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Subject: "Cheap" Atlanta hookers?

> BTW, what's "cheap"? Why risk disease and cops for a crack house
> quicky for 40 or 50 (I've done it...I know!), while for 100 to 125
> you can get great suck and fuck from various clean inc girls....see
> the For Adults Only ads in Creative Loafing

HERE, HERE! You get what you pay for. Go to one of the Asian spas and
have a nice, safe time. IMHO, avoid the ones in Buckhead, which tend to be
a little more expensive. Go the any of the ones south of the city in
Jonesboro, or north of I-285.

Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 09:17:23 UTC > Does anyone know where to find cheap priced hookers in Atlanta? > Do they hang out at any local areas(Duncan Donuts, ect) or what > streets? Virtually all of the Asian girls in Atlanta work out of the Asian "spas." There are numerous such places all over town and in the suburbs. For a short list, look in the sports section of the daily newspaper. For more comprehensive ads, look in a weekly tabloid-sized paper called Creative Loafing, or another weekly called the Hudspeth Report. Both are free and available all over town. Never heard of Asian streetwalkers. As for "cheap," that depends on the thickness of your wallet. The spas charge $40 for a half-hour and $60 for an hour. You must then tip the girl. You can probably get a hand job for 20-30 bucks. Full service will run you 50-60. Worth it.
Subject: Re: "Cheap" Atlanta hookers? Date: 12 Mar 1995 00:33:30 -0500 I prefer the incall services that advertise in Creative Loafing (the little classified "adult's only" ads...not the panel ads...those places are ripoffs...
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 1995 19:18:56 UTC I recently went to an Oriental Massage parlor in South Atlanta called Queens Oriental massage. In a 1 month period, I went twice. Both times I mentioned the ad in the paper and got 1 hour for $50. Both girls were young and attractive. For $100.00 you could get full service. Not a bad place at all. I am going to try World Health, or Blue Sky soon.
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 1995 20:35:39 UTC > I'd like info on any massage places [in Atlanta] to avoid, or > preferably, to try! Avoid the lingerie modeling places. They're no more than jack shacks. Recommended: Palm Tree Spa, 6800 block of Ptree Ind. Boulevard (take the Winters Chapel Rd exit, go north on service road and it's on your right. If you get to the big convenience store, you've gone too far north.) They also advertise in the sports section of the AJC. Call them up and ask when Jaye is working. This girl is totally hot, with a perfect tan body, firm full tits, and a great face. Her attitude and comittment to service is also excellent. You'll pay $60 for an hour session, plus a tip to her of $140 for full service. Worth every penny. If Jaye isn't working, there is another girl there whose name I don't know. She's taller and thinner, but just as hot.
Subject: Good Atlanta Asian Spa Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 02:54:39 UTC > 3) Palm Tree Spa- 6815 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. (Winters Chapel Rd exit) > They have a V.I.P. room here, where the body shower, whirlpool and > massage table are all in the same room (no dashing from the shower to > room in a too small towel!) This set me back $80 dollars. [remainder of excellent post snipped] I can also highly recommend this place. The girls are almost always very hot. Not only are they good looking, but they are usually dressed in a sexy way. Which is a nice change from the plain, black dresses that many girls in other Asian spas around town seem to have adopted as a uniform. The shower and sauna are both clean and nice. The session rooms are comfortable and well-appointed. And, best of all, the girls are enthusiastic and very good at what they do. The only downside is cost. Even if you stay away from the VIP room, you'll still pay a session fee of $40 for 30 minutes and $60 for an hour. In addition to that, the girls demand $140 for full service. Most of them are worth it. (Especially Jaye!) But it's still quite a bit more than the going rate at other Asian spas of $50-60 for full service. My advice would be to take a close look at the girl who will do your session. (Which is to say, whoever greets you when your arrive.) If she's a total knockout, as many of the Palm Tree Spa girls tend to be, then it will be money well-spent. But if she's less than totally hot, you'll get the same bang for fewer bucks at the competition.
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 1996 00:45:03 GMT >> Best adult video store (and more). The XXX ADULT VIDEO SHOWCASE. They >> have lots of videos, cd-roms, and live girls. These girls will take you >> into a room and put on a good show for you. The phone number is >> 404-888-9113. And the address is 2159 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30324. >> Must be 18 or older to enter the building. Tell them JOHN sent you. > ...and when you get there, they tell you they've just had a fire >and all of the movies, etc. were burned. Then, they show you a rack of >old Hustler's and tellt you that that's all that's left. Then, they make >their pitch. > XXX movies are not (legally) for sale ANYWHERE in >(not so)Hotlanta. If this place had anything like what this guy >mentioned, they'd've gotten raided like "9 1/2 Weeks" and "Poster Hut" >did. > Caveat emptor, Been there -- the movies suck. just barely more than R and it will only cost $100 by the time the girl puts on a show. It depends on the girl how good the show is.
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 1996 20:01:31 GMT >> XXX movies are not (legally) for sale ANYWHERE in >>(not so)Hotlanta. If this place had anything like what this guy >>mentioned, they'd've gotten raided like "9 1/2 Weeks" and "Poster Hut" >>did. >Maybe not legally, but 9 1/2 weeks has real XXX tapes for sale or >rent. They don't sell the tapes there, they give you one "free" with a modeling session. It's the real deal, too. Not that bullshit cable version. And 9 1/2 Weeks has had XXX for rent for a couple of months now. They will probably have them at least through the Olympics.
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 20:12:30 UTC In Atlanta check out the in call houses in creative loafing, ie pandora's box (bad pun) prices 100-200 us girls 7+ generally unhuried, all tastes accomodated but you may have to make previous arrangements for specialities.
Subject: Atlanta Information... Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 03:04:15 UTC Hey just wanted to leave you some updated information. Please do not publish my name because I would like to do this more often for you. I frequent the local incall services around town. Most are located within about 3 miles of each other off of Roswell Road and 285. Check Creative Loafing. I have been to all of them and I have found that they that charge on average from 150 to 200 per the hour. The funny thing is is that it lasts for about 20 - 30 minutes and you are gone. There is one place that is definitly worth checking out which is called Eves Garden. You want to see Brandi. She is Awesome. Cost is 150 per half hour, but is very worth it. These are all full services. Otherwise you can look at the one that says that it is off Hospital Road... They have an 18 year old that is definitly worth more than 175. However, if she is not in you do not want to see the others. I found the place that says "Cautio: May be hazardous to your health to be just par. Most of the girls there just lay there and show no emotions. I would rather them fake something than just lay ther and count the cracks in the ceilings... Do stay away from the execuative, Fantasy Fare, Corporate spa because they are all jack shacks. They might be open late but no sexual contact at all.. I would also never go to any of the lingerie modeling places because you are being taped and you pay a lot for NOTHING! also another jack shack. Also the street scence down here isn't that great. I have been of ponce and off of Stewart ave. and nothing special unless you like girls with no teeth. Well the cost on that is usually 50 for the full service and 25 for a blow job. Will write back soon. Any Questions? Just post and I will find the answers out!
Date: June 1996 The "Massage by Americans" on the north side of town, right off I-85, is a private apartment said to offer full service. Atta
Subject: Atlanta Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 07:49:19 UTC I recently went to Atlanta. I called regular license, degreed massage therapyst in a medical office building. Sandy was 42 and offered a topless massage for$85. She was a 5/10 and gave a great handjob. I never even asked for anything else so I don't know if she would do anything else.
Subject: Re: Fantasy Fare in Atlanta? Date: 4 Jun 1996 15:48:04 -0400 >Does anyone have any information on Fantasy Fare in Atlanta? Is it worth >it? It is your standard jack shack. You pay a session fee at the door of about 40 for about 30 mins in a private rm w/the girl of your choice. She will require a tip at least equal to the session fee to get naked. You are free to get naked and jack off. Sometimes, the girls will hint at extra services, but when you tip her more, all she does is get a little closer. Sometimes you can touch her, but she won't touch you. In rare instances, she'll provide a manual release or more. But this usually requires a giant tip. IMHO, if you're looking for full service or close to it, the Asian spas are a better value.
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 17:28:15 UTC After reading several reviews in this publication, I felt it my duty to offer some of my experiences. I recently visited the Palm Tree Spa in north metro Atlanta (find phone in the Sports page of ACJ). This is the place. I had a wonderful session with NANA. 5 foot 4, chest implants, very fit body (Korean with strong accent). Took advice from articles published in this forum, $80 for VIP room, 1 hour. Got a very relaxing bath and massage. She kept asking me if I had been there before?? After approx. 20 minutes, she rolled me onto my back, time to hear the pricing. I stated I wanted Full Service. $140 additional. Very well worth it. These girls move in and out every 3-4 months. Jade is long gone. Thanks,
Subject: Re: Looking for info on Atlanta area massage parlors Date: 1996/09/06 > Does anyone have specific info/reviews on Atlanta area oriental > massage parlors, quality of the girls, prices, etc... > Also, has anyone been to any of the "American"-staffed massage places? I went to one in Tucker, was escorted into the room by a very attractive redhead, and filled in on the pricing structure, which seemed very low. Something made me a bit apprehensive, and I asked if other services could be arranged. The girl very blantantly said, "you mean like sex? No, nothing like that." I mentioned that I had been to some of the oriental spas in the area, and she said "do I look oriental?" They very nicely refunded my $50 for the room, not even embarrasssing. I get the impression this is just the way things are: sex is available in the oriental spas, and not in the "american" ones. I see this as extreemly strange, something I saw as a more valuable commodity-the exotic asian- is now the low valued commodity, and has caused me to want what I am now denied, which is the (in my opinion) more common american female. The Ginza behind Hooters restaurant on Tara Blvd. is quite straightforward and has several somewhat nice looking girls, though all certainly over 35. They give a thorough massage before getting down to business. Going rates are $20 handjob, $60 bj, $100 sex, $120 half and half. They will take the money and leave, returning with a condom...don't be disconcerted. Figure about 10 minutes of actual sex, if that...Doesn't seem to matter whether you pay for the half or the hour- That all goes to the house anyway. Look around for coupons, too, agian it just leaves more cash for the girl anyway...
Subject: ASP: Atlanta Incall review Date: 15 Nov 1996 21:12:29 GMT This is my first real review so be gentle, OK? Paid a visit to an apartment off of I-285 and P'tree Rd. on the north side. Responded to an add I saw in Creative Loafing. I won't post the number but like a previous poster, the add had pictures, so you do the detective work. I was given directions to the area and told to call from the nearby gas station. From there I was directed to an apartment a few blocks away. Upon entering, there were two ladies to choose from. Diane, mid-late 20's, about 5'6" 110#, dark hair, thin build and Shey?, blond, early 20's, 115# or so. I chose Diane as she was the one I had spoken to on the phone. She was pleasant and did not give off attitude as did her associate. We retreated to one of the bedrooms where I was asked to get totally comfortable...after she returned and saw that I had undressed, we took care of business - $150 flat fee. Well things progressed rather quickly, Diane stripped, bent over and kissed me smack on the mouth - warm and wet. Feeling motivated to get to business I began a thorough exploration with hands and mouth of her entire body. She became very excited, came for can tell if one knows the signs...after that, she pushed me down and began licking and sucking (no party hat) like a woman on a mission. I had to slow her down a time of two because she was really about to make me come. When I told her this she said, "It's OK, I like the taste of cum"!!! Oh boy...but first things first... Well, I was ready to saddle up...out came the condom and off we went, in various positions until we got it right. As we relaxed a bit, I revisited the comments about her taking it in the mouth. She laughed and asked if I wanted to try again. I said sure...she said another $50 and I said OK. She began to suck and lick like there was no tomorrow. Eventually, she was successful and took the whole load in one mouthfull. As you know there are two types of ladies...spitters and swallowers. She didn't swallow, but hey..what do you want... Anyway, they give you a password or phrase once you have been there before. I plan to use mine again very soon. They will do doubles and make other special arrangements (?) whatever that could mean. So there you have it. Another day, another lay. Keep those postings coming. By the way...thanks to Dick O'Stone and others for their leadership on the posting ettiquite. We needed to do something to wade through the spam. Later... DJ
Subject: (ASP) Atlanta Incall Review Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 02:25:10 GMT Beauty and Brains is an exciting combination in a working lady, but add to that enthusiasim and genuine talent and the ladies that DJ reveiwed are perhaps Atlanta's best. I won't bother mentioning Diane again since DJ did an excellent job, except to say that this lady is a 9 or 10 in any one's book. My favorite is Gabrielle. 5'-3" or so , 105 lbs., 36-24-32, short jet-black hair, brown eyes, and a million dollar smile. She's 22 years old and has the body to prove it. She made feel very comfortable from the start as she is a great conversationalist and truly talented. Her dark hair, eyes, and suntanned bod radiate a sexuality that I have not found at Beth's, Eve's or any of the spas. This little lady truly turns me on. Without going into graphic detail let me just say that Gabrielle sincerely enjoys her work. Melanie is another, well worth the price of admission. This 5'-7", 115 lbs. brunette has the best bod of any of the ladies. There is also a very attractive light-skinned black lady at the Roswell Rd. location that I hope to meet soon. These ladies operate out of two locations and can be found in Creative Loafing. While I'm on the subject I'd also like to mention Dixie Spa on the southside. June and Sarah are two gorgeous ladies that will give full-service, once they're convinced your not "trouble". Rumour has it that 2 of the Dixie girls have been busted by vice so they're extra cautious these days.
Subject: [ASP] Atlanta ripoff!!! Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 03:13:32 GMT I would rather be telling you of another stimulating erotic experience in Atlanta but such is not the case tonight. I was ripped off by a lady named Rachael working out of an agency that advertises in Creative Loafing under " Jordan, Kaylie, Alisha " the number is 770-300-0269. Buyers beware. After paying the fee of $300 I was informed that all that price included was a modeling session and a " free hand-job or blow-job". Now I can only speak for myself but on over 50 occasions this year I've bought a whole lot more for a whole lot less.
Subject: (ASP) Kristina's back Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 02:18:16 GMT Had a session today with a young lady named Kristina that works out of a private residence east of Atlanta. What a pleasure !!! She offers full service massage at a reasonable rate in the privacy and seclusion of her home. Kristina is approx 5' 7" 115 lbs. firm 34C-25-36, black hair and truthfully I didn't pay much attention to her eyes. Overall a solid 7 although at least an 8 for bod and possibly a 9 in the performance department. Seems to really enjoy herself. It was really nice not to feel rushed or worry about interruptions or other disturbances. Her ad is in the back of Xcitement under the classifieds and she told me that next month she'll have an ad in the yellow pages of Xcitement. Enjoy!!!
Subject: [ASP] Atlanta - Stay away from this place - BlueSky/SkyBlue Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 17:19:25 GMT Hi, I stumbled across this newsgroup the other day and quickly read it thoroughly, plus the web pages that someone has. I agree that it's unfair to read and not share info, so here goes.....Atlanta guys that read this please give me some of your info, quid pro quo. For background, I once had a good time up north with a girl for $160, and that is the sum total of my experience. After reading up on a bunch of the oriental massage parlors mentioned on the Atlanta portion of the web page, I thumbed through the sports section and found one with a $10 off coupon. The name was BlueSky, although I showed up and was quoted the usual $40 for a half, $60 for a whole. The woman was probably in her 30s, a little haggard, but I figured what the hell. Another woman working was similarly unimpressive. When I paid with $60 and got my $10 in change, she rather directly asked, is that all you have? I smiled and assured her I had more, (which was hidden). She asked if I wanted a body scrub, and I said sure. While some guys had reported getting a nice thorough path, this was sort of clinical. Since I was still slightly unsure if this place was indeed a whorehouse, I was pleased though with her vigorous washing of my crotch. We returned to the room, which was dimly lit, with a twin sized table. She had me lay down and began a rather cursory massage, flipped me over and I finally figured time is money and asked if she provided full service. She smilingly said she was a virgin. Yeah right I replied. She then leaned down to my ear and said $100, which I figured was standard, so I said fine. Well here's where the friendliness stopped. When I paid, she left and returned, then lay down on the table and asked me to massage her. Well I know what I am doing and actually got complimented. We removed her dress and panties, me quickly getting erect. Knowing what I know now, I should have stuck it to her right then. Oh how I wish I had. But I wanted some foreplay, so I began caressing and kissing her everywhere. The problem was this woman was so fake with her sounds and rough actions that I quicklly grew limp. To make a long story shorter, since I dont feel like reliving the whole thing, she got outright verbally abusive at her inability to turn me on. After lots of trying, and further insults, I finally said to hell with it, knowing I was out $150. I suppose that it didnt help that I all I could think of during her bitchy attempts was how mean I was going to fuck her if I did get erect. You guys who have been with a bitch, paid or not, know what I mean. What a bitch, all I could think of was getting home to warn everyone in ASP!!!!! Since I had probably 30 minutes left, I asked to clean up, and returned to the shower room. She tried to hustle me out of there, and I was foiled in my attempts to clean up, even when I tried to do it myself. I felt like a 5 year old with an angry babysitter. I still had 20 minutes left and asked if I could be massaged. She said that the deal was for 40 minutes of massage and 20 minutes of sauna.bath, and I was so frustrated I just said fine and went and sat in the sauna for 5 minutes. I then returned and dressed. I was so pissed that I considered stealing her panties that were there as an F-you, but she returned and had the nerve to ask me to help her make the bed with new sheets. Now if I had just had a good time, I would have been happy to, but instead I said do it yourself and stormed out of there. Anyway, stay away, and be fair and let me know how I can get better service.
Subject: Re: (ASP) Victoria - Atlanta, Not so young! Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 05:34:51 GMT ;I had the pleasure of Victoria's company about a week ago. She is the ;best I've ever been with, and I am reasonably experienced. She is young, ;gorgeous, has a great British accent, and is a very active participant. ;I will be back for a repeat visit. Well I had her a week ago yesterday. She is OK. She rushes you through, answers the phone while having sex, and is not as youn as some of you guys think. If she let you stay the whole hour she is worth $150. But I definitely would not rate her a 10. She is more like an 8. If Tigerman is reasonably experienced, then I am the king of sex.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Victoria in Atlanta - a review Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 05:37:23 GMT ;I had the good fortune of visiting this lady over the past weekend and ;here is my review of her with good and bad points. ; ;Good: ;Very nice body ;All over tan ;Fee is 'all inclusive' ;Nice apartment ;Great smile and personality ;Her measurements are correct ;She is shaved and has a pierced belly button ;Gives and recieves oral ; ;BAD: ;She's closer to 35 than 25 Very true/ ;Her breasts are fake - but still look ok ;Rushed me through the session (15 minutes versus 1hr) Yes she does this a lot. ;20 minute drive from downtown over a toll road Other ways to get there. ;Hard to get an appointment time I had no trouble. ;Would I recommend her? Yes! She needs to be more honest with her ;age and she needs to tell new customers she's off a toll road so you ;can make sure you have change for the booth. She is OK but I still want to try Nina.
Subject: [ASP] Atlanta Massage Report Date: 21 Feb 1997 14:16:46 +0100 If you want the real deal at the best price, don't go anywhere but the Palm Tree Spa (north of 285 off Peachtree Industrial). All asian, very clean and discrete. Cost is either $40 for 1/2 hour, or $60 for hour. Just pay for 1/2 hour -- if you want full service it won't matter. Girl will wash you, and then take you back to room. Just be relaxed and she'll ask if you want anything else after giving you short massage. Also, say you have been there before if asked. She may want to see your driver's license. If it is afternoon, offer $160 (she'll probably ask what you paid before). At night, you may have to pay $180-200. Its worth it. Girls are good looking, and eager to please. Girls usually start by licking your body (also some anus play), and then give blow-job. Usually with condom. Then they will give you straight sex. Never have asked for anal, and am not sure they will do that. When done, they will wash you and let you out with a kiss. Very nice. A little expensive, but dependable and the girls are at least 7s.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Atlanta Massage Report Date: 22 Feb 1997 18:40:18 GMT Although the Palm Tree is OK, if your into the spa scene, you can do much better elsewhere. Best value seems to be in Jonesboro area, south of the airport, or the places in Tucker or out NE. Many to choose from. I have never had to spend over $40 for the room + $100 for full service, anywhere. Best bet is still the incall apartment scene. No table shower, but for $150 full service, still the best value around.
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 10:15:15 -0500 (EST) Subject: [ASP] Gina or Sophia from Jillios in Atlanta Be careful trying to arrange an appointment from Gina/Sophia. This is the same person and can be reached from Jillio's referanl service as Gina, and she has a fake picture ad as Sophia in Excitement Magazine. She is unreliable. She will arrange to meet you close to her appartment. She was very late showing up and blamed it on her roomate. (She later let it slip that she lives alone). Her description is that of natural 40D- 34- 32. She fails to mention that there is 150 pounds attached to it. If you are into chuncky ladies then she is your girl. Also from the way she was acting and things she said, I think she uses drugs very often. The sex is uninspired. A total waste. Try others from the service like Victoria.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ South Atlanta Massage Parlors Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 23:02:15 -0500 (EST) : Can anyone give me a recommendation for a particular massage parlor (and any : particular masseuse for full service) in the Forest Park/Jonesboro area? There are two that are pretty good. Both are along the main four-lane drag. (Highway 41? Highway 19? Whatever.) The first is on your right, as you head away from I-75. It's in a little strip mall behind the Hooters. The second is at the 7th traffic light from the freeway. Turn left and it's on your right in a very small strip mall. This one sometimes has an ad in the sports section of the newspaper. Can't recommend any specific girls. They change the staff too often.
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 23:32:16 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Atlanta update Thought I would comment on the scene as I have found it in Atlanta over the past couple of years. The Asian spas have been decent with my best encounters at New Image in Jonesboro. That was a year or so ago, and as of late the service has gone sour. As for the rest of the spas in town, you get what you pay for. I might add that I am judging Atlanta against Sun's in Greensborro NC - where if you've been there you know what I'm talking about. I will add a warning. If the add for a massage place says American staff don't waste your money. Especially the Executive Spa - total rip off. My best bet for spending the cash and getting the best service is through an incall service. Ashley's is by far my most favorable experience. She has a girl named Brandi there that is absolutely incredible - 38 D-23-26. She fucks like a minx, and gives a great condomless blowjob. She says she was a dancer and named a few of the clubs in Dallas I know. Just goes to show you that those beauties on stage can probably be found for more fun if you look in the right places.
Subject: [ASP]Warning-agency rip off Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 04:30:46 -0400 I recently saw a client and he informed me that before he contacted me,he called one of the escort services listed in the Atlanta yellow pages.The girl came out and charged him $160.She would not let him touch her and after only being there for about 10 minutes,she said that she needed to run to her car and get something and would be right back.Of course,she never returned and he was out $160.He called the agency back and they pretty much told him,too bad,theres nothing we can do.Im sure it took some courage for him to try again.I went to see him and he was a perfect gentleman.There was no reason for the girl to have taken off on him.But I guess as with any other profession,there are good ones and bad ones.Its an old trick that alot of unprofessional girls like to use,so be careful.This kind of crap is what makes it twice as hard for those of us who are professional and honest.The ad that he called is listed as Confidential Companions.....393-9818.Dont let it happen to you!Laura
Subject: Re: [ASP] Req. info on Atlanta Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 01:45:43 GMT Almost all the spas in Dekalb County were busted last week. Including Green Gardens
Subject: [asp] Atlanta area (Dekalb County) busts massage parlors Date: 5 Jul 1997 00:20:38 GMT Dekalb county which adjoins Atlanta has a new massage parlor ordinance and undercover police went into 19 parlors in the county. 10 were busted for illegal activities and many ladies arrested. So things will be quiet for a while in this area of the business
Subject: [ASP] Atlanta Spas Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 20:59:09 -0500 There are two Spas in Atlanta that charge $200 for a full hour session. The girls don't rush you and they are all asian. They first bathe you and then back to the room for whatever you want...Most girls won't do anal and don't like to receive oral...They basically like to get it in any postition posible....One is located on peachtree ind behind the acura dealership....The other is off of Chablee Dunwoody road next to Dominos I think
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 14:37:21 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Sherry Agency In Atlanta GA Sherry's is a place that use to advertise in Xcitement magazine. They have probably the best full service bang for the buck. The price is 100 for the half and 50 for the full hour. It has been my experience that if you spend for an hour, you can cum at least two time. If it is slow and the girl likes you, you will stay longer and get an extra fuck in. This is rare though. Being that the price is so low, you will not find the girl of your dreams here. The woman are average looking with average bodies. From what I gather none are full time pros. Many have other jobs. In a way this is a plus because what they lack in appearance, they make up for in effort. A session usually starts with a short massage. Then they ask you to roll over and the foreplay begins. Some ladies will give blow jobs with out a condem. (I would never recommend anyone excepting one without a condem though, no mater how much better it feels. These are the 90's). enough of the soap box. Positions are up to your imagination. I've even gotten Greek from some ladies without begging or any of that bull. I even didn't have to pay extra. The key is to ACT like a gentleman and treat the women with respect. Remember, most are semi pros and do not have that all business approach.
Subject: [ASP] Atlanta: Asian Spas Date: 1998/01/05 I was running some errands the other day and thought I would check up on some of the local talent in Atlanta. There is a new spa called the New Oriental Spa on Forest Parkway east of I-75. The other spas down in the airport area are all west of I-75. I went by in the day time and there were some very attractive young ladies there. I was very tempted to partake. Another new spa is King's Spa. I went by before and was not allowed to see anyone but the mamasan who promised a pretty girl. This time I pulled up and they were having a visit from the plumber. The girl who works there was out in the yard picking some edible greens (shrug). I chatted with her for a while. She was very pretty and shy...said she was Japanese. Mamasan soon came out and rushed her inside. King's Spa in just north of 285 on Peachtree Industrial Blvd, then the Tilly Mill exit. No credit cards. Again very tempting. Spring Spa has been running "Under new management" ads. Instead of their previous 1/2 off, or $10 off coupons, they advertise as "stress free environment...Grand Opening". Again a very pretty young Korean girl, and this time I whipped out my Visa. It was $60 for an hour plus $120 for the tip...with some hard bargaining. If you are going to bargain, start with the concept that you are there for full service, but don't have as much as she is asking. Don't give her the lesser amount and take just a bj or hj unless that is all you want. Anyway, at $180 it was still pretty expensive, but very enjoyable. The mamasan came in the room at the start of the massage and was helping a little. I was relieved when she kissed my cheek and left us alone! I think I will check out the other establishments next time just to see if I can find a slightly better deal...but you can't go wrong here.
Subject: ASP - Review Executive Spa in Atlanta Date: 1998/01/10 Let me begin by saying that this is my first post to this newsgroup (so be gentle). If it goes over well, I will continue to report on other sites in Atlanta. I highly encourage all to do the same. Out of curiousity, I visited a spa in town advertised as "All American" called the Executive Spa. It is off of P'tree Industrial. I cannot say enough bad things about my experience there. I walked in and was greeted by a very thin blonde (I think that her name was Bambi). She was very pretty, so I decided to stay, and they had a special today where they cut the door fee in half. It was such a good deal that I went for the hour ($40). That's when the negotiations began. Bambi definitely missed her calling, she should be working on U.S. foreign relations because I spent 20 minutes trying to get a straight answer from her as to what her services were. Having never received a straight answer and already being out $40, I did the stupidest thing I could do... I made a deal with her to go topless for another $80 (...I know... don't ask me why I did that). My other option was to get my back soaked with a wet rag for the hour. What did I get for my $120? You guessed right... NOTHING! I was the only person allowed to touch me, and I was barely allowed to touch her. To top it all off, she was pissed at me for being a cheapskate. I told her that I would give her more, but I had to know what I was going to get for my extra $$$. At that point, she blatantly rushed me out so that she could steal money from the next guy. I am pissed to have essentially blown $120, but hopefully it will keep you guys out there from doing the same. DO NOT GO TO EXECUTIVE SPA unless you want a $120 table dance. I have been ripped off before (and usually I just chalk it up to experience), but I have never been treated so poorly.
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 22:25:43 -0500 Subject: Beware Atlanta Scam Girls There are 2/3 girls in Atlanta playing the - 'Let's party, and then you can play with us' Scam, in that they will get you drunk and rip you off. They call themselves Kanita : White, short black hair, cute almost jailbait, makes out that she studies at Georgia tech, 5' 4 ", 34 B, face 8, says she is of mixed race, and lives on the West Side of Atlanta. Wore blue jacket and slightly flared tight striped lycra pants and bare midriff. Star/Kelly: Black, very cute round angelic face, often stoned on dope, very quite and moody, about 5' 2" and her hair was in an artistic beehive on top of her head, strait, 34B - wore black trousers and white top, leather 3/4 coat. Also looked very close to 18. Michelle : Black, 5' 8", dyed orange.yellow curled hair, lots of jewelly including gemstone choker, about 19, thin, 'horsy' face - 6. Talked with thick Jamaican Accent - Beware, I got drunk and they ripped off my car, keys and money - but left all my plastic... I will be more careful in future... Happy Hunting !
Subject: [ASP] Atlanta Review Casa Blanca's Date: 1998/02/01 Saw a positive review on this place earlier in the week and decided to give it a try. Was I ever disappointed. If you like skanky, sleazy, homely women - then give this place a try. I wanted to leave as soon as I got there and I should have. But my little head went there for a purpose and by big head wasn't thinking. I was given a choice of 3 skanky models, and picked the fairest one, about a 3 on my book. I paid $150 for half an hour, got a bj with condom, and quickly left. Buyer beware on this place...
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 03:03:25 -0500 I just wanted to post an update to your terribly outdated page on massage parlors in the Atlanta area. Come on, participate! It is information that is beneficial to all who use it and if you read it you use it! Okay! So, my review, right? Well, after looking at some reviews on this site I decided to check out the Oasis Spa (South of Atlanta). Well my review, is that after visiting so many Parlors in the Atlanta area, this was a total let-down! The girl who greeted me at the door was the one I got (not always the case). Hello cow-like, short tight-skirt, 3-face, 2-body asian sex parlor woman! I mean, I've visited many establishments and seen some FINE women. However, this woman was the only thing available in the establishment (I asked). It may have been that I went at the wrong time of the day (12:00pm. Saturday afternoon),but she was not for me. She gave me the typical wash, balls and all, but did little to turn me on! I did get the mediocre massage and after 10 minutes or so she hit me up for the sex. I had a bundle of money on me, but could only justify spending $20. I mean, she was HANUS! Especially nude. Anyway, I came and went. Please, if anything like Hannah (I've had her and she IS SOOO GGOOODDD) is still around the area and/or Oasis, post a message. I would love to see her again. Another girl I'd love to see again is Kay/Kate(?). I saw her at the Golden Touch Massage on Briarcliff Road. I can't say enough great things about her, but, I'm guessing she is long gone. If you know different, please post!
Subject: [ASP] Casa Blanca in atlanta Date: 1998/04/16 I visited this place about a month ago based on one positive and one negative review from Heaven and Hell. This is an independent incall place right above Buckhead on Roswell road. The apartment they work out of is NOT run down sleaze joint. It is fairly nice and secure. The place is run by the same people who ran Heff's Place (among other names) out of the Sands Apartment complex. Some of the ladies who worked there now work here. The same password will get you in without the security check. You get to pick from the ladies available. During my visit there were no raving beautities. All were average looking girl next door types. The one thing I will warn you about is that when you call you will be quoted two prices of $150 for 30 min and $200 for an hour, and the person gives you the strong impression that it is for the full hour of "activity" which in my book means more than once, but that is not the case. One pop per customer. The lady I chose was Sherry who was new to Atlanta from the mid west. Small frame, average looks but very sexy eyes and good personality. She was very affectionate and was open to anything and basically I ran the pace. She may not be a 10 but she more than made up for it in service. After we were finished I still had some time left and inquired about another go, and she told me it is not their policy to offer more than one per session because they would have to ask for more money and they didn't want to get into a situation where one lady charges more or less, thus getting customers to maybe pick them more often since you choose them from a line up. The rest of the time was spent with her giving me a very senual massage which I really enjoyed and then you get a shower at the end. Overall I say it was a good experience for me and not the total horror that one person expressed.

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