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Soho, in London United Kingdom

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC

     Most of the action in London is in and around the Soho district.  There
are several "clubs" that have scantily dressed women standing outside the
door enticing you in.  I have not tried any of these, but someone recently
told me that these are a rip-off with outrageously priced drinks.  Several
streetwalkers work the area as well, and they are pretty obvious.  I found
that streetwalkers aren't necessarily dressed in outrageous clothes.  Two
approached me wearing very conventional dress.  Straight sex cost about 40
pounds ($50) in the late 1980's.  I haven't been there since, and I
understand that the street action is way down, with most girls posting phone
numbers in call boxes.

Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 20:38:44 GMT

Soho's sleazy clip joints were today given 2 weeks to go legal or face being
forced out of business.

The warning is part of the toughest campaign yet to outlaw the notorious,
"near near" bars, where unsuspecting punters are charged hundreds of pounds
for female company and fake champagne.

Owners now have until 4 February to bring themselves within the law by
licensing clubs.

The deadline comes just days after details of the latest rip-off were
disclosed at the Old Bailey.

A hostess from the Casa Rosa club in Archer street was jailed for 15 months
for demanding 700UKP (26,000baht) from 2 Japanese businessmen for 4 non
alcholic drinks. Beverly Hudson, 36, denied blackmail but was convicted.
Three months ago, a hostess and a bouncer from the same club admitted
blackmailing four Dutch tourists into paying 277UKP for 4 drinks. Each was
sentenced to 560 hours community service.

New laws which came into force last November, mean that prostitutes are now
banned from touting outside clubs, which must also display the drink prices

.....snip   from the London evening standard paper.

Subject: Re: Rip off in Soho, London !!!
Date: 16 Dec 1995 14:16:54 -0000

>I had a terrible experience in Soho, London, the other day. I had
>been told to look for some sex shops in that area by some of my
>friends on the Internet. BTW I'm an American.
>I went looking for a good fuck to this shop in one of the alleys. A
>woman standing outside promised me that I'd get to see a live sex act
>for 5 pounds, and I could join if I paid another 40 pounds. Inside, a
>girl wearing cheap underwear met me and managed to
>get me drunk.
>She spoke with me for maybe 5 mins, when another agressive girl came
>up to me and demanded 80 pounds!! She said it was for the drink (1
>glass of wine) and for talking to the girl.  A man appeared and
>threatened me into emptying my pockets. I managed to get out of the
>shitty place, poorer by about 100 pounds. I felt I was lucky I'd left
>my travelers checks in my hotel room!

-----  That is just a good ol' Soho tradition. You asked for it.

You went looking for a good fuck. No chance old son. Bad fuck you can get.
Disease you can get. Ripped off you get.

You should stay in your hotel room and fantasise that room service means
just that. You'd be wrong of course .... but at least you'd not get ripped

Come back when you grow up.

Re the con artistes in Soho. Their bark is worse than their bite. They
cannot afford to carry out any of their threats. They continue to exist
only because they do not inflict injury. The licence the have to sell drink
would vanish PDQ if there were complaints.

All you have to do is invite them to call the police and have you
arrested for failure to pay. They will not do that. Then you say that
you will invite police to their establishement ... and walk out. If
anyone touches you that is a criminal offence so scream your lungs out
and have them arrested.

Subject: London 'brothels'
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 04:32:24 GMT

I guess they're called brothels, and between the strip clubs and video
shops in London's soho their are doors marked 'Model'.
Go in, go to the first or second floor, ring / knock , meet the 'Madame'.
Say hi, ask the prices, go in, strip off, get blown / fucked.
Have a good time , pay , leave . Go back again
Go with a friend, shag a girl two ways.
Go home in a dazed stupor and fuck your mom.
What a day !!!

Nice !

Subject: "MODELS"
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 17:35:35 UTC


Date: Sun, 06 Apr 1997 01:37:45 +0000
Subject: 'Clip girls' in Soho, London

Soho has a BIG problwm with so called 'clip girls' at the moment.  These
are women who ARE NOT prostitiues who will apporach you on the street and
ask if you want to see soem girls in a nearby flat.  They name a price
and ask you to follow them to a nearby street where they explain that as
they are girls working on their own without pimps they need to take a
'guarantee' - anything up from 180  pounds or more.  Once they have this
they pretend to go to a nearby flat to 'deposit' the guarantee, saying
you will receive it after you have spent your time with the girl(s).  You
will then be asked to wait oustside a nearby pub whilst the girl goes off
to 'finalise' arrangements, telling you to expect her in 15 minutes or
so.  Then of coures, she does not reappear.

This has happened to me and many other, mainly foreign, men in the area.
If this happens to you I would suggest going back to where you met the
girl in the first place and telling her in no uncertain terms that you
will call the police unless you get your money back. DO NOT LET HER KID
GIRL AS SHE HAS 'BEEN ARRESTED'.  Go to the police if she will not
co-operate.  If you want sex, just go to the girls who put up the signs
saying 'models' in doorways.  It's cheaper and you will actually get what
you pay for.

Subject: [ASP] London "models" report
Date: 20 May 1997 05:00:21 -0400

As reported by others, the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to get laid is
at the "models" who ply their trade in rooms in the Soho district just off
Shaftesbury street.  On a pleasant spring evening earlier this year, I found
at least 10 of them doing business.  They're not great in looks, and they
aren't looking to give you much time (a nice quick suck 'n fuck is 20-40
pounds, depending on which one you ask; they'd like you out in 15 minutes),
but they deliver what they say they will.

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 18:50:42 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Another bad experience in Soho, London.

Another bad experience in Soho, London.

Dear Atta,
I read your guide when it was too late. I am just another victim of that
blackmailing practice well described in your
"faq/prostitution/Soho.txt.html" page. I want to warn everyone to avoid
to visit the club placed in "Great Windmill St." I don't remember the
name, but it is the only one with a yellow banner. Two girls invited me
to assist to a show for just 5 pound with no extra charge but, in few
minutes, I was charged of hundreds of pounds for a soft drink and a
short chat with a girl. Of course I protested, but two men with criminal
faces "asked" me for all the money I had. Well, may be that "their bark
was worse than their bite", as reported in one of your previous message,
but I can assure you that, at that moment, the only thing I was worrying
about was to take my plane the day later... I went back home with 140
pound less. I can assure that the shows in Brussels or Paris are much
better and safer that the Soho ones, beyond the popularity of that

Subject: SOHO
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 15:18:11 PDT

My experience a few weeks ago in Soho sucked. I should have tried the
Model Establishments, and would have except they looked more dangerous
then anything. Anyways, I went to a place with a scantly clad young girl
standing outside. She brought me down stairs and had me wait in a room
with her on the promise of 30 pounds. She told me that some girls where
gonna come in so I could pick one. The only one who came in was the head
bitch who could probably make more money as a dom queen. She bitched and
showed me some tiny print at the bottom of a menu for 180 pounds service
charge for a hostess. When I tried to leave I got in-circled by some
aussie tough guy wanna be along with two guys off a gangster rap cover,
and I put up quite and act myself wanting nothing more that to get the
fuck out of there. They tried to get me to go to a cash machine where I
put in the wrong number and got the aussies face on camera trying to
extort. He then had the balls to threaten me again. All in all it was
quite a nightmare. They got a 100 pounds I had on me and I count myself
fortunate, and among the many hundreds of soho scam victims. I have
since become quite a student of Soho. There is more to the scam
operations there that meets the immediate eye. It is the word around
there (a few pounds to a local panhander) that many of the places (and
some are obvious) have watchers standing in the immediate area and on
the corners of the scam joint. One particular area the panhandler
pointed up to a window where there was some guy with a pair of
binoculars... really! (Specifically the far corner just east of china
town, past the Mac's by the Seven Eleven.) If you are concerned about
going in to an establishment, just circle around a few times and see
what happens. The watchers will get restless after about three or four
trips and it is easy to pick them out. Don't take my word for it. As far
as some past post about some of these operations being forced into
legitimacy... NOT! There seems just enough cops around to keep the
crowds in check. A word to the wise. If you feel the urge to try your
luck don't take any more money then you intend to spend, leave your
credentials in your hotel, but bring your ATM card. That little trick
that I used above can be helpful for their greed is their weakness. Once
you are outnumbered and in their establishment you are in far greater
danger than when you are in a crowd that you can disappear in. Lastly go
when there are crowds there to disappear into. Better yet, catch a cheap
fare to Amsterdam (I have seen them for as low as 49 pounds) and save
yourself the aggrevation.

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 22:05:20 +0100
Subject: London Asian Expierence


      Please make this anoymous but I thought I would relay an
experience I just had. I am sitting in an internet cafe in soho kicking
myself for being so stupid. However I had read blackbeard's descriptions
of the telephone boxes and decided to try one. The card said  " new
oriental" was where I was High Kensington Street. I called and after
some difficulty found the address where a nice english lady let em in.
She took me to a room and I waited for a girl to come. She came, showed
me her menu and I agreed to 50 pounds for body to body and oral. About
half way into the problem I let my little head do the thinking and gave
her 20 pounds more for the whole shebang. I got what I asked for, however
the whole process was very rushed and there was no desire to let me
touch her all over on her part-  a real turn off. Condom required for
everything. Her name was "Jasmine" is at 16-18 Wrights Road. in
Kensigton. Cost 70 pounds when all was said and done. Yea I got my
rocks off but it sure wasn't the best such experience I've ever had. I
could use the 70 pounds now to drink and have fun in london. Sign me
sadder and wiser. You don't always get what you want. I have no one to
blame but myself however and I hope I learned something from the
            One other thing. The recent posts say  BT has been cracking
down on the cards. You couldn't tell from the phone booths I looked in.
There is plenty of action out there if you want to take your chances.

a poorer, sadder, but smarter American.

Subject: Soho - beware
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 21:04:16 -0000

Hi, I have just found your web-site for the first time and find some of the
letters very interesting. I have just read the section on Soho, London and
would like to re-iterate the comments made in one of the letters.
   I am a Police Officer and have frequent dealings with the girls in Soho,
on a professional basis of course. If you want to get laid etc then use a
the "models", if a girl (or man) approaches you in the street asking if you
want a girl ignore them, certainly do not hand over any money. They will
make promises of taking you to a brothel or such like. The truth is there
are very few true Brothels in London. It is illegal for more than 1 girl to
work from a flat and that generally is all you get. There is nothing like
the setups in Bangkok or Europe.
  I am proud of London as a great city and I hate to see overseas visitors
getting ripped off .....

Subject: Soho
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 12:41:26 -0000

I've been living in London for the last three years and I regularly
visit prostitutes, amongst others the lovely Pamela Anderson look
alike Tatiana (or Tanya) who used to reside on Pollen Street, but
after a year of travelling (95-96) re-established herself on 60 Brewer
Street in Soho (see Report about some 15 working girls in London and
Brighton. She is "the aussie bimbo" and yes, sadly enough, she had a
boob job and was very anxious when you squeezed her tits.) After
moving to Soho she consequently reduced her price. She charges #60
for french and sex and still does that double-condom-trick and usually
she have a nice porno video running in the background. She really is
smashing, but not really worth that kind of money, at least not more
than once or twice. She's has that "can you come
now"-Soho-whore-attitude sometimes. She's working from Monday to
Friday 11 am - 8 pm.  Generally the girls in Soho are uninspired and
not so pretty, but then again: not very expensive. And that's the
advantage of Soho. The Soho girls generally charge #20-25 for french
and sex, and the girls elsewhere in central London will charge you
#40-60 for the same services, but they are seldom any prettier or
any more inspired. I do recommend a visit to Soho, but beware of
scams, and take your time to shop around, because there are some
really beautiful and lovely women there. The most beautiful and
friendliest prostitute I've been with is a girl on 11 Brewer Street
(Thursday - Sunday): Sexy Soraya. She has a body and a cunt to die
for, and the most lovely smile on her face. And she does not charge
extra for her sexy outfit. I usually pay her #10 more than she asks
for. She really is worth it.  Why is it so hard to find prostitutes in
central London who will perform french without? Or anal?  Would be
grateful for information on those services in central London.

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 15:11:46 +0000

I had read the warnings on you website about the Clubs in Soho but I didn't
pay any attention... I am sorry that I didn't!!! I almost got ripped off: I
accepted the invitation at the door to see a naked show (for 3 pounds).
Once inside I was approached by this fat pig half-naked lady (fatter than
me!!!) who asked me if I could pay for the drink she already had in hands.
I said no. They said I had to order 1 drink for myself (They sell no
liquor). The cheapest drinks they have are tea or coffee (UKP 3.50). I paid
with a 5 pound bill and they kept the change (I had been already UKP 8 out).
Then another monster lady came over with a drink already in her hands and
just sat right next to me and started talking. I asked for the show and
they all said "it's coming in 5 minutes..."

At the end there was no show unless I paid for that monster lady's drink.
The cost of her drink: UKP 75 (about US $ 180). I asked to talk to the
manager... I was approached by the threatening big black guy (I am black
myself too). We started arguing... That lady (definitely a minus 5) just
sat there with a drink already in her hands... and I was supposed to pay
for it! The manager said they opened the menu for me and had agreed to the
prices... At the end they asking for my name, asking to sign a form, the
name of my hotel... they were all insulting me (even calling me "stupid
american nigger") and that all got to my blood!!! I started screaming,
ready to fight, I screamed for the police, Scotland Yard, James Bond, the
American Embassy and nobody came to the rescue. At the end I ran outside to
FREEDOM! I feel like writing a book on it because it was a VERY TERRIFYING

That's why I warn everybody out there: DON'T YOU DARE GO INTO CLUBS!!!
(Also listed as SEX SHOWS, SEXY GIRLS, etc.)

Then I found safety (after 5 beers to calm myself down) when I just
followed the signs to "MODELS". The price: UKP 20 for 10 to 15 minutes with
the girl, depending on the time of the day, etc... You can find some really
gorgeous women as well some very ugly ones.

"MODELS" Tips:
- UKP 20 is for straight sex (you on top, no kissing, no touching pussy).
- If you want extras (like she on top) 5 to 10 pounds extra
- Don't let guys on the street take you up to these places (it'll cost you
more. You will be paying their commission)
- Shop around before you decide. Just tell the madame you want to see the
- And remember: DON'T GO IN THE CLUBS.

Subject: London, England
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 21:32:11 -0000

Soho, London, boasts several hundred 'Models' working out of often
dismal, dingy flats reached via narrow stairs smelling of a delicate
blend of rotting vegetation and Dettol. But, paradoxically, some of
the worst-looking locations contain really nice and inexpensive
surprises. In 40 Berwick Street, for example, there is a basement flat
which is 'home' to Louise, a cute 30-year-old with a 'baby' face, soft
voice and really nice, gentle personality. For 20 pounds you get an
unrushed service in a position of your choice and in sexy black boots
if you wish. Her boobs are very large and firm, and for 60 pounds
she'll give you a half-hour massage that you won't easily forget
(16.00-midnight, Mon-Fri). Ghastly, underground location, though.

A general tip: choose girls who display neat, hand-drawn adverts
containing the words 'young, friendly, no rush'. Most of them tend to
live up to these descriptions nowdays. Avoid messy adverts and those
that just say 'Model: walk up'. Also, don't be fooled by clean,
recently painted staircases: these domiciles are more expensive to
rent and tend to be the preseve of 'mature' madames, many of whom
(wisely) don't do a full strip. If in doubt, ask. Quite a few girls
display a long and detailed 'menu' of the services and positions they
offer, with individual prices (I once saw one that offered
Dreamtime@45pounds). If you don't think you'll get on, politely ask if
they take credit cards or cheques!

Another very sordid address is 4, Peter Street: turn left at the fruit
market end of Berwick Street. Katie on the 1st floor is a very
young-looking Maltese minx who likes to jump around on her bed and
stage fun-fights (prices start at 15 pounds). Small room with washing
facilities, Fri-Sun). On the second floor there's a stunning 'leggy'
blonde type, Marina, who has a selection of gladrags and uniforms, and
for 50 pounds per half hour will do very realistic schoolgirl and
other fantasies. Large room with video; no washing facilities. Ask for
wet wipes (Mon-Thurs, 15.00-22.00).

If you like mature French ladies and slightly more salubrious
surroundings, Lily in Greek Street (beside the pub) does a good
service for 20 pounds. Ask for a massage and you may be able to spin
out the session for half an hour or more if she's not too busy - at 20
pounds this is the best value I've had in London, and she has a good
body, and does nice 'mother' fantasies. AND she even gives you
sweets!! (12.00-24.00 7 days, but alternates with Josette, whom I
haven't tried). All times approximate.

Note some girls disappear after a few weeks, others stay on for
years. Info correct Feb. 1998.

Subject:      [ASP] London - A JollyRoger Report
Date:         1998/02/08

As chance would have it, business brought me to London - and with it the
perfect opportunity to explore some of the gleanings from my fellow posters
here as well as some of the web offerings.

Would very much have liked to follow up various highly recommended leads to
Hearts (  Sadly time did not

Instead I ventured to Blore House - an interesting operation advertising
under its own very informative web site at  As nearly as I can tell, this is
essentially a joint marketing effort of a group of independent ladies, all
of whom are part-timers, who've very cleverly figured out how to maximize
income from time-sharing a group of flats in the heart of Soho - which they
each occupy for two or so days per week - with a central booking number.
Seems that UK laws being what they are, prostitution per se is technically
legal, but brothels are not, ergo this creative alliance of independent

I called in a day in advance to see who might be available on a Friday -
and indeed, it was just as the web site had promised - Jane, billed as a
5'7" blonde Welsh girl, and Lily represented as a vivacious and attractive
Singaporean.  I selected the latter.

The neighborhood surroundings are not the finest - Soho remains Soho -
although the Berwick Street fruit market offers considerable local color -
Blore Court itself is a little side lane that disappears into the maw of
some office block and undoubtedly other maisons devoted the gentle skill of
pleasuring - none too promising at first sight - but things would only get

Arrived five minutes late only to discover that a previous session was
still in progress - when I returned 15 minutes later, I was ushered into a
small kitchen/living room area by Lily's associate, profusely apologetic
for having confused her booking schedule and who over the obligatory
British cup of instant coffee was quite interested in discussing the
marketing efforts of the group:  while most of the previous advertising
efforts were of the business card/post-it left at phone booths, they were
clearly surprised at how much business the web site generated and were
about to advertise in the International Herald Tribune.
Enough of small talk.  Lily appeared, very pretty and vivacious, perhaps
5'2", and led me to a room done in slightly tacky high bordello style -
indeed she's from Singapore, a student working her way through university
for a degree in accounting - and very much ready to give and receive
pleasure in all varieties of position and seemingly tirelessly, quickly
adapting herself to the mood and passion of the moment.  As always, I fear,
I remain spare on details, but permit me to sum up that this was a most
satisfying experience.  All ended with a hug and a shower in a clean
bathroom and fresh towel.  When I offered a twenty pound note as a tip,
Lily would not accept until she made certain that I fully understood that a
tip was not expected. Would that my schedule had permitted, I certainly
would have returned on Sunday (the other day during which Lily is in
session at Blore Court) for a repeat.

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 22:27:01 +0000
Subject: Soho sex

Recently, I travelled to London and explored the sinful streets of
Soho.  I wish I had read your guide before I travelled, because I would
have saved myself 40 pounds.
	On the corner of Brewers and Rupert Streets, I was propostioned by a
black lady for sex with either a Thai, English, or Black girl.  She led
me to an apartment building and asked for 30 pounds.  I gave her fourty
and she said she was going for change.   Her friend stayed with me,
while she was gone and led me to another apartment building.  The other
returned and said I must deposit 100 pounds in case I beat up the
whore.  At this point I figured it was a scam and asked for my money
back.  They got angry and said to come back in a half hour.  I never saw
them again.
	Furious and horny, I stopped in a peep-show that was very good but it
just made me hornier.  I looked for a street walker, but none were
around.  A bum finally told me where the hookers were--near the 'models'
signs.  I tried two.  One on brewers street, an Italian name Laura, who
was very friendly and truly injoyed her work.  But Julee on Dean Street
acted like it was a major pain, and couldn't stop talking about her
kid.  Both sessions were only 25 pounds.
	If you're in Soho and those two black girls proposition you.  Tell them
I want my money back.

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 11:19:18 +0100


I have been living in Germany and France for five years and recently
returned to London for a visit. The last time I was there I was in the
Navy based in Chatham and a gang of us would regularly cruise the Soho
sites. I decided to visit the place again for old times sake and here is
a word or two of caution and information:

The video booths that delighted us in those days are gone, apparently
shut down by the law. There are plenty of Porn bookshops, but they are
hideously expensive, you would do better to get off the Soho area and
buy from the top shelf off a Newsagent around the corner. Beware of the
shrink wrapped magazines, I once bought three, only to find they were
the same mag with false front pages throughout!

There are some live peep booths, you put a pound in a slot and it opens
for a few seconds to show a bored girl who may not even be undressed
fully who will wiggle about with total disinterest. They used to offer a
private viewing area, but that too seems to have disappeared. The one
girl I saw fully naked spoiled the effect hopelessly by wearing work
boots and socks and practically hugging an open electric fire the entire

There were plenty of hawkers around ready to guide you off to a girl,
but only a handfull of the girls themselves to be seen. I did not take
up any of the pimps, I have done so in the past and they tend to be
better looking than the "girls" they pimp for! Walking around a few
times looking for the old places I apparently attracted their attention
and they apparently decided I was just too shy to ask. I chatted with
them for a while, they were helpfull and pointed out some of the clubs,
but I had a constant urge to keep checking my wallet talking to them.

Get to the edge of the bright lights area and there are plenty of
notices in doorways pointing up to apartments with "Young Models", but I
did not visit any.

I decided to try one of the basement clubs, in the old days they used to
give terrific shows with about a dozen really attractive girls taking
turns stripping and dancing together.

But the one I tried, although it boasted a floor show starting
"immediatly" failed to produce a single girl in the hour I was there. I
nursed a disgusting lager that turned out to be alcohol free and
politely turned away any girl who tried to persuade me to buy them a

But when it came time to settle the bill the fun started.

They wanted five pounds for the lager, despite the advertised price
being three pounds, the other was apparently a surcharge because I only
had one. They also wanted:

50 pounds as a one off membership fee
40 pounds for "female companionship" (the girls I turned away!)
15 pounds door fee
10 pounds for a "preferred table" (next to the dance floor where there
was no show)

A total of 120 pounds, not including service charge which was mandatory
and billed at 10% of the total fee.

I refused point blank and they threatened to call the police. I said I
was delighted with that. A gang of girls gathered around me and two
barred the door, there appeared to be no male staff. I was threatened
and told I would not leave intact unless I paid, one of them picked up a
bottle that had served as a candle holder and began to wave it in my
face. The others made a grab for my wallet which I held. I let them, 15
years in the Navy had taught me a few tricks after all! There was ten
pounds cash and no credit cards or ID in it. They were furious and told
me to turn out my pockets.

At this point I stood up and told them they could keep the ten, I would
chalk it up to experience, but anything else they would have to fight
for. I was bluffing, I have never hit a woman in my life and was not
about to start now, but I was measuring up a rugby charge to the door, I
am 6' tall and no skinny wimp.

The situation was very ugly, two of them said they would go with me to a
cashpoint machine if I had no more cash and I could draw it out. I told
them I kept my cards in my hotel room. They then wanted to go there with
me, one of them even had the nerve to suggest we could have some fun
there. Since she was the one waving the bottle I was not impressed.

When I again refused they became loud, they said they would make a real
fuss and it would be in the papers, they would claim I attacked them.
They must have noticed that their shouting disturbed me (I married a
Yorkshire woman, of course a shouting woman makes me flinch!!) they
started to literally scream, demanding I make good right now, one of
them grabbed me by the hair and tried to yank my head down to the table
while the others dived for my pockets.

Enough was enough, I picked up the table and pushed them away with it
(losing a lot of hair in the process). I shoved past the girls in the
door and got a fine nail raking down one cheek from one, the other
thankfully missed the round house kick she made for my balls.

I got away and counted myself very lucky, it could have been a lot
worse. I am saddened greatly by what Soho has become, the next time I
fancy a night on the wild side I will try Amsterdam or Antwerp, both
places refreshingly open about what they offer.

Subject: A great experience and a not so good one
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 06:38:29 -0000


I read your Soho/prostitution WWW page for the first time today and was
amazed to find a review of the girl I visited yesterday!  I've been to
Soho many times to visit the Sex Shops and just generally take in the
sleazy atmosphere, but I've never before taken the plunge and gone up
the stairs under the 'Model' sign at 11 Brewer Street.

The carpet and general decor are very scruffy.  At the first floor (what
Americans would call second floor) there is an illustration of a
brunette blu-tacked to the landing wall.  She didn't look that good so I
carried on up the stairs to the second floor (American third).  On this
landing there is another badly-drawn picture, this time of a blonde with
the name Soraya (I thought it had an 'h' in it but I'll take your
earlier correspondent's ward on the spelling) written underneath.  She
looked the better of the two so I went through the open door into the

There were two doors and a couple of chairs to wait on.  The maid came
out of one door and told me to wait 'cos the girl was on the phone.
Then Soraya came out of the other door and I was very pleasantly
surprised.  The picture doesn't do her justice.  She is really good
looking with a pretty face, long blonde hair, a slim figure and large
round breasts.  She looks to be in her early 20's.  She would turn heads
in a crowd - certainly dressed as she was in only a kinky laced-up PVC
top that showed a lot of cleavage and her panties.  She invited me into
the bedroom and told me it would be 20 pounds for sex only or 25 pounds
for a short blowjob and then sex.  She suggested I tip the maid a pound
as well.

When I took my jacket off she noticed I had a camera with me and freaked
out - she was afraid of her father seeing a photo of her in the papers!
I put it down facing the wall to reassure her.  Even apart from this,
she seems quite shy, which is a funny thing to say about a prostitute.

She took the 3 tenners I proffered and told me to get undressed while
she went through into the other room.

I was rather suspicious that this might be a scam, as I was standing in
my underpants in the bedroom and my money was somewhere unknown.  I
needn't have worried though, because Soraya soon came back (with my
change!), took her knickers off and we did the business.  She put a
condom on me before she starting sucking.  The sex was great!  She has a
really fit body and she knows what to do with it.

The time you get isn't very long.  The maid knocked on the door to
indicate my time was up.  After that Soraya did her best to make me come
as quickly as possible, but she remained friendly.

My only quibble is that she kept the PVC outfit on throughout so I
couldn't see her tits while we were fucking.  She said that was an
'extra' I should have paid for before we started.

Her price seems really good value to me.  Why pay 20 quid for a video of
some guy screwing a pornstar when you can do it yourself with an equally
good-looking girl for the same money?

Also, as far as I can see her setup is legal.  If she is really
operating on her own in the flat with a maid that is legal in the UK.
Prostitution itself is legal in the UK - but pimping, solicitation and
brothels aren't.

I've also come across the street con that was mentioned earlier.  A very
chatty but not particularly attractive 30-ish blonde dressed in normal
street clothes - a blue puffa jacket - approached me outside one of the
Soho sex shops and offered me sex with her or one of about half a dozen
girls who she said operated together out of a nearby flat for 20 pounds
for half an hour.  We walked a few streets away, and she met up with an
older black woman who she said ran the office for them.  I gave the
blonde the money and she went up some stairs above a taxi office and

She then said that because the girls were working without a pimp and
because one of them was murdered a couple of years ago they insisted on
a 'surety' of 380 pounds in case I beat one of them up or trashed the
place!  I realised this was a scam and asked for my 20 pounds back.  She
said she didn't have any money now but I could come back in half an hour
for a refund and they started to walk away.  I realised I wasn't going
to see my money again if I let them go so I chased after them and
threatened to tell the police what had happened.  The black girl then
gave me 20 quid and they left.  I was pleasantly surprised to get the
money back - the word 'police' certainly seems to do the trick!

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:55:26 +0000


Stay out of the clubs which are a rip-off but the models who advertise
in doorways are genuine and provide the cheapest sex in London (and its
inside in the warm !). There are two types of model who work in these
places. First, the ugly ones: generally a bit wrinkled and fat [never go
to a model who describes herself as mature or busty  these are
euphemisms for old and fat]. These may charge you only 15 for sex, or
20 for French and sex. You would have to pay an extra 5 for different
positions. The second type is the stunner  often Italian  who just
lies there with her eyes closed pretending to be a corpse, or
alternatively insists that you come as soon as you get inside her. Good
looking girls generally charge 5 more than their ugly counterparts.
These all have uniforms and suchlike hanging on the walls if that's to
your taste. You're often asked to give a pound to the maid  sometimes
you'd be better off giving the 20 to the maid and the pound to the

Best place for these is around Brewer Street but a few are to be found
in Lisle Street, just behind Leicester Square. I had a French girl
there for 20 which was one of the less satisfying sexual experiences
of my life: after I finished her accent changed from Parisian to
Cockney which was slightly surprising.

I should also mention a lady called Margaret, who was the most hideous
woman I have ever inserted my penis into. She was a 40-year-old Maltese
woman with hairy armpits and a corrugated face with too much make-up (or
possibly not enough!). Still if youve only got 15 what can you do ?

Date: 6 Jun 1998 11:10:25 -0000


Soho seems to be a street pick-up place again. I've been approached
several times in Rupert St, usually at the weekend. I've never felt
tempted so I don't know if this is one of those Soho rip-offs or not.

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