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Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 11:11:17 UTC

I was in Amsterdam last december. Since it was the first time I was
paying for sex, I choose escort service. My experience with the escort
service was that a few escort services can be annoying.  They would fix
up a time and the girl will not show up. I was rather hopping from one
service to the other till I found one that did keep the time. The
quality of the girl was so-so. I would suggest that always set up a
time a day before you plan for sex.  Chances are you would get a girl
of your choice. I thought escort service at 6279898 was a reliable
service. Typical cost for escort service is 250 (NGL) for an hour and
900(NGL) for whole nite. The red light district, however, is always

Date: July 1996 Finally: an escort service offering men for female clients has opened in Amsterdam. Tel 020-4207328. I'd love to get details about that one. Issue #11 of the "Pleasure Guide", a brochure issued by the PIC, has a report from a female journalist who visited a male prostitute who worked in the windows in the red light district. I haven't seen any men there, however. Two smaller areas with women in the windows in Amsterdam are: between the Spuistraat and the Singel and on the Ruysdaelkade. Atta
Subject: [ASP] AMSTERDAM ROADTRIP REPORT Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 01:01:20 -0600 Roadtrip1 Thanks to all of the ASP reporters and WSG for helping me accomplish the fun part of my recent business trip to Amsterdam. It is true that if you can't get laid in Amsterdam - you're dead. The day I arrived I had to stay around the hotel room and wait for some telephone calls, so I decided to make a call of my own and see if I could get some company while I waited. I made a call to Executive Escorts. They are listed in the yellow pages (along with dozens of others) although I called them because they had an advertisement on a lamp post directly across the street from my hotel (Amsterdam Rennaisance). I'm kind of partial to tall slender redheads, so that's what I requested from the guy who answered the phone. For those of you who are used to trying to deal with most escort agencies in the US, talking to this guy was a remarkable experience. There was no two stepping around trying to determine what was wanted, what was offered, what the price would be, did the girl work on tips, etc. The guy was apparently working off of a checklist (at least a mental one). Did I want blonde/brunette/redhead, young/older, big tits/flat chested, Dutch/German/Russian/Portugese, straight/oral/anal, and several other questions that I don't remember since compared to what information I usually get I was already suffering from information overload. He quoted a price of 250 NGL cash or 300 NGL credit card (roughly $135/$165). No additional charges. Tipping is not necessary, although if I wanted to he was sure that the girl would appreciate it (afterwards only, he insisted). He informed me he had exactly what I was looking for and that she would be there in 45 minutes (sure). Amazingly enough Souenna arrived only 5 minutes late, and this was after she called me and told me should would be a few minutes late because of traffic. And she was exactly what was represented. An absolutely beautiful Dutch girl (spoke excellent English - most Dutch do). Tall (5'10"), slender (B/C), and well dressed. She could be a runway model - that type if you're into them (I am). She said she was 20 years old and a student and did this part time - I actually believe her on this. I won't go into details of the encounter other than to say she far exceeded expectations. To be truthful and risk a little injury to the fragile male ego - she was more than I could handle. She was absolutely wild. I would not suggest any of you guys on pacemakers to request her services. Very friendly before and after our encounter and wildly passionate during. Truthfully, the only 10 on all counts that I've ever encountered in an escort, and thats a fairly extensive data base. I tried to set up another appointment for the next night, but she said that she was not working the following night. Oh well, there's always next trip. Considering jet lag and my afternoon encounter with Souenna, I turned in early that night. After finishing my business the following afternoon, I walked down the the famous Amsterdam red light district situated around the old church area. This has to be seen to be believed. Girls in small glass booths lining the streets and alleys. Girls of every conceivable description.I must have walked for hours just "window shopping". I won't go into describing the details of the action there. It is covered much better in the WSG. But this is one of those "have to see, to believe" situations. Anyway, I took in one of the live sex shows at the Casa Rossa (not too impressive) and then made a selection of one of the window ladies. I chose a tall statuesque blond and negotiated a 40 NGL BJ. Time is obviously of the essence here as they try to get you out in 10-15 minutes. I found situation not particularly relaxing (and I have a hard time getting off with a vulcanized BJ anyway), so after 10 minutes or so she indicated that I should finish myself. All in all this experience will be ranked under "been there, done that", but I probably won't again. By the way, in walking around the hotel, I noticed other windows well away (at least 1/2 mile) from the major red light district around the old church. So, if you need to pop out for a quickie, there may be something close by. Having been somewhat disappointed by the service in the red light district, when I got back to the hotel I went surfing through the Amsterdam yellow pages for another escort agency. I selected one that was something like College Girls and made the call. Once again excellent help from agency. After describing what I was looking for, they informed me that they had just the girl, but it would take an hour since she had to come from Utrecht (?). No problem. Same prices quoted. The girl that arrived (Katrina or Katherine - not sure) was the girl next door type. Not flashy or glamourous, but nicely dressed and made up. The description that comes to mind is very sweet and shy. I got good vibes from her. Once again I won't go into details, but she fully met my expectations. The mood of the encounter was drastically different from the one with Souenna, but nice just the same. I had to leave the next morning, so I wasn't able to do any additional research. However, business will probably get me to Amsterdam once or twice a year so I'll post on any future trips. Once again thanks to all of the previous posters and WSG Triptime
Date: July 12, 1997 Subject: Sex on my European Vacation Amsterdam After Alkmaar I cruised the red light district in Amsterdam in the afternoon before my train left for Paris. I found a very beautiful young girl, 23 years old and a 9 or better. (I don't give out many 10's). She quoted me fuck or suck for 50 guilders and I chose the fuck. She stripped completely naked and her blond hair had been shaved completely from her pussy. She stroked me for about 2 minutes and when I didn't respond she told me my time was limited and I'd better hurry and get hard. That made it even harder and she wouldn't allow me to touch her, so nothing happened for my 50 guilders there. She was on Trompetters Street, the 2nd or 3rd window on the right if you're coming from the direction of the old church and I think her name was Lisa. I traveled Europe for 3 weeks and returned to Amsterdam before going home. I looked for Margaretha at Bestevaerstr. 215 but it was closed and the place was empty when I looked in the windows - closed, gone, moved out! I went then to Society Anonyme near the big museum and it was about 4 pm, I was allowed in but the hostess said no one was there except one girl who was busy and more would be coming in about 45 minutes. I waited 45 minutes watching the place from across the canal in the park and saw no one come. So I left and went to the red light district. I spent a lot of time looking around and found two sisters. They asked for 50 guilders for 15-20 minutes to fuck one of them and I offered them 100 if they would both give me a blow job and I could eat their pussies and for 1/2 hour. The agreed to 1/2 hour and both would suck me for a while, then let me eat one pussy while the other finished the blow job. So, they sucked me for 5 minutes, then 1 of them moved so I could eat her pussy while the other sucked me and this was another 5 minutes and then they said my time was almost up. I said I had 30 minutes and they said 15 minutes for each but both at the same time and said for another 50 guilders I could stay longer. I had to give the 50 guilders right away which stopped everything cold and then they both took turns sucking me until I blew off into the condom.
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 00:19:49 +0100 Subject: Amsterdam Hello Atta: I am a grad student from the US living in Amsterdam for a year. I wanted to share some info on A'dam. The first thing to mention is that The Netherlands new law allowing prostitutes to be completely legitimate and the also new law requiring prostitutes to be residents is now showing up fully. None of the fresh blood coming from the east, asia, west ect anymore. The Netherlands is a very crowded country and they have closed up all immigration. That means that the same prostitutes have been in the windows for quite a few years now and it shows. Youngest age I have seen is about 30 yrs. old. The law making it a fully legitmate business is reflected in that the women are much more aware of the clock, they set prices amongst themselves and the prices keep steadly climbing. Prices for a 15 minute fuck or suck is fl 75.00 From there the prices rise about fl 25.00 every additional two and one half minutes. So 20 minutes would be fl 125.00 and 30 minutes would be fl 225.00. These prices are set among all the girls, no bargining. When you go with one of the girls to have sex it's a very cold, quick and unpleasent experience. Extra charges of fl 25.00 to take off the top or to change positions. When the clock strikes 15 minutes it's good by charley. It's not all the girls fault. There is very little business anymore. It's mostly tour groups gawking and pointing and laughing. It's kind of like a circus where the girls are the freak show. They get tired of getting pointed at all night and when you show up for a date they take it out on you! The only time to even think about going there is after 12:00am on the week days and after 1am on the weeks ends when all of the crowds are gone and the girls have calmed down alittle. I have not seen a Dutch, Danish or Swedish prostitute in the windows in about a year. As you walk to the red light district you pass many tall, long legged, beautiful blonds (typical Dutch)and get teased, but when you reach the red light district there are none to be found! The women these days are the same east europeans, asians, and africans that have been around here many years. In fact if you go into the porn shops you also see sex movies and magazines from the 1970's, but the prices have gone up accordingly. No more under age or nudist magazines and the remaining donkey movies are from the sixties. I went to JB's and the quality of girls there was extremely poor! Some of the girls were shooting dope up stairs in the rooms. There are two party houses now in Amsterdam. 1)The Candy Club (Eikenweg 29 ph.06 54 630 268). This club is very small with maybe 8 boths and a small bar. Sometimes on the weekends a few couples come to party with single men but usually it's three hookers who are hired by the management and you can fuck for fl 65.00 (half hour). The girls are not the best. Club Paradise (Schaafstraat 26 ph.020-637-3416) This club was a sauna but started losing money. So the management turned it into a sex club. By the way in The Netherlands sex club means Swinger Club with couples and sometimes single men. Now paradise still has the pool, steam room, whirl pool and sauna but now swingers are inside having sex. On friday and sunday night 8pm to 2am single men can go inside with the couples for fl 125.00. There are usually four or five couples at all times but you must go up to them and make contact before sex happens. Usually most of the average guys stand around watching while the couples pull aside tall, blond, well hung men and black athletic type men and have sex in the private rooms. If you are lucky they will leave the blinds open for you to see. This club hires three hookers to fuck the single guys on thursday nights. It cost fl 125.00 for a fuck (half hour).The girls are ok. There is still a place on the street that hookers work in Amsterdam. It is in an industrial area west of center city. You must have a car here as there are no rooms. The street is called Theemseweg. The prices are fl 50.00 for 15 minutes, fl 100.00 for half hour. Most all of these women are either he/shes or women from central america. The only place left in Amsterdam to find fairly good looking women are in the escort clubs. The out call is very expensive but if you go inside you find a fairly good selection of girls from 24-30 yrs. old. Prices are usually fl 125.00 for an hour. I have listed a few good clubs with address and phone. Club 118 (Sarphatiepark 118 ph.020-672-3022) Prive Amsterdam (Overtoom 443 ph.020-681-8677) Appollo (Appollolaan 76a ph. 020-676-6176) Ria's (Overtoom 558 ph.020-616-0314) Other clubs I have tryed are very expensive or had very ugly women. Societe Anonyme and Yab Yum are very over priced. If I would have known these things before comming to Amsterdam, I would have gone to grad school elsewhere. Eastern Europe has some very beautiful women dating for very cheap prices ($20-60). In particular Russia, Hungry, Poland and Czech Republic all have most excellent women (models) at ages of 17-28 yrs. old and one to two hours is between $20-60. I will post more on each of these countries after I come back from going there during school break. I gotta get out of Holland. Seeing some of the most beautiful women (and the most snobish)every day on the streets and getting such dogs in the red light district is frustrating!!
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 16:37:47 +0100 I had the impression that the quality of street girls in Amsterdam is increasing, some girls are coming from Slovakia (Bratislava) and Tschekia and are very hot. I visited the J&B club and founded a girl from Lituania, very nice and good lover too. Two girls from South America were also there, good looking. I also tried the Ria's Club and found a lot of beautiful girls there.
Subject: [ASP]: Laar in Amsterdam, Again Date: 1998/04/01 The past few years of ASSCing have ruined me. In the years before ASSC, clubbing gave me a lot bigger rush than it does now. It was geniunely a blast. Now, it's all just so "normal". The ability to sleep through SF stage shows is a hint that you've had enough. The ET (entertainment threshold) has just been raised too high. I'm shock proof. Or so I thought. Red Lights Revisited So I'm there in Virginia again. The job kicked my ass, but now it's over. Charged the client an obscene amount, too. Time to cash in some FF miles and take a badly needed vacation. The year before last I made a way-too-brief stop in Amsterdam, just long enough to get a feel for the place. Long enough to know I had to get back. This trip was the perfect chance: I'm already on the east coast with six days to kill before starting another project in Hartford, Conneticut. 6:45 a.m. - Wake up, shower, ditch the rental car at Washington National, and take the quick flight up to LaGuardia for a layover en route to paradise. I land just before noon, devour a greasy airport pizza from Pizza Hut, and go shopping for some magazines to kill the next three-and-a-half hours before boarding the non-stop seven-hour hop to Schipol Airport in The Netherlands. 3:45 p.m. - Stretched out across five seats with my head resting uncomfortably on my laptop, I hear, "... preboarding for Medallion Members only." Cool. I'm outahere. 4:15 p.m. - Liftoff. 5:30 a.m. - Touchdown. I don't sleep on planes without tranquilizing myself into oblivion, so I'm drugged, half-rested, starving and have to piss like a geyser. Take care of the necessary business, then catch the train to Centraal Station. Think of catching a cab, but my hotel is only a half-hour walk, so I decide to hoof it. Bad idea. I'm really tired. Stop at Hooters on Damrak to rest. It's not open yet, but I grab a plastic CP-like chair, relax, and stare right into the RLD. Seemed like I was just there yesterday. Then it hits me. I'm totally indifferent to being here. What was I so excited about? It's just more of the same shit all over again. Maybe I'll just do normal tourist stuff instead. Yeah, right. I check into my hotel next to the Rijksmuseum, and sleep the day away. At least jet lag is great for nightlife. 8:20 p.m. - Get up, shower, hike back toward the city center. Think of stealing one of the many piece-of-shit bikes that litter the canal-lined streets, but then decide the walk won't kill me. Stroll back up Damrak and grab a quick dinner at Hooters. In Virginia, Hooters is the seediest "public" thing around; in Amsterdam, it's the tamest. And the girls... :-) Fuck, I'm still having a mood. I'm totally apathetic about being here. WTFP? Waitress with some non-Dutch Euro-accent brings the food, and since it's still slow, we chat a while: Where you from?/What are you doing here (pretending she can't tell)?/What's your name? "Laar," I said. "Laar? You don't *sound* Dutch," she says. "Are you Canadian?" I notice her wedding ring. "It's a long story," I reply. I'm outahere. 10:30 p.m. - The RLD is coming to life. Walk down Stoofstraat, hoping to find the French 19-year-old (20 or 21 by now) with kinky blonde hair. She's nowhere to be found. Damn. Why did I come here? Did some more window shopping, met a suitable companion around midnight, and spent about two hours tongue jousting. And stuff. Her night's as good as over, so we talk for about another hour, then she asks, "Are you hungry?" Not bad. Maybe things are looking up. We eat a leisurly breakfast until it's starting to get light. She's nice company, but it's clear that I'm not getting any freebies, so I give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her maybe I'll stop in to see her that night. Day Two 4:00 p.m. - Wake to a buzzing alarm and lie there staring at the clock, wondering how to amuse myself today. Maybe I'll just get really stoned. I grab some food at a street stand and stop in a bar for couple of genevers. Hmm... feeling kinda fun now, and it's just getting dark. I wander into the Grasshopper, a hash cafe outside the RLD. After another drink, I'm feeling less antisocial than usual, so I strike up meaningless conversations with a few people, and end up killing a couple of hours with a group of local guys. Conversation turns to ASSCing. One of the guys, named Jan, knows about the newsgroup, but since strip clubs in the American sense don't really exist in Amsterdam, he says there's not much interest in the subject. What *is* cool is that he recognizes some of the "old" names - Z, Bubba, Doug, Siren. Says he lurked through the whole Siren-PL shitstorm. He didn't recognize the name "Laar". Bastard. Well, by now we've all had a few more drinks and an herb-enhanced buzz, and I'm up for just about anything. Two of the guys aren't interested in the RLD (kinda like Angelenos going to Disneyland), but Jan says he'll hang with me. I'm in a happy but not-too-horny mood, so I suggest catching a show at Casa Rosso. Jan reluctantly agrees, and we're escorted upstairs to the balcony/bar to wait for a seat. The shows are fun, but with my modified brain chemistry they seem to go on forever. We finally get a seat, right in the damn front row. A few more acts go by, solo-girl, guy-girl, girl-girl, solo-guy-for-the-women-in-the-audience, etc. Every few acts, they pull members from the audience onto the stage for humorous stunts, totally at the expense of the volunteers' dignity. Of course, I'm laughing my ass off. What's different about the "volunteer" shows from my last trip is the degree of interaction; guys are getting stick-shifted, shirts torn off, pants undone, etc. Last time the performer-volunteer contact was a lot more tame, but not tonight, and the audience is going fucking crazy. A few more acts go by, then a guy and two girls come out. They all get naked, do a little foreplay, then start hunting for a willing victim. The redhead hops off the stage and grabs my hand. Oh, shit... Laar's 15-minutes of Envelope-pushing Fame The naked redhead is feeling me up and rubbing herself all over me, the blonde girl is undoing my pants, and the guy is standing behind the blonde girl rubbing her ass and back. She gets my zipper open enough to see my brightly-colored silk boxers, moves aside to show them to the audience, then - WHOOSH! - pulls my pants down to my ankles. Needless to say, I'm having a full-on HARD attack, and it's in front of about 200 people. The blonde whispers in my ear, "Are you shy?" "No, not really," I laugh back, thinking things will get a little racier, and that will be that. "Good," she says. WHOOSH! Boxers down to my ankles. I don't fucking believe this is happening. The audience is in hysterics, and I'm still laughing my ass off, naked from the waist down, for the world to see. Redhead produces a bright, fluorescent-orange condom from somewhere, and hold it up for the audience to see. They're screaming like hell. Yep, the condom was for me, and four little hands unrolled it onto me. "This isn't really happening," I'm thinking. By now I'm laughing so hard my eyes are all squinted up and so full of tears and I can barely see anything. OOOOHHHHHMIGOD! Two tongues run up my thighs and they start a full-on, honest-to-goodness, double-non-mock-003. Now I'm not laughing, I'm panting, trying to keep my balance. The guy, who was eating the blonde, crawls out from under her, and the redhead takes his place with her face buried between the blonde's legs. The guy kisses and licks his way up the blonde's body, bites her nipples, and, uh, waitaminute... he's heading for her mouth, where Little Laar is happily playing. Now For Something Completely Different Now before I go on, understand two things: First, Amsterdam is a very, very tolerant city. *Extremely* tolerant. The only thing they don't tolerate is intolerance. Second, I was still buzzing pretty hard. Well, to my absolute shock, the guy joins the blonde in her oral activities on me while fondling her. Doesn't give me the chance to give him the go-ahead or not; he just does it. I'm trying to concentrate and think of the best non-phobic way to get him to stop (without stopping the blonde), but my head is a little cloudy, so all I can get out is, "Uh... Uhhh...." The blonde starts squeezing my ass cheeks, digging her nails into them. That's all it took. BOOM! I'm done, wobbling knees and all. As I'm regaining my composure, and a little of my sobriety, they help me get my pants back on. I tell the guy, "I can't fucking believe you did that." He just replied, "You were a good sport." "Yeah, whatever," I said. The audience was screaming too loudly to hear this exchange, and I was too weirded out to do anything but stagger back to my seat, to the applause of everyone. The trio finished their act, and left the stage. "That didn't really happen, did it?" I asked Jan. He just said, "Sorry, man, you did it." "Fuuuuuck." After the next act, we got up and left. Anyway, the rest of the trip was comparitively normal. No more visits to Casa Rosso, thank you. Spent another evening with my date from two nights before, then did the typical tourist stuff. On the flight home, I kept replaying the whole Casa Rosso thing in my mind, then finally decided that I don't really care enough to worry about it. So much for being shock-proof. Laar

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