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Amsterdam Redlight District

I've been reading this group for a few months now but haven't seen
anything about my favorite place, AMSTERDAM !

     This is the place without a doubt that offers the most choice a guy
can get. The red light district consists of several peep show
emporiums, and on the side streets, windows with all types of pros
advertising their wares - from Thai women to Eastern European,
Brazilian, Mexican , Colombian, Dominican, Dutch, German, Belgian,
from fatties to absolute drop dead gorgeous model types.

     50 guilders (about 35 us $) will get you quick 15
min or Prices go all the way up to 300 guilders (hour with
girl). I've had 4 or 5 of these chicks on the same day, as long as i
can keep it up.

The best experience I had was with this 4'11" thai chick with nice big
hooters. She was expert in fellatio, and had a firm tight hole, she
got into my lovemaking so much, she called her other thai friend and
the other thai also did me, and didn't ask for any money-these chicks
are hot. I've had girls there that could rival cindy crawford and niki
taylor-it is a gentleman's paradise. Let me know if you want to hear
of my other adventures in A-town.

Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 04:55:39 UTC Amsterdam: There is a new 'tippelzone' in this oversupplied city. A tippelzone is a place where street hookers can do their business except here it's purpose built with bus shelters for the hookers and a parking area with high walls for the johns to do the business. And the police are right there watching over all of this! This place is off a road called Theemseweg in an industrial area in the west of the city. Prices are probably lower than in town so starting at 30 guilders. The city authorities spend 3 million guilders to build this place! There are some mini red light districts that are less busy than the main one and where the girls are in less of a hurry. They are found at Ruysdaelkade near the Rijksmuseum, the Oude Nieuwstraat and Langestraat. Have fun in our nice city!
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 21:25:31 -0800 (PST) Amsterdam: I was just there this past week and I should mention that things seem to have gotten a little more expensive in the Red Light District. I'm a young reasonably attractive 25 year old and I still had to pay 50 Gilders ($35 U.S.) for a blow job ALL the time (not 25 as stated) and almost always had to pay 100 for a suck AND a fuck. Otherwise it's 50 for one OR the other. Some girls there are incredible looking but of the ones I chose, 3/4 of them wanted an extra 25g to take off their bra and since I took longer than 3 minutes to come, 1/2 asked for an extra 25 gilders for more time. 1/2 of them let me touch their chest a little. None would let me touch them between their legs and none would kiss at all on the mouth. They seem to run the Gamut from: willing to fake a little enthusiasm (strangely, the prettiest one) to not willing to even bother to look at you while having sex with you. I found that really disturbing. I can't enjoy myself if I feel like the girl is seething inside, hating me with every thrust. Fortunately, they were not all like that. By the way, most girls can speak enough English to get by with basic conversation. Dutch people are excellent linguists in general and prostitutes deal with more foreigners and Americans than most.
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 16:38:17 -0500 (EST) Subject: Amsterdam While i was in amsterdam i payed 100 guilders for a full sex with a lady called Monica. She was beautiful and and had long blonde hair. The second time i went to see her we go talking alot and eventually she gave me her phone number. We arranged to meet one evening and had a great time. My advice is be nice to the a gentlemen and they will respect you for it !!. Prince of Thieves
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 1997 23:01:33 -0800 Subject: The Netherlands: Amsterdam Hi guys! Thanks for running a really useful URL, makes a change from most of the stuff sloshing around the web. I wanted to contribute my recent experience in Alsterdam, where I found that things are much easier and cheaper than set out in the articles I read on this site. Anyway, found that for 100NLG (about 60 US$ I could have a really nice THAI massage of about 45 mins. with masturbation and a warm shower at the end. The girl was 25 and nice. The place is near Bloedstraat in the red-light district (as far as I know it's the only Thay massage there, so look around) and very good value and clean. The same afternoon for 50NLG I fucked a 21 year-old lebanese in the same area, she was not very experienced but soft and cuddly and well worth the 30 bucks. Going back the next day, I went into a cubicle and had a 28 year old german blonde, really nice with curly hair and a beautiful ass. She let me fuck her from behind after giving me head, and was not only extremely beautiful, but also very nice and unhurried + the place was spotlessly clean. All in all, the red light district is not at all what I expected, you can get good sex there at unbeatable prices, and have a beer and/or a joint in one if the numerous coffe-shops (NLG 10 for 2 grams of grass or 1 g of shit) in between. The girl in some cases are unbelievably beautiful and one wonders how the hell... but this is another story. Enjoy, all of you!
Date: 04 Mar 97 15:24:49 EST Subject: AMSTERDAM Hi Atta, I am an Englishman who has visited Amsterdam on three occasions over the last couple of years, and my principal reason for doing so was due to the absolute variety of sex on offer. I am only interested in young, attractive girls, and I can say that on the street, the best girls are to be found in a little side alley called Trompetters - something or other - the name escapes me at present though I have found it mentioned in other Amsterdam postings. The alley is about fifty yards long and only around three feet wide, so you are literally looking right into the girls faces as you walk down it. There are three girls that I can recommend highly. One is a Hungarian girl called Lauren, who is just at the end of the passage, closest to the Oude Kerk. She is a brunette, quite petite and around 21 years of age. I think that she may have a tattoo on her shoulder. She is very warm and open, has a lovely firm body, and in common with most of the good looking girls, charges from 100 guilders for either O or straight. Another is a blonde from Berlin. She usually wears a black and white jacket which accentuates her lovely breasts. She also has gorgeous legs, though I must admit that when she took off her jacket I nearly came on the spot. Her breasts are lovely and round and very heavy. I would recommend offering 150 guilders, and for that you can have a relatively unhurried time with both O and straight sex included. Finally, almost opposite the German girl, is a young Spanish girl with incredible long dark hair right down her back, lovely long legs and a very tight stomach. She only looks around 19, but she is actually around 26yrs and comes from Toledo. Again I would suggest that you offer around 150 to get the best service. I have found that offering a little more before it is asked for gets you a far better service in the long run. I have always found these girls to be impeccably clean, and all three seem very intelligent and nice to talk to. There is also another street just two canals away which is almost entirely populated by Asian girls, two of which I can thoroughly recommend. One is a very tall, slightly Amazonian looking Phillipino, who usually wears a blue jacket with a black collar unbuttoned down the front to expose her gorgeous breasts. She also wears thigh length boots. She has undoubtedly the best body I have seen, and is very good in bed, provided that you offer a little over the odds. The other is a Thai girl, slightly older than the rest, who is on the same side of the alley as the Phillipino. She is around 26, usually wears an orange bikini and her name is Alice. She is incredibly hot if you pay the price. She has very firm breasts with big nipples, and she gets extremely wet. One to avoid is an absolutely stunning blonde who is in one of the higher windows on one of the main two canals near the Casa Rosso. She is undoubtedly a prick-tease, who wears long thing length boots and has an incredible figure which she gyrates to great advantage. But if you can summon up the courage to wander in as everyone else leers at her from outside, I would suggest that you will find her a really sullen girl, who will just try to get you out as soon as possible. She is not at all warm like the other girls that I have mentioned. I would also suggest that you avoid JB's Club. I read a load of good reports and was really looking forward to my visit, but frankly the girls were absolutely awful when I visited. In conclusion, I would thoroughly recommend window shopping, and be prepared to offer a little more than the going rate... it will be well worth it, and if you go back a second time it will be even better. Happy hunting
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 20:10:01 -0600 Subject: WSG Amsterdam - I have tried many women in the red light district, the going rate seems to be 50 guilders although I have been offered full service for as little as 25 guilders (without negotiating!). Most of the women in the area are good at what they do but it is definitely a 15 minute experience. One older woman I tried (Spanish, about 40) was very erotic, rubbed herself up and down my body until I was ready to blow. That was before she even got the condom on! Bottom line, if you can't get laid in Amsterdam you can't get laid.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Places to visit in Amsterdam? Date: 16 Apr 1997 14:36:36 GMT I just got back from amsterdam, and it still is sex heaven on earth. There are still about 20-30 8's, 9's and 10's sitting in the windows on any typical evening (including Sunday, although there are fewer available). Whatever your preference (brunettes, blondes, red, black, white, fat, skinny, tall, short, whatever) you can find there. I have an update on pricing, which might help: 50 NLG for a blow job or sex (although most will only do a blow job at this price) 100 NLG for a half & half 150 NLG for anal You can add time and positions for extra money, but if you just want pure animal sex, go for it. Another item which might be of help. I find that the girls in the windows who smile and exhibit some personality are more fun, even if they aren't the prettiest. The gorgeous ones who exhibit no personality (not even a smile when you walk by) generally don't take their top off, unless more money, and keep rushing you through. Have fun!
Date: August 1997 The live sex shows in the red light district and the "Banana bar" all belong to the same person and are pretty similar. Don't visit more than one. Several of the "sex theaters" are really just ticket selling booths; they sell you the ticket and then they tell you where to go for the show.
Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 12:35:29 -0500 Amsterdam: Followed the World Guide and did the red light district - I headed directly to Trompetten Steeg. On Sat. afternoon the selection is poor. I settled for the only nice babe I could find, a Spanish babe who gave me great oral for 50fl. Later that night I went back, most girls were busy. The streets were extremely crowded. I wasn't into piling in on top of the last 50 - 15 minute quickies, so I retreated to the room for research. I read the Guide and decided to go for the gold, Yab Yum. The cover was 150fl. That get's you to a nice bar where you can look the girls over in a low pressure environment. You have to request a girl to sit with you, they don't try to hustle you. There were 21 girls in the room that night. A guy near me claimed that he had been there twice previously and never had that many girls. I would say the girls were 7-8's. None I would rate as 10's. I waited about an hour before selecting a girl. All the while I drank on the house, part of the cover. I was looking for a blonde dutch babe, and settled for Christy, who fit the bill, but was a little heavier than I would have liked. She was real attractive, 19, about 5'5" - 125. We talked for about 30 minutes before I decided to go to a room. She never asked me to buy her a drink. She did have a glass of wine she brought to the table when I asked to talk with her. It was 500fl for the room service for 1 hour. The rooms are real nice, with big jacuzzi tubs, plenty of room for two to have some fun. We bathed for a while and just talked while doing a little roaming. That lead to some fine breast and pussy eating, which she seamed to enjoy. We headed for the bed. She professionally slid on a condom and gave me some great head. We tried several positions after that. All in all a great relaxing experience, however a bit expensive. On the way back to the room I cruised the red light district again. There were two hot (10's) dutch and blonde german babes available then. Too late, I was down and out for the day! Hey what a great place to visit!
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 06:12:52 +0200 To get an o.k. fuck in the Amsterdam red light district follow these steps: 1. identify a window girl you really like 2. wait until a man goes with her 3. when that client comes out of the window politely ask him his opinion about the intercourse he just had 4. on the base of his answer make your decision 5. to get an higher level of reliability repeat steps 2 & 3 more than once! I know: it may be unpleasant to wait (a joint in between could help), and the feeling that you're fucking a lady in a row can be revolting, but that's the one and only way to have your merchandise tested before you buy it! I got professionally laid about 150 times in A'dam during a 7 year lapse of time and I can remember only 3, maybe 4 girls with a good attitude, the rest were just there to make fast money. Many of those girls are not only bad at sex but they will also brutally offend you if you have tough time getting an hard on. You gotta be true lucky to find one belonging to that 5% willing to satisfy you no matter the gulden you spit outta your wallet. My suggestion is: go to the red lite district just to watch the show. Invest your 50 guilders in the PeePs, Bananen Bar or Casa Rosso. Forget the windows.
Subject: Amsterdam Whores Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 10:42:29 -0000 I visited Amsterdam August 12, 1997. Here are my observations. The red light district has all sorts of women to choose from. Okay, unless you've been on another planet we all know what Amsterdam stands for. What you can expect from these women is an expensive rushed event. I chose an oriental woman, very pretty, very exotic looking with a shapely tight body. She promised me a "good time" for 100 dollars American. What services were unclear at first. After questioning her she said a blow-job. She then wrangled another 100 for a fuck. She tried to make me come on a towel by jerking off before I even fucked her. And I was jerking myself off! After some more verbal discussion she said for 1000 dollars I could get the "Whole package" whatever that meant. Although I did tell her I liked anal. Hey, for 1000 bucks I could get laid several times including anal. In fact for 200 I could get anal and still have change left over. Now I read the "World Sex Guide" on prostitution in Amsterdam and the reports are way off base. They must have been sent by the whores' pimps because the prices are much higher and the level of service much lower than reported. The sex scene in Amsterdam is like a production line. Get the customer in get the customer out. Quality means nothing to these girls. I don't suggest getting laid in Amsterdam if you really want a good lay. Let these girls starve first maybe they'll get the message.
Subject: Amsterdam bits and pieces (from Babyface) Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 12:30:07 PDT hi - been meaning to write a long time I go to A'dam at least once a year so I know my way around a little bit by now. I won't repeat muh of what is already in your excellent guide. I am going again next week and wil psot when I am back. I will refine my commentsto the main area although there are other little pockets where the girls in general tend to be more eager to please as they are less rushed and rents are cheaper. They will also have a more regular clientelle and less tourists. I have diverse tastes and tend to find them in the main area around the Ode Kerk. In my first few days I tend to go for black girls as they are cheaper and in general tend to be more receptive to unusual requests. I frequently visit one black woman about 35 who is quite plumb and has enormous tits but does incredible S&M - she is from Ghana and like most girls from Ghana will do anything. She is to be found at the end of a really narrow alleyway off the ode Kerk. She will do a mean S&M,a good whipping of your or her), fantastic oral and anal for 50 Guilders. She will ask for 75 but if you say you have no more then she will still do it. I usually go a few times during my stay. the other girls in the alleyway are all black and will do similar deals. I am always really stoned before going - makes the whipping less painful and the fucking last longer. After a few blacks I move onto white girls - Eastern European are the best - really nice and eager for repeat business. Dutch girls are not great but there are some real treasure. If you don't get fuck and suck for 50 move on - you will get it for that eventually. Italian girls are great - again are willing to build up regulars. If you want anything unusual from white girls be prepared to pay for it. There are a few transsexuals around and most won't admit it before you go in - in fact I had one where I only discovered the cock halfway through the anal. I made the msot of it and to my surprise enjoyed the experience. So beware if you are offered anal too readily at too cheap a price by a white girl check her out first. Thais are notorious for this too. Thais vary a lot in quality here - some are by their sell by date - though in the afternoons some new imports are around. all in all A'dam is great - you tend not to get ripped off. The girls are beautiful and polite. Avoid the evenings - you are more likely to get ripped off and it is full of disapproving middle aged tourists. Also the best coffee shops are not inside the red light area - prices for dope are a lot more expensive - go to the outlying areas for better deals but avoid the dirty looking ones - full of mean looking types.
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 22:06:23 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Report on Amsterdam After four weeks in Africa, where the most attractive thing I laid eyes on was a Zebra, I hit the streets of Amsterdam like a train wreck. I arrived at six a.m., checked into my hotel at seven thirty and was on the street by eight. Okay, so there's little to do at eight, and I did the culture thing, standing outside museums to open, and took the tram to the Cobra museum, which is out of town, but by eleven thirty I was back on the tram going downtown to the red light district. I can't say I was pleased. The first woman I hired, in the main street, looked great, and did so until she dropped her clothes revealing several huge tattoos. She was perfunctory, and I was appreciative. Further up the street, after a coffee and a sandwich, I hit on some Peruvian woman who, once I touched her twat, screamed bloody murder. Odd, since I was pummeling her at the time. She was fair, and I was growing increasingly displeased. So I beat it further down the road to some little side street where I hit on some willowy blonde, again when she dropped her dress I counted four tattoos, hairy armpits and was treated to a litany about her two children back in Rotterdam. I couldn't get it up, so I let her play with herself until our time was up. Dinner was really good, though. Dover sole, braised endive and a really nice White Chateau Neuf du Pape. Next day I found St. Andrews lane, which is not on the main drag, and saw a bunch of women that could make just as much, if not more, dropping their tops at a topless bar here in NYC. I chose a big titted one, who craftily got me to cum with her mouth, and then promptly told me, since I'd paid her for both, I was her favorite kind of customer. Then I hit on an older looking woman with a body to kill for. She was, at best, professional. By the afternoon I was feeling quite unfullfilled.
Subject: Amsterdam Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 03:12:00 PDT Hi I was in A'dam again recently and it is still very good although I got the impression there were less girls than in past years. I went to my usual place near the Oude Kerk - a little alleyway full of black hookers - won't repeat the experience due to one hooker makin a nuisacne of herself and not keeping to deals. She was pissed off that I like another girl there and not here. the girl I did visit in the last cabin was 19 (she claimed - looked younger) and gave great head, allowed liicking , did anal and carried out mean S&M - all for 100 Guilders - unbeatable value. She also fucked me up the ass with a black dildo - she was good. Just avoid her painful friend who sees her self as the S&m expert and whose equipemt I think we used - hence being so pissed of. After that i wanted white girls only - I usually start off with black girls to get some of my more kinky fantasies out of the way - I did something I have wantedto for ages - came all over a black girl's tits and face - the colour contrast was pleasing. If you want white girls go for eastern european they are by and large really pleasnt, cheaper (only there for short periods) and very very beautiful. This time I had a gorgoeus polish girl (Caludia Schiffer lookalike)- who was hot - opposite the Sexyland place jsut off the Oude Kerk. for some reason a lot of Slovakians were about - they are the best as concerns a general country grouping. They all give amazing blow-jobs, are so well mannered and easy going - no rush and beautiful . One of them wasthe best looking girl I have ever fucked - I want back three times- each time got longer - a lot of cuddling , kissing , talking, no restrictions placed on what i could do and high quality fucking - she left the same day I did - she was an amatuer in the sense that this was her first and last time in A'dam and she was doing it to get money for her marriage (she was only 19 and hot). The Slovakians were not in the main red light but in an ancilliary area in a another part of town - a limited but good choice. Also had a dutch girl who in contrast was the absolute professional - superb if impersonal service in the sense that she was very very good but it was a job - a bit like going to your physiotherapist. She had a sign that were ladies welcome too and lived in a lesbian relationship. She was really good and very nice and liked talking - obviously liked men too - great fun - a lot of laughs. And great for sexual technique advice. Went to her a few times also. Overall advice - avoid the main red light - all the girls will rush you - or go at off peak times - shop around - if you find a girl you like go to often the service will get better and better and tip the good ones - they deserve it its a lousy job really if you think about it Tin Man
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 02:02:31 -0600 Subject: Amsterdam travel report Amsterdam Travel Report: June '97 Short version: The sex in Amsterdam is heaven on Earth. Go. Soon!!! Long version: Quite simply, the money for sex industry in Amsterdam is fantastic. Whatever kind of sex you are into, whatever kind of woman you prefer, however much you want to spend, whatever you want to watch, you can find it, somewhere, in Amsterdam. I visited only women working in the window booths. I was planning on trying the clubs, but the window workers in the Red Light District were more than satisfactory. Don't be put off by other comments you may see in the WSG: The Red Light District (RLD) is not to be missed. The easiest way to get to Amsterdam is to fly into Schipol Airport, and from there, take the cheap train to Centraal Station. The cabs are ripoffs, though you might consider the KLM shuttle bus, which goes to all the major hotels. I stayed at and recommend the Radisson. As you leave Central Station, Damrak is directly in front of you. Head left towards the Oude Kerk; it's walkable, or you can buy a strippenkaart and ride the city's excellent network of public tram lines. Don't try to drive a rental car in the city; the traffic is maddening and parking is expensive. OK, here's a rough layout of the RLD. The RLD is (roughly) bordered by the following streets: (I am not sure about cardinal directions, but the following should suffice) parallel to CS, near side: Oudezijds Voorburgwal far left border, relative to CS: Zeedijk and Achterburgwal far right border, relative to CS: Warmoesstraat parallel to XS, far side: no definite boundary The area directly surrounding the Oude Kerk, and the areas directly to the left of the Oude Kerk (remember, my driections are based on that you are facing away from and parallel to CS) are mostly worked by African women, with a smattering of South Americans. Just up from the Oude Kerk area (on the right half of the district) to the far boundary is worked by Dutch and Eastern European women; about 50% of each in this area. The left hand, upper side of the district contains mostly Dutch women; perhaps 90% of the babes in this area are Dutch. There is also a small Thai area, called the Stoofsteeg, between the latter two areas. I preferred the Dutch/Eastern sections of the District, not only because I prefer Europeans in general, but because this is the less seedy part of the District. The African women seemed pushier than the rest, so I avoided their area of the RLD (if they are your thing though, dont hesitate!!). I also like the small Thai area, but you aren't going to communicate very much with them; just the price and what you want sexually, as their English vocabulary is limited. All of the Dutch/Eastern European women I went with could speak fluent English. Now, some tips on the scene in the RLD. First, pick out a woman who exhibits some personality. A friedly smile or a sexy look in your direction indicate that the girl will give you a better time than a bored, PO'd looking hooker will. I'd prefer a energetic, "into it" girl than a bombshell who hates you with every thrust. Second, go during the day, alone. It can get crowded at night, expecially on Friday and Saturday nights, and the local johns will be patronizing the best hookers. So you'll be left fighting the crowds for second-rate material. While there may be slighly fewer hookers working the day shift (which ends around 7:00 pm), several ladies told me they prefer "daylight johns" for a couple of reasons: they aren't drunk, aren't doped up, and tend to be "classier" people. Fewer weirdos come out during the day. Third, show the women respect. I can't stress this enough. No jokes at their expense. No catcalls from outside their windows. Don't show up drunk or stoned. Don't stand out on the street leering at them as if they were aliens. If you behave, you can expect _much_ better service. Fourth, prices. I find that offering a bit more than the going rate will be much appreciated, and is well worth it. Combine that with a respectful attitude, and you could have the time of your life. Fifth, safety. Basically, the entire RLD is safe. There are police at nearly intersection; they are there, mostly, to suppress the pickpockets and coke dealers. You have nothing to fear from the cops. Stay away from the hard core dope sellers: they sell shit. Get a nice, legal, safe joint from one of the many coffeeshops in the area (I recommend the Bulldog). Also, keep in mind that a good portion of the African and Thai women are controlled, one way or the other, by people involved in the /people trade/near-slavery/forced prostitution/ racket. A few Dutch and Eastern Europeans are caught up in that nightmare as well, but not very many. Of course, all of the women have bodyguards ready to help them if you start treating them badly. All of the rooms have panic buttons installed in ingenious locations. Behave, and you'll have no trouble. Misbehave, and be prepared to meet a large Dutch guy with a billy club or a stun gun. Sixth, quality. As I've said before, whatever you want you can have. Fat African, beaufiful German blondes, tight Thais, two women at once; _whatever_ you are looking for, you can find. I'd say 40% of the women are attractive, 40% not so attractive, with 10% truly ugly and %10 truly beautiful. Now the following tip is a bit expensive, but i find that it really helps in having a good sexual experience. That is, invite the girl to your (nice) hotel room. Yes, doing this can easily double the price, but it is. in my experience, worth it. Every girl I asked to do this enthusiastically agreed to do it. Very few of these women are invited back to their johns hotels (especailly luxurious hotels like the Radisson SAS) and they view it as a special treat. They also get double their money for the same amount of time. A lot of their customers tend to be obnoxious cheapskates; if you are the opposite, you can expect good things. My best experience in Amsterdam came when I did the above. My first night in Amsterdam, I had a beautiful blond Dutch girl named Nancy. She was quite gorgeous; she looked more Swedish/Nordic than Dutch. About 5"6"', in great shape, with small but well-shaped tits. Her sexual techniques were quite good; she really gave the impression that she was enjoying herself, and enjoying giving pleasure. I paid 200 guilders for 30 minutes with her (oral/vaginal), which is about 1.5 times the going rate. The following day, I want back to her windows just before her shift started (7 pm). She immediately recognized me, and brushed away the guy she had been negotiating with. I invited her to come to my hotel, and she agreed. The price was 400 guilders (about $200) for 2 hours with her (she gave a discount for, in her words, me "being such a nice American gentleman"). While that is expensive to some of the rates you can negotiate, it is well worth it. Having great sex with a woman you are friendly and familiar with is much more satisfying than 15 minutes with someone who puts no effort into pleasing you. Now, some incidental info. All of the sex stage shows deliver what they promise. I find them somehhat boring, even though I always went to such places in a group with fellow coworkers. The atmosphere in most of these place is baudy-bachelor party-frat boy. The banana show (at Cassa Rosso, I believe) however, is not to be missed. The girls will give you an autograph in a rather special way!! And, don't miss the rest of Amsterdam. Be sure to see the Anne Frank House, the Rijkmuseum, and the old Heineken brewery (with free beer and cheese at the end of the amazingly cheap tour). Just remember my basic advice. Pick a prostitute who shows some personality and is friendly during the negotiation stage. _Be respectful_; don't treat her like a whore. Go early in the day. Dress "business casual"; don't wear a t-shirt and dirty jeans. For a special treat, invite her back to your hotel. And have fun!!
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 16:41:41 -0600 Subject: Threesome in Amsterdam My wife and I went on a vacation to Amsterdam for five days in October, and what a vaction we had! We had talked about a threesome with another woman for some time, but neither of us wanted it to be with someone we knew. We wanted something very discreet, so what could be better than to make it with a beautiful, young prostitute in an entirely different country? Although I read all the reports in the World Sex Guide about Amsterdam, nothing prepared me for the incredibly wild atmosphere of the red light district. As I had read, there were women of all different nationalities, shapes, sizes, colors, and levels of beauty. But I was amazed by the very high percentage of really beautiful girls that were on display. My wife and I strolled the streets and basically just window shopped until we finally got the nerve to talk to one of the girls. She smiled as we walked up, but basically seemed very suprised that a couple was interested in talking to her. Her name was Monica, a slender, blonde with medium size breasts and a great ass. She was probably about 23yo,5'5" and about 110 lbs. She was German, but the only problem was she spoke very little English. We told her that we were interested in a full service (fuck and suck) threesome, and after a some effort she understood what we meant and smiled. She said this sort of thing would be "very great, super, yes" and that it would be 100 guilders. That price sounded good to me, but it was difficult to communicate just how long things would last. She seemed to be saying about 20 minutes which I guess is pretty much standard. She was very patient and enthusiastic which made my wife and I feel good about her, but we wanted to talk it over with each other. So we told Monica we would be back in about an hour. As we left, she again said how "it would be super" to go through with the threesome, and we believed her! As we walked, my wife told me that she definitely wanted our encounter to last longer than 20 minutes, so we agreed to offer more money for more time. Along the way we stopped and talked to two more girls that we both found attractive. Each of them also seemed very suprised to see a couple approach them. Neither one of them seemed as enthusiastic as Monica had, and one quoted us 200 guilders and the other 300. At that point we both decided that Monica was our girl! We walked back, and when she saw us you could tell she was very glad we had come back. We asked her if we gave her 150 guilders if we could have 40 minutes. She seemed to like that idea, so we had a deal. We all disrobed, and I said that I just wanted to watch the two of them for a while. Now, my wife has had a boob job, which turned out beautifully and took her size to a 34 D. When Monica saw them she seemed so happy and amazed. For 5 minutes she fondled and licked her breasts, the whole time saying "super,super!" It was really a turn-on, but we laugh about that now. As they got more into it, they lay down on the bed and begin to touch each other between their legs, and, after a little more of that, I had to join them. First, I knelt beside my wife as she blew me, and then she put it in front of Monica to suck. Monica took out a condom, rolled it on, and proceeded to suck it as my wife held it for her and watched. It really seemed to turn my wife on to be seeing this, and so then she told me to fuck Monica. Before we had started any of this, my wife had said she wasn't sure she could handle seeing me actually fuck another woman. Obviously she decided she could hanldle it! Looking back, that was probably the most exciting part of the whole experience for us both. That my wife was able to let go enough to give me totally to another woman. At this point something else happened that we weren't sure would actually take place. Monica went down on my wife. It was all I could do to keep from cumming right then, but we had paid for the extra time and I wanted to use it! Maybe I'm going into too much detail here, but I haven't read any other reports about couples in Amsterdam, and I just want those interested to know what's possible. Anyway, we all continued in several different positions and combinations, until I put on a new condom and fucked my wife until I came. I didn't want to make a mess, and I'm glad I didn't. I thought we were all done, but as I threw my condom away, I turned back to the bed to see Monica pull my wife over her face and eat her pussy some more! Now that's enthusiasm! My wife and I both agree that it was an incredible experience, and that Monica gave her a "super" introduction into bi-sexuality. All for about 75 US dollars. We can't wait to go back!
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 23:19:50 +0000 AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (REPORT) ------------------------------- I only had one encounter here, but hopefully more will follow. I decided to take the easy option, and after spending a good hour surveying the territory I found one exceptionally sexy young thing working in a window in the red light area. I apologise for not knowing the address - my memory for dutch names isn't as good as it should be! However I will try to describe it. On the street with the Bananenbar, and most of the clubs/windows, about half way down (just south of the main cross bridges) there is a pair of alleys leading east, which join up behind the row of buildings to form a small square, which is lined with windows and seems to be a nice quiet break from the hustle and bustle. Another advantage is that this is where the younger (18-22) year old white girls seem to hang out. Anyway, I found my girl on the south side of this square in a groundfloor room much larger than the normal "doorways" - it really was the size of a real bedroom, she used the large picture window to meet clients and then opened the front door next to it to let people in. The thing that struck me about her was that she was very pretty (easily a 9), about 19-20, with large _real_ tits (I hate silicone!) and cute short blonde hair, and her window was deserted. I assumed this meant she was either (a) a ripoff or (b) expensive. However, she was so sexy I had to try her out, so I went and spoke to her - she offered whatever I wanted (straight sex in this case) for 50 guilders and seemed very friendly. Anyway, I took about 1/100th of a second to make up my mind and went in - she took my money, even asking me what size bills I wanted my change in (service!) - and started to strip off. I took this as a cue and did likewise. And this was my big surprise - from reading the posts on the web and usenet, I was expecting her to start being cagey and demand extra money for stripping, touching etc. But no! She stripped right off quickly, and took my hands and placed them on her wonderful breasts inviting me to feel and squeeze as much as I liked. Going over to the bed she started to play with my dick and as soon as it was hard she slipped a condom on - offering to suck me if I wanted. Of course I agreed - but I asked if it would cost more - she said no. So after 5 minutes of a pretty good bj (with me having a nipple in my mouth and 2 fingers crammed in her pussy) I pulled her onto the bed and she smiled, opening her legs and applying some lube to the end of my dick . I soon saw why as was extremely tight - needless to say this stage didn't last long! Afterwards she was businesslike, but not unfriendly. She took the condom off me and dried me, then got dressed and even gave me a quick kiss as I left the room. All in all I think possibly the best 15ukp I ever spent!
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 98 16:22:58 PST Subject: Netherlands Amsterdam (1997-98): Hit or miss in the Red Lite District. Stay off the main streets and hit the alleys for better sex at not rip off prices. Two hits - two misses here. Summer months create tourist hell and girls show it. Prices as high as NGL 200 for anything but a quick squirt.
Subject: [ASP] Report: Amsterdam, Netherlands Date: 1998/03/08 I'm writing this at 4am on Sunday morning from my Hotel room in Amsterdam, after 2 incredible days and nights sampling the wonderful things this city has to offer. This is my first trip to Amsterdam, but I have had many opportunities to frequent the other two sex capitals of the world, Bangkok and Rio, so I had some good experiences to compare it to. I have found Amsterdam to rank right up there with the other two cities, though obviously each has its own unique things to offer. Before coming to Amsterdam, I printed out all the reports from the WSG, and studied them thoroughly before arriving. I had noticed that the more recent reports seemed to suggest that a) the quality of the red light district has declined considerably; b) prices have increased considerably; and c) the lesser-known clubs are the best place to find high-quality women. Let me tell you guys, this is all a bunch of nonsense. Occasionally those who would like to discourage us, for moral reasons or otherwise, like to publish mis-information here, and perhaps that has been the case with the recent discouraging reports. So, let me give you some quick facts, then I'll provide more details after that. 1) In the red light district, you'll find about 1/4 black, 1/5 dutch and other western european, 1/5 asian, with the remainder (majority) being primarily eastern european. 2) The eastern european girls are the best quality, 18-24 years old, several were 8-10 in looks, and many haven't been there very long so they will actually open up and be less "professional" if you treat them right. Perhaps the Dutch government had clamped down on the eastern Europeans, as has been suggested in the WSG, but they're back in full-force now. 3) Prices for top quality are 100 guilders ( approx. $50) for 15 minutes of half and half. (They call it fuck and suck, which can sometimes sound like "fox in socks" in terribly broken english. I felt like saying they could do it with or without the socks!) As was recommended by some in the WSG, I doubled the money without them asking, and told them I would like to take my time and enjoy myself. This bought me a very nice attitude and somewhere between 30 - 40 minutes with each girl. 4) The girls pay 200 g. per day for their rooms, 300 g. on the weekends. The average daily income is around 1000g - 1500g per day, 6 days a week, for the very best girls in the best locations. Do the math, and you'll see why they stay in the red light district. Ok, I'll do it for you: 239,200 - 395,200 g. ($116,000 - 190,000) per year after room expenses. One absolutely gorgeous bulgarian girl told me she makes more in 1 week in Amsterdam than she could in a whole year in Bulgaria! She now has bought a home for herself in Bulgaria, and plans to dump her current Bulgarian boyfriend (who is with her here) and "trade up" when she goes home after a few more months. Ok, those are the quick facts, now I'll put everything into context for you. First about me. I'm 32 years old, have a very good income (which smart girls always notice), and have a relatively easy time picking up girls at discos and bars. I'm a salesman, and I know how to talk to women. Before coming to Amsterdam, I spent 5 days in London, met a beautiful girl the very first night, and spent the next 4 days "shagging" her at least 3 times a day. The net of it is that I'm very picky about looks, and I arrived in Amsterdam with my sexual needs more than satisfied, so when I say they were 8-10 in looks, I mean it. The first night in Amsterdam was Friday night, and I didn't get out until midnight. It was raining slightly, which might have kept the crowds down a bit. I found that only about 1/3 of the curtains were closed at any given time, meaning that within the course of an hour I was able to see nearly every girl in the area. On Saturday night I went out around 8pm and found that nearly 80% of the curtains were closed. But it didn't look like it was because the girls were busy, but rather because most weren't there yet. By 9pm maybe 50% were still closed. By 10pm most of the girls had arrived, but most of the men had also, so the best curtains were closed most of the time. By 11pm it started raining again, and that got rid of the gawkers. Based on my experience both Friday and Saturday night, I would say you'll have the best time if you go around 12:30 - 3:00 am. The girls are less busy, more relaxed, and more likely to respond kindly to a gentleman. There are also plenty of bars, coffee shops, sex shops, etc. to keep you occupied into the wee hours. There are even a couple of Thai bars with 2-3 beauties doing the short time/long time thing. I didn't ask about the price since my intention was to sample the European girls. When in Rome... The red light district is a 3-5 minute walk south east from Central Station, beginning right around the Oede Kerk (old church). The old church is on Oude Zijds Voorburgwal (street). To the west of the church you will find black girls, and to the south west, toward a sign that says "sexyland", is an area with many eastern europeans, ranging in looks from 4 - 10. I would guess that there are 50 - 60 girls in the church area, with maybe four girls in the 9 - 10 range, 20 in the 8 range, and the rest below that depending on your tastes. Don't miss the small, narrow alley called Trompetterssteeg (street), Dollebegijnsteeg, Annenstraat, and Annendwarsstraat streets. If you find one you'll find them all since they're all in that same area. The highest quality is found here, though you can also find a nice selection along the two main streets called Oude Zijds Voorburgwal and Oude Zijds Achterburgwal which run roughly north/south and parallel to each other (and parallel to Oude Zijds Voorburgwal mentioned above). Don't miss the smaller streets and alleys off these two main streets. There are twice again as many girls around these other two streets as in the area I first mentioned. On Friday night (actually Saturday morning), I met a beautiful, 20 year old blonde named Edita from Poland. She had been there 2 weeks. Model quality, a face that would look at home on any fashion magazine cover, perfect legs etc., smaller breasts (B cup), tight body, 5' 7", soft skin. Great technique on the oral, let me do oral (always with a dam guys!), explored me all over and let me do the same, gentle kissing on the lips, and any position except with her on top (go figure, too intimate for her!). Great time. I went back to see her Saturday night (Sunday morning), and we enjoyed each other so much that she invited me out dancing Sunday night! I couldn't believe it - not likely anything I'll experience again anytime soon. But remember, we're all human beings, and everyone gets lonely and wants good company, so if you can get a girl to enjoy her time with you sometimes incredible things can happen. But don't ever get too soft, because then you're likely to get ripped off! Before going back to see Edita at 2 am Sunday morning, I met a beautiful 22 year old brunette from Bulgaria at around midnight. Another 10 in looks, she was around 5' 8", enhanced C cup breasts, swimsuit model quality, with an even tigher body that Edita. She took me back to a nice large room with a faux log fireplace and great music. Outstanding oral technique, she let me do whatever I wanted to her as long as the panties were on, but once I took them off she wouldn't let me do oral. The sex was playful, without many rules. We spent a lot of time talking both before and after, lit up cigarettes and lay together several minutes afterward. It felt so natural that I almost felt like ordering up a pizza just to finish things off right, but then she pointed out that an hour of her time would probably make it the most expensive pizza I every had. So, I had pizza alone, at a restaurant nearby. The Bananen Bar and Cassa Rossa are everything as described in the WSG. The sex shows, with wives and girlfriends looking on from the audience, are worth a look as well. I went into one of the recommended clubs mentioned in the WSG, but with only 6-8 girls the selection just wasn't a match for the red light district. I think more of the local girls work in the clubs, so if you really want Dutch girls the clubs are probably your best bet. But they'll be more expensive, and the girls comes across as real pros, as opposed to the semi-pros I found in the district. Bottom line: Amsterdam is a great place to enjoy the best Caucasians; Rio for the wildest, most passionate sex you'll ever have; and Thailand for petite little warm-bodies that will cuddle up with you the whole night. If I could combine all three I'd probably finally get married! It's a great world we live in guys. Now If only the US could shed it's Puritanical past we wouldn't have to travel so far to enjoy it.
Subject: My contribution to the World Sex Guide Date: Sun, 08 Mar 1998 14:19:21 PST Amsterdam visit report Hello everyone, this is the report of my first (and for sure not the last!!) trip to Amsterdam. I was in A'dam to celebrate the new years eve, I stayed in the city only for 8 days and I really had the best fun of my life. day 1: I Arrived in Amsterdam in the late evening. I was a bit tired so I decided to visit only a live show (Casa Rosso). The show costs 50 Guilders and for that price you can see couples fucking on the stage (it is not very exciting in my opinion but the show is very well organized and sometimes funny). After the show I walked along the main canal of the red light district and I saw a lot of very beautiful girls at the windows (model alike, some of incredible beauty) some dressed as santa claus; a lot of people was in the district (maily tourists). I was tired and I decited to go back to my hotel. day 2: in the afternoon I decided to visit my first girl, my choice was a Polish girl 21 years old blond tall and with blue eyes, she asked me 50 Guilders for fuck. She was incredibly good-looking (10 in my opinion) and was also good in fucking (8). In the evening I visited with a friend the Banana Bar (I don't remember if the name is correct but is the bar just in front of the main entrance of casa rosso). The entry fee is 75 Guilders, in the inside you find naked girls that serve you drinks, the girls are very ugly and pretend 25 Guilders for stupid tricks like putting a banana in the pussy. My suggestion : avoid the banana bar is not worth the money. day 3: in the afternoon I visited my second girl she claimed to come from Norway, blonde and with huge (fake) tits. She asked me 150 Guilders for fuck and suck (I was allowed to come 2 times), she was 8 in looking but 3 in fucking. in the late evening I decided to fuck for the first time in my life with an asian girl and I had an incredible surprise : she was really gorgeous when naked (huge, non faked, tits) and was incredible good in fucking. For 50 guilders we tried several different positions, my opinion : 10 for the looking and 10+ for the fucking. day 4 in the morning I decided to try also a black girl, the only decent one available was a girl from ghana (she said that she was working in A'dam since 1990). I had a quick fuck and suck for 50 guilder, my opinion : 3 for the looking and 2 for the fuck (was my first and, I think, my last time with a black prostitute). day 5 In the afternoon I tried a very tall (1.85 cm) blonde woman, she was from Czec republic and for 50 guilders we had a quick fuck, my opinion 8 for the looking and 7 for the fuck. day 6 In the late evening I saw an incredible good looking girl. She was so good looking that a lot of people stopped near the window just to watch her. I waited some minutes and I saw that she was asking 100 guilders. After 10 minutes I approached her and, incredibly, she asked me 50 guilders. The fuck was really good (we changed different positions and she faked also an orgasm) my opinion 10+ for the looking 10 for the fuck. day 7 In the evening I had a pretty small Czec girl for 50 guilders (not too much choice that day), my opinion 6 for the looking 6 for the fuck. day 8 This was my last day in the city so I decided to try 2 girls. The first one was a very intelligent Czec girl. We had a nice conversation during the fuck and she was not very happy of her work, my opinion 7 for the looking 8 for the fuck. My last Amsterdam girl was a Czec girl again, she was blonde and was like a doll (barbie alike). For 100 guilders we had suck and fuck in different positions, my opinion : 9 for the looking and 9 for the fuck. As you can guess from my story, Amsterdam is the sex heaven of the earth. Sorry for the mistakes, but the english is not my main language. Bye, And have fun in A'dam.
Date: Nov.10, 1997 There is a Thai massage parlor in the red-light district in Amsterdam be sure to check it out. The women are friendly and pretty. It used to open at 11:00 am but the last few times they open at 1:30 pm. They charge 125 guilders a hour for a body on body massage and you get to choose the women you want to be with.
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 16:11:16 -0600 Subject: Hints for finding a good hooker Atta, Love your site, have had many very good experiences as a result. Ah, the benefits of a job that involves international travel :-). The following is a hint that you may want to share with your readers, true for Amsterdam and some other European cities: Various contributors to this site have suggested various ways to avoid getting ripped off by hookers. One sure sign that a hooker is good at what she does is the level of repeat business she enjoys. How does a visitor figure out who get repeat business? In many of the areas in Amsterdam, the girls rent a room in a long block of connecting rooms. Depending on the day, they may be in a totally different location than they were last time although still nearby. The good ones let their regular customers know they are open for business by hanging a symbol on the door so that you can see it through the glass, even with the curtain drawn. Most often, the signal is a stuffed toy animal - spot a bunny hanging from a doorknob and you have found somebody worth the 50 guilders.
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 11:55:14 -0400 Subject: Red Light district, Amsterdam. Dear Atta, First of all, I'd like to thank you for your page and for the precious information that it provides. Well, I'm a 30-year-old single from Middle Eastern origin and a Muslim. I hereby contribute to this page, giving you an idea about my short 3-day visit to Amsterdam and the red light district. Well that was in September 1997, an I had 2experiences over there. The 1st was a Thai young lady, she was standing in the 1st window in case you are coming from the direction of the DAM. Here name was Loly, 25 years old, tiny but firm tits and nice little ass. We agreed for 100 NLG for a BJ & straight. Before we started I told her something which was completely true, that is that I haven't had sex for more than 2 years. Believe it or not, it is true. The reason was that I am a Muslim and my religion has some strict rules towards such acts, but hey, rules are made to be broken. She was amazed when I told her that, and she said that we'll go slowly, she was really nice and understanding. She gave me a BJ with a condom and then we started doing it with her on top. After like 2 or 3 minutes, I came. Well, the reason is very clear, 2 years w/out sex. I told her u see, u believe me now. She felt kind of pity for me and told me to relax, and that I can stay some more time and do it again for no extra charge. She was extremely nice and we made is again for 10 minutes until I came again. She was really great, she had a very tight hole. I can't wait to go back to see her again, hoping she's still there. The 2nd was the best sex experience of my life. She was Dutch, name is JUDITH, a bit old. She was around 37 or 38 years old, but she was a real expert. We agreed to stay for 45 minutes for 200 NLG, including everything, BJ, straight and anal for as many times as I wish/could. This lady was tall, big tits, something like Samantha Fox. She was blond, had green eyes. She started giving me a head for like 5 minutes and then we started doing it in all positions for like 15 or more minutes until I came. I relaxed for some time and we had quiet a nice chat, the she started playing with my thing till it got up again and was ready for round 2. She slipped the condom on my thing and started again, changing positions, then I asked for anal, and that was something. It was like putting your thing between 2 cold and soft pillows, by the way it was my 1st and only anal experience. We went on for like 20/25 minutes and then I asked for a tit-fuck w/out a condom and she agreed but told me not to come on her face. She was really great and seemed that she was enjoying. I had a great tit-fuck bumping those huge boobs until I came all over her tits. I relaxed for a while and she told me that I can stay for round 3 if I want. Well I wanted, but I couldn't. I gave her my hotel address and we agreed that she'd visit me the following day for 400 NLG. The appointment was at 18:00 and she was sharp. She told me that she wants to me to buy her dinner 1st and that she will spent the whole night with me until the next morning. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and headed back for my room. It was like 20:00 when we started. This time she gave me a head without rubber and allowed me to cum on her face. We did everything including anal, several times. We went on until 03:00 the following day. So it was like 7 hours with breaks. She fucked my brains out. We slept for some time and she woke me up around 11:30 with a BJ. Really cooooool !!!! We started again and I wanted to cum tit-fucking w/out a condom. It was great. Before she left, I tipped her with 100 NLG for her great service and she was pleased for the good fuck.(that's what she said). I had my flight the same day at 17:15. and I left. But can't wait to go back and see Judith. Have fun.
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 06:05:09 PDT Red light district near the hardenbollensteeg. When you are standing with your back to the canal there are three small streets in front of you. The right one is extremely narrow and the left one there is almost nobody. In the middle one on the left side about the third window during day time sits Nadine. She is a very nice young blond girl. I was there 2 times and it was very nice. We had some talking about several things, like her school and life in general. For NLG 50,- I fucked her and it was very relaxed and her cunt was tight, she cliams to be 19, I belief here. For this price you cannot expect to get more in Amsterdam. If you visit here, tell here that you got the information from the internet. I explained it to her and she was very interested.
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 21:18:43 +0100 Amsterdam I started by exploring the Amsterdam red light area, on various visits I tried several girls, basic suck&fuck was always NGL50 (#16) much in line with what is already posted, one or two try to charge 100, don't bother with these. Having found my way around and let off steam so to speak, (like a kid in toy shop?!) I found a Dutch girl who spoke good English who I also liked and I visited her on several occasions during the rest of my stay, longer times were costing NGL150 - 200 (#45 - #60), good value really. She was pleasent and intellegent, I will visit her if she is still working when I visit again later this year. My overall opion of the Amsterdam scene: Great, if only the UK was like that. At no time did I feel threatened or in danger, Street beggars can be persistant, but I only ever give to Street musicians or entertainers, even if they are not very good they are doing something. The Police are present, but because it's all legal they are a positve presence. If you cannot find a girl to your taste in Amsterdam then you will never find one. The PIC near the Oudkirk (spelling?) reckon that upwards of 2000 girls work in Amsterdam with perhaps 500 working at any one time, this sounds reasonable. I visited the area around lunchtime, in the afternoon and in the evening, even during quiet times you can find a good selection of girls. Finally some of the girls do not speak English, (and my Dutch girl said some couldn't speak Dutch either) I personally did not find this a problem if you are out for a NLG50 quicky but it can be a problem if you want to spend more time and money. Normal precautions regarding not carrying large amounts of cash and cards apply, on two occassions I used lockers at Central Station to deposit things I didn't want to carry around. All the girls seem to have got the safe sex message.
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 13:02:49 +0100 Subject: Report from Amsterdam Hi, I know your FAQ says you don't take reports on single girls any more but this is one who deserves some recognition. She's been in the same window in Amsterdam for the last three months and seems pretty settled there so this information should be good for a while. She's a great girl who gives a better service than most of the window girls in Amsterdam. I know what I'm talking about, I go there every three months or so and I've had dozens of girls. This report is a bit long and it reads like an advert but when you know Amsterdam well it really makes a big difference to find a girl like Esther and I'd like to share this information with anyone else who really appreciates a good whore. Please include this report when you next update the World Sex Guide. --- Report on Esther, Amsterdam Visited: 13-June-1998 Location: Near the Old Church. Esther is on the street that runs parallel with the canal by the Old Church. Walk down the narrow street next to the small Bulldog coffeeshop near the Old Church and when you come to the intersection you are on Esther's street. There should be a peep show to your right. Stand with your back to the peep show, looking into the windows opposite. Turn right, walk past the first side street, across the second side street and Esther is in one of the windows on your left, in the middle of the small block. Esther wears glasses and has curly brown hair. Both times I've seen her she's worn a long black dress with a cut-out to show off her ample cleavage. Most of the girls in the narrow streets around the Old Church are stunningly gorgeous cover-girl types. Esther stands out from them precisely because she isn't. She is by no means ugly but at first glance you could be forgiven for thinking "how does a plain jane like that stay in business surrounded by all these perfect women?" In fact Esther exudes more sex appeal than most of the perfect 10s in Amsterdam. Esther is very warm and welcoming. The first time I saw her was towards the end of my weekend in Amsterdam and all I wanted was a blowjob for my last fifty guilders. Esther stripped off naked and joined me on the bed, saying I could touch her anywhere as long as I didn't put my fingers inside (that would cost extra). I then received the best blow job I have ever had. While Esther licked and sucked my cock I realxed and stroked her big, soft tits and lovely clit. Esther's technique is really mind-blowing, I don't know how she manages to make it so good but she genuinely has talent. That first blowjob was very unhurried and when I came without shooting (I'd already had a lot of women that day) Esther wanted to carry on until I "finished". Part of me didn't want to take advantage of the situation and part of me was exhausted so I just made my excuses and left. Three months later I returned to find Esther working in the same window, looking as horny as ever. I was amazed to find that she recognised me from the previous time and she welcomed me straight in. This time I had more energy and gave her 100 guilders for a suck and a fuck. Once again I was on the receiving end of a long, slow blow job that was worth the trip on its own. Then she laid back and let me play with her clit while I sucked her tits as though my life depended on it. After a bit of that I fucked her missionary style. Esther was a great lay, very responsive. Afterwards there was no great rush to get out, everything was still warm and friendly even though there was no more money to be made. I'm big enough to admit that I've had about fifty different whores in Amsterdam and I know the standard level of service. Esther is in a different league. She's the type of girl everyone wants to fuck in Amsterdam - she's sexy, she has amazing skill, she gives great value and she's a nice person to know. If you can tear yourself away from the glamorous young blondes then go find Esther for the best head in town. Tell her you read Paul's report on the Internet.
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 12:57:06 +0000 Subject: posting, Very odd, though, how divergent some responses are from each other. I don't know what the grad student who posted about Amsterdam on Nov. 18 1997 is talking about when he says there are no foreigners and no girls under 30. I was there just a week later, and saw some terrifically goodlooking girls, just where the others posters had reported them. Lots were 19-25; lots were Eastern Europeans. One was a dead-ringer for a young, thinner Isabella Rosellini; another, a 19 year old blonde from Rotterdam, was 5 9, wore hip-length leather boots, and was model beautiful. There were also good-sized crowds at night, especially around Trumpettersteeg, where the Dutch and Eastern European girls tend to hang out.

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