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Future Plans

It is my intention is to update the site and maintain it as a premier source for the exchange of information about finding and meeting women for the explicit purpose of having sex. However, there are some changes in goal of the original site, which was billed as a study in prostitution. My vision is to focus on meeting women both through prostitution here in America and through other strategies elsewhere in the World. Those of us who have traveled internationally know that the concept and practice of prostitution is vastly different in the rest of the World that here in America. However, I'm sure we'll get more into the philosophy in the discussion pages of the site.

In the next few weeks you're going to see a number of changes to this site. No doubt the previous visitors will notice the completely new site design and navigation system. In addition, I've recently added a complete discussion board where I am sure most of the action will take place. Ongoing ad future enhancements will include the creation of a photo gallery, an advertising area for service providers, a searchable database of venues, and a resource area with links to a number of other information sites on the subject of travel, travel reservations, international communications, various government departments of interest, news groups and similar resources.

Of course, the most important issue is maintaining our database of over 10,000 travel reports, and for that I need your help. Plainly stated: We need your stories and contributions. Those of you who have posted your stories on other websites are specifically encouraged to submit them.

We need your help

 Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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