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Atlanta, Georgia

Date: 06-10-01

"World Health Spa" has a few girls there that still provide good full service.

Although in my 3 visits, I did encounter one chick that didn't provide anything but a hand job -- well, then again, I did lick her pussy and she fingered my asshole while jacking me off. . . Unfortunately I jacked off before I went there, so she couldn't finish the job. It kind of caused a big fuss 'cause I wanted to fuck her. . . She was obviously a virgin though -- or her pussy was super tight. This chick was an 8, with nice firm natrual tits and a great body.

The chick that I've fucked a few times is a short korean lady (describes them all?) with a pooch. Probably about a 4 or 5 -- about as low as I'll go. She did provide good full service though. She gave a great wash down paying particular attention to the right areas. Then she sucked my cock in the shower. We proceeded to one of the massage rooms -- which only have folding doors (don't like that) where I got a rushed massage. She then moved on to the fun parts, licking my asshole, grabbing my cock while I'm on my stomach and sucking it and then letting me fuck her from behind. This humble writer isn't a small guy, but she could take just about the full thing (she did squirm a bit when I really buried it) which I'm not used to with most women. So that made it fun.

I tried to go anal on her, but she was having none of it. Oh well. I did finger her asshole a little though.

Hand job chick: $20 (she couldn't get me off) Full service chick: $150 (she will ask for $200, but will take $150)

Subject: Get Laid in Atlanta-bargains.

Ok, I have been to most of the local "Massage Parlors" and found them to be pretty fun. But if you want to get laid when your budget is less than par, and you don't want to deal with some crack head, then try the A-1 Spa on Brockett Rd. in Tucker. It's located in the shopping center near Strokers, off of 78. If you want the exact location you'll have to check Creative Loafing. I paid for a full hr massage @ $60.00, which is standard. Then after a nice body shampoo where they actually clean you EVERYWHERE (unlike most other places), I was given a fantastic massage. After she turned me over on my back she asked if I wanted full service. She told me it would be $90 for everything. I chewed her down to $75. She blew me and I fucked her. I don't remember what the hell her name was, actually I couldn't really understand her because of the accent. Anyway, you can check it out if you want.. If I find any other places I'll post them here.

If anyone knows of any strip clubs with *attractive girls who work on the side, please post them here, or e-me. The only club I know of is Shooters Alley in Chamblee/Doraville. There are a pair of black girls I met there last night who offered to party after they got off. I went with one girl for $100. She took me to her apartment and I ended up sleeping there. We fucked about 5 times, and she never asked for another penny.

Date: Sat, 7 Jan 1995 Subject: World Health review, Atlanta, GA

Well, based on the postings here, I decided to try World Health and see what happened. All in all, it was quite good!

I went in the door, and took a look around; WH is in a rather office-like building, which beats the hell out of most other places, which are usually dumpy. The reception room has a couch, and there are hard candies in a bowl on the table. I know _that_ sounds like a crazy detail, but it beats getting a dry mouth - especially if you're new to this and somewhat excitable.

Anyway, a pudgy lady opens a sliding window (like a doctor's office) and asks for the money; I tell her I saw the ad in Creative Loafing and hand her $50. She takes the money and closes the window.

Within seconds, a 30ish Oriental lady opens the door, and leads me down the hallway to a room with a _folding_ door on the right. We enter - the room is neat, which is good. Most other places I've seen in Atlanta have either an overdone velour look or are furnished with garbage dump rejects. This is better.

And the girl is nice looking! Her jet-black hair is done nicely, and she's wearing a close-fitting stretchy black dress that ends with a lace ruffle. She is about 5'3", and petitely beautiful. Her body ranks about 8-9 with face 7-8, for those of you in a scoring mood. Her name is Mimi.

Mimi asks if I want a shower - yes. However, someone else is using the facility (it's about lunch time, they're "busy"), so we skip this. She tells me to take off my clothes and lie down. She exits the room momentarily, and returns about the time I get naked.

"Hard or soft massage?" "Hard - it's more relaxing..", and then we digress into some small talk - my name (I lied), what I do, etc. And also an important question - "have you been here before?" My answer was that I had been some other places, but a friend recommended World Health. She asked his name, and I just mumbled; anyway, it's important to establish that you are NOT a cop. Being a repeat customer helps here.

As always, the massage started off with me on my stomach. She walked on my back for a while (I love this!), and then sat down on my butt and rubbed my back. I could feel her bare skin on mine; apparently panties were the only garment under the dress. I told her that another place I went in Atlanta did not take tips, and that disappointed me. We were progressing through the massage, and I was now on my back.

I asked if she took tips - she asked if I was a cop. At that point, she started trying to communicate by pantomining "How much" - and it took me a while to catch on. I told her $50 was all I had with me. She was trying to keep me quiet - apparently the folding door is easy to listen through. Next time, I'll just give her the $50 straight off.

As soon as that was settled, she took my hand in hers and asked that if she had missed anyplace, just touch and tell her. Of course my hand moved straight to my cock! She said I couldn't get her in trouble, because it was my idea. I just smiled and nodded yes. She then turned around and motioned toward the zipper on the back of her dress. I was quite thrilled to help - she was not wearing (or needing) a bra, and shucked the dress off her shoulders, revealing beautiful, small breasts with larger than average nipples. She then pushed down her panties along with the waist of the dress, reached for my cock, and started giving me a great hand job. She knows how to move the skin rather than just rub - that's critical and wonderful. Of course, her pace was quick and businesslike, which is rather faster than I prefer.

The disappointment of pace was well overcome by the freedom to rub her pussy, ass, and breasts. I particularly enjoyed rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt; all this activity quickly brought me to climax.

Mimi cleaned me up with a towel, and then got herself dressed and left the room for about 1 minute. She came back in, and proceeded to massage my shoulders and face, and finish the time for the massage. When she suggested I get dressed, I gave her the $50 - this is a bit unusual, most times you have to show cash upfront to have this kind of fun. She came back in while I was dressing, and even helped me with my jacket!

Summary: Mimi is a pleasant gal, and well worth a visit to World Health. See the GA FAQ for directions, etc. Tell her Dan said hello!

Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 Subject: Deju vu

I just read the report on World Health Spa. I swear that the girl named Mimi there has to be the same Mimi I had at Susi Kims in Warren, Ohio. He decribed her perfectly -- the body, personality, her verbage, her actions. I relived the same experiece only in another city. I bet anything she transferred to Ohio.

Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 Subject: V.I.P Health Spa in Buckhead

Oh Candy! I asked for her and gave $80 for the jacuzzi. She wanted $225, then $200, then settled for $180 to hot tub naked (including tip for room service to follow).

First I got a nice arousing shower and was told there was no need for a towel between rooms as no other men there. But hot tub was cold, so back in room. Candy suggested $160 (we didn't have to bargain) for obvious. Great massage. "Soft skin," she said. She had the same; most of it was very close to my skin as well. She wasn't that thin up top, about 34B but a handful or two. At this point, remembering the Gold Club ladies, I looked in her eyes and said, "Real!" She nodded vigorously and said laughingly, "REAR!" She said it again, frowning, as I seemed a little disconcerted. (I thought I was being asked to perform something outside my usual repertoire, one which is certainly illegal in the Peaches state. However, I caught on quickly and, giving a little squeeze, laughed with relief, "Yes, REAL!" :^)

Remembering a recent posting here, I asked her to pay attention to my right ear, which then got kissed, sucked, whispered into, gently chewed, and it aroused fully the rest of me.

I mentioned I had heard about her from the Internet and she was surprised and curious. I teased her by saying the poster thought that Sky Blue was better. She scoffed and loyally said she'd show me better. She did.

Lengthy oral attention was paid to fully erect condomized member, as I stroked her wet or lubricated areas in turn. She lay on back when I wanted her to and I massaged her clitoris as she bucked and fucked back. Her loud moans filled the spa as the music had stopped. I used the appropriate tool to stroke in and out. Tool after a long time emitted great pleasure waves, gobs of come into condom, and a contented smile continued on my face.

As we relaxed, manager, another Korean woman named Kim, entered and Candy told her about Internet. Kim and Candy continued gentle relaxing massage to my naked soft skin as we knowingly discussed computers and Candy used hot towel to wipe my wet areas.<

I suggested Candy think of a password so she'd know if any clients had read this. She said to use "chocolate." So have a great time! It's non-fattening!

Candy dressed me slowly from socks to shirt and I tried to show her how to knot a half Windsor.

I left feeling like a king and I did have the sweet dreams Candy laughingly wished me as I left. VIP is friendly, made me feel entirely safe and comfortable and in control at all times.

(Ad says VIP closes at 12 but actually it's 1, at least according to Candy. It's right next to MacKinnon's seafood and bar, one block from Piedmont and Peachtree in Buckhead, $6 cab from Lindbergh Marta station. Call VIP at 233-0299.)

Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 Subject: Review 31 Express Atlanta

In celebration of my beloved Braves performance so far in this year's World Series I decided to treat myself to a massage. I debated long and hard with myself as to whether I should visit one of the American owned and operated parlors that have cropped up, or whether I should visit a yet untried, but true, Asian parlor. My conservative nature forced me to decide upon the latter option.

I visited the 31 Express parlor near the intersection of North Druid Hills and Briarcliffe Rds. I was met at the door by Gina, a pretty enough Korean woman in either her late 30's or early 40's. While she was somewhat older than most of the women one meets in these places, she compensated by having a fuller figure. The Korean women who normally work in these health spas, while being plenty pretty of face, are notoriously on the thin side. If given a choice, I'll take a woman with more meat on her bones, even if it does mean she's a few years older that her thinner counterparts.

I undressed and was lead to the sauna. The first thing I noticed here was that the sauna was stocked with Playboy magazines, in addition to the normal People, Us, etc. that one occasionally finds in the saunas in other establishments. I wound up in a state of semi-arousal before anything even started.

After the sauna, Gina gave a better-than-average body shampoo, paying a lot of attention to my genital area. In addition, the water was hotter than most places, another amenity that I find appealing.

After a cursory massage (nothing special) we negotiated "favors". I requested full-service at an agreed-upon price of $100. Gina was quite eager to please and seemed to genuinely enjoy her "work". Anyone who knows me knows that I love a well-turned butt. She eagerly pointed her naked rear-end high in the air, and allowed me to give her a prolonged rim job. I then enjoyed a nice session of oral sex, after which she mounted me, and we screwed till I came. All in all, a very relaxing hour.

The only drawback I could see from the whole episode was that Gina was alone in the establishment. Once, during the course of the massage, and then again as I was eating her out, we were interrupted by other customers entering the spa. She had to dress hurriedly each time, run out, and request that the individual return in an hour, or so. I like it better when there are 2 or 3 other girls on duty, as well, as is the case at Young's Health Spa, in Tucker, which I reviewed last month.

Come to think of it, that was my major complaint with the SunFlower Health Spa, too. Mimi, my favorite "masseuse" of all time, got in the habit of servicing other customers (1/2 - hour sessions) while I sat and sweated in the sauna -- very tacky. I haven't been there in nearly 6 months, as a result.

Well, there you have it! I promise I'll review an American-operated spa before too long. In the meantime, you other guys post your findings as well.

Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 Subject: Massage Parlor review

Title: Hotlanta scenen From: Northern perspective

Well since moving to the Georgia area I have had the chance to visit a few of the "Massage Parlors" in the Atlanta area. Below is a brief personal review:

Green Garden: While hard to get to, it is a really nice place. I have had the opportunity to visit it twice. Both times I was treated royally. I went with the hour sessions both times ($50 with ad) and that got me a great body shampoo and a basic rub down. I also asked and used the sauna which was well kept and clean. The body shampoo was perfect and well done. The young lady seem to know her job and made sure the water was just right and that I was enjoying myself. Once in the room I got the basic rub down and back walk. Both times they were well down and almost:) worth the trip itself. After that we discussed price and was able to come to an agreement for $75 for a blow job (first visit) and $100 for straight sex on the second visit. The room was mood lit and well kept. It is located off 1-85 North at exit 30 near Druid Hills, or basically right down the street from World of Health. On both visit's the women would rate about a 7-8 and very socialable.

Oasis Spa: This one is located on the south end of Atlanta in the Jonesborogh area off of 19/41. While as not as well decorated, I found my first visit to be incredible. Again with ad it was $50 for the hour session. Again used the Sauna (hey it's included in the price) and followed up with an incredible body shampoo. After an average rub down we came to an agreement on $100 for everything, and I mean everything. She started at my toes and kissed her way up and we finished off with a little frenching. She then asked if I was interested in a little 69 and we went at it that way for a while. She then slipped on the condom for some incredible action. My second visit was with a different girl and only included a blow job at $75 dollars. Both ladies were about 6-7 on a 10 scale, but the first was much more friendly.

A-1: I believe was it's name. It is located on the east side of Atlanta off 285 around the Stone Mountian area. Very cold and clinical. She wanted $75 for a hand job but got it down to $50, not very soothing at all.

The other one I have been to was located near Conyers (off I-20 south) and was great, $50 for a blow job, but they looked to have gone out of business. I think many have gone out of business, but I don't think due to the law, but saturation of them. There use to be 20-30 listed in the sports page every day, it is now down to less then 20. All in all they are all basically the same, staffed with Korean women (usually small in stature and chest size) but very friendly and accomadating. Figuring I have lived now in about 6 different states, Atlanta by far is the best.

Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 Subject: Atlanta Massage Parlor review

As a resident of the Great state of Georgia I have had the opportunity to visit a couple of the Atlanta area "Massage" Parlors.

The first is the Oasis Spa that is located in Jonesboro which is just south of Atlanta off 19/41. I have had the occasion to visit it twice. The first time was the best. I started with the sauna since I fully believe in getting my money's worth and it is included in the $50 for an hour cost. A very clean and nice sauna, which after about 10 minutes I was led to the shower room where my lady proceded with the "body shampoo". I personally find this aspect very enjoyable and relaxing. She was very good and made sure that the water was warm and to scrub all over. She concluded with a very nice towel down. Following that we returned to the room for a very nice 10-15 minute massage. While not on the level of say a true muscle massage, very nice in it's own. We then got down to the aspect of "extra's" which after a little talk was agreed on at $100. We then spent the rest of the time doing it all and I mean all. She started kissing me and we then went on to a little 69 and then finished up with her on top. She made the entire experience the best I have had (which is up to about 12 now). She was probably a 6, but I am biased since I find most asian women beautiful. My second trip to the Oasis I had a different lady and again the sauna and body shampo were excellent. This time though I only went with a blow job and the young lady was not as concerned with my pleasure, a little to cold for me, but still very nice.

My other visits have been to the Green Garden which is located off I-85 north in the Druid Hills area. On both visits the young ladies were quite warm and friendly. For the $100 I found myself being royally taken care of with a wonderful sauna and body shampo and an excellent full contact session with the young lady. Again I would rate both around the 6-7 range.

I have been to other locations in the Atlanta area, but 2 have since closed and the other I found very cold and to much attitude. That one was called A1 and located off 285 east around the Stone Mountain area.

I am interested in knowing if anyone has been to any of the others in the Atlanta area. At the ones I have been to the going rate for everything has been $100, I have yet to try one of the locations that offers "VIP" services and am considering it on my next visit to Atlanta.

Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 Subject: A Story About Beth in Atlanta

I posted this story tonight, but thought I would send it directly to you for World Sex Guide use if you see fit. Enjoy.

After having read and enjoyed a number of different postings, stories, and reviews of the scene in Atlanta, I felt I had to make a contribution for several reasons. One is that it's not fair for me (nor you!) to read all of this without contributing something back for others to enjoy. But the biggest reason I wanted to write this is that I have yet to see any postings about a girl that I've seen a number of times. She goes by the name of Beth, and she is one of the best women I've had the pleasure to "play" with anywhere, and that includes a considerable number of cities around the US (including the incall places in NYC).

Let me start by describing what I think most men want when they spend an hour of their time and a hundred or so of their hard earned dollars. They want as many of the following things as possible (not in order of importance, by the way):

1. A woman who is great looking 2. A woman who is friendly and nice to be around 3. A woman who knows how to relax AND stimulate a man at the same time... 4. A woman who likes to fuck and is good at it! 5. A woman who will fuck.

Now how many times have you settled for #5 in this list and nothing more... I know I have on a few occasions and you may have too. But let me tell you, I think Beth I get all of the above in spades. I consider myself fortunate to have her services available.

As for item #1 above; looks. I would guess she's about 5'7" or so in height, 36D-24-36 figure (that is nicely tanned all over and SMOOTH skin also, I might add). She has long curly brown hair. She works out of an apartment up I-85 (northeast of downtown) with another girlfriend (who is also a lot of fun, speaking from experience). I think she grew up in the rural south somewhere (Alabama I think), 'cause she has this great sounding southern accent that along with her beautiful eyes, will just melt you away. Sort of brings new meaning to the phrase "Yall come...". I've read a lot of reviews on various postings that rated girls as a 6 or a 7 on some 10 point scale (where can I find out about that scale, anyway?). Most of the ratings in good reviews of places in The World Sex guide or newsgroups postings tend to be in the 6-7 range; Beth has got to be a 9.

Let me tell you a little bit about her techniques. One thing I'll never forget was the very first few minutes I ever saw her (couple of years and 7 or 8 visits ago now...). I had called her number after having seen an add in Creative Loafing (THE place to find numbers in Atlanta as far as I'm concerned). She sounded nice and sexy and the conversation and price ($150/hr, $100/half hour) let me know I was talking full service here, not some jack-shack type rip-off. So I'd made an appointment and she did some very discrete callback verifications (called my office and said she was with State Farm Insurance or something like that; it's a pain, but she only did it once (the first time), and that also insured that I would get what I wanted cause I've never had a less than full service place go to that much trouble). So anyway, I show up at the agreed upon time and she lets me into her apartment (over on Peachtree Road in those days). I was very pleased with how she looked, both body wise and her smile. But the thing that sticks in my mind was how after just a few minutes of small chit-chat, she looked me right in the eyes and said "So, do you want to fuck?". I don't know if that was her technique for trying to decide if I was a cop or whatever, but I'll tell you this; it was some damn effective foreplay! And fuck we did, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

That was the first time. The last time I went (and hopefully it won't be the last) I did a 30 minute session. I got undressed while admiring her figure (she seems to work hard at making sure her figure stays as desirable as possible). I laid down on the bed on my stomach, and she starts working me over with a light massage. After a few minutes of this, she transitions to some very slight and subtle kissing-like actions all over my body, but concentrating on my butt and between my legs. She's great about just barely coming in contact with you in a way that makes the hairs on the back of your legs, near your balls, etc. feel her presence but then again not quite feel her... VERY erotic. She knows what she's doing in this area. For awhile I just allowed myself to relax and enjoy the pampering and attention. Then, as she played more and more with the area around my balls, I started to get hard. A few more minutes and she suggests that I turn over on my back, which I did. A few more minutes of the same sort of sensual exploration of my body and by this time I'm rock hard. She says in her slow, sexy voice something like "I think I need to suck it..." and I agree.

Now she is really good at giving head also... she really does get a nice vaccum (sp?) going all around the head of your cock hitting all the best spots. She alternates this with occasionally taking a large portion of my cock into her mouth, then back to the attention on the head of my cock. I just about came at one point, but indicated that and she slowed down, not wanting to rush things. And she makes a lot of noise when she sucks. Not any of that fake moaning and groaning stuff, but wet, slurping, sucking sounds that can be quite a turn-on, especially when you get the sensations on your cock that match the sucking sounds (although I think I'd enjoy them even if she was doing it to someone elses cock; it'd be a great show!).

Anyway, at about this time I changed her previous "I think I need to suck it" line around on her and said "I think you need to fuck it". She reached over and got a condom, rolled it over the head of my cock, then continued sucking on my cock using her mouth to roll the condom down all the way. It felt great! She then gets up on top of me and sits on my cock, slipping it up into her pussy, and starts to ride me. She has very nice curves to hold, and it was a lot of fun watching and feeling her ride my cock. She said "look at that" and I followed her gaze to a big stand-up mirror right by the bed and watch the fucking going on. She was really good. Sometimes I might try to hold off the orgasm, but this time I really just wanted to blast away and get that feeling, so I cut loose and started pumping my load into her. She helped the situation along with suggestions about where to shoot the load, etc... After I came, we talked some more. You can take a shower if you want, which I typically do.

From some of the other conversations I've had on other visits, I know that she's bi-sexual, and gets excited talking about dominance and submission type things. She particularly likes to dominate women. I remember one time she told me about this well-off young couple that hired her for the evening. Seems they were having a dinner party and asked Beth to attend as "a friend". This host couple gets to enjoy thinking about having her all evening long as they entertain their guests. She hung around until all the guests were gone, then they retired to the bedroom where the real party began. The three of them play, the man getting to fuck her but also enjoy watching the two women enjoy each other. Sounds like a nice way to end an evening to me!

One last thing... I've read the World Sex Guide's posting about Atlanta and in particular "The Michelle Controversy", and I even saw Michelle once. She (Michelle) was nice, but not nearly as much fun or as good a looking as Beth (not her real name, obviously). Now I do like variety in women, that's a big reason for paying is to get that variety. But you also cannot argue with success, and my visits to Beth have always been successful, so I suppose I'll keep seeing her from time to time.

Her phone number is [censored]. I think she only works week days. I normally make an appointment for lunch time by calling in around 10am. I have called before at night or on the weekend and gotten no answer, which is why I think she only works week days. But you can ask her about her hours when you call.

Date: 2 Jul 1996 Subject: Re: About Beth in Las Vegas

>Las Vegas Guy wrote:

>>Every time I read something like "About Beth in Atlanta" in this >>newsgroup I just wanna yell! Full service for $150 per hour? Shit >>I'd fuck a girl every weekend for that money! But here in the >>entertainment capital of the world pussy sells for a considerably >>higher amount! <rest deleted>

As a citizen of Atlanta, let me put your mind at ease. That's bull ! You cannot get it for $150 here either ! Oh maybe so, but it's from the fat and ugly girls you mention. The $150 is a teaser rate just to get your attention. Then they want about $100 more. It has gotten to the point where you'd better be ready to spend at least $300 for a good time. So don't feel too bad. (If anyone knows differently, please let me know).

Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 Subject: Prostitution FAQ contribution - Atlanta

This is my contribution to the FAQ on prostitution.

I have been frequenting professionals in the metro Atlanta area off and on for over 13 years now. I remember when I first moved to Atlanta, the escort services were the outlets of choice. But, as I moved out of Atlanta to the 'burbs' in south metro Atlanta, I found it harder to get any one to venture out on my side of town. It seems at that time, that most operate out of and service mainly the northern metro area or the city of Atlanta. With this not working out so well, I briefly tried some street action (this is late 1980's), but soon grew tired of the varying quality and also decided that my one close call on being busted was enough.

When the oriental massage parlors started opening up in the early 1990's, I knew after I visited the first 2 that I had found a gold mine. As so many others have posted here, the service is equivalent and most times superior the that found in any of the other available sources. The cost is usually less, about $160 to $200 all inclusive versus $160 to $400 for incall/outcall. Plus, if you are interested in the full treatment, you can usually expect a sauna, stimulating body scrub (shampoo as they refer to it), a fair to sometimes excellent massage, and anything from a hand job, to a blow job, up to sex any way that you want it. The women are just as friendly, once you get around the sometimes language barrier, and most are attractive with nice firm bodies.

All these establishments can be found in 3 easily available sources. The local news paper. Just look on the last 2 or 3 pages in the sports section. There will be small block ads about 1/2 to 1inches tall. Most will be for the truly oriental spas, but you will find some American establishments mixed-in. The second source is the Creative loafing. A free (usually) weekly news type publication that can be picked up easily around town. The paper hits the streets starting on Wednesdays so by the weekend, it may be hard to find any. It's best to try and find one before Saturday. The third and easiest is the yellow pages. Just look under massage, in the front of the classification. The same block ads will be there. Lately there has been a swarm of these places opening up all over the place so the first two will be more current. I counted the ones in the Creative loafing (the oriental spas) and counted about 30, with more being added every month. Knowing me, I am just daring enough to try all of them, that is if my money holds out.

Well since my preference has been clearly stated, here are my reviews of oriental massage parlors I have visited. Almost all of these places are in south metro Atlanta (Clayton county) which will add some balance to the others reviewed in other parts of town.

Oriental Health Spa on Forest Parkway -

This was the very first oriental spa I ever visited and I must say I was surprisingly satisfied. Since this was one of the first places to open up on the south side, I didn't really expect more than a decent massage so I sprang $40 for a half hour. Well I did get a very good, long and relaxing massage and was also offered a hand job at the end which I nervously accepted. It was very quick as she intended it to be, but still nice. I tipped her $20 and left. I was a little too nervous to fully enjoy it. The next time I went back, I sprang for the full hour at $60, but was concerned when I was not offered any additional service when the massage was over. She seemed a little nervous that I had asked, and actually told me to pickup her hand and put it on my dick to make sure that I was not a cop. Throughout the whole hand job she was commenting that "she was not supposed to do this" and that "she could get in trouble". This was definitely not as pleasant as the first time. The third time I went back, I only paid for a half hour, and was told that they don't do anything sexual there. Well I never went back..., but things may be different now. The last time I was there was about 2 years. I do remember however seeing a recent ad saying "under new management"

Sun of Orient on Southway drive -

This was the second spa that I ever visited. What a difference between here and the first place. Again, this being my first time here, I sprang for a half hour at $40. Received a good massage from Sunny (who is long since gone) a petite, attractive 6-7, mid to late 30's lady with a tight pussy. Needless to say I was offered everything and I accepted everything for $100. She gave me some cursory head to get me going, put on the standard condom, and we fucked steadily for the next 15 minutes. I finally came when she got on top, straddled and squatted over me so I could see my dick sliding in and out of her. We actually went over the half hour because I took so long to cum she said. I went back a few more times most of which were just as good as the first time, but the last 2 times I had the same problem as the first place I visited. The ladies did not want to do anything sexual. I don't know if they had a recent run in with the police and thought I was one, or the particular woman I had just did not do that. I went so far as to ask for someone else who would be willing to provide extra service and was told "that is not done here".

Hot Springs Sauna on Tara Blvd (formerly Queen oriental massage)

I only visited this place once. I had a lady in her early 40's give me a decent bath and massage, but when it came time to get what I came for, she told me to wait and she would get someone else. I thought this to be a little odd. But to my surprise a tall attractive oriental lady came in, with one of the best figures I have ever seen on an oriental woman. She was definitely an 8-9. We negotiated down to a price of $110 and then got down to business. The sex was good, not great, she just seemed a little cold. Definitely not into it like Sunny at Sun Oriental. I would go back if I fell out of favor with my other favorite places.

Ginza Sauna on Tara Blvd Jonesboro (behind Hooters)

I went to this place one of the same nights after being turned away by Sun of Orient. I ended up being offered only hand relief there. They too also seemed a little leery of doing more than just a massage. I think that they may have thought that I was a cop or that they may have been recently visited by some. I haven't been back to verify that this is the case.

Oasis Spa on N. main St.., Jonesboro

This place is definitly my favorite. I have actually lost count of how many times I have been there, but it is definitly more than 7. Many of the women that hooked me on the place over 2 years ago are long since gone now. But they always seem to get someone new who is just a good or better that the last. Price is the standard $40/60 up-front with me never having to tip more than $100. My last two experiences there were with Hannah and Kim.

Hannah is tall about 5'6', very attractive 7-8, with long black hair down to her mid back. She usually wears a tight fitting spandex dress, is very friendly and provided better than average conversation. She is very good orally! As a matter of fact, she ended up blowing me till I came, even though I tipped her for full service. But it was so good that I couldn't complain. I got to eat her pussy, and believe me she enjoyed it to the point of cumming twice. I can tell that kinda thing, especially when she gets so loud, hot and wet that you have to start slurping up her juices to keep from getting soaked. Her mamasan even had to knock on the door to ask her to be a little bit quieter. Definitly worth seeing again, and would have the next time but she suggested that I try a new lady there named Susie, with big tits. Unfortunately the next time I went back, Hannah told me that Susie was there for less than a week before she left. Apparently she did not like the work, imagine that.

So while I was there I saw Kim, who I have seen before. She is much shorter than Hannah, about 5'1, hair around her neck just off of her shoulders, not as attractive as Hannah 5-6. I ended up seeing her again since Susie was not there. I asked what happened to Susie, she said "Susie who? Oh yeah... she have big tits....but she is old......about 45 maybe 47". Believe it or not, Kim is my favorite between the two women. She is a prolific kisser, she loves all positions and changes positions frequently, she is very oral both giving and receiving head. She told me that she likes the taste of a mans cum. I wonder if that meant that she didn't like the taste of a womans cum, hmmmmm.....anyway. She even enjoyed licking my ass. God what a feeling. I probably could have fucked her in the ass if I had the inclination. She even preferred not using a condom for oral or straight sex. But I did and would advise that everyone use one. She is very enthusiastic and definitely enjoys men that take their time to get her off. Believe me it is worth it! Your return on this type of investment will be well worth it. She can be a little dim on the wit side, but hey! I don't plan to marry her.

There is another lady who is gone now, but is worth honorable mention. She actually enjoyed her self so much that she let me fuck her and cum 3 times in one session. She was the one that got me hooked on the place. Don't remember her name. She had a little better than average looks and she was a little heavier that the other two. The latest I heard was that she had found someone to marry her and she had quit the biz.

The next two places are located in northeast metro atlanta, out toward stone mountain. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunshine Massage on Hwy 78, Snellville

I visited this place twice and was pleased the first time. Their ad states that they have "Thailand girls", which is what prompted me to try the place. I Don't remember the lady I saw on the first trip, but she was slim, and trim. Had firm medium size tits, and a tight pussy, but seemed less that totally enthusiastic about our session. Actually she seemed a little tired as if she had just been through a long day. I got there late, about 11:30 pm but they are supposed to be open till 2:00am. A plus for this place is that the fee for a full hour was less that most other places. $30/40 for a half/full hour. Tip was the same $100. The second time I went there, about the same time of night, the mamasan told me that both ladies were busy, and that I should come back in about 20 to 30 minutes. Naturally, I figured that they would be again tired if I came back, especially if there were only two ladies there. Besides, I know it is not everyones ideal fuck to be with a lady that was just banged by another guy just a few minutes ago. So I went down the road about a mile or so to the next place, Royal Spa. They had and ad in creative loafing saying they were having a grand opening.

Royal Spa on Hwy 78, Snellville

After missing the place and driving by it twice, I finally spotted the sign, and turned in. It was now close to 12:00 pm, and I was greeted by a cute, healthy (not skinny, not fat) 5'4" mid twenties lady. She escorted me past what appeared to be a little lounge room on the right where there were about 5-6 other women sitting on the floor playing cards. They all turned around to look when I passed by and they all got very quiet. Strange feeling! Anyway, their door charge was the same as Sunshine Massage, so I sprang for an hour at $40. After the usual bath and a less than adequate massage, we agreed on my usual $100 tip. We did the usual suck/fuck, but this time I ended up giving her more head that she gave me. She then laid on her back near the edge of the table, while I stood up and began fucking her. After a few minutes of this, I bent over while fucking her and picked her up. So there we were me standing up straight in the middle of the floor, with her arms and legs locked around me. And I do mean locked. I kept fucking her, thrusting my pelvis up and down while holding her up by cradling her ass. A minute or two of this and I turned around and laid down backwards on the table. The whole time still fucking her. From then on it was her turn to ride me, wiggling her ass as if to bury my dick deeper in her pussy. She started getting a little vocal when she finally squatted over my dick a began letting it slide in and out, while giving me enough room for me for me to see. This was all I needed to shoot my load. I didn't realize that I had started sweating profusely as did she, until she collapsed on top of me. As we went back to the shower to wash up again, she told me that she came 2 times, once when I picked her up, and again when I laid down with her on top. She was on her way to cumming again when I came first. Not sure if I believed her. Oh well, who said that she was supposed to enjoy her self that much, especially when I'm paying. :-)

On the way out of the room, those other ladies all looked around at the same time, started smiling and giggling and whispering in their native lingo. The lady I was with smiled at them a little embarrassed I guess that he got so vocal. Definitely worth visiting again.

Subject: PS to original e-mail - Atlanta massage Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 12:27:27 UTC

This is a P.S. to my original E-mail to you about a week ago regarding oriental massage parlors in south metro Atlanta.

By the way, the prices I mentioned for the Royal spa and Sunshine massage are if you use the $10 off coupon in the creative loafing, Otherwise a full hour is $50. As a matter of fact, almost half the oriental places advertised offer either $10 or 10% off the basic fee with a copy of the ad. Also the Hot springs sauna (formerly Queen ), still has a sign out front that says Queen Oriental Massage. I guess that sooner or later they will get around to changing it. I will probably get around to trying one of the non-oriental massage places that advertise in the same section. I must admit, some of their ads look pretty enticing, and they are popping up all over the place. Maybe they will stay, of maybe they will be gone after the Olympics.

Subject: Eve's Garden Report in Atlanta Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996

If you are looking for an incall establishment in the Atlanta area try Eve's Garden. It is run by two young ladies named Brandi and Nina. You can find the number in the Xcitement magazine either under their names or Eve's Garden. The charge $150 for a half and $200 for a hour and even take credit cards for those who are bachelors and don't care. They work from Monday to Friday from about 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. When I called, I arranged a half hour session with Brandi, becasue I did not know what to expect. Was I in for a treat when I arrived. She met me at the door in a black teddy and robe. After she let me in, she was all over me, grabbing my dick, kissing me, feeling on me. I don't know if this was a test to see if I was a cop and would tell her to stop, but I loved it. Oh, by the way, Brandi is about 5' 9'', blond hair average size tits, and very good looking. We made our way to her room and started kissing and I started taking off her clothes and she mine, again I think this was another test because we did not exchange money until we were both half naked. Again if this was a test, I don't mind. Once that formality was over, she got the condom and started giving me a great blow job. I was about to cum so she rolled over and I started to fuck her. In a few minutes I came. She took the condom off and cleaned me up and noticed I was still hard. She said it was a turn on for her for a man to stay hard after he came. I guess it was such a turn on that she got another rubber and strapped it on and asked me to fuck her doggie style. I know you may think this is a buch of bull but she actually came. I can usually tell if a pro is faking, but she was not. She even admitted she did twice. After that we chatted while and discovered that I may know some people she knows. By this time Nina was in the apartment and she said that I should visit her next time. She is good looking too. I don't know how good Nina is yet but if she is anything like Brandi, I will be back.

Subject: Hef's Place in Atlanta, GA Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996

Hef's is an in-call establishment in the Sandy Springs section of Atlanta (they all seem to be). The cost is $150 fo up to an hour. This means that if it takes you 10 minutes to get off, they will show you the door, so as you can guess the ladies try to get you in and out fast, literally. They usually have about three to four women working in the townhouse at one time. At around 6 p.m. they change shifts. The woman range in sizes, shapes and ethnic backgrounds. When you go to visit, if you are a regular, (they give you a password), they will meet you in the living room wearing almost nothing. From here you can choose who you would like to be with. Most of the ladies I've ever seen here are average to very good looking. After selecting a lady you go upstairs to one of the bedrooms. She leaves you while you undress. When she returns she comes back with a wash bowl. They usually inspect and wash your penis before starting. Some try to give a massage before getting down to business, but like I said TIME IS MONEY. Only once was I with someone who actually acted like she was not in a rush. I forget her name but she was black, very tall, huge tits. She is from North Carolina and use to dance at one of the local clubs. She is worth the visit. The rest are average fucks. From a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate the place a 50.

Subject: Marrietta, GA-report (Atlanta area) Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996

I was in Georgia for the Olympics last month and decided to check out a massage parlor. i was staying in marietta and there was a place that turned out to be right off of the town square. I slipped off from my group one afternoon and checked it out the prices posted seemed in line with what i've read so i was looking forward to a fine time. Pretty young very small girl , korean i think , met me and tookm my money through a doctor style window and i half expected her to be my "escort" (by the way i think its the moonlight spa). Instead a thai woman named glen met me at the door I paid $80 for the VIP room since i wanted a jacuzzi and i hoped this ment no dashing around from room to room. Well it started out with 15 min in the sauna really nice neat place here. then a scrub down in an ovesized tub-jacuzzi. and 15 min soak the water was a little cool for my taste. Then onto a shampoo . this was the royal treatment and glen gave it all she had and i was beginnning to wonder if this place seemed a little too legit. she shampoo-ed both sides of me and payed special attention to the crack and very little attention to Mr Happy. Then onto the massage wich was a sports style massage and it was worth the price of admission. she worked every inch of my body from the bottoms of my feet to my scalp. every place that is except for my disappointed cock. . I was resigned to think that was all when she asked if there was anyplace else i wanted rubbed. I gave her the hand signals the girls around here insist we use she almost fell on the floor laughing. we negotiated down to 150 for 1/2 and 1/2 (she does do anal) and got down to it Glen was about 35 spiky haircut. Buxom (silicon) with really huge nipples about 1 inch ling and as fat as my pinky. she gave the best head i've ever had and let me say her snatch muscle was so well controlled i had to make sure her hand wasn't down there. afterwards she lay with me for about 15 min. then blotted the seepage from my cockslit, powered me, dressed me, combed my hair (which she had shampooed in the tub) Tied my shoes and sent me on my way. Total time 2 hours = cash spent 230 it was far and away the best experience i've ever had in a massage joint. Go to marrietta call and see when glen is working ---enjoy

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 Subject: Brothel in Atlanta, Georgia

I wanted to pass on some info about an excellent brothel operating in the metro Atlanta area. Because the cops also read these newsgroups, I'm not going to give specifics like location and phone number.

I found this operation in a local weekly newspaper called Creative Loafing. It's free and distributed all over town. Only the edition distributed inside I-285 (the Perimeter hiway) has the special Adult Entertainment section. Suffice to say that the ad was photo illustrated and you'll have to do the rest of the detective work to find them.

As far as I know, this operation has been in business for at least a year or two. Rates are $150/hour (or till you cum whichever happens first). No tipping necessary. Generally girls are available from lunch time until around 12am. The staff varies depending on time of day but never less than two girls. Best time seems to be around 5:30-6:30pm since the "shift change" happens at 6. The first time you call, they will probably want to call you back or verify some info so they can be reasonably sure you're not vice squad. After that, you will get a code phrase which will get you a quick response when calling in.

I've had three visits. The first was with a girl named Mona. She claimed to be 19, probably 20-21. Redhead, tall, 36C-24-35. Had recently had twins but beyond a few stretch marks looked great. Nice laid back attitude. Didn't require me to put on a condom until ready to fuck. The other girl available at the time was older, probably mid to late 30's, ex-dancer, okay looking.

The second visit I accidentally went back to the location of the first visit (at the time they had two locations). The apartment was empty, probably got busted. After getting the directions straight, I went to the original location. There were two girls there, Denee and Casey. Denee was supposedly a dancer and Casey was an FSU college student. Casey was black, tall, about 5'11" or so, slender but with nice firm D-cups. I choose Denee cause she was built like a brick outhouse. About 5'4", 36D (almost DD) 24-36. Superb tits and ass, built to fuck. Enjoyed myself for close to an hour. She performed as required including a long stint ontop. Not a big talker or outgoing personality but seemed to enjoy herself as required.

The third time was the best so far. There were six girls available. Denee and Casey were there as well as Heather, Brooke and Kristi (don't remember the other two's names). I choose Brooke. I mean, wouldn't you if you saw a 5'7", all-natural brunette 36D-24-36 tan all over stripper sitting in front of you ready to fuck?!? She was excellent. Started with a nice smooth massage including light fingernail action where it counted. Then an energetic BJ sans condom. At this point I realized that she was trying to get me off quickly but the nice thing about that was, she was totally polite about it. Not like some hookers who are real obvious about there desire to get rid of you. No, she just sucked and jerked as good as anyone ever and it took a great amount of motivation for me to resist her ministrations. I asked her if she liked to have her pussy eaten. Her response was "I don't get off on doing that" which seemed a little strange. Reminded me of an old girlfriend who said that cause she thought it was dirty. But I liked her response....she grabbed the KY jelly, lubed up her pussy and told me to play with her erect clit with my fingers. I then got her to lay down and she offered me her tits to suck. She then masturbated furiously for me while I put on a condom. Once inside, she proceeded to vigorously fuck me....even more when I got behind her. All in all, I say call on Wednesday, Friday evenings after 6 and days on Saturday and ask if Brooke is working, it's worth it....she's definitely a fantasy come true. Oh, BTW, she's used to dance at the Diamond Club in Atlanta.

So the next time you're riding down I-285 and you see an American flag flying outside an apartment, think about never know if she's flying that flag.

Date: 28 Oct 1996

Since this is my first posting to the newsgroup, I thought that I would relay my first experience with a prostitute.

This was back in August of 1996 just after the Olympics in Atlanta.

I found out about a place called World Health Spa from two sources. The first is the ever popular Creative Loafing (CL). A free weekly, it has an adult section in it. A good place to get some info about the local scene. The second place was online at the Georgia Guide to Adult Services. I wasn't going to pay to be a member, but they had a free preview which I took advantage of. I forget the URL, but you can get to it via the World Sex Guide under the Georgia, USA listing.

Anyway, it was 60 bucks for an hour massage, but you got 10 bucks off with the ad from CL (I think most of these places are like that). I went in, paid my 50 bucks and was taken to a private massage room by a girl named Mimi. She was a little older, early to mid 30s, but had a nice body. She told me to get undressed and came back with a towel. She led me to the steam room which I was in for what seemed like forever (i.e. I wasn't into it). Finally she collects me and takes me to the shower. She washed me all over, but it was more clinical than anything else. After that she took me back in to the massage room and proceeded to massage me. I guess it was a good massage, but I really hadn't gone for the massage.

Anyway, let me cut to the chase, she gets down with my back and flips me over and massages my front. By this time I have an erection because I know whats next. Then she sort of points at my dick and it is pretty obvious to me what she is asking. I say yes and she says she needs a tip. So I give her $120 thinking that this will get me full service, but I'm getting ahead of myself. So she gets on top of me and I start rubbing her body and sucking on her tits. She has a really nice body actually. Real smooth and silky feeling too. Nice legs. And smaller boobs, just the way I like them. So after a couple of minutes of groping her ass she rolls a condom on me and starts giving me a blow job. Its not bad, but for $120 I was expecting full service. After a couple of minutes of this I realize I am going to have to rectify the situation. I pull her up off my dick and pull her up towards me so that our crotches are at about the same height. She says to me that that will cost more. After some quick negotiations (during which she tells me she gets $300 for full service!) I give her another $60 and I get to stick it in her. She was very tight and it felt pretty good. She starts bouncing up and down on my cock very fast and making all of these outrageous noises like she is about to explode. I was extremely nervous so I came fairly quickly. Anyway, afterwards she stuck around for a few more minutes after cleaning me up. I got dressed and left. All in all not an experience I would repeat, but your mileage may vary.

Let me just say a few things in my own defense. This was my first time, I was very nervous, and it was right after the end of the Olympics. These things together may have attributed to the high price I paid. I say high because I have heard from people that anywhere from 80-120 bucks will get you full service. I know I got ripped off. But there always has to be a first time.

World Health Spa is located on Cheshire Bridge Road near Buford Hwy in the Buckhead section of Atlanta. They advertise in CL and a map to it is provided if you go to the Georgia Guide to Adult Services (assuming you have a web browser that can read images, alas I use lynx).

I have heard that the farther outside of Atlanta you go the more reasonable the prices become.

World Health was the only spa/massage place I tried in Atlanta. Oh, in case I forgot to mention it all of the girls there (and I only saw two, but then I came in at 11am) were oriental.

My next experience in Atlanta was MUCH better.

Until next time.

Date: 31 Oct 1996 Subject: My third experience

This post will be fairly brief. Hopefully you will have read my previous post regarding Eve's Garden in Atlanta where I had a wonderful experience with a girl named Beau. This time however, I thought "If Beau was that good, I wonder how good Ashley is?" Unfortunately, she does not even compare to Beau.

Ashley is pretty enough, not great looking, but certainly not bad. But right off the bat something just wasn't right. But let me start at the beginning.

I called to make an appointment and spoke with Beau. I identified myself, she remembered me, and seemed genuinely disappointed that I had decided to go with Ashley. And boy was I disappointed too.

When I got to the place I was let in (after waiting quite a while out side of the apartment and almost having a run in with the upstairs neighbor!) by Beau. We exchanged greetings and she led me into the room were I would be meeting Ashley. I got into the room and noticed some rather functional looking pieces of furniture (i.e. bondage type stuff). Well I waited for Ashley. And I waited. Then I waited some more. She was in the bathroom (which was off of the room I was in) getting ready. I could hear her and occasionally catch a glimpse of her through the crack of the door. When she did finally come out I noted the time. (BTW, if I forgot to mention it, my time with Beau was easily more than 30 minutes.) As I had said I like to take things slowly, but not Ashley. She complained that I had an unfair advantage, being dressed and all. So I got naked. She wouldn't let me touch her crotch area saying she was very nervous about that sort of thing. She was wearing stockings, but wouldn't let me take them off to touch her feet saying that she hadn't shaved her legs (personally I don't care and said so, but she stil wouldn't let me take them off). She got on top of me and started banging me very fast so that I said to slow down and she said that she liked it fast. I switched the position to missionary to get more control, but she quickly suggested doggie. I hesitated (I have absolutely no control in the doggie position) but I felt pressured so I agreed. I came in about two seconds (I am so emabarassed!) and in the aftermath the condom slipped off of me (I am not a large man) and the condom (still inside of her) spilled semen all over the bed. Needless to say, she totally freaked out. She jumped up asked me if I came inside of her (I said no, which was the truth) and she ran into the bathroom. I cleaned myself up and got dressed. When she came out of the bathroom she apologized for freaking out. I of course was gracious and said that everything was okay. I was shown the front door and left. Time from start to finish was maybe 15 minutes, plus the time it took me to get dressed.

All in all very unsatisfying. The whole time I was with Ashley, I was thinking "This was a mistake. Next time I will choose Beau." I cannot recommend her to anyone. My only reget is that I was unable to post this review earlier so that the guy who had his experience with Ashley would not have had to wasted his time.

Next time I make an appointment with Beau again. And she is excellent!

Date: 31 Oct 1996 Subject: My fourth experience

This should be the last (and the shortest) of my posts dealing with my experiences while in Atlanta.

For those of you who read my previous post regarding Ashley at Eve's Garden, I remembered one last thing about her that disturbed me. As we were leaving the room (I had already gotten dressed) we overheard the other girl taking an appointment for Ashley. She recognized the guys name and said that she hoped it wasn't the guy she thought it might be because she disliked having sex with black guys. Not being black, I guess she felt comfortable saying this to me. Anyway, it disturbed me.

For my fourth and final visit I decided to get an hour with Beau. I won't bore you with the details of my session as it was fairly similar to the previous session I had with her, that is to say, wonderful. On the way out she paid me a nice compliment. She said I was a good lover. Now I could have been cynical and taken this as her way of trying to get my repeat business, but instead I chose to take her at face value. She had no reason to believe that I wouldn't be back. Anyway, I thought it was a very nice touch. It certainly made my day. The next day I was on a plane back home. However, I am currently planning a trip to Atlanta, hopefully sometime before the end of the year. If I can make it, I know where I will spend at least one happy day.

Quick note about the very famous Beth in Atlanta who also advertises in Creative Loafing. I tried getting in touch with her. The phone was always busy or she was always out (another girl would answer and would say she would be right back). When I finally got in touch with her she wouldn't accept my out-of-state driver's license as proof that I was not a cop. Things she would accept were: an airline ticket showing your origin and a return flight or a recent pay stub. Since I had neither at the time (because of various unfortunate circumstances) I was never able to meet her aquaintance. Next time I'll bring the required items, however.

The next time I write I relay my experiences with two massage parlors in NJ.

Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 Subject: REVIEW: Eve's Garden in Atlanta

Well, I finally had the pleasure of sampling the delights of Eve's Garden in Atlanta this morning. For those of you who are not familiar with this place, it is a brothel in Atlanta that advertises in Creative Loafing. Had read reports about Brandi and Nina there and had spoken wiith Nina on the phone. Anyway, because of the glowing reports I decided to give it a try.

I called and spoke to someone named Ashley. She indicated that Nina had not been there in a while and that Brandi was unavailable. So I settled for 20 year old Ashley. Their prices were 150/half hour, 200/hour, but Ashley quoted 250 for the hour so I took the half and made an appt. for the next day.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a 20 yr. old Ashley in bra, panties and short robe. She led me to a room where a little tittie sucking went on. She then said "Let's take care of business so we can have some fun". AFter leaving with the $$$ she cam back and laid on the bed and watched me undress.

Now Ashley gives very good head, even if she did make me put on a condom first, but as far as fucking, she is very average. An OK personality and probably a 6 in looks. An OK body with natural breasts but not a great face.

No kissing was allowed and I found it difficult to really get into the swing of things. She just was not the exciting person I was expecting. Now Nina was exciting on the phone and I hope to one day meet her but Ashley was just so-so.

There was another girl there that had a cold look to her.

If Brandi or Nina come back, I will ive them a try, but until then my bucks will go somewhere else. The infamous Michelle did not have as good a body but was more fun. I still need to give Beth a try.

Anyway, if anyone has any other experiences with these incall places, please post them here.

Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 Subject: (ASP) Atlanta Review-A TEN at last

Before I begin let me give you my definition of a "10" First the lady must be strikingly beautiful. Not just pretty or cute but gorgeous.The type of lady that walks into a room and all heads turn, not just the men. Her eyes, face, figure and hair must all belong together and be perfect.

Secondly, she must have charisma, taste, charm and class. This all falls under the category of personality. How many times I've settled for looks and "will fuck" with ladies with the personality or charm of a desk lamp. Often times the setting or environment reveals a great deal about a sex workers ideals, attitudes, values and such.

Lastly, the sex must be ecstasy!!!

I realize that my evaluations and vernacular may be a bit esoteric for those of you more comfortable with $5-$20 Stewart Ave. back alley blowjobs, but to each his own.

The lady's name is Victoria. She is a 5'6", 105 lb., 36"-21"-34", blonde haired, blue eyed, tanned (everywhere) fox, that will fuck your brains out in the privacy of her elegantly furnished northside apartment. She runs an ad in Xcitment in the back under massage.

Her sexy English accent had me going even before I had seen her. She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women that I've ever layed eyes on, let alone layed. She is very well educated and is in fact putting herself through med school by selling her time to gentlemen.

Sexual activity with this young lady is definitely not for the faint of heart. She fucks with an animalistic passion that indicates that she truly enjoys her work.

For those of you looking for first class sex with an elegant young lady I promise that you won't be dissappointed!!!

Subject: Re: (ASP) Atlanta Review-A TEN at last Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996

The author of the original post e-mailed me and advised that Victoria's telephone number is (770) 552-XXX9. He also advised that she charges $150 per hour for full service.

My congratulations to this gent for his prompt reply and the additional information.

Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997

I'll post my impressions of these oriental spas. I've gone to probably half of them in Atlanta, (there are alot). For the most part the ladies are in their late twenties, early thirties. They don't seem to have ever been married or have boyfriends, husbands, or families. When I ask them why they say they are too busy pursuing their career/ and making money. What a life.

Anyway the only oriental place I would recommend is PEachtree spa within the permiter. There are too ladies there who are fine but in their late twenties or mid twenties.. I forget their names it's been a few months since I went. But this place has never let me down.

My technique is to pay the fee (don't forget to bring an ad from creative loafing or the atlanta paper to get $10 bucks off). Then get a body shampoo where they wash you all over, and when they when they wash your balls and dick they ask "you likey). No, of course not

Then get the massage for about ten minutes while laying on your stomach, when they ask you to flip over, start touching them on their bottom, and usually after a few minutes the talk gets to getting laid. Being such a cheapskate I always plead poverty, say that I can't pay morre than $50 for a blow job, first they always say no, but I'll give you a hand job. Wait em out, and usually (but not always) they will come around. So you get a nice body shampoo (nice ) and pretty good massage for 10-20 minutes, and a blow job for about $100. Not bad. Life is good in Atlanta.

One last funny thing. About two months ago I went to the Dixie Spa and paid for the fee $40 with my credit card. The lady was not cooperative at all, wouldn't even give me a hand job. I stalked out of there, told the manager I wouldn't ever come back (she said she was going to fire the lady who gave me the massage), but wouldn't give me a refund or a new girl. So now I am in the process of going thru my credit card company in appealing the charge... Still haven't figured out a way to tell my card company because I didn't get any, I got gipped.

Last of all does anyone out there have anything to say about any other places, Would especially like to hear about Wild Orchid Spa. I think it is run like an oreintal place, but with American (and oreintal) ladies. ANyone have anything good to say about this place?

Date: 27 Jan 1997

If any of you have made a trip to Germany you can understand the frustration and disappointment associated with the hit and miss satisfaction of the U.S. sex for sale industry. I spent three years in Germany and was spoiled by the unbridled sex industry there. A rundown of prostitution in Germany -- Prostitution is legal - regulated by the government. In Frankfurt it is a shopping center type setting - several blocks of 5 to 7 story buildings - every floor - every door has a lady - literally hundreds of women - every size - shape - race - and persuasion - full service can be obtained for about 50DM - about 35 - 40 dollars. Anyway - getting to the point - I now live in Atlanta - over the past four years I have had less 'sexual service' than one week in Germany. Have done the usual. Started at lingerie studios - Jack shacks - and don't be fooled - these are ONLY jack shacks anybody saying anything different is lying. If you want to spend the money feel free - you won't solve any mystery - alot of money won't accomplish a damn thing. Had some sick experiences with streetwalkers - this is about the most dangerous thing to do. If you do choose this route (it is the cheapest) make damn sure they don't have a dick! Just thinking about it gives me the chills - very scary! Haven't tried the massage parlors - but plan to very soon - due to all the traffic here and the good reviews - sounds like fun. My best experiences have been with escort agencies - the Atlanta yellow pages has several hundred. This is where the hit and miss comes into play. Most ladies that have contacted me from an agency lie pretty well - if they say they are younger, they are older ect..... Most of them are in their thirties. I've found several that are honest and have personality. Don't expect your hottest wildest dream come true - the best ladies are slightly above average. If you find one you like stick with her for a while - it pays off :-) Diana from Discreet & Dominant has been the best so far. Half the fun of calling an agency is finding out who comes to the door. The mystery is agonizing but exciting - I have never turned any of them away - the experience alone is exotic and most of the time satisfying. Back to diana - this was the first time I used Discreet & Dominant. Diana is 31 about 5'7 110lbs. about an 8 and enjoys her work which makes her a 10 in my book. We talked for a while, then she asked where we could fuck - got right to the point gotta like that - went to my bedroom - no bathroom stop first - she helped me out of my clothes and she stripped for me. She broke out lotion and stared a killed massage - over my whole body. Feeling her pussy on my ass, back and legs was outstanding. She rubbed her pussy on my ass until is started getting wet. She had me turn over and started on my dick. I asked ber to turn around and she did - 69 I thought was taboo but she was getting into it as much as I was. She rammed her pussy into my face and grinnded hard - she would stop sucking my dick to let out sighs and moans and then would start sucking my dick harder. This continued for about 10-15 minutes - I guess she was enjoying herself - I came before we could fuck - to bad. Next time. She gave me her personal # and said next time to call her direct and we could spend more time - I think when they feel confortable they don't rely on the agency as much. anyway this was my first posting on this newsgroup - I have several other girls that are worth more attention - E-mail for contact info - haven't found any independents besides diana and she was only after her first visit - this may hold true with other ladies - Average escort in Atlanta run $200. If we network here maybe we can avoid the hit and miss until the U.S. becomes more like Germany in about 50 YEARS!


Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 Subject: Re: Atlanta Options

Have done the usual. Started at lingerie studios - Jack shacks - and : don't be fooled - these are ONLY jack shacks anybody saying anything : different is lying. If you want to spend the money feel free - you won't : solve any mystery - alot of money won't accomplish a damn thing.

I am afraid I must respectfully disagree. I know from personal experience that the girls at Showgirls Lingerie and Naughty Girls Lingerie will let you fondle up a storm while they do a pretty good handjob for a tip of $80-100 on top of the session fee, which runs $35-50. Granted, this is rather serious money for a 30-minute handjob. But the girls who work there are genuinely hot and both places are open virtually around the clock. Showgirls Lingerie and Naughty Girls Lingerie are located on Cheshire Bridge Road, between Piedmont Road and LaVista Road. Showgirls is at 1918 Cheshire Bridge Road, on the same side of the street as the Tops & Tails strip bar and the McDonald's. Call (404) 881-8051. Naughty Girls is at 1893 Cheshire Bridge Road, between the Collonade Restaurant and a liquor store. Call (404) 872-2074. No connection. Just a satisfied customer. Fire up DejaNews for my reviews.

Haven't tried the massage parlors - but plan to very soon - due to all : the traffic here and the good reviews - sounds like fun.

The vast, vast majority of massage places in the Atlanta area are staffed by Asian women. (There are a few that advertise "All American Staff," but I've read reports that they are strictly no-touch.) The quality of the girls varies WIDELY. One night you'll get a dowdy 35-year-old wearing a frumpy dress who thinks you're the law and then once you convince her you're not does nothing more than go through the motions. The next time you come in, you'll luck out with a young hot thing that really enjoys her work. In either case, you'll pay a session fee of $40-60 dollars, plus a tip of $40-140 dollars depending on what you want and how good a negotiator you are. It's all very hit-and-miss. And just when you find a girl you like, she quits. Best bet is to visit several places until you are greeted by a girl who looks good. If she seems too good to be true, verify that she will be doing your session.

Date: Thursday, 30 January, 1997 Subject: Victoria in Atlanta - a review

I had the good fortune of visiting this lady over the past weekend and here is my review of her with good and bad points.

Good: Very nice body All over tan Fee is 'all inclusive' Nice apartment Great smile and personality Her measurements are correct She is shaved and has a pierced belly button Gives and recieves oral

BAD: She's closer to 35 than 25 Her breasts are fake - but still look ok Rushed me through the session (15 minutes versus 1hr) 20 minute drive from downtown over a toll road Hard to get an appointment time

Would I recommend her? Yes! She needs to be more honest with her age and she needs to tell new customers she's off a toll road so you can make sure you have change for the booth.

Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 Subject: Re: [ASP] Atlanta Basics

I plan to be in Atlanta this summer. Does anyone have information of : available services? Incall, outcall, prices?

I plan to stay at a hotel in Buckhead. Any full service massage : parlors in the neighborhood?

Atlanta has a pretty good commercial sex scene. First, they have excellent strip clubs which are all-nude and serve alcohol. Alas, they don't offer lap dances, only no-touch "table dances." Still, the women are drop-dead gorgeous. My favorites are the Cheetah, downtown, corner Spring St. and 8th, and the Gold Club, in Buckhead, corner Piedmont Rd. and Lindbergh Drive. Second, Atlanta has numerous lingerie modeling places, at which you can usually get a pretty good hand job for a $100 tip on top of the $35-50 door fee. Granted, that's expensive. But the girls are, IMHO, really hot and these places are open virtually 24 hours a day. For a complete review, search Or just go to one of my two favorite places:

Showgirls Lingerie and Naughty Girls Lingerie are located on Cheshire Bridge Road, between Piedmont Road and LaVista Road. Showgirls is at 1918 Cheshire Bridge Road, on the same side of the street as the Tops & Tails strip bar and the McDonald's. Call (404) 881-8051. Naughty Girls is at 1893 Cheshire Bridge Road, between the Collonade Restaurant and a liquor store. Call (404) 872-2074. (Both these places are quite close to Buckhead.)

Third, Atlanta has numerous asian spas. You'll pay a door fee of $40-60, plus $80-120 for full service. The girls are hit or miss. Sometimes, you'll find a real looker. Other times, you'll get some ancient mamasan who looks like she's been working there since Carter was governor. It pays to shop around. My favorite is the Palm Tree Spa, which advertises in the local newspaper sports section. But it's been over a year since I've been in there, and that's a lifetime in the spa biz. Overall, the asian spas are the most reliable, least hassle, way of getting laid. IMHO, the best places are located out in the suburbs in strip malls. The ones in town are less friendly and more expensive.

Fourth, Atlanta has an incall scene, which is just starting to take off. You'll pay $150-200 for an hour of full service. These girls advertise in weekly papers (see below). You can search Dejanews for reviews, but the turnover in this segment is VERY high, so caveat emptor. One girl that's gotten pretty good reviews is Victoria, who posts the URL to her web page periodically to this group. Anybody have it for this guy?

By all means, rent a car. Atlanta is NOT a public transportation friendly city. Also, pick up a copy of two tabloid newspapers: Creative Loafing and X-Citement. Both are free and widely available around town. In those two papers, you'll find all kinds of information on the pay-to-play scene.

Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 Subject: Atlanta Recommendations for Traveler

Recently a fellow asked about what kinds of services were available in the Atlanta area. Mike South has already provided the up-to-date information that the Dekalb County police recently busted most, if not all, of the asian spa places in that county. Fear not, there are alternatives.

In the asian spa category, I would recommend obtaining a copy of Creative Loafing, which is a free weekly tabloid newspaper that's available all over town. In CL, you'll find an extensive list of asian spas. (You can also find info in a weekly free tabloid called X-Citement, if it's still publishing. And in a pinch, you can find a few spa ads in the sports section of the daily newspaper.)

Anyway, my favorite has always been the Palm Tree Spa in Norcross. But that's in Dekalb County, so they may not be operating at the moment. As a backup, I'd recommend any of the places in Jonesboro, south of the city. There is one behind the Hooters and one that about 7 traffic lights down the main four-lane drag. Both are easily accessible from I-75, exit 77 and both advertise. As for the girls at the asian spas, it's really hit or miss. The staff changes too frequently to say that a certain spa has the hottest chicks. The key is to shop around. And once you're in there, be assertive. If you don't like the girl who greets you, politely ask to seek who else is working.

Avoid the asian spas in the city of Atlanta, especially those in Buckhead. IMHO, they are not good values.

In addition to the spa route, there are "lingerie modeling" places south of Buckhead, along Cheshire Bridge Road between Piedmont and I-85. The good news is that the girls who work there are (IMHO) drop-dead gorgeous and they're open virtually 24 hours. The bad news is you'll pay $50 for the "session fee," plus a tip of $80-100 for a handjob. Anything less is strictly watch and whack.

There is a growing incall/independent scene in Atlanta. Victoria is often recommended in this category. In Creative Loafing and X-Citement, you'll find lots of ads. But the quality varies widely and the turnover in that business is great. So again, it's hit or miss.

Finally, if you're using I-75 to go through town, you should consider a stop at the Taj Mahal strip club, which is northwest of downtown, outside I-285 on Hwy. 41. It's a normal "look but don't touch" strip club featuring the usual silicone goddesses. But it's best feature is a POOLSIDE OUTDOOR stage. So come as you are, and sit outside in your shorts soaking up rays. A nice change of pace.

Hope this information proves helpful.

Date: 16 Jul 1997 Subject: Report on Atlanta's Oasis Spa

Guys, I recently passed through Atlanta and had the opportunity to visit Victoria and the Oasis Spa. The first report discussed Victoria and this second report will discuss Oasis.

After seeing Victoria in north Atlanta, I preceeded down highway 400 (which became a toll road for 50 cents) and finally got onto I-95. I got off 95 onto highway 41/92 but soon got lost. I finally realized that there are two places to get onto this road off of I-95, so be sure to take the southern-most exit that also says "Jonesboro", which is south of the airport.

Anyway, I had been wanting to try out an Asian spa after reading about them here. I was a little concerned since I had read about the raids in DeKalb countly, but still wanted to try one. I am not much into Orientals, but the idea still intrigued me of being able to go into a place and get laid. So, about an hour after seeing Victoria, I was walking into the Oasis Spa which, from reading of such spas in the WSG, seemed to be the highest rated in the Jonesboro area. I rang the buzzer and the "mamasan" comes out. She tells me it will be about 20 more minutes but, if I want, she can give me the shower. After she made it clear that she would not be the one to give me the massage, I agreed. She led me back into the shower, which held a waterproof mattress that I was directed onto. She wet me down with warm water, scrubbed my backside, rinsed me, had me turn over and repeated the action on my front side. It was all quite clinical and non-sexial.

After she dried me off, it was back to the massage room where I was told to lie down and that the girl would be with me in shortly. Sure enough, the girl comes in and she was fairly attractive, about a 7 or 8. She asks if I want a full hour or half hour. I say half hour, and she asks for $40. I gave it to her and she left the room, returning a minute later to commence a very nice massage. When she was done, she asked me if I wanted anything more. She did this while flicking my nipples and lightly fondling my cock. Nothing like giving a man a hardon to get money out of him! I said I wanted everything, and she told me that would cost extra. I asked how much, and she told me to offer a price. I said $80, and she said no way. After some negotiation, we settled on $120. I gave her the money, she again left then came back, and stripped down. She got right to work, deftly putting on a condom on my rising cock and she gave just enough head to get me fully hard.

Her body wasn't all that great - her tits were smallish and sagging, but she did have a pretty face and beautiful hair. Her body wasn't that bad, I mean, maybe a 7. Her skin was ever so soft, unlike Victoria's, so I enjoyed feeling her all over. Anyway, after just getting me hard, she got up on the table and squatted down on my cock. She did have one tight pussy! I let our an audible "Oh" as she sat down on it. It really felt wonderful. Even though I had cum with Victoria just 1 1/2 hours earlier, I knew I would have no trouble cumming again with Su (the name of the girl). After a few minutes of being on top, she laid back and we repositioned for the missionary postion. Sure enough, after a few more minutes, I was cumming again.

Done, we get up and she got a tissue to remove the condom. She massages my cock to get out the last bit of cum, cleans me up with a wet wash cloth, dries me, and with a hug, sends me on my way.

Overall, I was certainly rushed and the sex was too short. I didn't like the fact that she gave head just long enough to get me hard. So, to summarize, I was disappointed with the service. Still, just to be able to walk into a business establishment and get laid like that is kind of nice. It beats the hassle of making apointments and such. Oasis was certainly clean and discrete, though, so your milage with other girls may vary. I can recommend Oasis as you will get what you really want - sex.

So, the massage business is still alive and well in the Atlanta area.

In conclusion, Atlanta is great for sex, though if I get that way again, I would probably try harder to see Joy. But then, I am hard to please.

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