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The World Sex Guide Site History

What is the World Sex Guide?

The  World Sex Guide is a world wide community of men (and some women) who enjoy sexual relationships with other consenting adults.

In the near future we plan to expand our mission by becoming a resource guide for sex workers so that they can find organizations which provide support and social services.  

We plan to provide financial support to organizations which follow a "harm reduction" policy.  Basically harm reduction  is when support and social services are provided to those in need without judging their activities, and with an intent to lessen the harm and burdens faced by those individuals.

In addition we will also support groups which seek to assist sex workers whom wish to leave the business.

Please check back as we expand and clarify our Mission Statement.

Site History

The World Sex Guide was started in 1994 as the first website of it's kind. Operated from that time until 1999 by "Atta" a mystery man whose identity remains unknown to this day. After Atta, this site was owned by a private company until I acquired it in 2004.



 Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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