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Subject: Atlanta Lingerie
Date: Thu,  4 Jan 1996

I recently paid a couple of visits to a lingerie modeling studio in
Atlanta and I thought I'd update everyone on what I learned. To summarize
my findings in a catchy ad-man-like phrase: "They're not just jack shacks
anymore." But the price of extra service can be quite high indeed.


Unfortunately, Atlanta's streets are not laid out on a neat grid system,
which makes ASCII maps impossible to create. So bear with me as I do the
best I can to describe where the lingerie modeling shops are found. You'll
need a map. The rental car variety will do, but this is MUCH easier if you
have a real map. (Recommended: The map put out jointly by Delta, CNN, Bank
South and Hertz. It is available from Hertz, but you gotta ask for it.)

Start by locating the northern junction of I-75 and I-85. Now follow I-85
northeast for a couple of exits above the junction. Locate where I-85
crosses Piedmont Road and LaVista Road. If you get to North Druid Hills
Road, you're looking too far northeast. If you see Peachtree Street,
you're looking too far southwest. Once you've located that general area of
Atlanta, look for Cheshire Bridge Road. The southern end of Cheshire
Bridge Road starts at the intersection with Piedmont Road, then Cheshire
Bridge Road runs generally northeast until it goes under I-85 at the
intersection with the Buford Highway and Lenox Road.

Big dummy method: From downtown, go north on the "downtown connector,"
which is what they call the combination of I-75 and I-85 downtown. It's
about 20 lanes wide. Follow the signs for I-85 northbound, then take the
FIRST exit which is labeled Buford Highway. The ramp will put you onto
what looks like another freeway. Stay on that about 100 yards to the first
exit. At the end of the exit ramp, you'll come to a T-shaped intersection
in front of a fire station. Turn left and you'll be on Cheshire Bridge
Road at the southern end. From the north, take I-85 south to exit 30 and
follows the signs for Cheshire Bridge Road. You'll be at the northern end
of Cheshire Bridge Road.

There are five lingerie modeling places in this area of town. They change
their names every so often, so I'll just call them Shop 1 to Shop 5. I've
numbered them from south-to north. Shop 1 is on the north side of Cheshire
Bridge Road about 150 feet west of Piedmont Road. If you get to the
Denny's at Piedmont Circle, you've gone too far. Shop 1-A features female
models and Shop 1-B features male models. They are right next door to each
other. Shop 2 is on the south side of Cheshire Bridge Road, about
half-mile east of Piedmont Road, at the intersection of Lidell Drive. As
you go northeast, Shop 2 is on your right. Shop 2 is located between the
Collonade Restaurant and a liquor store, next door to an "adult boutique."
Shop 3 is directly across the street from Shop 2. If you continue
northeast on Cheshire Bridge Road for another half-mile and look on the
south (right) side of the road, you'll come to Shop 4. Across the street,
there is a strip bar. Shop 4 features both male and female models. If you
continue northeast on Cheshire Bridge Road, past LaVista Road, you'll find
Shop 5 on the left side. It's a tiny place and dimly lit, so it's easy to
miss. If you get to the big gas station and convenience store on the left
side of Cheshire Bridge Road you've gone too far.

Need more information? These aren't the only lingerie modeling places in
town. There is one across the street from the Cheetah III in Midtown, a
couple downtown, and some on the north side of town. Best source of
information on these places (and all other kinds of sex related stuff) in
Atlanta is a free tabloid called X-Citement. You can also look in a weekly
tabloid called Creative Loafing.


When you enter, you'll be greeted by one to four girls, often dressed in
(surprise!) lingerie. Bikinis are also popular. Sometimes all of the girls
who are working will get up to greet you and it's clear you have your
choice. But often, they try to create rotation system so that the hottest
girls don't get all the customers. They do this by having only one girl
get up and greet you when you enter while the others sit sullenly on the
sofa, avoiding eye contact. Do not be bullied into settling for the girl
who greets you. If one of the others strikes your fancy, it is perfectly
permissible to request her for a session. Shopping hint: Drop by all of
the places and check out who is working, then come back and take a session
from the best-looking girl. I just say "I just thought I'd stop by and see
who was working right now. I've got to hit the money machine, so I'll see
you later." The girls see through this transparent excuse and they know
you're shopping. The aggressive ones will pressure you to stay. But be
strong and make your rounds before settling on a girl.

As for the selection and quality of girls, here are my observations as of
December 1995. White models outnumber black models about 10-to-1 in Shops
1-5. If you are looking for black women, you'd best look elsewhere.
(Downtown?) The models tend to be VERY young. I have yet to meet one that
admits to being more than 22 and the girls don't appear to be fudging on
their age. In fact, a local TV station did a report in early 1995 about
how some of the lingerie modeling studios hire underage women. I'm sure
the publicity has ended that practice, but if your taste runs toward young
women, I'd recommend Shops 1-5. The models also tend to be petite and very
slim. It's very rare to find one who has had a boob job or even one who
could be described as "curvy." Think of a tiny size 3 college coed and
you'll get the picture. Overall, I am consistently impressed with the
quality of the women who model at the Cheshire Bridge Road lingerie shops.
Virtually any time of the day or night, you can find a truly stunning

IMHO, as of December 1995 Shop 2 and Shop 4 had the largest selection and
the hottest girls. Shop 5 had the worst selection and the ugliest girls.
Shops 1 and 3 feature the isolated superstar, but mostly average girls.
But beware the staff at these places changes CONSTANTLY, so it pays to
shop around. Here's another hint: take advantage of the 11:00 p.m. shift
change. Check out the selection about 10:15 or 10:30. If one of the models
is hot, snap her up because she's going off duty at 11:00. But if nobody
floats your boat, come back after the shift changes and you'll see a new
lineup. (The girls tend to be tardy, so it often takes until 11:30 or so
for the night shift to start.) Note well: Shop 4 has its shift change at
midnight vice 11:00 p.m. All the shops are open virtually 24 hours.

Generally, I prefer the girls who work from 11 or 12 until the wee hours
of the morning. That's the busiest time for the business, and it seems to
draw the best-looking women. Moreover, they tend to be the most
professional and most skilled at putting on a hot session. The downside is
that they can be a little mercenary. Some of them are hot, they know
they're hot, and they ask for outrageous tips. So you may do better
getting a girl from the evening shift, or even the day shift. The theory
is those girls make less money, so they're willing to do more for a
smaller tip. Hint: It usually works just like lap dancing. The hotter the
girl, the less she needs to do in the way of extras because she can rely
on her looks.


After you choose a girl, you'll pay a session fee to her up front. As of
December 1995, the going rates were $35 for 20 minutes and $50 for 30
minutes. This is drastically cheaper than the session fees were 5-10 years
ago, when you paid $50 for 3 *SONGS* played on a boombox in the room
lasting, maybe, 15 minutes. Usually the girls wear a watch and keep track
of the time. But it never hurts to keep track yourself so that you get all
you paid for. After you pay the session fee, the girl will take you to a
private room that measures about 8 by-10 feet. The rooms typically feature
carpeting, paneling, very dim lighting, a boombox and an overstuffed
recliner-type chair. Overall it's basic, but clean and comfortable. BTW,
most places provide tissues, but not lotion or lube. Bring your own if you
need it.

Once you're in the private room, the girl will excuse herself for a few
minutes. Before she goes, she'll say something like "make yourself as
comfortable as you like and I'll be right back." This is your signal to
disrobe as far as necessary to permit you to masturbate. Can't say for
sure why they leave you there alone for a couple of minutes. Perhaps they
are logging in the session to keep track of the time. Perhaps they're
waiting to see if you disrobe because they (erroneously) think cops won't
do that. In any case, I think your time should not begin to run until the
girl returns. When she does, I always make a point of looking at my watch
so she knows I'm keeping track of the time.

Now we get to the subject of tipping. In theory, you are not required to
tip. In return for the session fee, the girl is supposed to strip nude and
dance for the requisite length of time. You are free to jack off. If you
try this, however, the girl will take forever to strip, and she'll do it
at the opposite end of that dimly-lit room. (They usually have the lights
arranged so that there are some really dark corners near the door.) You'll
spend the entire session squinting into the gloom. Not very fun.

In practice, I've found that a tip equal to the session fee is good
starting point. What do you get for that? Good question. The answer is
YMMV. But at a minimum you'll get what I call a "no-hands session." What
this means is that while you jack off, the girl will get as closely as
humanly possible without touching your dick. And when I say close, I mean
within inches. You'll also get some hot breath on your cock, and maybe a
few stabs of her tongue in your ear along with lots of dirty talk. She'll
stand right next to your chair and put one leg up on the arm while she
plays with her pussy just inches from your face. She may even use a dildo.
What you WON'T be able to do is touch her with your hands. This is your
basic jack shack session. Lots and lots of tease, but you can't touch her
at all and she only touches you incidentally. If the girl is hot and you
don't mind being your own best friend, it can be fun. Whether it's worth
$70-100 is up to you.

For the past 10 years, the no-hands session has been the norm in Atlanta.
The managers of the lingerie shops were very good about policing
themselves and they quickly fired girls who permitted touching of any
kind. (Like the legendary Pebbles.) But about 5 years ago, the Asian spas
moved in and the police have let them operate. In the Asian spas, for
$100-to-120 you can get full service or very close to it. The competition
from the Asian spas has forced the lingerie modeling places to expand the
services that they offer. (I love the free market!) As of December 1995,
if you tipped enough, you could touch the girl. How much is enough? In
Shop 2 I discovered that a $40 tip was all it took to fondle every last
inch of a slim, tan lovely named Jasmine. She stood next to the recliner
and let me run my hands over her tight little ass and pert tits. She even
let me stroke her pubic hair while she fingered her pussy. Jasmine said
that for a tip of $100, she'd give me a hand job. But I didn't go for
that. Two days later, in the very same shop, a model named Candy refused
to allow me to touch her until I'd tipped a MINIMUM of $100! I found that
ridiculously steep and settled for a no-hands session. The point here is
that you should be prepared to settle for a no-hands session, or cough up
at least a $100 tip. But if you get the right girl, you could get away
with a considerably smaller tip. Of course, finding the right girl is
easier said than done.

So as of December 1995, I'll summarize the lingerie modeling scene on
Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta thusly: There is an excellent selection of
models, mostly young and slim and petite. The session fees are
much-reduced from where they were five years ago. A standard, no-hands
session of 30 minutes duration is reliably available for a total outlay of
$100, and only $70 for a session of 20 minutes duration. Touching the girl
can usually be negotiated, but the tip required varies from as low as $40
to as high as $100. Having the girl touch you costs even more.

In the summer of 1996, the Olympic Games will be held in Atlanta and lots
of people with lots of money will arrive in town. I have a hunch that the
lingerie modeling places will add staff to handle the anticipated business
and that means the selection will be better. Whether this increased staff
results in more competition and lower prices, or whether price gouging
will be the norm, remains to be seen.

Subject: Atlanta Lingerie Modeling Update Date: 26 Oct 1996 20:32:10 -0400 Mr. Dick O'Stone recently encouraged folks to take advantage of the new anonymous remailers and post some good information in this newsgroup. I agree with him that it's up to us to do something to counterbalance the endless spammage, so here goes. Last month (Sept. 96) I had the chance to do a couple of sessions at a lingerie modeling place in Atlanta which I've visited a number of times over the past 10 years. The shop I visited is on Cheshire Bridge Road, as are several other lingerie modeling places. The place I went is the one across the street from the Tops and Tails strip bar, in the general vicinity of the McDonald's. There is another lingerie shop across the street, which is owned by the same owner. In addition to doing a couple of session, I stopped by at least three other times to check out the selection of girls. I was consistently impressed. During the evening and overnight shifts (roughly 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.) this place has at least four girls on duty. The vast majority of them are *very* young in appearance and *very* attractive. IMHO, some these girls are every bit as hot as the dancers at the Cheetah or the Gold Club. Despite the "lingerie" angle, most of them dress in bikinis, which I find exciting. The work on a rotation system to decide who gives you the sales pitch. But I never had a problem choosing from one of the other girls. The session fee was $35 for 20 minutes and $50 for 30 minutes. The rooms were clean, rather dimly lit and furnished with a comfortable recliner for me and (sometimes) a small bench for the girl to perform on. As befitting a "jack shack," tissues were available, but no lube. Music is provided by a boombox. My first session was with Abbey. She was about 5'6" tall, with a tight and toned and tan body featuring well-executed silicone tits. (By well executed, I mean they weren't too large for her frame.) Abbey had chin length "blonde" hair, pretty dark eyes and a cute, youthful face. She had a nice lower tan line, which she said she maintains by wearing a t-back bikini bottom during her tanning bed sessions. As soon as the session started, Abbey stripped totally nude and moved close to the recliner. This was a nice change from some girls who try to extract a tip just to get naked or move out of a distant dark corner. I began with a tip of $40, which caused Abbey to stand right next to the recliner and stroke my thighs with her fingernails. I tipped her $20 more and she let me touch her anywhere except her pussy. Even though her tits were enhanced, they felt pretty good. After one song, Abbey nodded toward my hard cock, which I was slowly stroking, and said "I might be able to help you with that." So I gave her another $20 tip, for a total of $80. Abbey then knelt in front of me and performed an excellent handjob. For the next 20 minutes, Abbey stroked away while making polite conversation. Occasionally she changed positions so I could caress her tight tan body. When my 30 minutes were up, so told me "last song," and stroked me until I came in some tissue. Very, very nice. Went back a few days later and did a session with Candy, who looked about 18 years old. She was tall and quite thin, with creamy skin, a teen-dream face and one of those Generation-X parted-in-middle haircuts you see on the high school girls at the mall. Candy wasn't as enthusiastic as Abbey had been. I ended up tipping her $100 and she only reluctantly took my cock in hand at the very end of the session to finish me off. Still, considering it was about 3:00 a.m. and everywhere else was closed, it was a nice session. In summary, I would HIGHLY recommend a session with Abbey. She advises me she usually works during the day shift, which means she gets off in the late afternoon. IMHO, the other models are pretty damn hot as well. Finally, Abbey explained to me that since the lingerie place across the street is under the same ownership, the girls are required to rotate weekly. So if you can't find Abbey at one place, try across the street. Abbey also claims that the place on the same side of the street as McDonald's and Tops and Tails is a little "looser" in terms of customer/model contact. Abbey said there is one manager for both places, and he spends most of his time at the location next to the liquor store. So there is less supervision across the street.
Subject: [ASP] Atlanta Lingerie Modeling Update 11/96 Date: Sunday, 01 December, 1996 10:31 SUMMARY: At the Naughty Girls and Showgirls lingerie modeling shops in Atlanta, $150 will get you a nice 30-minute handjob from a totally hot girl. REPORT: Recently I found myself in Atlanta and I took the opportunity to check out the latest action at a couple of lingerie places called Naughty Girls and Showgirls. Those of you who read my September report know these two places have in the past provided more than the usual watch and whack session, but only if the tip was right. But there was a problem. The bang-for the-buck varied WIDELY from girl to girl. A tip that resulted in a satisfying handjob from one girl only purchased a lame strip show and a chance to lightly touch another girl. My recent experience provides an additional data point and suggests that tips are BEGINNING to get standardized. As I reported last time, Naughty Girls and Showgirls have common ownership and a common staff. Also, the girls rotate back and forth between the two locations. So it doesn't matter which location you visit. [One girl told me the manager tends to hang out more at Naughty Girls, so things are "less strict" at Showgirls. I have not been able to verify this. To the contrary, I've gotten a couple of very nice handjobs at Naughty Girls.] I visited both places about 6:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night in November of 1996. I saw three girls at each place, for a total of six. (On a busy Friday or Saturday night, you might find four girls per location, for a total of eight.) I started at Showgirls, where I was greeted by an aging blonde with a terrible boob job, obvious stretchmarks and a shopworn face slathered in pancake makeup. She looked like one of those fossilized women you occasionally find in musty old strip clubs which still claim to feature "burlesque." Normally, the presence of such a scary creature would cause me to doubt the quality of the entire establishment. But in the case of Showgirls and Naughty Girls, I know better. So I hung around for a few seconds and let her give me the sales pitch. When I turned to leave, the other two girls, who until then had been slouching rather listlessly on the furniture, jumped up and walked over to me while urging me to stay. One was a cute Asian women, which was rare for the Atlanta lingerie modeling scene. The other was a pleasant blonde. I didn't want to make up my mind until I'd been to the other location, so I politely excused myself and headed across the street to Naughty Girls. [For those of you who have never been to a lingerie modeling place, the girls usually takes turns greeting the guys. While one girl gives you the sales pitch, the others sit around and look bored. This is supposed to give you the impression that if you want a session, you must choose the girl who greets you. Don't be fooled. You can always choose one of the other girls. One nice touch at Showgirls and Naughty Girls is that if you begin to leave after listening to the first girl, the other girls will jump up and try to convince you to stay. This makes it easier to get a good look at them. IMHO, they should dispense with this silly charade and have all the girls do a lineup when a customer enters.] At Naughty Girls, the drill was the same as it had been at Showgirls. The next girl in the rotation greeted me by asking "are you ready for a session?" She was OK in a teenage blonde kind of way. But she wasn't my type, so I acted as if I was going to leave. As I expected, the other two girls jumped up and soon I found I had my pick. I ended up with K.C. (or maybe Casey, I don't know how you'd spell it), who came very, very close to my personal idea of perfect. She was petite and about 20 years old, with short brunette hair, a cute face, and a tight and toned body that featured 34-C tits, capped with small and stiff nipples, and a small patch of neatly trimmed public hair. I paid $50 for a 30-minute session. The session room was slightly better lighted than others I'd been in at Naughty Girls.. But the recliner was covered in a sticky vinyl that wasn't too comfortable. Lotion and tissues were provided. After the obligatory absence to attend to who-knows-what, K.C. returned and began to dance to music provided by a boombox. I began by giving her a $40 tip, which got her nude and dancing pretty close to my chair. (Although out of reach.) I tipped $20 more, which got her close enough for me to fondle, then $20 which got her kneeling on the edge of the chair with me sucking on her tits. So far, so good. In a previous session with Abbey, a tip of $80 was enough to get a handjob. But when I indicated to K.C. that I'd like her to take care of that, she said she "I don't do that for less than $100." So I gave her the extra $20 and she did a pretty good job on my cock while doing a very good job talking dirty in my ear. I liked her technique because K.C. made an effort to get get as close as possible to me physically. She perched on the arm of the recliner and she put her face next to mine so she could whisper in my ear. The overall effect was pretty exciting. It was a nice change from some other lingerie models who make an effort to distance themselves, even when you're feeling them up and they're jacking you off. CONCLUSION: Although I cannot be certain, at this point in time I will say that the most you'll get from any of the girls in either Showgirls or Naughty Girls would be a handjob. Based on my experiences in the past couple of months, it appears as if the going rate in terms of a tip is $80 to $100. So if you spend $50 for the 30-minute session, you will shell out a total of $150 for a pretty good handjob from a pretty hot girl. Granted, that's expensive compared to the Asian spas in Atlanta, where you can get a shower, steam, massage and full service for $175-200. But at Showgirls and Naughty Girls they usually have six really hot girls on duty and you can choose any one you want. Plus, they are open virtually around the clock. So if you don't like Asian girls, or you want to have some fun at 3:00 a.m. with a girl that's an 8+, IMHO these places offer OK value for the money. Abbey and K.C. come HIGHLY recommended. As they say on the Net, YMMV. DIRECTIONS: Showgirls Lingerie and Naughty Girls Lingerie are located on Cheshire Bridge Road, between Piedmont Road and LaVista Road. Showgirls is at 1918 Cheshire Bridge Road, on the same side of the street as the Tops & Tails strip bar and the McDonald's. Call (404) 881-8051. Naughty Girls is at 1893 Cheshire Bridge Road, between the Collonade Restaurant and a liquor store. Call (404) 872-2074. [Posted 12/01/96]
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 01:35:39 EST Subject: world sex contribution - atlanta Fantasy Fare I recently went to Atlanta, Georgia for a convention in Feb. of 1998. Myself and three friends went to this place called Fantasy Fare (i think it's on Marietta Dr.) that is supposed to be an interactive place. After ringing the doorbell, an older lady (the madam) and a alternative looking chick in lingerie met us at the door and collected a $5 cover charge to enter. We paid, then they sat us down on some couches facing a strip club like stage where about 5 girls in lingerie were standing. You pick the girl that you want to interact with here. Immediately I notice two young gorgeous girls, Victoria and Claudia, both brunettes with killer bodies straight out of a playboy magazine! When you're seated the girls take your drink order (which is several types of juice - no alchohol served here) that costs about $2 per drink. They then handed us a menu that displayed every type of interaction you could imagine: teacher-student, nurse-doctor, harem room, watch a video with a girl, lingerie show, and even foot tickling. The prices ranged from $60 for a strip show to as much as $175 for two girls at once. I chose the harem room with two girls (victoria and claudia). They take you in a room and make you pay for the menu item. then, they begin dancing to a portable boom box in the room while you are naked on this leather couch. eventually they get naked - except for the stockings and continue dancing. they won't let you touch them unless you give them more money. They won't quote prices because they claim that you and them can get in trouble -yeah, right! they offer you some lotion....and squirt it on your cock and tell you to "rub it in". In're gonna end up jerking yourself off. After both of them take more money from you by teasing you until you give in (by blowing -not blowjob- on your dick and talking dirty) they let you go a little further. you can only touch them with the hand that is not full of lotion and eventually after giving them more money you can suck their tits while they talk dirty again to you. They barely mess with each other and when they do, it's real tired because it's obvious that it's an act. But an oscar to both of them for their fine performance. You can't touch their pussy no matter how much you give them.......believe me, i tried! and you end up jerking yourself off to them dancing and slightly rubbing each other. Immediately after shooting your load, the attitude changes and they are eager to get out of the room. I paid them so much that I made myself cum twice JUST OUT OF PRINCIPLE. It's really a rip off if you think you're gonna get sex from both the girls. If you just like to jerk off, then this is for you. After the deed, you are once again on the couch in the main room until you leave or your cab comes. From this point on, they ignore you and start selling the menu to the other customers. Like I said, it's lame, but it's a beautiful scam. no matter how much they get from you, they are not gonna screw you. My other three friends didn't spend as much, but

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