yes it is a wig, real color is brunette. Got her in car, I was just about to drive off when she said "wait there's Ray-Ray I'm sorry but I have to take care of something" she got out of car and I left. I drove around for a while and noticed Ray-Ray in his car with some red forein beater car next to his in parking lot of Crystal palace (after hours club) on Connel. About 20 minutes later I saw Michelle driving up Stewart in beater car. Now I could be wrong but I'll bet Ray-Ray got off with Michelle in exchange for that car. I drove around a while and did not see Michelle again nor did I see any girl that appealed to me. Went to my hotel, napped and then went to Gold Rush Showbar on Stewart at about 9:00pm. Very fun place with alot of gorgeous women. Noticed alot more girls working in area at this time. I left Showbar at about 11:30pm to continue my quest. Wow the girls were every where and I could not believe what they were wearing. Some girls looked extremely hot and some just have no business dressing that way. I drove around a while to find some one to my liking. I noticed two attractive white girls and one attractive black on Stewart just south of Connel in front of closed down fast food joint. one of them i recognized from preavious year. Her name was Champaigne now is Porshe I had a good time with her and she seemed nice enough but I really wanted her friend - Rachel. After making another pass I got up enough nerve to pull into lot. Rachel came over and we talked breifly with her outside of car. All girls ask how much I wanted to spend and I suspect that because of the high number of customers available and the attractiveness of the girls I talked to that they have thier choice of customers. At this point one of her friends said something to her from behind my rental car. Rachel looked at back of car and then quickly walked back to her friends. Stiffed again (no pun) As I drove off I realized that my car had dealer tag and that was why I had problems. Went to hotel dissappointed but I had a plan. Next morning ( Sat) I returned to rental place and exchanged car telling them that I wanted one with State License plates because my friends and I were pulled over by police because of dealer tag. I used this excuse as I noticed that most of thier cars had dealer tags. I got an upgrade and a car with plates. Cruised Stewart and Cleveland areas between 12:00 noon and 1:30pm not much to choose from. A few blacks on Cleveland east and west from Stewart. One older white junkie at liquer store. I decided to look on Ponce and on Juniper and Peachtree - nothing doing. Back to Stewart area. I noticed what appeared to be an attractive young girl on Cleveland but as I drove by I did not get a good look at face. She had a nice body so I waited upstream near Church. When she got to car I immeadiatly said sorry and no thanks. She had glassy look in eyes, screwed up speech and looked as if she had not seen a dentist in the 25 or 30 years that she has been alive. At about 3:30pm I picked up a girl "Angel" on Connel. She was cutting across field at Connel and Beeler. I waited near where I thought she would exit. She approuched car and asked for a cigarette, I obliged. White 23 year old 5'3", 115 lbs, shapely, strawberry blonde-shoulder length, 34C breasts, blue eyes. Face is about an 8. Great ball licking BJ. She dressed very conservative compared to other girls and she said she does this to be a bit more discrete. We parted ways. I was content for the day. That night I looked for Rachel but she was'nt around. There were other attractive girls around but I was content after Angel. Sunday 5/18 off to Memphis for a few days. This is a very fun city if you know where to go and how things are done. Look for "Memphis Review" later. Tuesday 5/20 back in Atlanta. Got my car, with state plates. Found Rachel and friends on Connel. Talked to her. She checked out D.L. I explained to her that I had rental without plates a few nights ago. She rememberred and explained that she has to be carefull. I understood. She was being extra carefull as one of her friends recently dissappeared. Be nice to these girls. They provide a service that for what ever reason we need. The nicer we are the nicer they will or can be to us. Rachel would not get into my car but said she would meet me at my room in about an hour and that she would have one of her friends drive her there and check out the room. She arrived with another girl who looked over the room, got my plate number, room number and then asked if I wanted two girls. I declined. While she checked out room I kept door open and I stood outside. I dont keep anything but mouthwash and anti-bactrial soap in these rooms so if they were up to something I could quikly leave and not worry about losing anything. The second girl left reminding me that I'd better be nice. Glad that was over. Rachel is white, 20 years old, clean, about 5'4'' 110lbs with a slender, tight model type body, great little ass, legs, and face. Her face is a 9 -10. Small but beautifull breasts, brown hair-shoulder length with the lightest of blonde highlights, pretty green eyes. Nice smile and bright white teeth - all present. We talked for a little while and then got busy. This girl is very very sexy. I did not last long as I was taken with her beauty and soft cooing. It may not have lasted long but it was a very pleasant experiance. After we (I) finished we talked for about an hour mostly about her business and the girls in area. From what I gather the business really sucks for these girls. Should be no suprize. Alot of customers are assholes, and some police as well. I would guess that the pimps are no better. I saw one girl getting roughed up by some prick as I pulled into the Shell station. Fortunately there were a few guys there who stopped it. Again be nice to these ladies. For most of them this lifestyle is not thier first choice but for various reasons they've been steered this way. They're human and need some compassion just like anybody else. Actually, I think they could use more than most people. I told her about this newsgroup and she laughed. She knew most of the girls previously posted. We had a good time talking. Anyway, Rachel is a very sweet girl whom I plan on seeing again. Thursday 5/22 Off to Charlotte for the Winston Cup Race. Charlotte has great strip joints with O.K. lap dances. but not too much else. See "Charlotte NC Review" to be posted later. Monday 5/26 back in Atlanta. Found "Half - Pint" on Avery about 5:30pm. White, 24 years old, 5'2" Cheerleader type body, 34C, Auburn hair- to upper back , nice butt. She wanted me to pull off road on Avery - No, then she said to go to her house - No. She got dropped off at my hotel. She came in alone, checked out room. and we got to it. five minute BJ, five minutes her on top, ten minutes me on top, and finally a few minutes doggie. That always gets me. Through-out she did a great job of vocalizing and really knows how to talk dirty. She was a lot of fun. Was it fake? Well of course it was but so what, you just got to get into fantasy mode. Thats all any of this is anyway. Tuesday 5/27 last day in Atlanta. Saved the best for last. Who else but Victoria. She is FANTASTIC. See "Victoria Review 527" to be posted later. I have numbers for all these women but they will only be given to people who seriously use / share information on this news group. You must have posted relevant information to get these numbers via email. Hey, do unto others... Since this is my first post I'm interested in some feedback on its content, length etc... Now that I've finally posted info I hope to get better info when I next request it. I'm always interested in Atlanta, Memphis, Charlotte, Milwaukee/Chicago, and Vegas. Stay Safe and Play Fair - this is'nt business it's pleasure.
Subject: (asp)report-atlanta streetscene Date: 1998/01/07 after reading several posts about the areas around cleveland and stewart(metropolitian) I decided to drive through the area, I did not see any around the shell station on cleveland as indicated in other posts, but there where several on stewart and along the side streets. I saw several in 6-7 range, but they would be gone by the time I got the car turned around. I finally stopped a girl by the name of heather and we went back to a room she had rented. we had to wait about a minute while her roommate, a very cute blond left with her "friends". I was told later that her friend is also a "working girl" but can not remember her name. after we where in the room I had a very enjoyable time for $60. another area I have found dates,that i have not seen mentioned here before is Fulton Industial blvd. south of I-20. there is usually one or two girls in front of the starship store( 1/4~ mile on the right)or between it and the super 8 motel in the evenings looks range 3-7 price 40-60 full service. if you are coming from west of atlanta you may find it here without having to go on into atlanta, if none are out or you don't like what you see its no problem getting back on I-20 if anybody knows of a incall on the west side of town please post a review.
Date: 1998/01/08 STEWART AVE. from Garys Motel to Cleveland Ave. CLEVELAND AVE. from I-85 to I-75. PONCE DE LEON between the Boulevard and Clairmont Lounge As for escorts and massage parlors, I know nothing at all about pissing money away.
Subject: [ASP] Hot-lanta road trip success (?) Date: 1998/01/14 With this message, I get my ASP posting cherry popped. Took a recent road trip to the playland of Atlanta a few days ago. While the trip was fruitful, it wasn't as great as past trips. I'll preface my comments by warning you I am very visually oriented and sometimes overly critical of the working girls appearances. I'm picky. I began the evening by heading straight to Stewart Avenue, which I found had been renamed Metropolitan Blvd., or something similar. I guess the powers that be in the Peach City thought that they might get a new reputation for the area by giving it a new moniker. Thankfully, the working girls mustn't have gotten the hint. Pulling onto Cleveland Avenue from the exit ramp, I immediately noticed 4 ladies (2 white, 2 black) working the Shell station. Later on in the evening, they had moved to that cul-de-sac that connects with the Shell property and were joined by others. They were having cars pull up into the driveway of the houses nearest the shell. I'm not sure if the patrons were taking care of business in the driveway, or going inside, as the area isn't well lit. Nothing struck my fancy so I moved on. The road beside the Gold Rush club that runs in front of the Crystal (Meth) Palace had at least 1 working girl hanging around all evening. Sadly, none interested me, thought I have had success here several times in the past. Stewart Avenue was pretty much dead, even at Peggy St. (or Ave). Later a few girls would show up in the big parking lot at Auto Zone, but only stay 30 minutes or so before moving on. The road past Club Nikki (coming from Cleveland Ave. heading north) had a few attractive black girls. I saw a couple gals from here later downtown between 12th and 14th Streets and Peachtree. A Tony posted some info on Dill, Arthur and Rockwell, I checked Dill and Arthur (forgot to take my copy of his posting, so I forgot Rockwell.) The ladies there were too tan for my taste, and the area just a bit rough for me to maintain my usual calm demeanor while in neighborhoods such as these. Nervously, I returned back towards the area near I-75. Still nothing there, and as it was around 11 pm, I thought the girls might be out on Peachtree, so I drove downtown. Took a quick survey down Ponce DeLeon, no one seemed to be out here, not even the he-shes. I might have gone through too early, but that area is look-no-touch for me anyway. I don't like the kind of surprises one might find in this area. Went back to Peachtree and started towards 14th, were I usually turn left (sorry, don't know the name of the street) and check the first side street on the left. Found a few lovelies before I even made it to 14th. On 12th and Peachtree, a couple of white girls, and 13th and Peachtree a couple more. Went on to the street off of 14th that parallels Peachtree and talked to a chubby grown up Cindy Brady look-a-like. Thought about conducting some business, but those blonde bangs were a bit too much. The thunder thighs didn't help either, but she still was kind of cute. A busty blonde in red, at least her top half, at 13th had caught my eye, so I went back there. Two cops had her sandwiched between their cars. Traffic was such that I couldn't stay to see what was going on. I figured I needed to act quickly, so I doubled back to 12th and picked up a bottle-blonde I had noticed earlier. Shawnda was her name, and she was very well mannered. Pretty in the face, I had initially passed her off as she seemed to be kind of heavy legged and the dark roots in her blonde hair was a turn off. Her face more than made up for it once I had her in my car, so I was pleased with my selection. Interestingly, she told me she had worked Stewart Avenue the previous weekend. We drove to a gas station for her to buy some condoms, and then were off to a parking lot right behind where I picked her up, on 12th. I commented on her nice natural full breasts, she said she had been a dancer in Kansas. After an exchange of $40, we got down to business. Shawnda was very mechanical, and I didn't enjoy the experience that greatly. She did take her time to a fair extent, which was nice, but she didn't bother to fake enjoyment, etc., those nice little touches I enjoy. She did pause to allow me to play with those great boobs, thankfully. Afterwards, I remained in the area, talked to a tall brunette who incredibly had even more ass hanging out her dress than most of the others. Cute, but I wasn't ready to go again. Found the blonde I had wanted to get with the first time, but by the time I drove into postion to negotiate, she had been picked up by a guy in a blue van. Stayed in the area for another hour or so, and kept noticing them driving around. Finally, they picked up the brunette I had talked to. It didn't appear to be a customer, as they drove around so long, so I imagine they have a pimp, or at least someone to watch out for them and provide transportation to/from the area. A quick trip back to Stewart Avenue with no new sightings later, I left for home. Not a bad group of ladies working for a cold January evening, but I've seen better.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Hot-Lanta road trip success (?) Date: 1998/01/15 As long as I'm here, might as well report on a previous Atlanta excursion. Picked up a nice brunette named Jennifer on Stewart one avenue last summer. She wanted to perform in a dirt lot right next to (above, towards Stewart) the Crystal Palace. As it was raining and visability was minimal, although it was around 4 pm, I agreed. After parking, she pulled out a raincoat, whereupon I merely asked, "You aren't going to make me wear that, are you?" She responded by leaving. In hindsight, this babe was so hot looking I shouldn't have uttered a word. I've gotten over my aversion to latex before with a fine looking young nymph, and no doubt would have with Jennifer as well. She didn't give me a chance, but it was my fault, I could have quickly said "No problem". My loss. The outing was not a complete loss. I picked up a loser (forgot her name) who suggested we go to a slum motel parking lot near the Lakewood Amphitheater. After 15 minutes of horrible service, I through in the towel. Took her back and an hour or so later met "Snow". Snow claimed to have 4 children, was divorced from a minister, and while somewhat frail and not as attractive as some others I had spotted, performed flawlessly. What started as a quick blow (at the warehouses down the deadend road that parallels I-75) turned into a fierce car-fuck. Again, not the best body, a bit above average looks, but most excellant skills and demeanor. Snow was polite throughout, and chatted extensively about herself before returning to her ride. Aside from fucking for $30, I would have thought her still a minister's wife. She undoubtably was a crack smoker, but yet seemed pretty much in control of her life and had plans to get where she wanted to be. I'm a sucker for goal setters. Sadly, I've not run into Snow since. Lastly, someone, some number of months ago, noticed an unusual house near the Shell station. It is the first house on the left, I think it is either on Grand or Forrest Hills, as you drive out the side exit of the shell station. Fenced, with dogs patrolling some times, it has a sliding glass door in front that always has the curtains pulled open and scantily clad women sitting in plain view. While I haven't noticed cars pulling in or out of the driveway with regularity, after a forgettable time with a young lady whose name I have naturally forgotten, I observed her walk to the house. I presume it was to purchase crack, as throughout the evening I noticed several ladies returning from dates do the same thing. Most upscale crack house I've ever seen, if that indeed is what it is.
Subject: Atlanta Update Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 14:06:58 -0500 Here is my latest findings for fun in Atlanta, albiet on a very limited budget. Streets The usual spots are still plentiful. Cleveland Avenue from I-75 to Stewart, and the street parallel to Cleveland. There's a taco place on the corner of Cleveland and Stewart. I'll park in the lot at lunchtime and before long, I'll meet a girl from the fleabag motel across the street. Always black, usually not too good looking. Personally, I'm just looking for cheap head and don't really care what they look like. They ask for $30, I offer $20 and almost always they reluctantly accept. Sometimes condom, sometimes not. I've been in their hotel rooms a couple of times. I've been in this area dozens of times and never had the same girl twice. I always go there in the daytime and the streets seem plenty safe. The spot for the most girls seems to be in the Krystal parking lot on Cleveland near I-75 or the two gas stations across the street. The girls are easy to spot. Ponce on a weekend night is loaded ! These girls are better looking and cost a bit more. $40 to $50. As for transvestites, I've never seen one that really fooled me. A couple spots for those who like it really cheap, decadent and nasty. A little town called Scottdale has a street called Glendale Drive. It runs from Ponce to N. Decatur rd. I've gotten head here for $10. The girl was ugly but really into it. Another place. Pryor St., south of University ave. about 1 mile. Got it here for $5.00 plus about 2 bucks of change in my ashtray ! These spots are not for the faint of heart !!! Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. in Doraville used to be good but it's been deserted for months. Not sure where they all went.
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 16:06:08 EDT Subject: Atlanta Street Scene The following is a result of my experiences over the last year dealing with the Atlanta street scene. I live about 25 miles north of Atlanta and for the past year I have been going to Atlanta at least twice a month for some action. As you can imagine I have scouted over all of the so called hot spots and have noted where the best spots are to find whatever you want. Listed below is a summary of where to find what you are looking for in Atlanta. The absolute best spot for streetwalkers is on Peachtree between 10th street and 14th. My first time in this area was awesome. It was May of 1997 and when I came to this area I found my self surrounded by atleast 20 girls . 10-15 of them were white and an 8+. I hooked up with a nice white girl named Jen. She started of at $150 for full service, which would have been well worth it but I felt like I could bring her down a bit and we finally agreed on $100. We went to a parking lot and got to it. Some of the girls will have a motel room to use but they cost extra and there aren't many who have one, you kinda have to get lucky. The only thing I do not like about this are is that there are a lot of clubs and there seems to be a lot of people out which makes picking the girls up a little harder. I mean it's not that cool to be seen picking up a hooker. However this is May of 1998 and this area is still the best but not what it was like a year ago. Maybe it will pick up more in the summer. Anyway there are still about 20 girls out on a good weekend night. The average is around 10. I have found Saturday nights between 11pm and 6am to be prime time. The majority of the girls seem to hang out at the Texaco station on Peachtree and 13th. Around 2am you can find just about anything you want. One girl, Melissa is one of the only 10's out there but most of the other girls are 7+. Melissa is by far the nicest girl in that are and will do great full service for $90-$120. Precious is a mix between a latino and a white. She usually wears a bright shiny silver outfit. If you cruise this area you won't miss her. She is about a 6+ but she makes up for it in service. There are a few nice black girls that work the area also, but I have never picked any up. There are also a few girls that hang out on Crescent. It is one block west of Peachtree. All around this area and Peachtree there are white, black, short, tall, fat, ugly, pretty, clean and down right nasty girls. But for the most part I think you will be satisfied with what you will find. I'm not into TV's but if you are into this sort of thing I would suggest all of the side streets along Ponce de Leon. Here you will find just about anything you could want that is not normal. Some of the "things" in this area scare me and it is pretty plain to see that all of them are really guys. I only found one girl here and that was last year and i have not seen one since. I have only been to Stewart Ave. once. I tend to stay away from that area due to the quality of girls and where it is located.

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